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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Aaah Just To Talk To Folks

So in missing Vana'diel I decided to update FFXI on my father's computer. I know I wouldn't be doing too much playing since I am not good with the keyboard mouse combination. I just wanted to get on & say hello to everyone.

The update took 2 hours....

So when I got on finally, I realized that I was still on the BLM job. I changed back to RDM. Not like I was going to be able to do any test farming. So I got to chat with everyone in my LS and in my friends list. I missed everyone. It's funny that I've never met these people in real life, but they are cool enough to make me want to get on game. I really don't have anyone on the game that I can't stand.

Being away from the game makes me feel like I am so way behind everyone. Everyone's doing Sky and other end game events & I can't join in. Irritates me, but what can I do? That man won't die for me and I can't get people together to do COP 2-5 thru 4-1. I also need to do fight in Quicksand Caves for Sky access. So I can't say it makes me feel behind, but that I am behind.

So I change my job and decided to clean up my mog safe, inventory, etc. I had a quest item on me so I went to get this quest done. I put some items on AH.
I sold some stuff to some NPCs. I also bought 3 Bonanza Marbles. I am going to get 7 more. I just didn't have any room for them on me. I get back to my mog house and found out my Locker lease has expired. I usually give like 5 to 6 months (Real Time) worth of Bronze coins to my moogle.

Once again, Windy has not gotten Qufim or Valkrum Dunes OP. This is really irritating. I hate having to go to Whitegate to get to Jeuno & Tele-holla to get to Dunes to get to Selbina & change jobs and gear. I need to start partying out in Qufim & Dunes with my DRG, SMN, or what have you. It's not like I'm going to make any difference anyhow.

Until next time.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

SQUARE ENIX Support Center Holiday Hours

In observance of the Christmas and New Year holidays, the North American SQUARE ENIX Support Center will be closed on the dates shown below.

Dec. 25, 2009
Jan. 1, 2010

FINAL FANTASY XI GM support will still be available during this time.

The SQUARE ENIX Support Center would like to wish you happy holidays and thank you for your cooperation.

SQUARE ENIX Support Center

PlayOnline Online Community Relations
( ocr@us.playonline.com )

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Happy Holidays!!!!


Decent Challenges All The Way

I finally got on game. It's a good long time that I've gotten on the game. I missed everyone.

So what to do? It was Watersday when I got on the game. So I decided I'd wait out for Darksday to try Maat again. So I decided to head into Rolanberry Fields to sell these 3 Tuku Whiteshells. Just as I got comfortable in the flee market there, my shells sold. So I ran to the auction house to get potions for fight. I then went back to my mog house and waited it out. My moogle was going crazy after a while. He was just spinning in circles for an hour. Lol. Needless to say I went to fight Maat. I'm 0/10 now & I'm pissed off. I am tired of hunting for tests and failing fights. Just annoyed as hell.

So I'm back in Windy. So what to do? I don't want to play RDM and I don't have enough fame for my SMN. I might as well level some of my subs per requests of players. So I messed with BLM again. I change into my level 1 gear and headed out to E Sarutabaruta to fight. I did 3 FOV's and I leveled 3 times to level 7. I didn't touch any easy prey. I annihilated all Decent Challenges. I almost died twice, but I still knocked it out. I say I did very well on my own. GO TK!!!!!

On to some sad business. I am leaving to spend the holidays with my father. So I will not be on game until the new year. I have the game on my dad's computer, but I doubt I'll have time to play the game. So I am bidding everyone a Happy Holidays and a Great New Year. I hope to see everyone in the New Year.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Yeah I'm Slacking

Work has really kept me busy lately. It's budget and end of year season. However, as I think back, work wasn't this crazy this time of year last year. I believe that's a good way to say that business is good for my company but not good for me. So I haven't had the moxy to get online.

So I got on on Friday to help Stormghost with his AF pants in Garlaige. It was me, Kakida, Stormghost, Kirinkage & Abway. Haven't partied with them in a while. It was fun. Took us like 2-3 hrs to get it. Abway was being herself and told a little Taru off. I love Abs. She's so much fun.

When I got on, it was the very end of Darksday so I didn't get to fight the old man. After I finished helping Storm, I logged off. Didn't want to wait around for Darksday again. Just felt tired. Been working a lot.

Monday, December 7, 2009

FINAL FANTASY XI Version Update (Dec. 7)

[Dec. 8, 2009 (JST) Update Details]
*Japan Standard Time

What Is Synergy?

Synergy is an advanced form of synthesis wherein up to six players, each with unique skills, cooperate to create a single item via an apparatus called the "synergy furnace."

Synergy Furnaces
Communal synergy furnaces have been made available in certain cities, and access to them will be granted to players who have completed the quest offered by the Metalworks NPC "Hildolf."

Players who have advanced their synergy skill level to five or above will become eligible to undertake another quest offered by the Bastok Mines NPC "Selliste." Completing this quest will earn you access to an item that allows the summoning of a private furnace for use in field areas.

Synergy and Crafting Skill
Synergy skill determines your ability to safely handle synergy furnaces, and can be raised by applying synergy techniques to manipulate elemental concentration levels inside the furnace. Proficiency in these techniques, too, can be raised to a degree corresponding to your synergy skill level. We recommend all players prioritize improving their skill, because when it comes to synergy, experience is synonymous with safety.
*For this version, the synergy skill level cap will be set at 50.
*There are no guild tests associated with synergy.

Certain synergy recipes demand expertise in specific crafting disciplines, but the character depositing the ingredients need not possess any. Synergy will be possible so long as a participating party member possesses the requisite skill in question.

Synergizing via a Communal Furnace
1. Obtain the "synergy crucible" key item.
The synergy crucible serves as the receptacle for different varieties of elemental "fewell," the source of power for the synergy process. Characters need only acquire the crucible once by completing the aforementioned quest offered by the NPC Hildolf.

2. Prepare ingredients for the recipe.
Recipes corresponding to a character's synergy skill level can be learned by talking to a "Synergy Engineer" NPC.

3. Recruit party members.
Synergy is a joint activity that requires the cooperation of other players. The party leader should seek fellow synergists with the right skills needed for a particular recipe and invite them to join a party.

4. Check your synergy crucible's fewell supply.
Check your synergy crucible's current supply of elemental fewell by either examining the synergy furnace prior to depositing the ingredients, or by speaking with a synergy engineer. If required, synergy engineers can replenish your store in exchange for gil. Alternatively, it is also possible to directly replenish the crucible using either crystals or the new synthesizable item version of fewell (alchemy skill required).

Depositing such items directly into the furnace will affect only the fewell supply of the character whose synergy crucible is currently installed.

5. Claim usage of a synergy furnace.
To use a communal synergy furnace, you must first lay claim by examining it. At this point, you will be allocated a period of time to deposit the ingredients and commence the synergy process. When this has been done, your group will have exclusive access to the furnace until the synergy process is complete. *Private synergy furnaces summoned using the aforementioned item can be used only by you and your party members.

6. Deposit the ingredients.
Only the claim-holding character may deposit ingredients into the furnace. Similarly, at the conclusion of synergy, the resultant product will be obtainable only by that character. While it is possible to attempt synergy at a level above your own capacity, keep in mind that the risk of failure will increase proportionally.

7. Operate the furnace.
Now comes the most invigorating and rewarding part of the process: the operation of the synergy furnace itself. Throughout the course of synergy, players must keep a close eye on the furnace's readings and skillfully manage the parameters listed below. Seamless teamwork and timely application of synergy techniques are the keys to success.

* Elemental balance
Burning fewell will unleash the power of the elements (fire, ice, wind, earth, lightning, water, light, and dark) into the belly of the furnace. Approach the elemental balance dictated by the synergy recipe you are following, and watch as your desired item takes form.
* Impurity ratio
An unfortunate side effect of fewell combustion is the introduction of dangerous impurities to the mix. A high ratio will increase the likelihood of an explosion.
* Internal pressure
Pressure within the furnace will build as the synergy process continues, rendering any explosions that may occur even more damaging.
* Durability
A potent energy field within the furnace serves to keep the elemental maelstrom in check, but it cannot be sustained indefinitely. Should its durability reach zero, no explosion will occur, but the reaction will fizzle and your synergy attempt will end in failure.

Tricks of the Trade
Skillful application of the techniques below will ensure that your synergistic exploits remain undeterred by explosions or failed reactions.

* View furnace readings
Compare current elemental balance with objectives, and monitor pressure and impurities.
* Feed fewell
Deposit fewell into the furnace to increase elemental strength.
* Thwack furnace
Apply a time-honored (if low-efficiency) method to ward off potential accidents.
* Operate pressure handle
Consume dark fewell to lower furnace pressure.
* Operate safety lever
Consume dark fewell to cleanse furnace of impurities.
* Repair furnace
Consume light fewell to increase furnace durability.
* Recycle strewn fewell
Render strewn fewell into a reclaimable state, increasing the amount of reclaimable cinder.

Players can hone their proficiency in the above techniques by receiving training from a synergy engineer.
Certain items and equipment will also unlock the ability to use otherwise unavailable synergy techniques.

*Certain synergy techniques will be introduced in future version updates.

Potential Complications
In the hands of the untrained, synergy may prove to be a painful exercise. If left unchecked, the swelling of elemental forces and the accumulation of impurities inside the furnace will lead to explosions and leakages. An explosion inflicts considerable damage on both the furnace and participating synergists, and ultimately shortens the time available to you and your and comrades for the synergy attempt. Such complications can be averted by improving your synergy prowess and applying the knowledge and techniques you have acquired to the fullest extent.

Completing the Process
Should you succeed in approaching the required elemental balance, the synergy furnace will shimmer to signal your triumph. From this point, you may select "End synergy" to retrieve your finished product, or continue working to achieve even closer elemental equilibrium¡½and potentially a more desirable reward. Synergists are encouraged to keep a close eye on furnace durability as they ascertain the ideal time to conclude the operation.

* Success!
The successfully synergized product will be entrusted to the supplier of ingredients, while all participants will be awarded with "cinders," a synergy by-product. Cinder acts as points that can be accumulated and traded to synergy engineers in exchange for items that will aid you in your synergistic endeavors.
* Failure...?
Should your reaction fail, any fewell consumed will be lost forever, and no cinder may be obtained. All is not lost, however¡½your precious ingredients will remain intact, allowing you to make another attempt provided your fewell reserves permit.
* The Joys of Synergy
Synergy will play a central role in the Evolith system by allowing players to add and remove both evolith-holding apertures and evolith itself to their equipment. There also exist a host of new items that can be had exclusively through synergy.

What Is Evolith?

Long ignored by the populace of Vana'diel, the ancient stones known as evolith each contain unique powers that adventurers may now harness to enhance and customize their equipment.

