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This is my diary of my adventures in Vana'diel. This diary will change as my adventures changes. Sit back, read and enjoy.

All comments, tips and advice will be appreciated


Sunday, May 31, 2009

Breaking The Clouds

I get on,but what to do? After much deliberation, I decided to try out SMN with my buddy Shiva. I run off to LaTheine to do FOV. I chose page 1. Hey, now, I'm only 11. That was supposed to be my range & I was by myself. I had to kill 3 Wasps & 3 Saplings. I started with the Wasps. They are harder to do. They don't spawn as fast. I head to the crater where I can find them. I find one. I call out Shiva. Shiva kicked that Wasp's ass so fast I nearly missed the fight. What I did notice, is that Shiva sucks tons of MP. So, I decide to use Carby for the rest of the time. He doesn't suck too much MP. I finished my Wasp requirements and exit the crater for better footing. I find 3 Saplings easily. I whooped their asses. On my way back, I try to avoid Orcs. They check as Tough to Very Tough to me. I went my merry way. Guess what happened? You guessed right an Orc aggro'd me. But not just any Orc. A grappler. Those are tougher than the rest. I tried to call out Shiva. But the Orc seemed to interrupt my casting, or so I thought. I pull out my staff. If I'm gonna die, I'm gonna die fighting. As the grappler hit me again, guess who hit him back? Not I, but Shiva. I didn't think she came out. Shiva saved my ass!!!!!!! By time the fight was done, I had like 15 HP and 15 MP left. That was a close call. I LOVE SHIVA!!!!!! I made it back to FOV book in piece without aggro. I sat & rested there. With all that excitement, I decided to head back home. Once I zone into W Ronf, I decided to bring Carby out to be my bodyguard in case I get aggro'd. He was a great bodyguard too. I aggro'd 2 Goblins. He took out one while I took out the second. I got back to castle and I still had a lot of MP remaining. Carby is MP efficient. I love him too. I changed back to RDM and threw my seek flag. I get a party immediately. We fighting those birds again. I really don't get anything from them. I do level to 64 though. So when I noticed Beseiged going to start I told party I was leaving to do Beseiged. So the party decided to break up. I was going to find them a replacement. But one of the members told me to stay in party because he wants to do Beseiged too. So we both walk back to Al Zhabi from Bhaflutt Thickets. Beseiged is on. I get Frizzlefry and others in my party. I die. I get a lot of skill ups. I love Beseiged. I hate the lag & the deaths. But the good thing, we don't lose exp from Beseiged. I try to level my dark & elemental skills. I'm doing pretty well. Just need to keep on doing Beseiged. Since I turned 64 I decided to just get Limit Break out of the way. It supposedly the easiest one. So I run to Jeuno to speak to the infamous Maat. He tells me I have to give 4 people throughout Vana'diel a Kindred Seal. He will notify them himself of my coming. But does he tell me who the people are? That would be too easy. He gives me 4 hints. Out of the 4 hints, I know of 1 person with 100% accuracy. 2 of the them I have no clue. The last one I believe I know who it is. So I run back to San D "supposedly to get my seals out of storage". Instead, I run to the explorer moogle in North San D and has me teleport me to Mhaura. I believe that the 4th person who I believe it is to be there. But of course I don't remember the name. So I check good old Wiki. I read the who the person is. Of course I was wrong. I just shelled out 300 gil to go to the wrong place. Now I pay another 300 gil to get back, so sad. So I check all the people I need to go to on Wiki. So I decide to do guy in Bastok first. So I go to explorer moogle again pay 300 gil to be teleported to Bastok. I go to Metalworks and find the guy. Can you guess what's wrong with the situation? I forgot my damned seals in storage all the way in f?????g San D. So I warp back to San D get my seals. Instead of going back to Bastok, I decide to go to do Port San D to give guy my seal. Guess what happens again? I forgot those damn seals again. I go into mog house & retrieve 4 and go back to guy in Port San D. 1 out of 4 completed. I go to explorer moogle again to teleport me to Windhurst. I find the guy and him gave him a seal. 2 out of 4 completed. I then go to explorer moogle in Windy to teleport me to Selbina. I find my 100% accurate guy & trade him his seal. 3 out of 4 completed. So now my 2nd to last stop is Bastok, again. I go to explorer moogle in Selbina to teleport me back to Bastok. In Bastok, I go back to the guy in MetalWorks. I trade him the seal. Finally all 4 seals are given out. So I decide which way is the most inexpensive way to get back to Jeuno. This quest has been expensive. I decide to catch the Airship. The airship is there. I pay my gil to the guy. I run down the jet way and the damn Airship took off without me. Gotdamnit!!!! Gotdamnit!! Gotdamnit!!! So I had to sit around for 10 minutes in the very unattractive Bastok port waiting on the next airship to arrive. I finally get to Maat. He congratulates me saying he knew I could do it and I've ascended about the clouds. Yada Yada Yada. I just want to go to bed. It was just an aggravating quest because of my senility and my foolheartiness.

