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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Laying on My Back

It's Zilart mission day. Let's get Sky access!!! So only Maryjanette WHM, Frizzlefry PLD, Kirinkage DRG and myself RDM showed up. So we end up going to Delkfutt Tower. MJ and I met Frizz in Delkfutt Tower. We are on the 10tt/11th Floor. We decided to try to get me a RDM testimony while we wait for Kirin. Kirin didn't have elevator key so he had to walk up all the stairs and avoid mobs. No testimony dropped. So we ended up doing the fight. It went pretty good with just us 4. We passed the fight alive. That completed ZM 8.

After the fight, MJ and Frizz had to go. So I convinced Kirin to do the cutscenes for the next couple of missions. We had to go to Norg. So we both bickered on direction. We finally get to the open area in Yhuntunga where you can see the waterfall but can't go down unless you find correct hole. So I was not paying attention and went to get a better look at a flower, I fell down the correct hole. So now I had to try to direct Kirin to correct hole. That took a while but he finally found it. We got thru the grotto into Norg. Can you believe it, I was able to walk thru Norg without having to cast sneak?!? Well we find NPC we were to talk to. Then we warped back to home. We had to fo to Ro'Maeve next. We had to click on a door in the Hall of the Gods. After this we are supposed to go back to Norg. However, we called it a night.

So it COP 2-5 day. Only 6 of showed up: Inchigi DRG, Darksanzo PLD, Solesiren WHM, Naquel MNK, Chayst NIN and myself RDM. This was to be a hard fight. We had to farm scales and find our way to the fight. None of us have maps for the area. It took us a while to farm because we didn't have a THF. We finally get to the fight area. We lost the fights big time. We tried 5 times before we called it a day. It's was frustrating. They made COP a bit too hard. I swear each of those Memmets are like level 60 for our measly level down of 40. Whatever they are, they are ????ing hard.
9-13-09 1
9-13-09 2

After COP, Inchi asked me to duo. I said I only have 3 jobs level 15. So he came as RNG 16, and I came SMN. Then we got Ciddester to join as a dd job. But he brought Panzer with him to powerlevel us. We didn't have much time because Inchi & I had Dynamis in like 30 mins. Both Inchi & Cidd gained a level and I didn't. Oh well. I wasn't wearing an experience ring.

I leave to go to do dynamis in Beaucidine Glacier. Immediately tell them that I had to leave at 9 pm. Minibasta gave me 2 poison pots that I totally forgot about. He's a sweety. Anyway, I get in Naquel's party. I also join the Skype call. It was interesting listening to the voices behind the characters. Before I left we had mass murder. We didn't even get to the area where we needed to use the poison pots. Oh well. I left at 9 as I said I was.

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