Welcome To My Mog House

This is my diary of my adventures in Vana'diel. This diary will change as my adventures changes. Sit back, read and enjoy.

All comments, tips and advice will be appreciated


Saturday, August 29, 2009

ON ZM Road

I log on briefly to join my LS to do the weekly Zilart Missions. We were finishing up mission #5. The last 2 fights at least. It was the following people (based on memory):
- Kainbelmont
- Frizzlefry
- Kirinkage
- Kadianna
- Maryjanette
- Panzer
- Darksanzo
- Crazyone
- Moriene (Crazy's in-game wife)

We all met in Whitegate and teleported to Altepa to do the Terrigan area. We choco to Kuftal tunnel. We got thru Kufta ok. We lost Darksanzo. So we had to wait for him. Going thru Cape Terrigan began the deaths. Dark died. We get thru to headstone, heal up & pop the NM. The NM was a fomur (dead armor as I call it). We take care of it pretty quickly since we had so many people.

We then get tele to Yhoator and catch a choco to Ifrit's Cauldron. This was the hardest part of the whole mission. For Ifrit's Cauldron we had to bring Powders and Oils. We can't use too much magic because of the damn bombs/jack'o'lanterns there. Before we even get a move on, we had to wait at least 20 mins for Dark to get to us. He got lost in Yhoator & didn't even ask for help getting to us. So we had to wait.
It was a bit annoying. We head into the Cauldron. This is when deaths started to occur all due to aggro when oils & powders wore at inappropriate times. A tally of who died: Kirin (1), Dark (2-3), Panzer (1), Moriene (1), Maryjanette (1). I started to run low on powders but we made it out in time. We get to headstone and we all waited until everyone was back to 100%. Then we popped NM and killed it. Most of us found out we were done. Poor Kadi realized she didn't get the one from Behemoth's Domain, lol. The same one that I missed twice. So some of the guys went to go help her get that one. Kain warped me home. I had to log because I had company.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Errands = Death

So for the past 2 days I've been getting fragments for Zilart Mission 5. Yesterday, I went to Latheine & Western Altepa for the 2 fragments that were there. Kadianna helped me with both of those. She's an absolute doll. I like her. So before I logged off last night, I decided to check my Temporary Key Items to make sure I had a good deal of what I needed. I was comparing my key items with the list on Wiki. I had to wait for Sat to get the fragments from Yhuntunga & Cape Terrigan on Sat. I was missing the Lightning Fragment. You get that one in Behemoth's Domain. I was so dejected because I've done that twice already. I swore I got it the 1st time so I didn't bother try for it the second time. I should've tried. Now I have to find someone to come help me with tomorrow. Damn.

So next day I was able to get my friend Lordgrim and Kirinkage to help me. We make it to Behemoth's Domain. Kirin went to pull one of the NM's after I popped them (using Sneak of course). Kirin made a bad pull. He got both of the NMs. We made it thru by the hair of the wolf's chinny chin chin. I got the fragment. I made sure of it. I checked my key item before we left area. So since we in the Qufim area I asked if we can stop in Delkfutt tower to farm my RDM testimony.

So we head into the Tower. Lord asked if we'd mind killing some nm & farm as we go. We (Kirin & myself) said no problem. So we make our way to Upper Delkfutt Tower. Then we found the Magic Pots that we needed to for my testimony. Lord claims the first pot. Next you know the other 2 pots joined in. We all died. Then I was able to reraise and move to a safe spot to heal up full. I put on chainspell to raise both Kirin & Lord really quick. before the pot spawned again. The other 2 didn't depop (whatever you call it). So we rest up. Then Lord was able to pull one pot. I got the testimony. Then we went up stairs then downstairs multiple times. We've died now 2 times. We get the NM. Inchigo was on the way to join us. We died really quick. That was like 4 deaths for me. Then when Inchi finally made it. We were fed up with the death. I had to get last fragment for Mission in Fei'Yin. So I warped and told everyone "Thank you".