Shiva Beseiged a Mea

As a linkshell, we thought it would be good to have weekly mission/events for our members to accomplish goals. So today was our first try at doing Chains of Promythia (COP) Promyvian- Mea. We ended up going to the broken teleport at the telecrag in Tahrongi. So we head in all 7 of us (Kainbelmont-BLM, Naquel-MNK, Frizzlefry-WAR, Nimotas_THF, Loquat-WHM, Sketch-NIN, and I-RDM). Kain didn't join fight for first fight. He stayed outside to guide us. We wiped the first time. Naquel bounced after the first attempt, so Kain ended up replacing him. 5-31-09-1 1 We wiped 4 more times. Making us wipe 5 times for the night. We got frustrated so we left and didn't try a 6th time. Since we wiped, I had the urge to kill something. I realized that my fame for San D was 6, so I wanted to try to get Shiva avatar for my SMN. I was able to recruit Thesage-SMN, Frizzle-PLD, Kainbelmont-BLM and Rhelic-WHM. So we head to Fei'Yin to the battle arena. We go in to fight. The fight seemed easy. It went really quick. I casted a lot of Fire II's on her. 5-31-09-1 2 At end I got the ability to summnon Shiva as well as Rhelic. I think everyone else took the gil. So Kain warped everyone home. I ran to guy to finish quest. I then went to my mog house, changed job to SMN and threw on any gear that I could use for my level. I ran to W Ronf to summon Shiva. I just wanted to see her and test her out. 5-31-09-1 She's able to do Axe Kick and cast Blizzard II. But she takes a lot of MP though. I came back in from W Ronf in time to make it for Beseiged. I changed back to RDM and teleported to Whitegate. I need to level up my Dark magic skills. So I got my dark up maybe 3 levels. Beseiged was short. I only died twice. That's a new record for me. Overall, today was a good day even with the wipe of Promy-Mea.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

How to Register - For Linkshell on Linkshell Community Part I

I get a lot of questions from my linkshell on how to register for Clan Belmont in Play Online's Linkshell Community. Step 1: Go to website: http://fanzone.playonline.com/lscom/index.do You will see the following: Register 1 Step 2: Select "Login To Linkshell Commuinty" Register 2 Step 3: You will arrive on this screen: Register 3 DO NOT SIGN IN!!! Instead click the following: Register 4 Step 4: You will arrive to this page: Register 5 Here you will login using your PlayOnline Content ID & Password. Remember the Content ID is case sensitive. The way you see it in your PlayOnline viewer is exactly the same way you should enter it in the above screen. Once you type in your Content ID and password hit Login. Step 5: You will arrive to this page: Register 6 Click "Select this World/Character" under the character that you want to register. Step 6: You will then arrive to this page: Register 8 Select the community you want to join. Step 7: You will then come to this page. Register 9 Make sure you check Accept. Register 10 Before you select Join. Step 8: You will come up to your page for your character. Register 11 Register 12 Here you will configure what you want other members to view of your chararcter. Once you done, you select Done. Then they are going to want you to confirm your changes. Register 13 Register 14 Step 9: Once you confirm your changes, you will come to your Linkshell's page. Register 15 Please note, this only works if you have the linkshell in your current inventory. It cannot be in your moge safe, storage or mog locker.

