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This is my diary of my adventures in Vana'diel. This diary will change as my adventures changes. Sit back, read and enjoy.

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Sunday, November 30, 2008

See That Girl, Watch That Scene.. We Are The FFXI Team

Played: 2 days various times. Day 1: Got on and put my party flag up. I was in Jeuno. So I decided to start mission 4-1 for my airship pass. I didn't get an invite so I went to San.D. to level DNC. My brother decided to get on to powerlevel me. So we are in W. Ronf. I only attack Tough mobs. So it went pretty well. I love dnc for the healing ability (drain samba). I level to 8 pretty quickly. We went throughout W.Ronf. and LaTheine to get Toughs, before I decided to call it a day. I did get some seeds from a sapling in LaTheine to plant. I log off. Day 2 (11/30/08): I get on to level RDM. I put my flag up. I wasn't getting any hits, so I continued on my mission. On my way to the last person for mission, before the rough parts, I get an invite to level sync 38 in Gustav Tunnel. I accept. I chocobo it all the way to LaTheine & about to enter Dunes when the guy who invited me said not to come because half the people logged. So,I just wasted 178 gil. I then just decided to go to Selbina to buy some spells. I ended up buying Water II. I then just warp back to Jeuno. I go to the AH to buy Refresh and Ice Spikes. I then just decided to run and gather all the easy pieces for the 4-1 mission. As I got to the last person, I get an invite for a level sync 32 party. I asked where the party would be. She said the Shitadel. I reluctantly agreed. I actually choco'd there by myself. Woo hoo. Yeah but I have to admit it, I used the marker I created. Lol. I get there and find my party. It is as follows: PLD, SCH, RDM (me), WAR, SAM x2. We do well. Another mage to help heal while I enfeeb & nuke. I leveled to 40. Then one of the SAM leaves. Then Kirinkage comes and replaces him as a DRG. We do a couple of fights when the SCH and PLD leaves. Kirinkage changed to PLD and then SAM replaces DRG & SCH with DNC & SAM. We continue to fight. During a rest, the new SAM asks for a LS, so I give him one. I introduces him and hold a conversation. Now that I am the only mage, we can't pull as fast. So the DNC sent me a tell by mistake. He was complaining that we should be doing 3 to 4 skill chains back and forth. Well I had to tell him some stuff, of course. He ended up apologizing. After I level to 41 I left the party. So did Kirinkage. I warp back to Jeuno and learned my new spells. Then I go out and try them out. Ice spikes is the bomb. I also learned how to use my convert job ability. Then I go in and try on the outfit for 40 that has no necessary function but to run around in. Nothing but DEF:2. RDM- Level 41 & DNC - Level 8 - Rank 4 Aren't I cute?

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Leveling Thief

Played: 2 hours So I have been trying to get my game working on my new MacBook Pro. However, I'm having a hard time of it. So the last time it worked to a point, I chocobo'd from Jeuno to San.D.. I haven't used the laptop since. Okay, so I get on my PS3 today. I decide to level up my THF to 15. Before I do any leveling, I was having a convo with Inchigo. I got some goodies in my delivery box. Then I changed my job to THF/DNC. I clear up my inventory. I head to W. Ronf.. I kill and kill and kill. I level to 10. Now I can use Drain Samba. Now my killing is uninhibited. I get hp as I kill. Yeah man. I leveled to 11 with a good buffer. Then I started to get tired. So I head towards San. D.. Now that I am heading home, I get party invites. Wow. I turn them down. On my way home I see my friend Vourant. I gave him a linkshell. Then I headed home and and sold stuff. Traded my crystals to the guard to increase my rank points. I need rank points full to start mission 4 for airship pass. I log off.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Lip Service