I OP to Beaucedine Glacier after I couldn't get Taru North San D to tele me directly into Cloister of Frost. I found my to Fei'Yin by myself. I'm so proud of myself. I have the directions on how to get to Cloister on my computer. I follow directions as much as I can. I get to the big room looking for the stairs down at position G-9. For nearly 40 minutes I was so lost. So I lost my temper. I hate getting lost. Whether it's in game or real life. My patience wears very thin. I mouthed off in LS saying if I don't find my way to Cloister in 15 mins that I needed to log, I'm not doing mission on Sat. Kainbelmont tried to direct me via LS chat. It wasn't working. So I was trying to simmer down. Just as I finished mouthing off, I found the stupid stairs. I made it to Cloister got my fragment. I warped back home. Apologized to LS and logged for the night.

I died 4 ties tonight but I got all that I set out to get. So I have to be pretty happy about that.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

0/1 - You Know What That Is

I get on after a week off from game. I was really busy this week to play. When I got on, I heard they were doing Zilart Missions. So I wanted to join up with them since I didn't have any other real plans on game. I was in Whitegate when I logged on. I forgot I was there. I then decided to leave mog house, assuming the last time I entered from Whitegate, but instead I found myself in Al Zahbi stuck in Besieged. I really didn't want to be there, but since I was stuck, I just decided to try to skill up my divine & enhancing. I got 4 levels on my Divine. I went from 55 to 59. Eh.

So when all was done, I met up with everyone in Qufim. We went to Behemoth's Domain first. There we died because the NM was spawned before we were ready. However, I had my reraise on like a good mage. So we tried again. I had already gotten this stone. We head to Zi'Tah for next stone. The same one that kicked me & Inchigo's ass when I tried it a month or so ago. So we finished with all that, Kainbelmont warped me back to San D.

What to do? I have this old man sitting on my back since I capped my skills & got my testimony. I said I'm gonna try him so I can get the nervous edge off of me. So I load up on hi-potions and fix up my macros. I went out to Battalia to make sure the macros work. I found some to tweek. So I run back in to recharge my mp in my mog house. I went to see Maat. He teleported me, God knows where. The place looked familiar though. I enter buff up and proceed to fight. Well my first binding did not work. So I had to sleep him. All was going well until he woke after my last sleep and did me in with Asurian Fist. Interrupted my recast of Sleep. I lost.

Oh well. I'll try another day after I farm again for a testimony.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Almost Ready For Maat

So I get on to finish capping my magic for my Maat fight & to farm my RDM testimony.

I tackle farming my testimony first. Months back Ghostdawg promised to help me farm my testimony. So I decided to take him up on the offer. I haven't hung with him in a loooooong time. So he decides we go to Quolon Dome. It's in the farther part of Beaudeaux. I hate that place. It ends up being Kirinkage, Ghostdawg, Kron, a girl named Celias and myself. Celias & Kron was already there. Ghost, Kirin & I had to travel there. Anyway we get to the place and there was another party there to get an HNM that was there nicknamed the AdamantKing. It's a huge Quadav. I don't know what it drops. Anyway, they also claimed the Ruby Quadav that we needed. So we had to kill all the place holders to get the Ruby Quadav to pop again. Well we got it but there was no drop. We kill placeholders again. We got him again & this time my testimony dropped. Being in party with Ghost & Kron was like being in a fraternity. All the machismo and testosterone flowing thru words. Oy. It was interesting to listen to. I then wanted to finish up capping my magic.

I head to Whitegate because Phaet said he had some time to help me. Kirin also joined me. So we head back to Alt... Undersea Ruins. It was nice partying w/ Phaet again. So I was able to fully cap my dark and elemental with them.
I dozed off now and then but I pulled it thru to the end. I ended up logging off in Whitegate.

I am now so close to my big fight. I'm a bit anxious. I may wake up early and do it while my brother is asleep, that way, I won't feel any pressure. We'll see.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Kainbelmont Rocks!!!