How To's - FFXI

A lot of people in game ask me to explain multiple simple stuff in and out game all related to Final Fantasy. I tell you I'm not an expert in game, but I guess doing my blog gives me some experience to answer some of the questions. My advice is my own and will not violate any Square Enix policies and TOS. I just needed to put that out there.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

This is Clan Belmont

Today was photo day for ClanBelmont. While I wait for picture, I skilled up in Cape Terrigan with Inchigo doing FOV. Thesage joined us for a spell. Made over 5k in gil and over 5k in exp. I never realized you got gil doing FOV. I should do it more often. Those of us, Belmonts that is, gathered in Latheine Plateau to take our LS picture. I had to mule my brother for the pic. That was some tough work. Here are my versions of the pic from my angle. The are my current family on game. ClanBelmont rocks! Photobucket 5-26-09 2

Monday, May 25, 2009

Banishing the Shadows

Get on like planned to finish Mission 5-2, The Shadow Lord, so I can get Rank 6. With Rank 6, I can participate in dynamis & the ability to do Zilart Missions. So we gather everyone. Who's everyone? Thesage, Mnace, Kakida, Inchigo and myself. Four of us had to the fight. So I get everyone together. We head to Castle Vhazl Keep to take down the Shadow Lord with just the 5 of us. We were, SMN, RDM, 2 WAR, DRG. 5-25-09 The fight from my prospective, was pretty easy. I just stayed clear & healed folks. It was ok. It was fun. Afterwards, I was too psyched up to log off. So Kainbelmont asked to duo together. I said yep. So we head Aydeewa Subterrane. We had ourselves our own little manaburn party. It was fun. I got a lot of skill ups and a lot of exp points. Kain is the best!! 5-25-09 2

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Back to The Bump & Grind

I went to farm in Zi'Tah. Probably spent around 45 minutes farming. I had some competition. Farming is really boring. I'm not even getting good skill ups cause all the stuff is too weak to be worthwhile. So I got bored after a while. I left and went to Jeuno. Why I have no idea. But since I was there, I decided to try if I can flag Gobbiebag IV quest. So I run to Blufnixx in Lower Jeuno. I was able to flag it. Wow! I don't know what I'm doing that's increasing me Jeuno fame, but I need t do it some more. So I was able to gather all he material for the quest easily. So I trade them to the friendly gob. I get my inventory increased to 50 slots. Yay! So, I'm bored, so I decide to play with Ember a little. So I head back to San D and changed to DRG. I run to LaTheine to do FOV. I do, I think page 5, not sure. I died when I was killing an Akaba & 2 Orcs joined the fun. Then Thesage joined me. He made the excuse of wanting to skill up his healing skills. He justed wanted to hang with me. I don't mind. He's cool. After I finished FOV I just killed & I made him escort me to Dunes to powerlevel me against hairs and then lizards. He then had a Sky/Sea (can't remember which) event to go to so he warped me back to San D and he went to go meet up with his mates. Once back to San D, I changed back to RDM and found a party. Of course it was in Bhaflau Thickets against Colibri. I leveled to 63 in party so I was good before I logged for the day.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Old Bones & Booty

It's time to start doing missions again. I need to get rank 6 so I can do dynamis. Yes I know I'm not level enough, but I've been offer a dynamis linkshell. So, I might as well get the prerequisites out of the way, no? So I get Kerikris, Kirinkage & Inchigo to help. Kirin said we needed a full party, so I had to find 2 more folks. I ended up getting Kakida & Mnace. They both had to do this mission too.
We had to go to Fei'Yin and kill some skeletons. We meet in Beaucidine Glacier. Once we are gathered we head to Fei'Yin. Of course, I got lost. I hate BG. It's always double snow so you can't see shit. Keri had to come find me & escort me, lol.
We get to Fei'Yin, we get where we need to go. The fight was not that bad. Keri & I sat back & cured the guys. I also did a little bit of enfeebling. The fight was over pretty quickly. I got my cutscenes and all. Keri tele-holla'd us except for Mnace. Mnace, Kakida & I went to finish up our mission in our respective home nations.
Kakida noticed his rank bar was full after he completed the mission. So I checked mine. Kakida had to log because his wife had to use his computer. Mnace & I started Mission 5-2 "The Shadow Lord". We say we going to tackle it next week. Yay! So I do all the leg work so next week all I have to do is fight.
So as I was finishing up the run around for 5-2, Cyre from the linkshell said they were heading to RoMaeve to do Field of Valor. I asked if I can join. He said sure. We head there. It was cool. We killed dolls. The place is full of weapons and dolls. So just need a lot of sneak. It was pretty fun. Got skill ups on Dark magic, which is always good. Then we left there to go there to do FOV in Zi'Tah. Since we had to wait one full game day, we decided to farm. We do pretty well. Then we started FOV. But during, Cyre disconnected, & then i had to go. All in all I had a good time.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Ferrin & Terry's Wedding