Played: 4 hrs or so I get on to play THF/DNC so I can get THF to 15 and to get crystals to trade in for Rank Points. I was in E. Ronf. killing when Titen sends me a tell. He asked to join me. I said sure. I was heading to W. Ronf. anyway. He met up with me in W Ronf. He invited me to his party. Then we learned a lesson. Level Sync has a minimum level. The lowest level you can sync to is 10. Oh well, I am 9 with my THF. I kill without getting exp. Then Titen says he'll be right back. I said ok. I continue to fight. I get exp now because he's in another zone. Yes! He then disbands the party. Oh well. I continue to kill, kill, kill. Titen logs back in under his mule, Shortyrockrock. He is now convincing me to party with my RDM. I hold out for a while. Because I'm not making any progress with THF, I decided to join. Also I want to increase my sword skill. It's horrible that it is so low for my level. It was a mere 83. It should be around 100 or around there. I give into his demand. I decided to choco to Jeuno to meet him. As I started the choco ride, my game actually got frozen. I had to restart my game console. I log back in and I was still on my chocobo. I get to Jeuno, he tells me to meet at the Shitadel. I said okay. He then tells me to get to Sauramonge Champaign from Battalia. Told him he was too late, I was already in Jeuno. I choco it to the Shitadel. I don't know how to get there. I send him a tell. Instead of answering my question, he gives me lip about I shoulda did this, I shoulda did that. I told him if he doesn't just give me the damn directions, whether it was South East or South West, I was heading back to Jeuno. Then he finally tells me. Retard. Of course, during battle, he's still fussing at me about doing this and that. I told him to let me do my thang and to leave me be. I was enfeebling and using my sword. I was doing very well. During battle, my new friend, Sbrightblade, started a convo with me. I talk to him between battles. Then Shorty died when a beetle killed him that spawned by him. After an hour or so, the PLD leaves, then a DD, then the WHM. Kirinkage replaced the PLD. Shorty got another WHM and WAR. This new party line up was a bit annoying. The WHM wasn't healing well so I had to back up heal while I was doing my thing. Then the WAR pulled too damned fast. He said he was teaching us how to do skill & exp chains. Well alrighty then. No one died, so we were all good. I had to leave it was 1:27 am. Time for me to go beddie by. In the party awhole, I level twice to new level of 39 and my sword skill rose to 96. All in all,it was a good night. And I didn't even use an exp ring. Photobucket Night Night, I'm going to bed now.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Let's Do This Man!!!

Played: 2 Days for various times Day 1 (11/17/08) I get on to continue questing until I get a party invite. I am in San.D.. when I logged on. So I jumped on a chocobo to head to Jugner to finish a quest. I find the guy I'm supposed to be looking for. But I had to get off of the chocobo to do it. So I just used my warp scroll to Jeuno. All the while I've been carrying on a convo with Inchigo. When I hit Jeuno, I still didn't get an invite. So I decide to level my sword skill. It is extremely low. So I head into Battalia Downs by myself. I buffer up and fought couple tigers and gobs. Inchigo decided to join me because he has to level up his dagger. So we duo throughout Battalia. At first round, we level synced to his level (30). Inchigo took on a crab. As I was going to start, I get aggro'd by a gob. I completely forgot I had on level sync. So of course we both died. No biggie. We came back out again. We killed for another hours or so. My sword skill went up from 80 to 87. Pretty good. However, my skill is supposed to be around 109. So I'm still behind. I want to get another weapon skill. Photobucket I log after an hour. Day 2 (11/19/08) I get on to finish mission 3-3. Kirinkage got on to help me. We head to Delkfurt Tower in Qufim. I cast sneak and invisible through the whole experience. Kirin killed the NM that drops the Delkfurt Key. I get the mission done without dying once. I get rank 4 along with 5k gil. Pretty decent. I also realized, that I get to keep the delkfurt key. There's a chest/coffer in the tower in the same room with the NM. I'll probably do that at level 60 or so. I head back to Jeuno. I then chocobo'd back to San.D. so I can complete mission and trading crystals to signet guard for rank points. I need a whole lot of crystals to fill my rank points before I can start the one & only mission for Rank 4. I get airship pass plus 10k gil for this mission. Woo Hoo. I log off in San.D..

