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This is my diary of my adventures in Vana'diel. This diary will change as my adventures changes. Sit back, read and enjoy.

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Friday, October 31, 2008

Boo Yah! Level 25 - Captured!

Played: 4-5 hrs I got on to get that last level to get my WHM to 25. I formed a party in Qufim. It went pretty well. I had most friends in the party except 2. One of the 2 I have partied with the whole time I've been in Qufim with my WHM. I had Oliphant (PLD - friend), Chig (BLM - friend), Kirinkage (DRG - brother), myself (WHM), Tyranor (WAR - partied with before) and Zombii (MNK). We meet by tower. We kill, but the experience was getting sucky, so we went inside the tower. The last time we were here, it was me, Inchigo, Kirinkage, Oliphant, Kakida, and someone else and we were murdered. Well I exagerate, 5 were murdered by an NM and me, I died by Seeker Bat as I was trying to zone. However, let's not reflect on that. We get in, & we do well. I did level to 25 before we entered the tower, but the party was too much fun. We started getting bad experience points. Chig never gotten her Kazham pass yet so we couldn't go to Kazham. We eventually had to disband because Oli & Tyranor had to go. I head back into Jeuno and learned the scroll of Raise. Now if I am playing & there's a nomad moogle close by I can switch jobs & raise people. Woo Hoo. I ended up going to San.D.. to start mission 3-1 Infilitrate Davoi. Kirinkage escorted me on the mission. So I meet him at the entrance to Davoi. I changed into my RDM. I throw on invisible & I was good to go. I found the guy I needed to find. I talked to him and we bounced. We head back to San.D.. On our way Kirin and I kill a Battering Ram & I got the spoils. Then we arrived at San.D.. I went to finish up the mission. My next mission will be appointment to Jeuno. I then logged off.

WHM - Level 24 - Rank 3

Played: 3 hrs Got on to party with Inchigo. I spoke with him earlier on AIM. He said I should form a party and that's what I did. It was a pretty good party. We had as follows: WHM, WAR, THF,DNC, BLM, MNK It was pretty good. However, the very first fight I died. But then I was good after that. We played by the tower for crabs. Photobucket During the party this taru died and this is the convo Taru: Can you raise me? Me: Hold on. Taru: ok, but can you raise me? Me: Let me finish this fight I finish the fight Me: Hey Elmira can you raise that taru? Elmira: Sure Then thf brought another crab Me: Elmira will raise you after this fight Taru: ok Elmira is healing for mp to raise taru Taru2: Can you raise him? Me: I can't raise Taru2: Can't you raise him? Me: No I can't. I'm only level 22 Taru2: Take off level sync Me: I'm level 22 with or without level sync Taru2: You can raise him Me: WHM does not get raise until level 25 Then no more discussion. Elmira was about to raise Taru but he was impatient and hp'd. Oh well. That was weird. They see a WHM and automatically assume that they can raise. Well at least I know the job is wanted at times. I am almost at my goal. I want to take WHM to 25 before I go back to my RDM. I love RDM. However, I'm so confuswed what to macro. I have too many spells. I have more than spells than WHM and BLM. It's a costly job. But I love playing it. I'm a kick ass RDM.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

WHM - Level 22 - Rank 3

Played: 2 hours I really haven't played for 7 days. I have been caught up in a book series. I'm still a bit obsessed with the book though. Yesterday, I got on to conquer the pull that the book was holding over me. So I got onto FFXI. I had no idea what I wanted to do. When I logged on, I was my WHM. Just as I said hello to 2 friends, I got a party invite for Qufim. I said okay and I'll meet them in Qufim by tunnel exit. I waited there. I saw Stormghost from my ls VK. He's been there everytime I've been partying in Qufim with my WHM. Just a bit weird. He's soloing in Qufim. Don't think I would solo in Qufim. I hate Qufim. My party finally showed up and we ended up running around the pond killing worms. We also had a powerleveler. What's my job? WHM. It's to heal all in my party. If a powerleveler is doing the same, what am I supposed to do? I can understand if he concentrated on curing the tank and I get everyone else. But no, that didn't happen. He was curing everyone. So I pretty much was partying doing much of nothing and getting exp. I leveled pretty quickly because of the powerleveler and I was not wearing my emperor band. I jumped 2 levels. During the time, couple of people died because they got aggro'd by a Wight & Banshee. I didn't die at all. I was so proud. Ever since I started partying with my WHM, I've died at each party. Anyway, I'm gone.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Travels From The Past to Present