Evolith-capable Equipment
In order to reap its benefits, evolith must be embedded into apertures¡½slots in equipment capable of housing these stones. Broadly speaking, there are two categories of equipment for which this will be possible:

* Specialized equipment
A new set of equipment especially suited for evolith enhancement has been introduced. Available only through certain synergy recipes, these will support high-powered evolith unusable with standard equipment.
* Standard equipment
A wide range of existing items may also be rendered evolith-compatible if outfitted with apertures through a specific synergy process. Players may check whether or not a given item supports this process by trading it to a synergy engineer.

Evolith 101
Adventurers may enhance their equipment with evolith through the following procedure:

1. Acquire evolith
- Evolith can be obtained by completing new NM hunting regimes accessible from the "Hunt Registries" that have been newly introduced to certain areas.

2. Prepare your equipment
- Follow a specific synergy recipe to outfit your equipment with evolith apertures (up to three, depending on the item). Note that each aperture will have its own shape, size, and elemental affinity.
- Similar to augmented items, etching evolith slots into a piece of equipment will render it untradeable and unauctionable.

3. Confirm compatibility
- Ensure that the aperture is of the same shape and elemental affinity, and is large enough to hold the piece of evolith you intend to embed.

4. Attach evolith
- Evolith may be attached to a compatible piece of equipment via synergy.
- It is possible to outfit a piece of equipment with one piece of evolith for each aperture it contains.

Evolith Replacement and Aperture Removal
Players may replace an attached piece of evolith with one offering different benefits by conducting synergy with the equipment and the newly-desired evolith. It is also possible to remove evolith apertures entirely via synergy with a dedicated item, thereby returning the equipment to its original state.
Note that in both cases, the previously attached piece of evolith will be lost.

Corrected Issues

An issue with the quest "Songbirds in a Snowstorm" in which a cut scene did not proceed properly has been addressed.

An issue with a sound effect in the quest "Blood of Heroes" has been addressed.

An issue in which the merit point information displayed under the status section of the main menu did not display properly has been addressed.

An issue in which the following notorious monsters did not begin combat properly has been addressed:
Lihko / Blighting Brand / Trembler Tabitha / Bedrock Barry / Olgoi-Khorkhoi

An issue in the mission "Enemy of the Empire (I)" in which the list of monsters whose images must be acquired would change randomly has been addressed.

An issue in which using the soul plate image of a Lode Golem with a soul reflector would call forth an unrelated monster has been addressed.

Slaying the battlefield monsters in the mission "Battaru Royale" will no longer incur Fomor hate.

A graphical issue in the battlefield for "Project: Shantottofication" has been addressed.

An issue with the MMM Aquatic Depopulation Team in which victorious players would not be taken to the reward room has been addressed.

An issue in which the monster Ameretat did not use the ability "Vampiric Root" has been addressed.

English Version Only

The issue wherein the sword skill bonus displayed in evolith help text was not being correctly displayed has been rectified.

The issue of inaccurate help text for items used in the "A Shantotto Ascension" add-on scenario mission, "That Which Curdles Blood," has been rectified.


PlayOnline Online Community Relations
( ocr@us.playonline.com )

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Work Work Work

I haven't been on game for 7 days now. Not that I don't want to be. My job is trying to kill me with work. I even had to work through this weekend. I was hoping I would finish in time to do dynamis. Alas that was a no go. However the reports I got were both good and bad. I heard there were 11 deaths. I would certainly have leveled down to 69. I also heard the RDM hat dropped. That was great but I wouldn't have gotten it anyway.

I don't know when work will slow down. In middle of budgets right now. So all wish me luck. I hope to finish up soon so I can get back to the game.

Back to drowning in numbers and spreadsheets.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Campaign Ops

Got on without any plans. I was gonna try Maat again,. but darksday was no where around. I'm going to try windsday one time. Maybe my aero 3 would be a lot stronger?

I meet Frizzlefry in San D (past). I get my medal, sigil, and my ops mission. Frizzy ran off to Jugner (past) and I followed. I made over 6k in exp and got some drops from a Union that I joined. The drops were useless though. All in all, we went from Jugner -> Saramongue Champagne -> Battalia Downs. I went from having 2199 allied notes to 6199 allied notes.

Here are some pics from Campaign.

11-30-09 3
11-30-09 2
11-30-09 1

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Bah!! Humbug and All That Grim Stuff

This was Thanksgiving weekend. Hoped to accomplish a lot this weekend. I planned on doing so much. However, I spent most of my weekend farming tests. I am so tired of Maat, you don't understand. Anyway, let me recap the weekend.

I get on because I promised Frizzlefry help to get his Carbuncle's Mitt in Temple of Uggelipiah (however you spell it). When I logged on he was in a Manaburn party. So that was sunk. So I went to try Maat. He kicked my ass but I got him to 20%. I'm getting better & better at it. Then Lordkaosu, Badcmpy and Maryjanette helped me get a new testimony in Ugglypugly.
Died twice doing it. Damn Tonberries. I brought my prelate key and used it wrong door. We ended up killing the NM that was roaming around which then aggro'd the Tank behind the correct door. So we were able to get thru. The second tank gave me my testimony and we left.

Before getting the test, I did trio with Lordkaosu and Naquel. I came as SMN. I really should've came WHM or NIN. I did get a level on SMN tho. I am now 23.Yay....

Tried Maat again. Got him to 10% this time. I swore I was going to beat him. You don't understand, I thought he was going down. My new strategy was going swimmingly. He casted something on me that wouldn't allow me to use any items and then nuked me. So I'm 0/8. Anyway, I decided to farm another test while I farm magic pot shards, beastmen & kindred seals. So Kirinkage & I went to Delkfutt Tower to accomplish this. We brought out our NPCs. Mine is set as Shield so of course he died. But he did level to 33. So now I'm able to change his job. Kirin's NPC leveled to 35. He plays with his NPC a lot more than me.

I couldn't do dynamis today either. They were doing Qufim. I don't have access to Dreamlands. So I logged off for the night.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Want to take the time to say thank you to you the fans for keeping up with my blog. It is now 172 posts since I started. My have the time flown.

I am thankful to all my friends on Siren. Without their support and friendship I would probably given up on the game a long time ago.

I am thankful to the my best Linkshell, ClanBelmont. They make you want to achieve more. They push you to do better. Now all they need to do is come to my house and beat Maat for me, lol.

I am thankful to my dynamis Linkshell, ProclaimedInsanity. They allow me to run with them and they let me get my first piece of relic armor even tho I'm not level 75.

Happy Thanksgiving All.

My Duh Duh Duh Moment

I get on the game early since I got home early from work. Thank you Thanksgiving holiday. I would have to get off by 8 pm anyway. So I get on the game and head to Jeuno to wait for darksday to arrive. I had an hour to kill. So I started to chat in my LS. Naquel asked if I could PL his party. I told him that I'm not leaving the Jeuno area. He said they were in Saramonge Champaign (however you spell it).

I meet them and powerlevel them for an hour. PL'ing is very boring. I was just waiting until it turned Darksday. So when it turned to time, I bid them farewell. I run back to Jeuno. Ran to mog house to make sure I got all my food from mog safe. I then make my way to Ru'Lude Gardens (however you spell it) to talk to the old man. I trade him my RDM test and he warps me to Palborough Mines BCNM area Waugshroom Shrine. This is where I had my Duh Duh Duh moment.

So I am looking at a strategy on my computer while I'm making sure I have all in my inventory. I saw that I had a BLM testimony in my inventory. So I said let me drop it. So I get to the point where I confirm the drop. I was scarcely paying attention and I did the unthinkable. I dropped my RDM testimony!!!!!!!! FUCK ME!!!! I couldn't believe that I did that. So I had to walk out of Palborough Mines and headed back to Windy.

I was so pissed with myself. I told my LS what happened and couple of friends, Badcmpy and Silveria else offered to help me get the test in Delkfutt Tower. Then when it didn't work, we went to Temple of Uggliepiah (Uglypugly to me). We get to the prelate door and couldn't open it. Then we formed an alliance who asked me if we could help them get the Carbuncle Mitts. I said sure if you can get us 2 RDM tests. So we get the doors open, then the first to Hover tanks both dropped testimonies. So Silveria and myself got them. Then we helped the other people with their Mitt fight. Then we warped home.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Impatient BLM

Okay this was my goal/plan for tonight. I was to get on, get a testimony & try Maat again. I even got my brother to come help me. He's been a rare element on the game.

Anyway, so Kirinkage & myself went to catch the Airship to Jeuno so we can get to Delkfutt Tower in Qufim (Windy has not owned Qufim since we moved). My friend Titen asked if he could join us. I said sure. He met us at the Tower. We run in, Kirin took off in the wrong direction. So we had to wait for Kirin to catch back up to us. I use the elevator. I don't walk up. So we get really close to camp. As we pass the Doll standing at the bottom of the staircase, I didn't realize that I was still within aggro range when I casted Sneak. So I aggro'd the Doll, Titen slept it and then Kirin woke it up. Then it exploded & I died. Yeah.... So Titen left to come back to raise.

I'm raised, got to camp and rested until weakened state came off. I don't remember who pulled the pot, but it dropped testimony. I lotted for the testimony, Kirin passed on it. So I'm sitting regaining my MP and HP, then next you know I'm in Windy. Titen warped me!!! I check my inventory, "NO TESTIMONY!!!!!!!" Then in party chat Titen goes OMG. I'm like OMG you are right. He said I didn't lot for the testimony. I said I did immediately. I asked if he passed on it. Kirin, chimed in said I lotted and he passed.

Now Kirin & I are heading back to the Tower again. Then Titen rushing us. We have to take ship to get to Jeuno. We get there. Then my friend Demicus was going to join us. Once we met up with Titen in Tower, he leaves saying that we got help and he's going to Sky w/ his linkshell. Then after Titen leaves, Demi bailed too, he had a Nyzul run. So it was just Kirin & I.

We head to fight. We fought for 2 hours & no drop again. I called it a night. I was frustrated & tired.

Friday, November 20, 2009

My Sentiments Exactly

I was reading my favorite blog Bannable Offenses today. He posted quite an interesting thought. I'm sure all the red mages out there has experienced this.

You can read it here.

This is truely the life of a RDM no matter how long you played the game.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

SQUARE ENIX Support Center Closed for Holiday (Nov. 26-27)

In observance of the Thanksgiving Day holiday, the North American SQUARE ENIX Support Center will be closed on Thursday, the 26th and Friday, the 27th of November.

Please note that the SQUARE ENIX Support Center will reopen at the usual time of 9:00 PST on Monday, the 30th of November.

* FINAL FANTASY XI GM support will still be available during this time.

We thank you for your understanding.