My friend Ferrin got married today on Purgonorgo Isle off of Bibiki Bay to his long time girlfriend Terry. The wedding took place at 8:00 pm.
The rest are pictures of the wedding plus the vows.
F & T Wedding 4
F & T Wedding 10
F&T Wedding 1
F&T Wedding 2
F&T Wedding3
F & T Wedding 17
F & T Wedding 6
F & T Wedding 5
F & T Wedding 12
F & T Wedding 13
F & T Wedding 7
Special thanks to Thesage for providing me with the screen prints of the vows.

A Hunting We Will Go

I am in Windurst when I log on. I decide to finish some more of the quests in order to get the map of Fei'Yin. So I run to Giddeus to finish up 2 quests. I get back to find out that I can't start the 3rd out of 5 quests to get map. My fame is still low. It's just level 2. I also finished the Lure of Wildcats quest so I can teleport to Whitegate from Windy. I don't feel like running around Windy, again, to get fame. I have bigger fish to fry. I need gil.
So I went to Zi'Tah to farm. I take down bats & gobbues. I made sure to empty my items so I can get enough loot.
Thesage joined me after a while. He was using me as a test dummy for SATA {sneak attack, trick attack}. I get a good amount of loot.
I had an event to go to. My friend Ferrin was getting married in game to in game and real life girlfriend. So I wanted to go. Thesage joined me. He was my "escort" as he told Ferrin, later. We had to go to Bibiki Bay to get on this new type of boat called a "Manaclipper". We met up with Ferrin in Bibiki Bay. We get on boat & over to the wedding area (see next post for location).
The creatures on this island were new to me. The mandragoras' were black. There are some type of shell creature too. They were all too weak to be worthwhile to me. So we just chilled until event started.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

FFXI Anniversary

It's that time of year again in FFXI to get anniversary rings. Yay!!!! Here are the stats of my year of playing based on what the moogle who gave me the ring has tallied.
Chat Conversations: 42,173 (Can you tell I like to have conversations?)
Conversations with NPC's: 5,507
Parties Joined: 171  (I really should party more)
Alliances Joined: 3
Battles Fought: 3,844 (I swear this should be higher)
Times KO'd: 90 (not bad)
Enemies Defeated: 2.396  (I would've sworn I've killed more than this)
GM Calls Made: 0  (I've threatened those people who has sent me tells about buying gil that I would report them, lol.I hate those tells)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