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Bickering At The Party

Played: dunno I got on to continue to do quest in San.D. to build my fame. I check my delivery box to find a whole lot of stuff. Money from a sale at the AH and then a bunch of odd equip from Titen. I try to empty the delivery box but my inventory is full. I try to make room. I still don't have any room. All the while, Titen is sending me tells. He asked me if I wanted to party. I said sure, why not. However, he sends more shit. He doesn't tell me why. I have no room. I ended up buying 2 more armor boxes, selling all my crystals, and all of my cooking supplies to make room. I seriously need to make some Jeuno fame so I can do the "Gobbie Bag" quests. I finally get my inventory, storage, and safe completed when Titen said to meet him at the outpost in W Ronf. I get there, he's naked. I asked him why is he's naked. He asked me to trade him his stuff. I said what stuff. He said the stuff he sent. I said I don't have it. It's in my mog. How was I to know he wanted his stuff back. He didn't give me any instructions when he sent the stuff. Any how, we ended up going back to San.D. to get his stuff from my mog house. I ended up having to run around again, cause he gave me more stuff. He has mad stuff to give away. I told him to give some to Kirinkage. I have no room. So we head to Jeuno via chocobo. In Jeuno, he assembled a party. He asked me to ask Inchigo to party but Inchigo wanted to log off. So we ended up in the Shitadel again. On the way, the COR couldn't remember how to get to the Shitadal. So, Titen being the rude guy he is, somewhat called him a retard. I was trying to squash the little squabble. By time I get to camp, I was trembling in fear. I almost fell down one of the holes in the ground. I hate the Shitadel. Anyhoo, after 2 fights, the COR left without word. I figure it was because of Titen and his rudeness. But apparently the rest of the party wasn't too happy with him. I was concentrating on my job. However, thru the whole party, Titen and I were bickering thru tells. I did get 2 levels thru the parties and my enfeebling skill went up drastically. It's like 114 now. I just need to get my sword skill up. I was super tired, so I logged. Photobucket Photobucket

Saturday, November 8, 2008

3 Deaths = 2 Levels

Played: forever.... lol just kidding, probably 7 hrs, the longest I played I got on thinking of doing a BCNM fight to get my scroll of Phalanx. I got Kirinkage to help. So I asked Titen. He made the effort so difficult. He just couldn't give me a straight answer. It's quite annoying. So my thrill was lost. I got on talking to everyone on my LS. I started off in San.D.. I then teleported to Quifm to get to Jeuno. I went to check the spell of Phalanx. That scroll costs 30k gil. DAMN!!!!!!!! It would've been better to do the BCNM. However, the Titen the bitch, no no whiner is more like it, gave me the scroll, some birds' beaks, some birds' feathers, and tons of wind crystal. I guess he making up for irritating me so. He drives me insane. He can't give a straight answer. Anyway, I got off subject. As I ran from Qufim to Jeuno, I must've passed Shallia. When I was running around Jeuno, she started a tell convo with me that was weird. I'm not her favorite person. This is roughly how the convo went. Shallia: Hello Me: Hi Shallia: How are you doing? Me: Good, and you? Shallia: I'm good. Are you looking for a party? Me: Not really, just running doing errands. Shallia: What have you been up to? Me: Running around, leveling,farming, the same old. What have you been up to? Shallia: Leveling NIN to 37. Me: Ok Shallia: It's nice talking to you. Me: What's up? Then I don't get a response. It was weird. It felt weird. At the end, I wanted her just to tell me what's up. Why she's trying to be nice to me when she doesn't want to be. Just weird. I got tired of running around, so I sat put and cooked. I peeled 2 stacks of crayfish and put it in the AH. Then I get an invite just as Kakida gets on LS. So I ask them if they 2 spots available. They said no. I then decide to form a party for the Shitadel. I get Titen, Inchigo, Oliphant, Kakida and myself. I just needed one person. Then Inchi said he can't party because it's too close to 10 pm and he had to got to work. I ended up getting a husband and wife team. We head out. We get there after the 3rd fight I die by sacrafice. I put divine seal on and hit curaga to save the whole party and the stinking beetle killed me. The party was still dying. So the BLM cast escape and they ended up back in Saramouge Champaign. Oliphant came to raise me. Of course running to get back to party, I died and Oliphant died right after me. Evez the husband of the duo left to change job to BLM to come back & raise us. Once he came, he raised and escaped us to Saramouge Champaign. We healed up and went back into the Shitadel while Evez went to go change back to THF. We fight on. After the 2 deaths I did level to 34 and then Titen had to leave. Then we replaced him with a WHM. We fought some more. Then Kakida and Oliphant had to leave. I was able to replace Kakida first with another WAR. I couldn't find a replacement for Oli. I ended up getting Kirinkage to replace him. We get to keep on fighting. However, there was this bat attacking me for no reason so I go to zone. Well I got the black downloading screen but I died. How the fuck did that happen? I zoned & I had enough HP to last. The WHM ended up coming to raise me. This was the 3rd time I died for the night. Either way I ended up leveling to 35 with a great cushion. At the end (2:30 am), I said I had to go. I used my warp scroll. I end back to Jeuno and shut down.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