SQUARE ENIX Support Center

PlayOnline Online Community Relations
( ocr@us.playonline.com )

Thursday, November 12, 2009

OMG!!! .... 0/6

My bro bullied me on game last night to show a friend a Maat fight. So I get on to do the fight. I get my gear and items together. And head to the fight. I was so planning on just dying immediately. I wasn't going in to give it my all. I was just showing my friend Maat and the fight.

I go in, buff up a bit. I start the fight. Things were looking up. Maat was asleep and stayed asleep for 2 dispels, 1 bind and 1 gravity. Then I nuked him with an Aero 3. He woke up & couldn't move. He was still bound. OMG!!!! I nuked him again. He came back at me, I slept him again to put back up my buffs. Then I nuked him again. Then I bound him again and then silenced him. He was down to 50% of his health. And according to records he gives up when he gets to 25%. My Aero 3s were hitting for over 300 HP a shot. So the 3 that I casted already knocked him to 50% so all I needed was to hit him 3 more times, at least 2.

Now this is where the downfall came. While he was bound, his silence wore off. My sleep was not ready but almost ready because I was about to use it in 20 seconds, which was the time left to use. I was low on MP and was going to convert when I casted sleep. Do you want to know what happened? The S.O.B. put on chainspell & nuked me to death. I couldn't even cast a spell to silence him, sleep him or able to take an HP potion. So of course, my cute ass hit the mat. This time he did not Asurian Fist me. He was still bound.

I felt good about the fight though. My HP was managed well. I had 884/996 before he chainspelled. I would have finally beat him if he didn't chainspell. I'm psyched. I want another testimony really soon. I want to try while I still feel excited.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Old Friends

I hooked my PS3 to an ethernet connection to use. I found out everything is running and moving faster with the cable than wirelessly. Yes!!!! The update went smoother this way. I had to attempt the update 4 times. 3 times wireless and I lost connection. Anyway, I digress. I just wanted to let you know I'm back up and running.

I get on to farm my RDM testimony but instead I started to farm necklaces instead. My ls mate Crim suggested I solo the Ruby Quadav in Beadeaux for the drop. I was full set on doing so before I looked at the time. I had an hour to play because I need to AFK for 2 hours. So I went to farm necklaces. I head to Giddeus to farm.
I wasn't getting much drops as I hoped. I did run up on 3 NM's in there. I beat all 3, lol. They are low level so it wasn't much. I got another Aspir Knife & a Padana (something like that) Shield. One NM didn't drop a thing. In the end I only got 8 necklaces before I had to long out.

2 hours later....

I come back and my buddy Ghostdawg sought me out. I haven't played with him in eons. So I was able to get him to come help me get a test. So we meet up in Qufim. We get where we are going. He is still badass though. He came as SAM. So we kill 3 pots before test dropped. We killed 3 gigas and 2 bats. But he got some crafting supplies and I got some crystals. But it was really nice hanging with him. Unfortunately I can't do so until I get some jobs to 75, lol. He doesn't have any low level jobs. I left myself in Jeuno. I may try Maat the next time I go on.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Once Again....

Once again, I'm having technical difficulties. This time it's not my Cable Modem. This time is my PS3. Apparently, you can't get online if you can't connect to the Playstation Network. So my PS3 is not connecting to the Playstation Network.

How did I find out? I was playing a little on Saturday. I was planning to farm a testimony in Delkfutt Tower, so I OP'd to Jeuno after I put stuff up on AH in Whitegate. I get to Jeuno fine. When I decided to head into the mog house, my game locked up on me. I usually lock up when I use the Runic portals and occasionally dynamis zones. So I restarted my PS3, like usual.

Upon restart my PS3 stated some B******t about not connecting to the Playstation Network. I didn't really care, because I don't do anything on there. I proceed to restart FFXI but I get the error, "No Network Connection, Please check your connections are plugged in". WTF!!. I'm online on my laptop and my iPhone. I have a dual network in my house and both of them are up.

So I couldn't get on to do dyna on Sunday either. I'm about annoyed. I am going to get an extra long ethernet cable after work and see if that works.

Wish me luck.

Monday, November 2, 2009

A Notice to Xbox 360 Version Users

Typically, many users of the Xbox 360 version of FINAL FANTASY XI will shut down the game via the "Xbox Guide Button" located on the controller. However, we have confirmed an issue where if you attempt to shut down via the "Xbox Guide Button" while the PlayOnline Viewer and/or FINAL FANTASY XI is running, it may cause the Xbox 360 to not be able to properly read the disc.

Until this issue is addressed, we ask that you shut down the PlayOnline Viewer through the "Exit Viewer" option and FINAL FANTASY XI through the "Shut Down" option in-game.

For users who are experiencing the issue, please contact Xbox Support for assistance.
Xbox Support

Hours of operation:
Phone assistance is available seven days a week.
9:00 A.M. to 1:00 A.M. Eastern Time
6:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M. Pacific Time

Phone numbers:
Toll free: (800) 4MY-XBOX
Direct dial: (425) 635-7180
Hearing impaired (TDD device): (866) 740-9269 or (425) 635-7102

PlayOnline Online Community Relations
( ocr@us.playonline.com )

Sunday, November 1, 2009

*Squeal!!!* OMG I Got My First..........

I decided to farm necklaces a bit before dynamis today. I log on and get ready to farm, but my PS3 and my TV was not communicating. So I had to logoff and move my PS3 to my bedroom. I hate it in there. Too tempting, lol.

I get back on and my bro, Kirinkage, decided to come help me farm necklaces. By time my inventory was full, I gotten 28 necklaces. So we stopped. He logged off & I went to Whitegate to purchase 2 HQ staves & a Belt I've been hunting for. I then I got to Jeuno because I need to get airship to Bastok. So I checked my Tenshodo fame in Lower Jeuno. Yay it's level 3!! One more level to Leviathan. I still have to check Windy. I log off in Jeuno to go cook.

I get back in & take airship to Bastok. I get to the meeting area in B. Mines. I get the new linkshell for dyna; Proclaimed Insanity.
I am put in the Tank party. We go in & try to dominate the area. We were getting great drops. Then it happened. A Duelist Gloves dropped. I screamed. Mind you I was on Skype with some dyna folks. I sent Rucca a tell, bid in /l chat and screamed on Skype, lol. Just as I was screaming, another one dropped. OMG!!!!!!! So I was able to lot on the 1st one. I got it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My first RDM relic gear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!! Can't wear it tho, but it gives me enough incentive to try Maat again. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe it. My friends on Skype were laughing at me, lol. So I we continued and a lot more gear was dropping. It was a very good run. We got the win too. I had to leave for 11 pm to get ready for work.

This was a good frickin' run. This new ls may be very promising.

Friday, October 30, 2009

What I Need To Do

I decided to write out my goals and stuff that I need to accomplish. This way I have a list to come back to. I'll probably come back and update etc.

Here it is (in no particular order):
Beat Maat
Level RDM to 75
Level SMN to 75
ZM Missions 10-completion
Windy Missions Rank 3 - 10
COP 2-5 to 4-1 (for now)
Wings Mission 11 - completion
Level NIN to 40
Level DRG to 75
Level DRK to 40
Level WHM to 40
Start crafting

I will add more in time.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Ha Ha.. You See I Wasn't Lying.... 0/5

So I wasn't too sure what I was going to do today. I had a fresh testimony in hand. Maybe I'll get my fight on. My brother said he wantd to try my Maat fight. I said sure. It couldn't hurt me. He sat at my laptop watching and reading strategies as I was getting myself geared and prepared. I head to Jeuno to allow that old man to teleport me to burning circle. Once I get there, I show my bro my macros. He goes in for the fight. The following was his commentary.

Bro: What the hell?!?
Bro: He just moved! I bound him.
Bro: What the.... Why isn't he sleeping?
Bro: WTF! Why isn't the spells sticking?

**** Tigerkirara was defeated by Maat! ***

Bro: That is some bullshit!!!!
Bro: He slept in all the videos!
Bro: That was some bullshit!!

For the rest of the night, he's walking around muttering "That was some bullshit!!" LOL. So that makes me 0/5 tries on Maat. Not happy.

So what to do now that Maat is out of the way? I really need exp back. In the past 2 months that I have not been partying I went from 34k exp (capped) to 16k. So I decided to throw my party flag up to see who's going to bite. I ended up going to a party with Demicus. He was leveling up his NIN. The party was synced to 43. As long as I have refresh, I'm good.

The party was in Quicksand Caves. I died once when the WHM got aggro'd by a spider and I healed him. All in all, within 1.5hrs in the party, I got my exp up to at least 23k or so. Before I quit for the night, I got Gihl to replace me. He was looking and he was in the right level range. I bid everyone bye and warped.


Friday, October 23, 2009

Lending A Hand Leads to Rewards

Since I didn't have a date today, I decided to get on game. Nah, that's not really what happened. I promised Ciddester that I would help him get his Carby Mitts. So I get on, no Cidd, so I was going to farm necklaces & cornettes. As I was walking out I decided to help Kainbelmont get his AF head for RDM. So I head to Fei'Yin. I have finally mastered that map. I wish I could do that with the Elshimo Jungles, lol. It was me, Frizzlefry, Kainy, & Maryjanette. We have no issue finding Miser Murphy. Miser took care of Frizzy really quick, the rest of us zoned. Kainy enters again to go run raise Frizzy. MJ & I enter afterwards. Both of us are running to where Kainy went. Of course, Miser aggro'd me. He didn't go back home to the fountain area. So I run back and zoned. I enter again & this time Miser is in main room when you enter. So I'm stuck by entrance. Kainy raised Frizzy and they head back to me. Frizzy decides to kite Miser while I gravity him and Kainy nuking him. So he didn't like that, he killed Kainy, the bastard!!!! He didn't aggro me but Frizzy provoked & kited while I raised Kainy. But in the end, I ended up dying trying to save Frizzy. For a while Miser was camping my body. Then he went down the hallway, I picked that time to raise & run to zone. I never made it. The minute I rose, Miser came back & killed me. At this point we knew that 4 of us (3 mages, 1 tank) was not good enough. So we ended up getting 4 more people that included Avdikii. The 2nd WHM raised me and we took out Miser when I was fully healed.

During the events, Cidd came on. He went to help Vourant with ACP. Then he went to start the Carby quest. He had to get the offering. I wasn't ready so I told him I'll get there when I'm done with Kainy. So after Miser died, Kainy tele'd us to Mea. We caught choco and headed to Garlaige Citadel. We go and take care of the rest of the AF battle. Just as we done, I asked Cidd if he found offering because MJ was gonna tele me to Yhoator. He said not yet. I told MJ no thank you and then Kainy warped me back to my temporary home. As I get to Windy, Cidd got the offering. Kainy offered to tele me to Yhoator, but we ended up waiting for Charion.