I can't tell you how many hours I played. I've been a bad girl Didn't have time to blog after each day. So now I am going to cram 3 to 4 days into this one blog. I get on as planned to level my WHM. I am still concentrating on getting it to 25 so I don't have to worry about it while I level my RDM to 50. I couldn't get a party as usual so I went to LaTheine to level by myself. I get bored because my linkshell VK was quiet and I don't go on TS because of Shallia. So I head back to San.D.. I checked my plants. I wish I was this dedicated to plants in real life. I decide to create my own linkshell. It's called Tiger's Domain. Of course, you'll always find the word Tiger in any name I create. I tried to get the bubble to be orange but it came out pink. Lol. I don't know anything artisty or computer graphicsy so it came out all wrong. I can't change it now. Titen comes on and sends me a tell. He asks what I was doing. I said I just created my ls. He asked if he can join. I said sure. He said he'll be right there. I said I would be in E. Ronf. Trying to get some flint stones from the worms. He gets there. I give him a sack. He helps me get some flint stones. He also gives me like 7 stacks of dark crystals. I need ice crystals though. I am trying to level my cooking, which is still level one and I joined the guild. I did cook pebble soup though. Making Pebble Soup I tell him I'm heading off. It was late. I get on another day And I was able to get a sack to Inchigo. I went partying in the dunes with my WHM. Bad party but I ended up with a new party. First party was leveled down to 12. The next party was my level so it was cool. I ended up dead twice this day. The first time the whole party was wiped out. Dead in Secret Beach The second time I was heading home and a gob got me. So I HP'd to Jeuno. I call out sick the next day because for the life of me I was sick. Since I had nothing better to do I get on early. I managed to get a sack to Oliphant. I was bored so I asked what everyone was up to (Oli, Inchi and Titen). Oliphant said he was doing quests. I asked which quests was he doing. He said he wanted to unlock DNC, NIN, and BLU. I decided to do DNC with him. It required us to run around Jeuno, then San D. And back to Jeuno. The last part though required us to go to the past. We go to the cavernous maw in Battalia Downs. Since this was both of our first times we didn't know where we would end up. He ended up in Rolanberry Fields and I got Battalia Downs. I was pretty lucky. I could've ended up in Sauramonge Champaigne or where Oli was. I had less ground to cover. I slap on Sneak and Invisble. Those spells didn't last very long. So I had to keep stopping and slap them on again. I was so close to Jugner Forest (my destination) when my invisi wore off right in front of a Tiger. Of course, I died. Dead in Battalia Past Titen happened to be in the past too. He came and raised me from the dead and healed me up. I slapped on invisi and sneak and headed to Jugner in my weakened state. I made it to the zone. I stayed in arch way in Jugner to heal after weakened state wore off. I slap on invisi and sneak again and head to lake. I didn't have much trouble. Jugner didn't have too many baddies. I get to lake find the ??? for the quest. I opted to warp home and not go back from whereth I came. So I used my warp scroll. I then head to finish my quest. I unlocked DNC. Oli was still in the past. Titen went to help him out and they both ended up dying. I log off to make dinner. Told them I'll be back. After dinner I log on to find Oli is still questing. This time he was questing for BLU and Whitegate items. I join him in doing the Whitegate items. I meet him in the dunes. We get 3 out of 6 items from the Dunes. Then we head to Gusgen Mines in Konschtant for a magicked skull. We were in there for at least a half an hour. We get on ship in Selbina heading to Mhaura in order to get to Burburimu. On ship to Mhaura Then Inchigo met us in Burburimu to get Dhalmel saliva and bloody robe. We did some farming. Not I though. No room in inventory :(. Oliphant left me and Inchi at beach. Inchigo and Me Farming Then Inchi and I went to warp home to San D.. I logged off in San D. I was tired. Next day I decided to try out DNC. I went out killing. I managed to level to 5. Then I decided to do the halloween event. San. D. NPC's are dressed up in Halloween gear. NPC dressed up in Halloween gear 2 NPC dressed up in Halloween gear I got a cloak and a necklace that will teleport me to San.D. chocobo stables. In Halloween Gear I head in. I then teleported to Qufim as RDM. On my way to Jeuno, I died by Dancing weapon. Got me where I wanted anyway. I go to Tenshodo to hand in items for my Whitegate pass. I also checked my plants. I log off. I get on next day and as my WHM. I thought I was still on my RDM when I got a party invite in Qufim. I accepted. I told them I'd be there when I get an escort through tunnel. I don't have sneak at level 18 WHM. I happened to see Oliphant online and I got him to escort me. I died though. There was 3 dancing weapons and Oli only got 2. The 3rd got me even though I was standing still. Oli raised me anyway. I made it out to my party. I partied until I hit level 20. I died once in the party, but the whole party was wiped out. I get to use sneak. I found my replacement and headed to mog and I shut down. I was tired. Plus I had to work today.

