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Sunday, October 11, 2009

I'm Out of Commissions... Sniff

So, I've have been having internet problems for a month. I went to buy a new Router because Cablevision said it was an issue with my equipment. Got the new router but still having internet issues. They said the cable modem they provided was out of date, I have to exchange it for a new one. We exchange it. Come home, it still not working. So they give some crap about there are packets being lost which is causing the modem to reset itself. So now they take their lazy asses to come out to fix. But they can only come on Tuesday.

So I've been out of commission since my last post. And I will be out of commission until Friday. I miss the game. I was planning on killing Maat (yeah right). Also, finishing up Yagudo Necklace to get Leviathan. I need my avatars so I can party with SMN. Plus I wanna get out of Windy too and get back to San D. I love San D. I have so many plans to do.

I will be back.


Starfirex said...

Damnit Do You Like Not Read The Comments People leave >.>
read the other ones i left damn you!!! :) ^.^

Tiger's Lair said...

@Starfirex - Hey there. I don't comment unless it's a conversation piece, lol.

Thank you for reading my blog though.

The LS picture was taken before you joined CB though.

And whenever I can get back on game, I will let CB know you said hello.

Starfirex said...

Finally i get to talk to you lol

Tiger's Lair said...

@Starfirex - Lol, you are funny. If you want to chat check my profile.

Starfirex said...

ummm i dont know how to send you messages lol i just made an account when i found your blog