We get to Yhoator & met up w/ Cidd, his alter ego Panzer & Kadianna. We were also waiting on Lordbrax and Nimotas. They finally came and we worked our way to the prelate door. Now the prelate door is pretty easy to open. You just cast a spell and the magic behind door opens the door and attacks. Now if you have at least 3 people with you it's not a problem. Even when you have an alliance of 8. So what was the problem? We casted every spell in the book & the magic pot refused to aggro us. We stood outside that door for nearly 30 minutes casting spells, no aggro. Just as Cidd was going to warp home to get his key, the door opened. Finally. We kill all the hate that was going on when we went thru door. I actually got a RDM testimony! Hot damn. We got to fight area. We cleared out the tornberries and sprung the NM. That fight went so fast I didn't have time to scratch an itch, lol. Charion warped us home.

I was going to hang out with Demicus to farm my testimony. But since I already got it, I was going to see if he wanted to help me farm necklaces & cornettes. However, things changed when my eyes started to burn and droop. So I called it a night.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Moving Along... Start of More End Game

2 Days Worth:
Day 1
I get on to check on game and get last of OPs for Windy. I was a bit bored so I decided to start Windy Missions so I can get back home. As I was going to start, girl in my linkshell, Kerikris, asked if I wanted to join them for Assault. I have never done an assault mission before. It's very new to me. So I joined them in Whitegate. As I was heading to Halvung Staging my system locked on me. So I had to restart. I had no idea what I was supposed to be doing. No one is being very forthcoming with instructions. All I was told to do was nuke. So I did best as I could. I did cause an aggro when I thru a invisible spell up which caused 4 deaths. But we kept on going in our weakened state. Time was running out so I converted & chainspelled but we still lost. My first time & I got 100 Assault points out of it. I'll try it again.
Day 2
I get on to do Missions for Windy. I start the very first mission. I'm in E Sarutabaruta looking for Inner Horruto Ruins. I'm trapesing all over the place, couldn't find entrance. My friend Thesage came to help me find the entrance. I follow him in. He went about his business of fighting in E Sarta. He was looking for a special belt. So I do my mission. On the way back to Windy, my brother Kirinkage decides he's going to switch nations to Windy too.
So I help him around & get him started. I even helped him with the first mission. We then succeeded in attaining Rank 2 together. Yeah boy!!! Lol. After that we both decided to logoff the game.
As far as getting OPs for Windy, I'm pretty much up there. I have gotten a lot of OPs. There were only 2 this week. Derfland & Li'Telor. They both were pretty easy to get.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Honey... I'm Home..... Lol

Internet is back on!!!! Yes!!!! No more sneaking on someone's wifi when available hoping they won't kick me off. Well let me tell you what has happened.

I snuck on game on Saturday. I attempted my 4th try with Maat. He kicked my ass again. It was Darksday and he refuses to stay put. I hate him so much. I wish he would just keel over when I enter the arena. I also got the last OPs for Windy. I am a lazy girl. I like to OP everywhere.

So today, Cablevision came to fix my cable modem. Apparently Cablevision changed their frequency. Instead of being logical and update all customers with new cords, they just let us suffer. So the cable guy came and fixed it. I even got a date out of it.

So I was not planning to go on until my brother teased me about San D having Gustaberg OP. I was livid. It's already 11 pm at night. San D getting Gustaberg OP is an extremely rare accomplishment. I had to get the OP. So I just got on. I actually switched to my WHM and tele-holla'd myself. I hadn't started any missions in Windy so I went and changed my nation back to San D to get the OP. I'm such an OP junkie. So I tele'd again to holla and grabbed a chocobo and headed to North Gustaberg. I got the OP and was warped back to San D. I then warped myself back to Windy and changed my allegiance back.

This was a great way to be welcomed back to game. I felt lost. But my San D OPs are intact. Only OPs I am missing are the areas that are involved in Chains of Promethia or Zilart.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Call Me A THF

So, I was poking around available wifi networks in my area to jump onto for my laptop. I found one to use. The person was dumb enough not to lock his wifi. His stupidness is my gain. So I got really bold. I decided to try having my PS3 jump onto the free network. I did it!!!

So I got on game. Yay!!! So I decided to do OP runs since Windy is in 1st place. I was able to get the ones in Yuhtunga Jungle [Elshimo Lowlands], Meriphitaud Mountains [Araganeu], and Xarcabard [Valdeunia]. I have Norvallen, Volbow & Kolshushu left. I may try them on Friday night or tomorrow night.

When I got to OP in Yuhtunga Jungle, I made a side stop to finish up a cutscene mission for Zilart. Next is the fight in Quicksand Caves and then I get access to Sky [Tu'Lia].
I hope I can jump on this network again.


Cablevision LIED TO ME!!!!! The appointment is not today October 13th. It's next week October 19th. So I am out of commission another week. I wonder if I can get my PS3 to jump on this unprotected connection that I found. I want my OPs. Please wish me luck.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

I'm Out of Commissions... Sniff

So, I've have been having internet problems for a month. I went to buy a new Router because Cablevision said it was an issue with my equipment. Got the new router but still having internet issues. They said the cable modem they provided was out of date, I have to exchange it for a new one. We exchange it. Come home, it still not working. So they give some crap about there are packets being lost which is causing the modem to reset itself. So now they take their lazy asses to come out to fix. But they can only come on Tuesday.

So I've been out of commission since my last post. And I will be out of commission until Friday. I miss the game. I was planning on killing Maat (yeah right). Also, finishing up Yagudo Necklace to get Leviathan. I need my avatars so I can party with SMN. Plus I wanna get out of Windy too and get back to San D. I love San D. I have so many plans to do.

I will be back.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I Got a New Friend... She's Blows a Lot of Wind

I originally got on to do Maat fight, but since it was not Darksday, I decided to continue my hunt of those Yagudo Necklaces. I stayed on my RDM though so I can go deeper inside Giddeus.

Okay so I'm in Giddeus. My ego is being stroked because I hit the mobs once & they are dead. Yay!!!! Look who can give damage. I got my sword skill to 182 or something like that. I even have Spirits Within weapon skill. Look who's growing up, lmao. These birds are not dropping these necklaces. They are not putting out. I should've subbed THF. After nearly 2 hours I only gotten 16 necklaces. I need 260. So now I have 198 left. So I give up for the night of hunting necklaces because it turned boring.

I run back to Windy to log out for the night. That didn't happen because someone in LS chat was talking about fame. So I got curious of my own. So I decided to find out what mine is for Selbina. Since Kuzotz is one of the few OPs I have since I moved to Windy. I tele to East Altepa. Of course I have no idea how to get to Rabao. I make my way thru E Altepa to W Altepa. I finally made it to Rabao with some help from Frizzlefry on tell. I didn't have a melt down.

In Rabao I find the fame guy who actually is right there when you enter. I go talk to him. He started talking. He's not saying what I expect him to say. I have my fame wiki up and he's telling me that I have level 8 fame in Selbina. Get the F@@@ out of here!!!! That's my highest fame level ever. How in the hell did my fame get so high there. You know what that means right? I can get Garuda. So I started to ask around.

I got Frizzy to help. So we run off to the fight area after I flag quest. Fight is in Cape Terrigan, so we had to run thru Kuftal Tunnel. Yay!!! Do you understand my sarcasm? Lol. Anyway, we buff up and attempt to fight Garuda. She's is a lot tougher than Shiva. We died just the 2 of us.
All the spells wiki said would weaken her didn't. Ciddester/Panzer came to join us. So we go in again. This time we won. I run back to Rabao to claim my prize. I warp home and change to SMN so I can summon out Garuda. I run back in and log off.

My fame guide is as follows:
San D - level 6-7
Windy - level 2
Bastok - level 4
Jeuno - 6
Tenshodo - level 2-3
Kazham - level 1
Selbina - level 8

Sunday, October 4, 2009

I've Moved....

I made the move today to Windurst. I am now an official Windy resident. I bid a San d'Oria a temporary farewell. I love Sandy. I just moved to get a new story line. I won't stay there for long. I will knock out the missions quickly. I haven't decided if I wanted to do Bastok. I really don't like Bastok. Anyway, I really got on game to do COP again. And once again, no one showed up. Only 4 of us. So it was cancelled again. I think I may just drop the static all together and just join someone shouting in Whitegate.

Anyway, since I was already in Windy, I just changed my allegiance and went back outside to gather Yagudo Necklaces so I can do Leviathan avatar fight. Then I'll work on many others. So as I was getting ready I decided to do a supply run to get Sarutabaruta OP. I run out to West Sarta to do run and then I decided to do some farming for Necklaces. I forgot to mention that since yesterday I've decided to finally do the Yagudo Necklace quest in order to raise Tenshodo/Norg fame. This way I can get another avatar. Hopefully in couple of weeks I can get Leviathan & Ramuh. I will have to see. anyway I digress.

So as I was out farming, my friend Thesage said he missed his dynamis run and he some time on his hand before Limbus. So I asked if he can help me by Teleporting me to Vahzl & Altepa for supply runs. He said sure. So I OP back to Windy really quickly and change into RDM. We did Beaucidine zone first. Then we did Kuzotz zone next.

I went back to farming necklaces. Thesage joined in my effort after he finished doing the event in town. I managed 27 necklaces before I had to Dynamis. I did have a little trouble when I got back to Windy. I couldn't find the guy to teleport me. Thesage had to show me, lol. Moving is hard work. I need to make time to learn my new temporary home.

I op to Beaucidine and walk to Xarcabard where dyna is being held. I make it there easily. I'm getting better with Beaucidine's map. I'm put in the BLM party this time. This is my first time in Xarcabard dyna. Dyna went okay. Died 3 times. But at least I experienced it.
10-4-09 2
10-4-09 1
I wanted win but this was a farming run. We didn't really get anything. Only 1 DNC gear dropped and the currency was free drop. I had a good time tho. I logged out immediately after run.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Carby's Mitts --- Mine!

I wasn't planning on getting on game today, but my brother was trying
to convince me to duo with him on his RDM. So I conceded and got on. I
also wanted to clear up my inventory too since I did a gobbie quest
yesterday after my dismal Maat fight. I got my inventory to 55 slots
now. However, between then and today I somehiw managed to have my
inventory full. I have no idea how that happened.

Anyway, I digress. So my bro, Kirinkage changed his mind because he
had no gear since I took back my level 20 gear. So he decided we
should farm instead. So I finish sorting and shuffling my inventory
around and changed my subjob to THF. Inchigo joined us there too. So
we farm separately. I go for the Gobbues more whereas Inchi and Kirin
go for everything. I wasn't getting any good drops. My treasure hunter
was not working at all. Kirin was getting tree cuttings to drop. As I
was playing Demicus was chatting me up thru tells. He's hilarous.
Half an hour thru of farming I'm bored. Conversations were minimal. So
I asked if they (Kirin, Inchi and Demi) if they wanted to help me get
my Carbuncle Mitts. They said sure.