Monday, October 13, 2008

WHM - Level 17 - Rank 3

Played: 3 hours Got on again to level WHM. Screw Heroes. I can watch it on NBC.com. So I get on and played by myself for an hour and 45 minutes. I just leveled at the end of the 45 minutes. On my way back to San.D. I was bored. I got my friend Kakida to party with me with his RDM, level 18. On the way there Inchigo was asking what I was doing. I told him I just one guy to party with me. So Inchigo decided to join as his DNC, level 15. We OP warp to the Dunes. We head to the Oasis. I got a BRD, level 15 to join too. So, it's just the 4 of us. We all can heal, which was great. So we took a Gob and a Snipper. Then we moved camp to J-8. I don't know the name of the area. Little Party WHM Dunes We took on Snippers. Then we got the occasional Bat and Hare. We did pretty well for just the 4 of us. After an hour, we decided we were going to disband after Inchigo leveled to 16. That took another 15 mins. All in all, it was a fun party. I got my WHM to 2.1k out of 4k to level 18. I can go buy Shellra now. I think I will probably level WHM to 25 for now, before I get back to my RDM. That way, I'll have raise and I don't have to level WHM for a while. I can take my RDM to 50 without any issue. Plus, I'll automatically be able to use Raise once my RDM hits 38. I'm still on schedule as planned. I am not concentrating on SMN & THF for a while. During the time on I got onto ls TS. I said hello to all. I found out Shallia was on so I switched my ls to VK. I will definitely create a linkshell. I will invite all previous ls people of KC and other friends. I don't want to be on a ls where it's too congested where you can't get an answer to a question or help and a where you have people that don't like each other. That's my goal.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

WHM - Level 16 - Rank 3

Played: 3 hours (10/11/08) Got on to level my WHM. There wasn't anyone looking for a WHM. That was truly strange. Everyone always looks for a WHM and PLD. A healer and a tank. So I decided just to go out a kill on my own. I head to LaTheine to level. I was out there for half an hour before I started to get bored. So I head back to San.D. to change my sub job to SMN. Then I headed back to LaTheine to continue to try to level. I was out there maybe 20 mins before I get a party invite. So I had to meet them in the Dunes. I head back to San.D. To change my subjob back to RDM and then choco'd to Selbina and changed my job there. I head to Lizard camp, by myself. I didn't get any aggros. I met my party. Consists of RDM, THF, WAR, WHM, SCH, and PLD. We finally set up camp. We were level sync down to 12. We took 2 lizards and got gimpy exp. I suggested we go into main part of Dunes, maybe Oasis. So it was finally decided that we were to go. WAR and myself asked leader to take off level sync just in casewe get aggro'd by something tough. She flat out said NO. So I just warned them that if I die, my HP is Jeuno and I am not coming back. So we made it out to main area close to Pugil beach. Then for some reason we started running North East. Then we zoned to LaTheine. I asked why did we do this. Leader said one member got aggro'd by gob. LMAO. We ran this far to zone. I then ask why didn't we just zone in Selbina. It was a lot closer to where we were than LaTheine. Idiots. If I knew what was going on, I would of just went straight to Oasis. I was talking to my linkshell, VK. I headed back in to the Oasis. So we are set back to level 12. They pull a snipper and we all died. They got someone to raise us. The leader decided to leave and left leadership role to THF character. She replaced RDM with PUP. However, we were just standing around doing nothing. Then someone else left and THF replaced him/her with this DNC who I happened to party with in Kazham (he was DRG then).Then my friend Titen joined us. I asked what we were waiting for. He started to powerlevel us. Just as we start a new fight DNC dropped the party. Son of a you know what, I knew that would happen. He's a 10 yr old kid. THF found another member just as fast. We finally took snippers. At some point I level 16. Then I had to leave. That party was a whole waste of time. It was frustrating. I never want to party with original leader ever again. Let me reprase that. I will party with her as long as she's not the leader. Next time I go on, I will form my own party. As a sad note, I think my favorite linkshell is over (KC). Everyone is now on Toy Soldier, which is cool, but it just doesn't feel the same T.T. I also have my very first person who doesn't like me on the game. That I know of. Inchigo's on the game fiance, Shallia. I may have mentioned her before. But she's just rude. I don't need her to like me though. But at least be cordial, damn. We're on another linkshell again. I don't comment when she's on. But anyway, I'm out of here.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Thieving Around