It's All In The Past

Just so you know, this post is really really long. Day 1 I get on because Kirinkage told me that Demicus was going to escort him to the past [S] so he can get allegiance with San D. I wanted to join in. So I logged on. I said hello to everyone. I get ready to head to Jeuno so I can find a shield on AH. As I was going, Thesage asked me to invite me to my party. I started the party. He gets in. He wanted me to protect him in Qufim, I guess. I told him I was heading to Battalia to enter the Cavernous Maw. He said he wanted to get something from AH for his NIN. On the way to Jeuno, in Qufim, we bump into Inchigo. I introduce the 2. I invite Inchigo into the party too. I am rushing to meet Kirin & Demi by the maw in Battalia. Thesage & Inchigo decides to join me in my quest to get my invitation and allegiance to San D in the past. So we choco to the maw in Battalia while Kirin & Demi are in Jugner [S] making their to me in Battalia [S]. We formed an alliance. We ended up meeting in Rolanberry [S] and created a party instead. We make our way to Garlaige Citadel [S] in Sauramonge Champaign [S] to get the red invitation card. Garlaige doesn't look bad in the past. No holes to fall through. Don't have to rely on the Banishing gates to get around the Citadel. We find the guy we needed to talk to. Since we were in Sauramonge [S] they decided those of us who didn't have the Maw unlocked must unlock it. So, Inchi, Kirin & myself unlocked it. So now we have to make our way from Sauramonge [S] to San d'Oria [S] on foot. As we head thru areas that have Maws, those of us who need to unlock them, did. I made it all the way thru to Jugner [S] without aggro. Thesage & Demi got aggro'd multiple times. Inchi had left us by time we got to Jugner [S]. Towards the end, my invisi wore off and I got aggro'd by a cute looking Lady Bug and then a Bee. I almost died. 3 hits I was down to 100 HP from 920 HP. We made it out of Jugner [S] alive and into East Ronfaure [S]. No Latheine!!!!! We make it into San d'Oria [S]. It's almost the same. It's prettier than the present. Then again, the past everywhere is prettier than the present. I turn in the invitation and my allegiance to San D [S] is granted. At this point Demi left us. Then we (Kirin & myself) started and finished the quest to become Knighted in the Iron Ram army of San D [S]. So now, if I want to, can do campaign battles. I then head back to the present to log off the game. Day 2 I get on early to party a little before Kakida came on so I can get some exp so if I die I won't level down. I start the party, this time. I got Thesage [DRG], Kirin [PLD], and another DRG, DRK and THF to party in Bhaflau Thickets. We do well then I had to replace a THF with a SAM. The DRK brought his other character to help with healing. Had to replace the DRG with a BRD. Before I knew it, I leveled to 61. By the end, I had enough of a cushion to die 4 times. Kakida never came on the game. The whole purpose was to help him get his mercenary in Whitegate. We would have to go Caedvre Myre, b.k.a. Imp haven, again. As from a previous post, I died 3 - 4 times there. Damn imps. Day 3 & 4 Kirin needs to level his mages for his DRG subjob, so I decided to be a nice sister and level up a job with him. Only job I have his level (level 3) is NIN to match his WHM. So I change into my gimped gear. We head out to W Ronf to level. We kill mobs. I believe we died 3 times. I got to level 9 twice. But we got bored so we stopped for the night. I realized the 2 pieces of gear I want will cost me 900k. I need to FARM!!!!!!!! So I set out to Zi'Tah to farm bats and gobbues. I really didn't get much by time I got bored. Farming requires patience. That I don't have. I did see Ghostdawg there. He was fishing. The other day he got me a scroll of enfire ii. So when I saw him I told him I was using the spell currently. I left Zi'Tah within one hour of being there. I head back to San D to start Mission 5-1. I need to get cracking on doing my missions again. I'm level 61 and still Rank 5. Also since, I started 5-1 and know 5-2 takes place in Fei'yin, I need to get map of Fei'Yin. Of course this map is only obtained by quest. This quest is in Windurst. To make matters worse, I have to do 5 other quests before I can even touch that quest along with having level 5 fame in Windy. So I head to Windy. I start one of the 5 prerequisite quests. It was very easy & I made 1.5k off of it. I figure, since I'm in Windy, I can do the Lure of Wildcat quest here to so I can teleport to party from here to. I am going to be in Windy for a while. I'm setting it as my homepoint for now. Ta ta for now.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Better Than Farming

I get on to party, but I couldn't get party for my level,so I decided to go farm in Zi'Tah.  I get there & I save a chick from a gob death.  Afterwards, I get an offer I couldn't refuse. I got offered gil to powerlevel a party.  
At first, I was a bit hesitant. I never powerleveled a whole party. So, I said okay. The party was in the secret room in Crawlers' Nest.  So we started on Crawlers. So far so good. Then they brought in a horn fly. Those suck my mp like crazy. So there were a death or 2.  Then eventually they liked 2 flies, 5 out 6 of the party died. Then I cast reraise and then I die. I used chainspell and raise 4 out of the 5 party members.  There were more deaths afterwards.  I think I wasn't hih enough to powerlevel Crawlers' Nest. I can't take on a fly by myself. 
I did get 17,500 gil for the whole experience. I'm going to going to get better at powerleveling. I did get a couple of skilll ups, though.
All in all it was an okay night.  