So we had to go to Temple of Ugglepiah (Uglypugly to me) in Yhoator
Jungle. I must first warn you. None of us has a map of Uglypugly so we
had to run around to find our destination. We made it to the the door
we needed a prelate key for. Kirin and I already had one. However, we
knew we had to fight once we go thru the doors so Kirin decided to
start buffing and myself too. Well that caused the magic pot behind
door open he door and attack. Why didn't I remember this from doing a
ZM or some other mission w/ Kainbelmont and Frizzlefry previously?
Well since the door opened and we were fighting, Inchi, Kirin and I go
thru the door. Prelate key saved for another day. That caused Inchi &
Kirin to aggro 2 tonberries. I tried sleeping 2 of them. One did but
other didn't. Kirin got everyone's rancor and sucombed to it. Inchi
and Demi were still fighting. I raised Kirin as they were finishing
up. So we sat down to heal. We get up and then someone aggro'd more
tonberries. Then Demi got everyone's rancor. He died. He took it very
well. He doesn't like to die. But then he did warn me prior that he
has extremely high tonberry hate. So I raise Demi. This time Demi
suggested we heal outside the door until we ready. Kirin stayed inside

After Demi got out if his weakened state, Kirin let us thru and we
invisi'd up so we didn't have to fight. So we wondered around lookin
for the room for NM fight. We found it pretty easily. Well Kirin found
the stairs. So we needed to clear the room. It looked pretty dicy
because there were 2 dolls standing at each entrance. It was
successful. So I told the folks to rest to full so they'll be good in
fight. Once their HP/MP was full I proceeded to Haste and Refresh all
of them. I traded the offering to the ??? and fight began. Carby I
waa able to nuke, enfeeble and cure during fight. The fight didn't
last too long. The 3 guys kicked ass. I got my mitts!!! We all warped
out of there.!

I get to my mog house and go put my level 20 gloves on AH. After I
finish selling stuff I logged for the night.

0/3 - The Man Won't Sleep

I haven't been on game for a while, so I decided to go on. First thing
first, I was checked my delivery box for my gil. Even though I wasn't
on game I checked on my items on sale on FFXIAH. Great website to
check sales on the Jeuno/Whitegate auction house. I was on SMN when I
got on and I changed to RDM. I also had to change my COP linkshell
message for our new run on Tues. I hadn't been able to get on to
change it.

It seemed like a good day to fight Maat. I get my stuff together and
fix my macros on my way to Jeuno. I was also having a great
conversation with Demicus. Who knew he was funny and entertaining. He
had helped me prior to get my AF2. What I knew about him is that he
likes to kill shit and he don't like to die. Anyway, he's really cool.

Anyway, I head to Maat to take him down. I'm ready. I have my strategy
all mapped out. I'm going to sleep nuke him. So I get in, buff up, and
heal for mp. I run to circle and cast sleep. His ass didn't sleep. He
ran up and kicked me. I cast bind. It didn't stick. He punched me this
time. I cast sleep 1 this time. He slept for like 2 seconds and
asurisn fisted me to death while I was in casting stoneskin. Didn't
get to my Hi-pots or anything. I hate that man. I hp'd home.

I asked Demi if he could help me farm a testimony. He said said yes.
So we met in Qufim, but had to go back to get our keys. I wasn't too
sure if I needed it because I had one in my permanent key items. Got
it just in case. We meet again in Qufim and head into Delkfutt Tower.
We took elevator upstairs and found our way to camp. I had subbed THF
so the drop would come easier. Well I pulled first pot... No drop. The
second pull was disasterous. I cast spell, I run, it binds me which
made my sneak & invisible wear. Which in turn made me aggro 2 bats and
a giga along with the pot. Needless to say, I died. Demi didn't. He
called for a raise. My friend Vourant was coming to raise me. He got
to Tower. Then some random person in the Tower raised me. So we told
him I got a raise. Then we asked him if he wanted to come help us get
my testimony. He said sure and he'll come as MNK. As he reached tower
again, we got the Testimony. I felt really bad. Last time I came here
it took us a while. Maybe /THF really paid off. So I stuck around to
help Demi kill stuff since he had 15 mobs to kill for his NPC. I did
have mine out at one point. The bad pull that had me die, got him
killed. I hope he don't yell at me the next time.

So it's time for Dynamis Beaucidine. I run off to Beaucidine and throw
my flag up. I get like 6 party invites. I haven't partied in months.
Anyway, we go in. We did so well. Did not have mass deaths. Couple
people died. But nothing major at all. It went very well. I want more
dynamis runs to happen like this one. We got the win too. No RDM
drops. I actually had a good time. No death for me. Yay!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Those GotDamn Memmets.... Zilarts Suck

It's COP day again. We have a total of 11 people who showed up. So to make it even, I asked my friend Thesage if he could come assist us. He has passed this part in his FFXI career. So it was Kirinkage PLD,
Solesiren WHM, Chayst NIN, Baknah NIN, Kadiana BLU, Thesage NIN,
Bradchi DRK, Inchigo WAR, Kryscella MNK, Darksanzo PLD, Naquel PLD or MNK and myself RDM. We really needed more mages and dd's to make 2successful parties. We will have to work with what we have. So we get everyone together and head out for Riverne#A01 (I think that's what the place is called). We did well for getting there. Then once we got thru displacement that's when strife started.
Everyone won't listen. Lots of AFKs. We still had to kill a wyvern for another scale. I tell everyone we are following Naquel but that was extremely hard to do. We do not have maps for this place. We get to the first distortion that I have to trade scale to, people afkd. I threatened that I am trading now and if they were not ready we were leaving without them. Everyone went thru.
We get to second scale trading distortion and went thru the same crap at the first one. After we get thru we rest for a second to start casting invisible and whatever for travel. So we run and get to the displacement that leads to fight. We are missing 2 people. Apparently they went AFK. So they had to make it us.
One ended up in argument because someone told her to look at map to find us. Then she called person a jerk. She died on the way and the other made it to the group. So I went to raise her and requested back up to go find her. So we get all the way back to start and I couldn't find her. I don't know who aggro'd bomb from my back up squad but it was the beginning of mass death. As I am looking for the dead one my back up squad started to die. I was going to just leave them becaus I was not aggro'd but my kind heart said to help since they came to help me. Lol. (For those who didn't realize, that last sentence was a joke.)
So I tried to heal and get aggro'd myself. We all dead. Solesiren came to raise us. I don't have rr since AH was empty rr earrings that day. She gets aggro'd and died. I believe she died multiple times trying to raise us. Bradchi went to find the dead one and tractor her back to the group by the distortion. However he got aggro'd in the end.
I'm tired and frustrated. I felt like we were in dynamis. After all this we got everyone up and into the fight zone. Now we sit and decide what to do. We got lots of arguments on how to do things. We tried 6 times where the final time was the best. We were able to kill one memmet. But dd party died while fighting the second. I was healing NIN who was kiting the last memmet. So that meant we all were gonna die. But by far that was he best run.
If the dd party sat to heal to full after first memmet died before they pulled the second, they could've knocked it out again. So by time we get the 3rd memmet we'd have extra damage from the NIN.
I was too frustrated so I didn't bother go to dynamis afterwards. I just logged off.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Laying on My Back

It's Zilart mission day. Let's get Sky access!!! So only Maryjanette WHM, Frizzlefry PLD, Kirinkage DRG and myself RDM showed up. So we end up going to Delkfutt Tower. MJ and I met Frizz in Delkfutt Tower. We are on the 10tt/11th Floor. We decided to try to get me a RDM testimony while we wait for Kirin. Kirin didn't have elevator key so he had to walk up all the stairs and avoid mobs. No testimony dropped. So we ended up doing the fight. It went pretty good with just us 4. We passed the fight alive. That completed ZM 8.

After the fight, MJ and Frizz had to go. So I convinced Kirin to do the cutscenes for the next couple of missions. We had to go to Norg. So we both bickered on direction. We finally get to the open area in Yhuntunga where you can see the waterfall but can't go down unless you find correct hole. So I was not paying attention and went to get a better look at a flower, I fell down the correct hole. So now I had to try to direct Kirin to correct hole. That took a while but he finally found it. We got thru the grotto into Norg. Can you believe it, I was able to walk thru Norg without having to cast sneak?!? Well we find NPC we were to talk to. Then we warped back to home. We had to fo to Ro'Maeve next. We had to click on a door in the Hall of the Gods. After this we are supposed to go back to Norg. However, we called it a night.

So it COP 2-5 day. Only 6 of showed up: Inchigi DRG, Darksanzo PLD, Solesiren WHM, Naquel MNK, Chayst NIN and myself RDM. This was to be a hard fight. We had to farm scales and find our way to the fight. None of us have maps for the area. It took us a while to farm because we didn't have a THF. We finally get to the fight area. We lost the fights big time. We tried 5 times before we called it a day. It's was frustrating. They made COP a bit too hard. I swear each of those Memmets are like level 60 for our measly level down of 40. Whatever they are, they are ????ing hard.
9-13-09 1
9-13-09 2

After COP, Inchi asked me to duo. I said I only have 3 jobs level 15. So he came as RNG 16, and I came SMN. Then we got Ciddester to join as a dd job. But he brought Panzer with him to powerlevel us. We didn't have much time because Inchi & I had Dynamis in like 30 mins. Both Inchi & Cidd gained a level and I didn't. Oh well. I wasn't wearing an experience ring.

I leave to go to do dynamis in Beaucidine Glacier. Immediately tell them that I had to leave at 9 pm. Minibasta gave me 2 poison pots that I totally forgot about. He's a sweety. Anyway, I get in Naquel's party. I also join the Skype call. It was interesting listening to the voices behind the characters. Before I left we had mass murder. We didn't even get to the area where we needed to use the poison pots. Oh well. I left at 9 as I said I was.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I Won Big!!!

I got on game because I promised Inchigo I'd do a BCNM with him. I've been promising him that forever. So I get my gear together. I go to Jeuno to get a star orb for the BCNM. We decided to do the "Royal Jelly" BCNM in Palborough Mines, Bastok region. I hate Bastok region.

Anyway, I sat and waited for the ship to Bastok. Inchi joined me. When we finally get to Bastok, I left Port Bastok into N Gustaburg. I hate that place. I didn't bother get a chocobo. Didn't want to waste my gil. I just ran to Palboro and met up with Galagor who was our 3rd member. Inchi was running behind. We he finally made it, I followed him to the burning circle (BC).

So we did /random to see who went first. Galagor got 1st run on his orb. We get in. They start left, I go right. I bind & gravity the jellies as much as I can. We won. Galagor got some the Utsusemi Ni scroll and some other stuff. Scroll sells for 300k+. We exit. Now that Galagor got the scroll I feel my odds are going down.

