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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Those GotDamn Memmets.... Zilarts Suck

It's COP day again. We have a total of 11 people who showed up. So to make it even, I asked my friend Thesage if he could come assist us. He has passed this part in his FFXI career. So it was Kirinkage PLD,
Solesiren WHM, Chayst NIN, Baknah NIN, Kadiana BLU, Thesage NIN,
Bradchi DRK, Inchigo WAR, Kryscella MNK, Darksanzo PLD, Naquel PLD or MNK and myself RDM. We really needed more mages and dd's to make 2successful parties. We will have to work with what we have. So we get everyone together and head out for Riverne#A01 (I think that's what the place is called). We did well for getting there. Then once we got thru displacement that's when strife started.
Everyone won't listen. Lots of AFKs. We still had to kill a wyvern for another scale. I tell everyone we are following Naquel but that was extremely hard to do. We do not have maps for this place. We get to the first distortion that I have to trade scale to, people afkd. I threatened that I am trading now and if they were not ready we were leaving without them. Everyone went thru.
We get to second scale trading distortion and went thru the same crap at the first one. After we get thru we rest for a second to start casting invisible and whatever for travel. So we run and get to the displacement that leads to fight. We are missing 2 people. Apparently they went AFK. So they had to make it us.
One ended up in argument because someone told her to look at map to find us. Then she called person a jerk. She died on the way and the other made it to the group. So I went to raise her and requested back up to go find her. So we get all the way back to start and I couldn't find her. I don't know who aggro'd bomb from my back up squad but it was the beginning of mass death. As I am looking for the dead one my back up squad started to die. I was going to just leave them becaus I was not aggro'd but my kind heart said to help since they came to help me. Lol. (For those who didn't realize, that last sentence was a joke.)
So I tried to heal and get aggro'd myself. We all dead. Solesiren came to raise us. I don't have rr since AH was empty rr earrings that day. She gets aggro'd and died. I believe she died multiple times trying to raise us. Bradchi went to find the dead one and tractor her back to the group by the distortion. However he got aggro'd in the end.
I'm tired and frustrated. I felt like we were in dynamis. After all this we got everyone up and into the fight zone. Now we sit and decide what to do. We got lots of arguments on how to do things. We tried 6 times where the final time was the best. We were able to kill one memmet. But dd party died while fighting the second. I was healing NIN who was kiting the last memmet. So that meant we all were gonna die. But by far that was he best run.
If the dd party sat to heal to full after first memmet died before they pulled the second, they could've knocked it out again. So by time we get the 3rd memmet we'd have extra damage from the NIN.
I was too frustrated so I didn't bother go to dynamis afterwards. I just logged off.

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