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Thursday, November 12, 2009

OMG!!! .... 0/6

My bro bullied me on game last night to show a friend a Maat fight. So I get on to do the fight. I get my gear and items together. And head to the fight. I was so planning on just dying immediately. I wasn't going in to give it my all. I was just showing my friend Maat and the fight.

I go in, buff up a bit. I start the fight. Things were looking up. Maat was asleep and stayed asleep for 2 dispels, 1 bind and 1 gravity. Then I nuked him with an Aero 3. He woke up & couldn't move. He was still bound. OMG!!!! I nuked him again. He came back at me, I slept him again to put back up my buffs. Then I nuked him again. Then I bound him again and then silenced him. He was down to 50% of his health. And according to records he gives up when he gets to 25%. My Aero 3s were hitting for over 300 HP a shot. So the 3 that I casted already knocked him to 50% so all I needed was to hit him 3 more times, at least 2.

Now this is where the downfall came. While he was bound, his silence wore off. My sleep was not ready but almost ready because I was about to use it in 20 seconds, which was the time left to use. I was low on MP and was going to convert when I casted sleep. Do you want to know what happened? The S.O.B. put on chainspell & nuked me to death. I couldn't even cast a spell to silence him, sleep him or able to take an HP potion. So of course, my cute ass hit the mat. This time he did not Asurian Fist me. He was still bound.

I felt good about the fight though. My HP was managed well. I had 884/996 before he chainspelled. I would have finally beat him if he didn't chainspell. I'm psyched. I want another testimony really soon. I want to try while I still feel excited.

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