I get on to try to cap my magic skills capped. This would be my fourth attempt. I've been going to the tree. I really haven't made any headway at all. I was told that Boyhada Tree is the place to be. Only thing that would rise is my dark since it was so low.

So I enlisted Lordgrim to help. He needed to farm in the Tree too. So we meet in Zi'Tah. He goes after the spiders. I think maybe my skills would grow. We run around killing spiders. I cast my dark, enfeebling & elemental spells at them. Nothing but dark rising. As I was running around I get a tell from Kainbelmont. He asked if i still needed magic skill ups. I said yes and I'd meet up with him in an hour. I continue to run around with Lordgrim. I wasn't getting anything. Not even sword skill. I was really getting depressed. After an hour, I told Lord that i had to go.

So I meet up with Kainy in Whitegate. We head to Nyzul from Runic Portal. The actual area is call Alta... Undersea Ruins. We went after the Rat looking things again. So I alternate type of magic skill ups per mob.
8-15-09 3
I would spam dia on one mob, then dark on another and then elemental on another.
8-15-09 2
I was getting so many levels in skilling up. I wanted to kiss Kainy out of shear excitement.
8-15-09 1
I was so excited. I couldn't even get .1 skill up in the Tree. I was just wasting MP in the tree. Kain always brings me to the best places. He's the best!!!!

Before I had to log, I capped my enfeebling magic. And got close to capping elemental & dark. I went to bed happy.

Kainy Rocks!!!!!!

Saturday, August 8, 2009


I get on wanting to skill up my magic. But since I got the nice 100k from Rank 10 I decided to get gear. So I head to the AH in Whitegate. So I'm camped out at AH searching for gear and talking on LS. I was able to buy a back piece & my ammo piece.

I asked anyone if they were interested in skilling up with me. Crim (DRK) & Kerikris (WHM) decided to come with me. We meet up in Zi'Tah and head to the tree. When we get there, the NM Aquarius was there. Crim decided we should try it. Well, that didn't turn out too well. We all died. Good thing I put on Reraise during fight. After we rose we made our way to the area with the Steelshell crabs. There were a lot of parties there. We ended up forming an alliance with one party.
8-8-09 1
8-8-09 2
I still wasn't getting any skill ups and neither was Crim. So when someone in LS said Besieged was at level 8 advancing, we both left to go. I got couple of levels there.

After Besieged, I was able to get party. I figure I can get some experience points in. I didn't get as much of a buff as I wanted to because party had to disband. That made me a bit moody, so I needed to be alone for a minute but I still wanted to play game. What to do?

The solution - Campaign. So I did 3 campaign battles in E Ronfaure [S]. I managed to avoid everyone for the first 2 battles. Last battle, Charion & Minibasta were there. Oh well, so much for being alone. So after the battle I decided to do another cutscene for the Wings of the Goddess missions. The little brats disbanded their organizations. They are cute tho.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Besieged!!! Yay!!!

I get on to do campaign stuff w/ Frizzlfry so I can get loads of Allied Notes. However, when I get on, I sent Frizzy a tell, but I got no response. So I decided to wait a little if I get a response. So I get a tell from a faithful customer, requesting my service for a powerlevel. So I make my way to the Shitadel (Garlaige Citadel) to do my services. There was another WHM powerleveler there too. I warned my customer that I only have time until Besieged (which was at level 5) starts. I joined the WHM in a party. So I refreshed him, while he used Devotion on me. I lasted a good hr or so.

Why don't more WHM use that in parties when there's other mages or PLD's in it? It's a very useful. Giving back MP, hell yeah!!! I say, if WHM wants Refresh, RDM needs Devotion, LMAO. I digress....