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Death Wish

So I get on to help my bro, Kirinkage, to level his RDM. So I went as DNC. His RDM is 10 and my DNC is 9. I could've came as SMN, level 8. So as I was changing, Kirin was inviting people from the LS. Kainbelmont said we could start a static but he couldn't make it tonight. So I realized as I was changing that I do not have appropriate gear for support/damage dealer at this level. So I had to wear my level 1 RSE (race specific equipment). Met up with Kirin at exit to W Ronf. We make our way to Latheine. We decided to do FOV so we can get extra experience. We had to kill 3 Saplings & 3 Wasps. We took care of the saplings easily. Now we are in crater looking for wasps. We found one. This wasp is giving us a warm time. But a Gob decides to join in. Needless to say, we both die. We got a raise coming, Aratak from our LS. So Kirin and I are chatting up our ls and thru tells while we wait. Kakida came on. He decided to join us. We were still dead by time he joined us. Aratak finally joined us. He raised us. After our weakened state wore off we got Kakida in party. We went partially around the crater, where Kirin met a 2nd untimely death due to gob. Aratak was still around so he raised Kirin. Then we make it further along the crater then Kakida aggro'd a gob. Of course, all 3 of us died. That's death #3 for Kirin, #2 for me and #1 for Kakida. Aratak came like an angel of mercy and raised all 3 of us. We decide to all it a day from leveling and decided to skill up in Ranspierre's tomb. So we head home to San D. I get aggro from gob. We all died again. I think there was a conspiracy set up to kill us. I should've came as SMN. Carby can hit harder than all 3 of us. So Kirin leveled down at this death. So we just hp'd and headed to Ranspierre's Tomb. We get there to skill up. I am getting elemental and dark skill ups and some sword skills. The sword skill ups are few but sizable. Each time I get a skill it was for .4 skill so that adds up to 1.0 really quickly. So in end I got 20 full skill ups on sword, and elemental & 1 on dark. 5-5-09

Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Worst Day Ever

I get on to play. I immediately get a party in Wajaom Woodlands. The party had a WHM named Jericho at the beginning of the party. We are fighting these things called Puks, a salamander with wings. Anyway, I'm doing my thing, enfeebling, hasting, and refreshing myself & Jericho. Now Jericho is spamming Cure IV instead of III's and he's constantly running out of MP. I help cure when I could. Can you sense when my day is starting to go south? Photobucket

However, after a while, Jericho screams, "Tiger's not helping me at all, I'm leaving". Then he says to me "You are the worst RDM ever!". WTF?!? Because he can't manage his own MP I'm the worst. I kept every one refreshed, hasted, the mobs enfeebled and helped cure. I was thrown back. I have not had any issues with any other WHM from any other party here about what I'm doing.

I offered to leave party if they didn't like the job I'm doing. They said to stay. So I stayed, but now I'm doing both jobs because we couldn't find a mage. However, Jericho wasn't done with me. He started sending me harrassing tells, so I blacklisted him. He's the very first person who I've ever blacklisted in the game.

After a while, we all decided to participate in Beseiged as a party. This is when the day really start to go further south. As beseiged is under way, my sister, niece & nephew comes to visit my mom, who happens to be here. I greeted them really quickly because, I'm in Beseiged, not a time to be AFK. I came back and I nuked a mob & I died then I had to find a spot to heal. Reraise is a must in Beseiged. Then I get my first yell to come give my sister something. I go afk to give whatever to my sister, I come back I'm dead again. I'm good for probably 30 mins before the next yell comes, come cook your sister & her kids something to eat. So I ran to put something on stove. I come back I'm dead again. I heal in another corner, run check the food come back and play. I repeat this 2 more times to find out what I cooked was not enough. Damn it.

My mom not calling my bro, just me. It's a double standard that I'm not to keen about. I put some more stuff to cook and ran back to play. Did some nuking & some raising. Then my mom is yelling that my stuff should be done by now. I find another hidey hole to put my character so I can run to address my family needs. After 20-30 mins I get back, miraculously beseiged just ended & I'm alive. I get 1002 exp from it.

Now my party wants to play in Bhaflau Thickets killing regular Colibri. So we head there. I find out the hard way that enfeebling them are not worthy cause they bounce the spells back to me. I cast dia on Colibri, Tigerkirara is dia'd. So I just healed and hasted. I do this for a while. Then the most amazing thing happened.....I leveled to 60! I get to wear my hat!!!! Yay!5-3-09 2

After maybe 3 more fights, I had to log. So I warped back home to San D. So I took a bunch of photos of myself. 5-3-09 1 I played all day today. It was really rough because since Jericho, my confidence went to hell. I shouldn't have let him defeat my mood, but it did. So today was not the greatest.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Been In A Freezer All Damn Day!!!

