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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Heir To The Throne

I get on to complete Mission 9-2 with Frizzlefry, Kirinkage, Inchigo, and Kainbelmont. We run off to Fei'Yin for the fight. We have to fight 12 Orcs then we must fight along with Prince Trion. We have to keep Trion alive while we fight. I was trying to concentrate on keeping Trion alive. But then I got hit really bad, so I had to cure myself & get back to Trion. In middle of casting cure on Trion he died, so we lost the fight. Kain had to leave, so we are stuck in Qu'Bai Arena. We were searching for a replacement who can sleep mobs. Minibasta agreed to help. He had asked me to help sleep Orcs in the 1st fight. I did my best. We made it thru to 2nd fight with Trion. This fight I made sure Trion stay alive. During healing I was killed & I raised and continued to cure Trion. Then I died again. Then everyone else did too. Trion was the last person alive, lol. We needed more fighters, so we got Demicus to join us. This time, we finished the mission. I got my cutscene. Prince Trion survived. Mini needed some help with some stuff in Fei'Yin so we all (except for Kirinkage) went around and helped Mini. Then I warped back to San D to finish all my additional cut scenes for the mission. At the end I became RANK 10 in San D and I got my flag.

I don't think I will be moving to any of the other 2 nations yet. I really don't like Bastok. That's where Frizzle & Kainy moved to after Frizzle got his Rank 10. Eh, I really don't know yet. Plus I don't want to lose all my OPs that I worked so hard to get., lol.

So with my new status of Royal Heir, I decided to join Inchigo in skilling up in Kuftal Tunnel. We decided to skill up & fish for the NM in pond in the bottom. We ended up fishing more than skilling. However, it was an awful time because my mom called me every 5 minutes. I left Inchi alone to fight NM at one point. There wasn't a drop tho. My mom was really set on getting & keeping my attention. After a while, my mom decided to go to bed. So Inchi & I continued until we got bored. So we decided to party.
8-2-09 1

I started a party for Mt Zhayloam for Inchi (WAR) and me (RDM). So I was able to get another WAR, a WHM named Stanislaus, a MNK named Auddie and a THF. After a while we moved camp t o Caedvra Maere. By end of the party, I leveled to 70. I can barely believe it. Me a level 70 player. It's surreal.

To be honest, I don't remember if we partied first or fished for NM first. I just know I hung with Inchi the whole time. I haven't hung with him in a long time. The missions do not count.

I get on to do something. I don't even know what. I just wanted to be in game. So I saw everyone was leveling a low level job on LS. So I decided to level my SMN. I meet up Solesiren with her SMN in Latheine. The differences between us is that she has Garuda & I have Shiva. It was fun. Then a random guy asked to join our party. We said sure. I think he was either a WAR or THF. We did 2 FOVs in Latheine. The guy was enamored of our avatars. He left after the 1st FOV. We decided we may want to try Dunes on Bunnies. Well we carefully make our way to the Dunes. We both went 2 separate paths. I did not encounter any Battering Rams. Frizzlefry was in Dunes so we asked if he wanted to join us. By time we reached Dunes, he DC'd so we decided to try a Buuny on our own. That was a very bad idea. I died then Sole died. Sole was able to get us a raise. Then Frizzle logged back in. So he joined our party as SAM. The guy who came to raise us also powerleveled us. Then Syco joined us with her SMN too. Then Nimotas joined us as SCH and then we acquired a BLM. So we did FOV's in Dunes too & killed stuff. By end of the night I had attained Level 15 for my SMN.

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