As we heal for the next run, Inchi and I do /random again. He gets to go next. We had a lot of other people showing up at the BC. We head in again. We win again. Inchi got a lot of stuff that wasn't worth much. So my odds are slipping. Not so good.

So now it's my turn for the run. We get in. I throw on Chainspell because the timers on bind & gravity are ridiculous. I bind & gravity all of them. Then I was thinking they were taking too long to kill, lol. I started to think they were losing steam and we were going to lose this run. My bro had to remind me that I used my chainspell so it looked like they were slow. So I healed and casted spells until they finished all. I made out like a bandit. I got Marksman's ring, Mana Ring, Scroll of Phalanx, Scroll of Utsusemi Ni and 2 Slime Oils. I couldn't believe my luck. My drops were a lot better than Galagor's & Inchi's. I warped home. Then I headed to Jeuno to put my goods on AH. I gave my bro the Scroll of Phalanx.

After this luck, I think I should go play the lotto for real!!!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Trials of Leadership

I got my Chains of Promethia COP static party going. I have Chayst RDM, Solesiren WHM, Kadiana BLU, Kirinkage PLD, Inchigo DRG, Naquel MNK, Kryscella MNK and Darksanzo PLD. So we have to go kill a Minataur & then go retrieve a mysterious package in the Aqueducts beneath Tavnazian Safehold. Getting everyone organized was tough. We have a lot of strong personalities.

Once everyone was in attendance, we started our journey through the Aqueduct. Sneak was a must. We all were leveled down to 40 and there are some True Sight mobs there too. As we make our way towards to farm a "Bronze Key" for the door, we had had couple of deaths from the true sight mobs. There was a point someone aggro'd 2 of those mobs. We finally stopped dying.

Somehow, Naq ran off past us after we got key. He ended up in a room somewhere full of Fomors. He had a huge amount of Fomor hate. So of course he died. Sole offered to come raise him, but he said he's gonna HP because he's in middle and she would end up dying too. So we wait for Naq to come back. While we wait, we fight off the slimes that aggro'd us.

Okay Naq finally makes it back but he's lost. Sole offered to find him. The rest of us were sitting healing our MP & HP. Next we knew we were in a battle for our lives against the Minataur we were going to look for. The funny part is the LS chat saying multiple "WTF!!!!" and Sole saying "Sorry ^^". Lol. She ran past Minataur while looking for Naq. In the end we fought minataur with only 3 deaths. I had to rush them out of the room after the raises. Minataur has a fast respawn.

We made it to our puzzle that we needed to do. Getting them to help find the room with the puzzle was annoying. Half of the team sped past me and entered wrong room. I found the correct room. I had to let them out of their room so they can get to correct room. Getting them to press the correct switches was a struggle. We had to press the Dark & Light switches simultaneously. However, Dark kept pressing his switches. Ugh.... was so annoyed. We got it together. Then we finally made it into the room and got our cutscene.

Aftr cutscene we had to warp out because none of us were going to attempt to find our way back to get killed by the Minataur or true sight mob. So we meet back in Tav Safehold. We get our next cutscenes in Safehold & in Misearux Coast.

Next mission is 2-5. We have to fight 3 Memmets. I hear this mission is a big pain in the ass too. And it's also leveled down to 40. Damn!! I miss my refresh & convert.

After all day doing COP, I decided to spend an hour with Kainbelmont duoing in the Dunes. So I brought out my SMN. We were the same level at that point. Within the hour, he was able to level to 16. I didn't get a level. It was nice duoing with Kainy. Haven't duo'd with him since my capping of my magic skills.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

0/2 - Damn It!!!

So, I tried Maat again. This time I got him close to half way mark before he hit me with Asurian Fist. I hate him. I think I'm going to try the zerg method. He has got to die. Seriously. I want 75. I feel like I'm stalled. But then I chose to have the hardest job to fight Maat on. I'm a glutton for punishment.

So afterwards, we had to meet up with the static to do our Zilart Missions. So we met up with Kainbelmont in Whitegate.
We get a tele to Altepa. We grab chocobos. Kain went AFK, so Kirinkage & I stayed with him. Kadianna, Marjanette and Darksanzo went ahead. Kain came back in like 5-10 mins and Kirin & I followed him into West Altepa to where we needed to go. Kadi & MJ was there but not Dark. MJ went to get him. When we get to the burning circle, Dark wasn't able to zone in. We had to go in without a tank. We go in and handle business. Kirin tanked as well as he could. Kirin & I died and raised. The fight wasn't easy & it wasn't extremely hard. We knocked it out. We leave and go place the fragments we collected in ZM 5 into the correct spot and got a prasmatic fragment. All this satisfied ZM 6 & 7. Onto ZM 8 next weekend. We'll soon have Sky access soon. Yay!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My Slight Involvement in The Great

I get on without any plans. I didn't want to party. I thought about
doing my Maat fight. I changed my mind because I didn't want to
concentrate so hard. I also was trying to make a static party for
Chains of Promethia (COP) missions. So I made a LS message in
ClanBelmont. I also announced it ValorKingdom and StormysKnights. I
already have 3 and that includes me. I have a tank and 1 damage
dealer. I need 2 more dds and 1 healer (someone who can assist in

So I made up my mind and decided if Frizzlefry was free to do Wings
missions. He was game. We met in South San D. He asked if Kirinkage
was coming since we all were doing it together. I feel a bit bad
because Phaet was also working with us on them. Unfortunately his time
is taken up by his LS RocDynasty.

Kirinkage was heping our friend Kakida get a nation in the past.
Frizzy ended up going to help them get to San D from Vunkle something.
So I was left by myself. So I decided to do a campaign op in E
Ronfaure S. I get to area for battle. I buff up and put reraise on.
The campaign music starts but there aren't any Orcs coming. At least I
thought. Then out of nowhere an Orc was in front of me. I was down in
3 hits. I didn't even see Orc coming. I'm glad I had reraise on. I
looked around my dead body to see if I can raise. The coast looked
clear. Just as I hit yes, an Orc walked right over me as I rose turned
and cold clocked me. I was dead again. Luckily my bro was near and
came to raise me. Kakida got to see a campaign battle for a minute
before he and Kirin ran off to San D to get him allegiance. I
continued to heal and join Frizzy who participated in the battle. I
teleported back to San D. We showed Kakida how to get missions and
such. Kirin and Frizzy went to do some mission in Battalia Downs and I
stayed with Kakida. I was going to get him to do a Campain Op so he
get some Allied Notes.

So I walked Kakida to the tower for battle. One wasn't starting. So I
decided to go kill Orcs while we wait. So we head south on the map to
find some Orcs.We definitely found them. Unfortunately they were
lumped together. So as I was trying to magic pull ons, a campaign
battle started. So we ditched he plan and ran back to tower. We got
Kakida his allied tags and we waited for Orcs to come to us. This
time I was prepared. My buffs were up and waiting. The Orcs arrived
and we did damage. At some point Frizzy and Kirin joined us again.
After battle Frizzy had to go pal around with his friend. We took
Kakida back to get the rest of his allied notes. After that we got him
to umlock maw in E Ronf. I went back to Mog house to log off.

I got on to do more seeking for COP static members. I couldn't find
any so I really was bored. I didn't want to Maat fight because my
brother was in the mood to harrass me. You know, what little bros do
time to time. So I decided to try out BLM. I changed into level 1 gear
and I got a staff from Ciddester/Panzer. He said I could keep staff.
So I ran to E Ronf to level. I got to level 4 before I called it a
night. I even did a FOV. I had to get me some tabs. I love to use
Repatriation. I'm lazy in transportation. BLM is cool but it's almost
like my RDM though well at this level. Oh well. Another night.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

ON ZM Road

I log on briefly to join my LS to do the weekly Zilart Missions. We were finishing up mission #5. The last 2 fights at least. It was the following people (based on memory):
- Kainbelmont
- Frizzlefry
- Kirinkage
- Kadianna
- Maryjanette
- Panzer
- Darksanzo
- Crazyone
- Moriene (Crazy's in-game wife)

We all met in Whitegate and teleported to Altepa to do the Terrigan area. We choco to Kuftal tunnel. We got thru Kufta ok. We lost Darksanzo. So we had to wait for him. Going thru Cape Terrigan began the deaths. Dark died. We get thru to headstone, heal up & pop the NM. The NM was a fomur (dead armor as I call it). We take care of it pretty quickly since we had so many people.

We then get tele to Yhoator and catch a choco to Ifrit's Cauldron. This was the hardest part of the whole mission. For Ifrit's Cauldron we had to bring Powders and Oils. We can't use too much magic because of the damn bombs/jack'o'lanterns there. Before we even get a move on, we had to wait at least 20 mins for Dark to get to us. He got lost in Yhoator & didn't even ask for help getting to us. So we had to wait.
It was a bit annoying. We head into the Cauldron. This is when deaths started to occur all due to aggro when oils & powders wore at inappropriate times. A tally of who died: Kirin (1), Dark (2-3), Panzer (1), Moriene (1), Maryjanette (1). I started to run low on powders but we made it out in time. We get to headstone and we all waited until everyone was back to 100%. Then we popped NM and killed it. Most of us found out we were done. Poor Kadi realized she didn't get the one from Behemoth's Domain, lol. The same one that I missed twice. So some of the guys went to go help her get that one. Kain warped me home. I had to log because I had company.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Errands = Death

So for the past 2 days I've been getting fragments for Zilart Mission 5. Yesterday, I went to Latheine & Western Altepa for the 2 fragments that were there. Kadianna helped me with both of those. She's an absolute doll. I like her. So before I logged off last night, I decided to check my Temporary Key Items to make sure I had a good deal of what I needed. I was comparing my key items with the list on Wiki. I had to wait for Sat to get the fragments from Yhuntunga & Cape Terrigan on Sat. I was missing the Lightning Fragment. You get that one in Behemoth's Domain. I was so dejected because I've done that twice already. I swore I got it the 1st time so I didn't bother try for it the second time. I should've tried. Now I have to find someone to come help me with tomorrow. Damn.

So next day I was able to get my friend Lordgrim and Kirinkage to help me. We make it to Behemoth's Domain. Kirin went to pull one of the NM's after I popped them (using Sneak of course). Kirin made a bad pull. He got both of the NMs. We made it thru by the hair of the wolf's chinny chin chin. I got the fragment. I made sure of it. I checked my key item before we left area. So since we in the Qufim area I asked if we can stop in Delkfutt tower to farm my RDM testimony.