So, I leave,place myself in Whitegate for Besieged, which was at level 7, and went AFK for an hour. So I go back to game after chilling with my mom, watching America Got Talent. It's now at level 8 Preparing and It stayed that way for 45 minutes. It was taking forever. I created a party and then joined an alliance. I chatted with Kakida for a while. I even went AFK again. As I was about to go AFK for a 3rd time, it finally started. I must say, I did not die at all this besieged. I got near max exp too. 1727 out of 1820. Not bad for a mage!!! My key is Wizard's Drink, Giant's Drink & Megalixir. My Dark magic rose 3 levels, and my elemental rose 1 level. A bit disappointed in that. I've had more skill ups in other besiegeds. Oh well. After it done, I went to mog house and logged off. It was late.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Heir To The Throne

I get on to complete Mission 9-2 with Frizzlefry, Kirinkage, Inchigo, and Kainbelmont. We run off to Fei'Yin for the fight. We have to fight 12 Orcs then we must fight along with Prince Trion. We have to keep Trion alive while we fight. I was trying to concentrate on keeping Trion alive. But then I got hit really bad, so I had to cure myself & get back to Trion. In middle of casting cure on Trion he died, so we lost the fight. Kain had to leave, so we are stuck in Qu'Bai Arena. We were searching for a replacement who can sleep mobs. Minibasta agreed to help. He had asked me to help sleep Orcs in the 1st fight. I did my best. We made it thru to 2nd fight with Trion. This fight I made sure Trion stay alive. During healing I was killed & I raised and continued to cure Trion. Then I died again. Then everyone else did too. Trion was the last person alive, lol. We needed more fighters, so we got Demicus to join us. This time, we finished the mission. I got my cutscene. Prince Trion survived. Mini needed some help with some stuff in Fei'Yin so we all (except for Kirinkage) went around and helped Mini. Then I warped back to San D to finish all my additional cut scenes for the mission. At the end I became RANK 10 in San D and I got my flag.

I don't think I will be moving to any of the other 2 nations yet. I really don't like Bastok. That's where Frizzle & Kainy moved to after Frizzle got his Rank 10. Eh, I really don't know yet. Plus I don't want to lose all my OPs that I worked so hard to get., lol.

So with my new status of Royal Heir, I decided to join Inchigo in skilling up in Kuftal Tunnel. We decided to skill up & fish for the NM in pond in the bottom. We ended up fishing more than skilling. However, it was an awful time because my mom called me every 5 minutes. I left Inchi alone to fight NM at one point. There wasn't a drop tho. My mom was really set on getting & keeping my attention. After a while, my mom decided to go to bed. So Inchi & I continued until we got bored. So we decided to party.
8-2-09 1

I started a party for Mt Zhayloam for Inchi (WAR) and me (RDM). So I was able to get another WAR, a WHM named Stanislaus, a MNK named Auddie and a THF. After a while we moved camp t o Caedvra Maere. By end of the party, I leveled to 70. I can barely believe it. Me a level 70 player. It's surreal.

To be honest, I don't remember if we partied first or fished for NM first. I just know I hung with Inchi the whole time. I haven't hung with him in a long time. The missions do not count.

I get on to do something. I don't even know what. I just wanted to be in game. So I saw everyone was leveling a low level job on LS. So I decided to level my SMN. I meet up Solesiren with her SMN in Latheine. The differences between us is that she has Garuda & I have Shiva. It was fun. Then a random guy asked to join our party. We said sure. I think he was either a WAR or THF. We did 2 FOVs in Latheine. The guy was enamored of our avatars. He left after the 1st FOV. We decided we may want to try Dunes on Bunnies. Well we carefully make our way to the Dunes. We both went 2 separate paths. I did not encounter any Battering Rams. Frizzlefry was in Dunes so we asked if he wanted to join us. By time we reached Dunes, he DC'd so we decided to try a Buuny on our own. That was a very bad idea. I died then Sole died. Sole was able to get us a raise. Then Frizzle logged back in. So he joined our party as SAM. The guy who came to raise us also powerleveled us. Then Syco joined us with her SMN too. Then Nimotas joined us as SCH and then we acquired a BLM. So we did FOV's in Dunes too & killed stuff. By end of the night I had attained Level 15 for my SMN.