RDM - Level 33 - Rank 3

Played: 3 hours I got on because I wanted to. I had no idea what I wanted to do. I wasn't feeling party. So I went around selling goods, checking my delivery box and my plants. Two out of the 3 plants died T.T. I was only off for one day. I put on my party flag. If I get a party invite then I'd go party. After a while I decided to warp to Jeuno. I still had my flag up. I went to refresh my signet & obtain another Warp scroll. As I was heading back, I received a party invite. The party was going to be in Kazham level sync down to 29. I really didn't mind. As long as I had something to do. I immediately head to Kazham. The party consisted of the following: BLM, WHM, RDM, BST, PUP, WAR. It was a crazy party. 3 mages in a party is ridiculous. So I ended up meleeing while enfeebling. We did very well, though. I leveled to 33 after like 7 fights or so. I got to wear my Magna bodice. I looked sweet. I love it. I look hot!!!!! Photobucket After 4 more fights, the party disbanded. I warped back to Jeuno. I decided to solo in Rolanberry Fields. I took on a goblin. Then I decided to take on a wasp. As I was fighting the wasp, another goblin attacked me. I backed the wasp into the gates. I kill the wasp and went to fight the gobling that was attacking me. There were 2 other goblins around but I thought I was far away from view. Now those other 2 decided to join the fight. So I disengaged and ran to zone in Jeuno. I lived. Yay!!! I then decided to go fish. I go thru Qufim to teleport to San.D.. I went and bought some bait went to Knightwell in W.Ronf. After I ran out of bait I came back to San.D.. I checked AH for armor for my WHM. There weren't any there. I'll have to go to Jeuno. I decided to quit then and there. So I went back to my mog and logged.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Crafting & Fishing

I get on not knowing what I wanted to do. I didn't feel like partying. My brother suggested I start fishing. He said it'll help me with my cooking. Hot dog. I am dying to get my cooking skill up to make pineapple juice. It gives Refresh. So I run around San.D. looking for a rod and bait. I go to my mog house & put away stuff I really don't need to go fishing. As I am running around I am talking to Inchigo and my bro Kirinkage. We all end up at Knightswell Lake in W. Ronf.. We fish. I fish & cook simultaneously. RDM - Crafting & Fishing I had so much fun. I spent 1.8k buying supplies. I recouped 9k in selling the goods. So in all I made a 7.2k profit. Pretty good huh. I logged off with items on AH. My cooking leveled from 1 to 3. And my fishing skill went from 0 to 2. I am a leveling fool. I need wind & fire crystals though. I ran out of them. I am so happy about all of this. Anyway that was my day.