So we head into the Tower. Lord asked if we'd mind killing some nm & farm as we go. We (Kirin & myself) said no problem. So we make our way to Upper Delkfutt Tower. Then we found the Magic Pots that we needed to for my testimony. Lord claims the first pot. Next you know the other 2 pots joined in. We all died. Then I was able to reraise and move to a safe spot to heal up full. I put on chainspell to raise both Kirin & Lord really quick. before the pot spawned again. The other 2 didn't depop (whatever you call it). So we rest up. Then Lord was able to pull one pot. I got the testimony. Then we went up stairs then downstairs multiple times. We've died now 2 times. We get the NM. Inchigo was on the way to join us. We died really quick. That was like 4 deaths for me. Then when Inchi finally made it. We were fed up with the death. I had to get last fragment for Mission in Fei'Yin. So I warped and told everyone "Thank you".

I OP to Beaucedine Glacier after I couldn't get Taru North San D to tele me directly into Cloister of Frost. I found my to Fei'Yin by myself. I'm so proud of myself. I have the directions on how to get to Cloister on my computer. I follow directions as much as I can. I get to the big room looking for the stairs down at position G-9. For nearly 40 minutes I was so lost. So I lost my temper. I hate getting lost. Whether it's in game or real life. My patience wears very thin. I mouthed off in LS saying if I don't find my way to Cloister in 15 mins that I needed to log, I'm not doing mission on Sat. Kainbelmont tried to direct me via LS chat. It wasn't working. So I was trying to simmer down. Just as I finished mouthing off, I found the stupid stairs. I made it to Cloister got my fragment. I warped back home. Apologized to LS and logged for the night.

I died 4 ties tonight but I got all that I set out to get. So I have to be pretty happy about that.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

0/1 - You Know What That Is

I get on after a week off from game. I was really busy this week to play. When I got on, I heard they were doing Zilart Missions. So I wanted to join up with them since I didn't have any other real plans on game. I was in Whitegate when I logged on. I forgot I was there. I then decided to leave mog house, assuming the last time I entered from Whitegate, but instead I found myself in Al Zahbi stuck in Besieged. I really didn't want to be there, but since I was stuck, I just decided to try to skill up my divine & enhancing. I got 4 levels on my Divine. I went from 55 to 59. Eh.

So when all was done, I met up with everyone in Qufim. We went to Behemoth's Domain first. There we died because the NM was spawned before we were ready. However, I had my reraise on like a good mage. So we tried again. I had already gotten this stone. We head to Zi'Tah for next stone. The same one that kicked me & Inchigo's ass when I tried it a month or so ago. So we finished with all that, Kainbelmont warped me back to San D.

What to do? I have this old man sitting on my back since I capped my skills & got my testimony. I said I'm gonna try him so I can get the nervous edge off of me. So I load up on hi-potions and fix up my macros. I went out to Battalia to make sure the macros work. I found some to tweek. So I run back in to recharge my mp in my mog house. I went to see Maat. He teleported me, God knows where. The place looked familiar though. I enter buff up and proceed to fight. Well my first binding did not work. So I had to sleep him. All was going well until he woke after my last sleep and did me in with Asurian Fist. Interrupted my recast of Sleep. I lost.

Oh well. I'll try another day after I farm again for a testimony.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Almost Ready For Maat

So I get on to finish capping my magic for my Maat fight & to farm my RDM testimony.

I tackle farming my testimony first. Months back Ghostdawg promised to help me farm my testimony. So I decided to take him up on the offer. I haven't hung with him in a loooooong time. So he decides we go to Quolon Dome. It's in the farther part of Beaudeaux. I hate that place. It ends up being Kirinkage, Ghostdawg, Kron, a girl named Celias and myself. Celias & Kron was already there. Ghost, Kirin & I had to travel there. Anyway we get to the place and there was another party there to get an HNM that was there nicknamed the AdamantKing. It's a huge Quadav. I don't know what it drops. Anyway, they also claimed the Ruby Quadav that we needed. So we had to kill all the place holders to get the Ruby Quadav to pop again. Well we got it but there was no drop. We kill placeholders again. We got him again & this time my testimony dropped. Being in party with Ghost & Kron was like being in a fraternity. All the machismo and testosterone flowing thru words. Oy. It was interesting to listen to. I then wanted to finish up capping my magic.

I head to Whitegate because Phaet said he had some time to help me. Kirin also joined me. So we head back to Alt... Undersea Ruins. It was nice partying w/ Phaet again. So I was able to fully cap my dark and elemental with them.
I dozed off now and then but I pulled it thru to the end. I ended up logging off in Whitegate.

I am now so close to my big fight. I'm a bit anxious. I may wake up early and do it while my brother is asleep, that way, I won't feel any pressure. We'll see.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Kainbelmont Rocks!!!

I get on to try to cap my magic skills capped. This would be my fourth attempt. I've been going to the tree. I really haven't made any headway at all. I was told that Boyhada Tree is the place to be. Only thing that would rise is my dark since it was so low.

So I enlisted Lordgrim to help. He needed to farm in the Tree too. So we meet in Zi'Tah. He goes after the spiders. I think maybe my skills would grow. We run around killing spiders. I cast my dark, enfeebling & elemental spells at them. Nothing but dark rising. As I was running around I get a tell from Kainbelmont. He asked if i still needed magic skill ups. I said yes and I'd meet up with him in an hour. I continue to run around with Lordgrim. I wasn't getting anything. Not even sword skill. I was really getting depressed. After an hour, I told Lord that i had to go.

So I meet up with Kainy in Whitegate. We head to Nyzul from Runic Portal. The actual area is call Alta... Undersea Ruins. We went after the Rat looking things again. So I alternate type of magic skill ups per mob.
8-15-09 3
I would spam dia on one mob, then dark on another and then elemental on another.
8-15-09 2
I was getting so many levels in skilling up. I wanted to kiss Kainy out of shear excitement.
8-15-09 1
I was so excited. I couldn't even get .1 skill up in the Tree. I was just wasting MP in the tree. Kain always brings me to the best places. He's the best!!!!

Before I had to log, I capped my enfeebling magic. And got close to capping elemental & dark. I went to bed happy.

Kainy Rocks!!!!!!

Saturday, August 8, 2009


I get on wanting to skill up my magic. But since I got the nice 100k from Rank 10 I decided to get gear. So I head to the AH in Whitegate. So I'm camped out at AH searching for gear and talking on LS. I was able to buy a back piece & my ammo piece.

I asked anyone if they were interested in skilling up with me. Crim (DRK) & Kerikris (WHM) decided to come with me. We meet up in Zi'Tah and head to the tree. When we get there, the NM Aquarius was there. Crim decided we should try it. Well, that didn't turn out too well. We all died. Good thing I put on Reraise during fight. After we rose we made our way to the area with the Steelshell crabs. There were a lot of parties there. We ended up forming an alliance with one party.
8-8-09 1
8-8-09 2
I still wasn't getting any skill ups and neither was Crim. So when someone in LS said Besieged was at level 8 advancing, we both left to go. I got couple of levels there.

After Besieged, I was able to get party. I figure I can get some experience points in. I didn't get as much of a buff as I wanted to because party had to disband. That made me a bit moody, so I needed to be alone for a minute but I still wanted to play game. What to do?

The solution - Campaign. So I did 3 campaign battles in E Ronfaure [S]. I managed to avoid everyone for the first 2 battles. Last battle, Charion & Minibasta were there. Oh well, so much for being alone. So after the battle I decided to do another cutscene for the Wings of the Goddess missions. The little brats disbanded their organizations. They are cute tho.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Besieged!!! Yay!!!

I get on to do campaign stuff w/ Frizzlfry so I can get loads of Allied Notes. However, when I get on, I sent Frizzy a tell, but I got no response. So I decided to wait a little if I get a response. So I get a tell from a faithful customer, requesting my service for a powerlevel. So I make my way to the Shitadel (Garlaige Citadel) to do my services. There was another WHM powerleveler there too. I warned my customer that I only have time until Besieged (which was at level 5) starts. I joined the WHM in a party. So I refreshed him, while he used Devotion on me. I lasted a good hr or so.

Why don't more WHM use that in parties when there's other mages or PLD's in it? It's a very useful. Giving back MP, hell yeah!!! I say, if WHM wants Refresh, RDM needs Devotion, LMAO. I digress....

So, I leave,place myself in Whitegate for Besieged, which was at level 7, and went AFK for an hour. So I go back to game after chilling with my mom, watching America Got Talent. It's now at level 8 Preparing and It stayed that way for 45 minutes. It was taking forever. I created a party and then joined an alliance. I chatted with Kakida for a while. I even went AFK again. As I was about to go AFK for a 3rd time, it finally started. I must say, I did not die at all this besieged. I got near max exp too. 1727 out of 1820. Not bad for a mage!!! My key is Wizard's Drink, Giant's Drink & Megalixir. My Dark magic rose 3 levels, and my elemental rose 1 level. A bit disappointed in that. I've had more skill ups in other besiegeds. Oh well. After it done, I went to mog house and logged off. It was late.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Heir To The Throne

I get on to complete Mission 9-2 with Frizzlefry, Kirinkage, Inchigo, and Kainbelmont. We run off to Fei'Yin for the fight. We have to fight 12 Orcs then we must fight along with Prince Trion. We have to keep Trion alive while we fight. I was trying to concentrate on keeping Trion alive. But then I got hit really bad, so I had to cure myself & get back to Trion. In middle of casting cure on Trion he died, so we lost the fight. Kain had to leave, so we are stuck in Qu'Bai Arena. We were searching for a replacement who can sleep mobs. Minibasta agreed to help. He had asked me to help sleep Orcs in the 1st fight. I did my best. We made it thru to 2nd fight with Trion. This fight I made sure Trion stay alive. During healing I was killed & I raised and continued to cure Trion. Then I died again. Then everyone else did too. Trion was the last person alive, lol. We needed more fighters, so we got Demicus to join us. This time, we finished the mission. I got my cutscene. Prince Trion survived. Mini needed some help with some stuff in Fei'Yin so we all (except for Kirinkage) went around and helped Mini. Then I warped back to San D to finish all my additional cut scenes for the mission. At the end I became RANK 10 in San D and I got my flag.

I don't think I will be moving to any of the other 2 nations yet. I really don't like Bastok. That's where Frizzle & Kainy moved to after Frizzle got his Rank 10. Eh, I really don't know yet. Plus I don't want to lose all my OPs that I worked so hard to get., lol.

So with my new status of Royal Heir, I decided to join Inchigo in skilling up in Kuftal Tunnel. We decided to skill up & fish for the NM in pond in the bottom. We ended up fishing more than skilling. However, it was an awful time because my mom called me every 5 minutes. I left Inchi alone to fight NM at one point. There wasn't a drop tho. My mom was really set on getting & keeping my attention. After a while, my mom decided to go to bed. So Inchi & I continued until we got bored. So we decided to party.
8-2-09 1

I started a party for Mt Zhayloam for Inchi (WAR) and me (RDM). So I was able to get another WAR, a WHM named Stanislaus, a MNK named Auddie and a THF. After a while we moved camp t o Caedvra Maere. By end of the party, I leveled to 70. I can barely believe it. Me a level 70 player. It's surreal.