Played 1.5 hours Got on to check gift from Titen. Got some $$$ and 2 Astral rings. He's sweet. I appreciate it. Hope he doesn't think that he's going to get back into a relationship with me. Not going to happen. So with the new $$ I bought proper armor and a proper sword for my RDM. I put up the old 30 armor on AH. I should match now. All I have on increases my MP. The rings, however, moves 25 HP to MP. Since I was on I decided to head to San.D. to change into THF to play for an hour. I leveled to 9 in the hour. I ran back to San.D. changed to my WHM. I will level WHM next. It is only level 15. It needs to stay a good half of my RDM. So I'll probably level it to 25. SMN I will not level for a while. I may level THF first to 15. Just want it for Treasure Hunter. So I can farm effectively. Anyway.. I am gone.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

RDM - Level 32 - Rank 3

Played: 3 hours Went on to level RDM. I get on to find out no one is on my LS. So I sent Inchigo a tell. He said that LS leaders were temporarily banned. So he was invited me to his other LS called Toy Soldiers. Told him when I see him he can trade me one. So I decide I was going to make a party to go to Garlaige Citadel, which most people call the Shitadel. So I invited Inchigo, Kirinkage, Oliphant,and 2 unknown people. Oli was the PLD, Inchi was the WAR, Kirin was the DRG, the other 2 were a THF and WHM. A pretty good mix. We all gather in Port Jeuno to chocobo to the Shitadel. By time we get there, we lost our WHM, but I easily found another. We decided to kill gobs in Saramounge Champaigne while we wait for the WHM. We got 2 gobs. As we were fighting the 2nd gob, a skink attacked me. So when the gob was killed they took care of skink. The WHM finally arrived. We go in and find out we are to under leveled for the area, but we plowed on anyway. shitadel party We could only take on the bats. But we managed only 1 death. I leveled to 32 during the party.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Name is Carby .... Carbuncle If You're Nasty!

Played: Fri night & Saturday afternoon I get on to farm, farm and farm. I really need to get $$$ to purchase spells and gear. My friend Inchigo said he'll come farm with me in Burburimo Pennisula. So I get there before him. On my way there, I get 2 more weather effects. I farm leeches before he gets there. There wasn't much competition today. I get at least 6 vials of birds blood before he arrives. He joins me. So I get to farming again. Farming Leeches By time I'm done, I get 2 stacks and 3.Inchi gave me his 9 vials. In the end I came up with 3 stacks. Not bad. Besides bird blood, I also obtained a new weapon skill and exp. That's the best. So I return to Jeuno to sell the stacks. I get a fair amount of $$ from them. Then Kirinkage said he's bored. He said he'll take me to Beauc.. Glacier to get snow effect. So I chocobo it to San.D.. On the way I get another weather effect. So now all I have to get is snow and heat. I make it to San.D. and met up with Kirinkage. We head into Rageaumont Pass to get to B.Glacier. I had to use sneak and invisible. The spells didn't last long. The stupid bats aggro'd me everytime my spells wore off. We finally made it to the zone. I get snow and warp back to Jeuno. I wasn't going to thru that cave again until I'm leveled for it. I then choco it to V. Dunes to see if I can get heat. None. Damn. So I log off in Selbina. I get back Sat afternoon. I am still in Selbina. I go into Dunes. No heat. So I head to San.D. to see if anything sold. I get some good money. So I decide to head to Selbina to buy spells. However, I decided to take Leeches in V.Dunes. I was curious to see what they drop. Just as I finished the fight. Kirinkage (who's also in Dunes) sends a tell that Heat is on. So I run to Selbina as fast as my slow character can go. I get the effect. Kirin missed it by one second. So I head back into Selbina to buy my spells: Dia II and Protect II. Then I head to LaTheine to finish the SMN quest. I reach the destination in LaTheine to finish quest, but there are like 7 ghosts there. They all check as Too Weak To Be Worthwhile, but I have a lasting fear of them from Qufim. I braved it though. I go to the spot where I need to be. I trade the Ruby to the ??? for my SMN cut scene. I unlock the SMN job. Woo Hoo! I head back to San.D. to try it out. I put on my level one gear. I go into E. