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Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Impatient BLM

Okay this was my goal/plan for tonight. I was to get on, get a testimony & try Maat again. I even got my brother to come help me. He's been a rare element on the game.

Anyway, so Kirinkage & myself went to catch the Airship to Jeuno so we can get to Delkfutt Tower in Qufim (Windy has not owned Qufim since we moved). My friend Titen asked if he could join us. I said sure. He met us at the Tower. We run in, Kirin took off in the wrong direction. So we had to wait for Kirin to catch back up to us. I use the elevator. I don't walk up. So we get really close to camp. As we pass the Doll standing at the bottom of the staircase, I didn't realize that I was still within aggro range when I casted Sneak. So I aggro'd the Doll, Titen slept it and then Kirin woke it up. Then it exploded & I died. Yeah.... So Titen left to come back to raise.

I'm raised, got to camp and rested until weakened state came off. I don't remember who pulled the pot, but it dropped testimony. I lotted for the testimony, Kirin passed on it. So I'm sitting regaining my MP and HP, then next you know I'm in Windy. Titen warped me!!! I check my inventory, "NO TESTIMONY!!!!!!!" Then in party chat Titen goes OMG. I'm like OMG you are right. He said I didn't lot for the testimony. I said I did immediately. I asked if he passed on it. Kirin, chimed in said I lotted and he passed.

Now Kirin & I are heading back to the Tower again. Then Titen rushing us. We have to take ship to get to Jeuno. We get there. Then my friend Demicus was going to join us. Once we met up with Titen in Tower, he leaves saying that we got help and he's going to Sky w/ his linkshell. Then after Titen leaves, Demi bailed too, he had a Nyzul run. So it was just Kirin & I.

We head to fight. We fought for 2 hours & no drop again. I called it a night. I was frustrated & tired.

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