I got on game because I promised Kakida to help him with his limit break 2. However, when I got on, he wasn't on. So I was palling around on my ls {CB} talking. So I decided I wanted to do LB3 [limit break #3]. I was able to get Kirinkage & Kainbelmont to help. I also needed to buy spell - Shell III. So I headed to Jeuno because I didn't know where the magic shop in Whitegate was. I told Kain & Kirin that I'll meet them at Beaudeaux. At Beaudeaux, we (Kirin & I) just followed Kain to spot to get my Crest. It was pretty easy while I was sneaked up. I got cursed multiple times. Kain used Cursna. The turtles didn't even aggro to the low HP. So it was all good. While we were there Thesage said he would like to help. So I told him he can meet us by the second stop, Davoi. I gotta love Kain, he tele-holla'd us and we caught choco to Davoi. We waited for Thesage not too far inside Davoi. Didn't take him long to join us. So we get going to the really tough area of Davoi. Sad I had to get my pimp suit wet. Oh well. Par for the course. I did get aggro'd by an orc as i wad entering Monastic cavern, but i zoned fast enough. Got where I needed to go without any further aggro. While we were in Davoi, Kakida came on. I told him to start LB2 and to meet us in San D. I only had one more stop to make, Oztroja. Kain, being the awesomest (yes, I just made that word up), tele-mea'd us to Tahrongi Canyon & we caught choco to Castle Oztroja. I get in. Thesage fell through trap door. The rest of made it through. We waited for him at the other door we had to pass. I had to cast sneak & invisi here. We get into a room that has this wooden looking statue. I wasn't paying attention as much, but I was taking snap shots of us. 5-2-09 4 Then Kain put in some password and we fell down thru the floor. Scared the shit out of me. Wasn't expecting that. So we get where we needed to be. I got what I needed and Kain, the angel, warped us back to homepoint. Once back at San D, we met up with Kakida after Kirin & I checked out Thesage's mog house. We, Kain, Thesage, Kirinkage, & myself, escort Kakida thru Ranguemont Pass to Beaucedine Glacier to Xarcabard. Once we made it thru R Tunnel and Beaucedine Glacier, Kain had to go, so the rest of us went to Xarcabard. As we zoned in we bumbed into the Shadow Dragon again. 5-2-09 3Kirin was happy because he always wanted to take it on, but never got a chance. Once we defeated Dragon, we hit the NM's for Kakida as well as letting Kakida get his tele-crystal for Vhazl.

Since we were up here, I convinced everyone to help me with my AF6 fight in Fei'Yin, located in Beaucedine. They agreed. We head there. Thesage wanted to take it on himself, the NM called Miser Murphy. He was doing well for a long time. He had changed to SMN when we were in his mog house earlier. I didn't even know. 5-2-09 2

I had to raise a guy named Blake. Thesage believed that was why I never got cut scene when I entered Fei'Yin. Believe it or not Fei'Yin looks just like Delkfutt Tower. Kirin & Thesage defeat Miser at the end and I got my antique coin and traded it to the fountain for cut scene. Yay! This part of quest done.

So Thesage tele-holla'd us again and we head to Jeuno, so both me & Kakida can talk to Maat. I officially became "Sky Breaker" and can now level until level 65. Yay!!!! Then I convinced my party to help me with the last leg of my AF6 quest. They said yes. So off to Garlaige Citadel. Here, Thesage also wanted to solo the Shadow Box Creature behind banishing gate #1. He does pretty well until. then we all chipped in towards the end.

5-2-09 1 I get my cut scene afterwards. We all warp afterwards. I thanked everyone for their help. I get back to San D and zone into N San D for my final cut scene. It was a very good story line. ****Spoiler***** Story Line: Curilla father went missing. She believes he's dead. I have to search for his stuff all over the place. In end I have found his body so he could rest in peace. I return to San D where he reappears to his daughter Curilla and saves them from a Fomar after he slays his murder. He gives Curilla his pocket watch for her to keep in his memory. It was sweet. I got my hat. Can't wear it until I hit 60 though.