To be honest, I don't remember if we partied first or fished for NM first. I just know I hung with Inchi the whole time. I haven't hung with him in a long time. The missions do not count.

I get on to do something. I don't even know what. I just wanted to be in game. So I saw everyone was leveling a low level job on LS. So I decided to level my SMN. I meet up Solesiren with her SMN in Latheine. The differences between us is that she has Garuda & I have Shiva. It was fun. Then a random guy asked to join our party. We said sure. I think he was either a WAR or THF. We did 2 FOVs in Latheine. The guy was enamored of our avatars. He left after the 1st FOV. We decided we may want to try Dunes on Bunnies. Well we carefully make our way to the Dunes. We both went 2 separate paths. I did not encounter any Battering Rams. Frizzlefry was in Dunes so we asked if he wanted to join us. By time we reached Dunes, he DC'd so we decided to try a Buuny on our own. That was a very bad idea. I died then Sole died. Sole was able to get us a raise. Then Frizzle logged back in. So he joined our party as SAM. The guy who came to raise us also powerleveled us. Then Syco joined us with her SMN too. Then Nimotas joined us as SCH and then we acquired a BLM. So we did FOV's in Dunes too & killed stuff. By end of the night I had attained Level 15 for my SMN.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I Did It Again....

I was notified earlier today that I had to get on this evening to do rank mission 9-1. So when I get home we get the team assembled to do mission: Kirinkage, Kainbelmont, Frizzlefry, Inchigo and myself. I needed crystals to be able to accept the mission. Kainy gave me some. I traded them in, didn't even fill my rank bar but I was able to start mission. So Frizzy tele-altepa'd us. We booked it thru Altepa and thru Kutal Tunnel since Kirin didn't have Volbow OP. I hope he got it this time.

For mission we had to click ??? in Cape Terrigan, Eldieme Necropolis, and Xarcabard (not in that order). The last spot, we had to fight a huge vulture/eagle looking mob. It was kicking Kirin & Inchi's ass. Not so much Frizzy's. But we couldn't kill it fast. We killed it & got our last key item. We get back to San D to finish mission.

Kainy & Frizzy went to do V Muffler run (whatever that is). Inchi logged off. Kirin & I both went to flag mission 9-2 so next time we just have to get to the fight. After both of my cutscenes, I logged off.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

I Snuck On...

I snuck on the game to get my mission for San D rank done. I met up with Frizzlefry, Kirinkage, Inchigo and Kainbelmont. However, they weren't ready, so I was about to farm or get party until they were ready. Frizz asked me not to get a party. So I just sat around chatting.

When everyone finally gets together we head off to Uggliapuglia (whatever you want to call it). We get to the door we need key for, so we started to buff up cause we were gonna camp there to get key for door. So I'm throwing up my buffs & all when I get aggro'd. Who the f??? was aggroing me? Find out, magic pot behind door was aggroing me. Magic pot also opened the door, lol. Yay, we are in. So my dd's, my fav dd's, took care of the pot for me. So we get to the doors needed. We clear out hallway of tonberry and then open each door to get broken key, key item. We needed 3 of them. Then, I had to sneak & spawn the NMs to fight. We only had to grab one. Frizzy pulled the one. We fought valiently. No one died. We got our cut scenes & Kainy warped us back to hp. We run off to see the king for ending cutscene. I get my rank, 9 that is, and my gil of 80k.

So we also decided to finish off the Wings mission we were on, Purple, The New Black. I got Phaet to come along because he needed the mission as well. So it's just Frizzy, Kirin, Phaet and myself for a while. Frizzy recalled us to Jugner. He went to change jobs. The rest of us went to La Vaule. We met up with Frizzy's friend Damnatio. He helped in battle. We get cut scene and had to battle a dragon. It went pretty well. The storyline for Wings are awesome.

After we finished mission, I logged off. However, before we did mission, we met up with Lordgrim, from Valor Kingdom. Haven't seen him in 9 months as he says. It was nice seeing him. He gave me another pearl for VK and sacked me. I'm a bit conflicted. I'll pop on VK but not a lot. I like CB a whole lot better right now. But we'll see. I missed him and I find out some of my friends who were not in VK know Lordy. It was a pleasant surprise. Till next time I can sneak on.

Monday, July 20, 2009

I'm Sorry....

I got on Monday after the update. We were to do San D rank mission 8-2. Unfortunately, Kirinkage couldn't get on. So I just ended up farming with Inchigo. So we went to Onzonzo to farm. We get into the NM room & it was there, so we killed it. It dropped moldy ring again. I passed on it because I already have one. Crazy Inchi ended up passing on it too. Lol. However, we made a good time. Drops were a lot slower with me subbing THF & wearing Scorpion Harness than when I went with Phaet. Gotta love a 75 THF/NIN. After a while, we get a Treasure Key and chest for Inchi. Then I logged.

I have bad news for my friends. I will be taking a 3 week hiatus. My mother is in town and we would have to share the same TV. So we don't argue, I will be taking a short break. When I do get back on game, be sure that I will be posting on the regular.

Take care, I will miss you all.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

I'm Not Ready For All That Yet

I've been super busy at work, so here's my list of accomplishments and endeavors. Some fun, some not so fun. Here we go.

Tues 7/14:
I met up with Kakida so we can finish our BLU quest. As I read up on where we had to go, I realized it was the same place me and Kain go to Manaburn. So as I wait for Kakida I check for the sunsand that I thought was in my inventory, to find out I must've either sold or dropped. So I had to go buy another. We finally meet up and I lead the way via chocobo to Aydeewa Subterraine. I tell him he's going to have to use invisible to get by spiders and rats. We get to the area needed. I stepped in and got my cutscene, but Kakida forgot his. I told him I'll trade him mine but not to leave the area. Cutscene teleports you back into Whitegate. I go back to meet him & trade him the sand, then warped out.

Thurs 7/16:
I leveled DNC to 11 with Inchi's RDM. We did FOV in both W Ronf and Latheine. We almost died once together. I had died when I got jumped by a Orc Grappler when I was fighting a Sheep while waiting for Inchi.But I know I leveled to 10. I do not know when I leveled to 11. I got 2 levels in 1.5 hours. Not bad when I didn't use any rings.
Photobucket 7-19-09 2

Sat 7/18:
I get to do missions, but no one was ready yet. So I looked for a party. I found one in Ceadvra Mire. The party was pretty cool. It was a static party. I was just a fill in for someone who wasn't one. I tried to make it to party. I had to zone back into staging point to survive. I come back out to find a party member fighting an imp. I cured him as much as I can. When he died, I tried to zone again back into the staging point, but I died. I had reraise on, so it was all good. I raised and then raised party member. We then made dash to camp. Party was ok. I've been in better. We had a THF, SAM, PLD, SMN and DRK. They pulled slow and killed slow. Then they had to leave, I didn't get much experience. Oh well, at least it was some.

I head back to San D for what I thought was rank missions for San D, but since Inchigo was not available, we (Frizzle and Kirin) ended up doing Wings of The Goddess missions. A lot of the missions for WOTG are cut scenes. When we started we had to save, as my brother said, some Elvaan chick. Frizzle let me borrow his Scorpion Harness. So I went back to wearing short shorts, lol.
7-19-09 3
We had to go to Jugner_S to find her and fight NM. However, we died miserably. We needed another dd. We got Phaet to come as DRK. We were able to tackle the fights. We got NM too. We had to go back to San D_S for further cut scenes. We had another NM fight to do in La Vaule (Davoi in present time) but we had to go. Phaet had a HNM and the rest of us were falling out. We were sleepy. So we are on mission called "Purple, The New Black". Sounds like we gonna get our butts kicked.

Sunday 7/19:
I get on to do San D rank mission 8-1: Coming of Age with Inchigo, Kirinkage, Frizzlefry and Kainbelmont. We were supposed to do it on Saturday, but we were waiting for Kain. It was a fight somewhere in Quicksand Caves in Altepa. We have to fight a Sea Horror looking NM. It went pretty quick. Kain had to go help someone else.

After I a while my friend Envoy asked me if he can help me with Skilling up. I said sure. I did warn him that I am not really ready for it, but it would be cool to duo with him since I have never partied or duo'd with him before. He takes me to some strange place in Mount Zhylaom. So I was trying to buff up and he started barking to gravity & bind some mob he already started to attack. I didn't even get to put reraise on nor was I able to refresh both of us. Then he started fussing at me. I told him I was not ready. I don't have a skill up macro made yet. I am totally not prepared to skill up. Spells he wants me to use I don't use, so I have to scroll thru all my tons of spells to find. We died once. Then he barked at me about not having reraise up. I was so frazzled and frustrated. I don't ever want to do that again. If I wanted to be barked at, I would join the military. I just told him that I had to go. I wasn't prepared at all. I did try to create new macros on the fly. They sucked though. I am not saying Envoy was giving me bad advice. It was solid. It's just that he was barking like a drill sergeant. My priorities are a bit different than his. I'm trying to farm for gil, then get 70 with exp maxed, then skill up & then practice fights for maat.

I run off to dynamis in my frazzled state. We were doing Beaucedine today. My first time here. I was put in the BLM party for the first time. At the beginning, my RDM relic body dropped. I made a bid. Kneeru told both me & Aseta to lot. Aseta won the lot. Damn it. He didn't even come as RDM. I died 4 times during this whole experience. I moved to the late comer party because they needed a healer. We were lacking people. Not a lot of people have access to the Outland areas. We did win this dyna. So now I am able to get to Xarcabard now. I will not be able to move past there tho. I need to finish COP 3-5. That's going to be a hard to do.

Tues 7/11:
I met up with Kakida so we can finish our BLU quest. As I read up on where we had to go, I realized it was the same place me and Kain go to Manaburn. So as I wait for Kakida I check for the sunsand that I thought was in my inventory, to find out I must've either sold or dropped. So I had to go buy another. We finally meet up and I lead the way via chocobo to Aydeewa Subterraine. I tell him he's going to have to use invisible to get by spiders and rats. We get to the area needed. I stepped in and got my cutscene, but Kakida forgot his. I told him I'll trade him mine but not to leave the area. Cutscene teleports you back into Whitegate. I go back to meet him & trade him the sand, then warped out.

We met up in Bastok to level low jobs because Gustaberg was open for grabs. So I used SMN. Starfirex joined us. I level to 12. We almost died fighting a goblin in Dangruf Wadi. What do you know, I got a Dangruff Key. Another key for me to add to my collection, lol. We stopped within 30-45 mins. I hate Gustaberg area. It's ugly and confusing. I don't think we helped win Gustaberg, but I got my level.

I have some dedicated fans. To all who read, thank you.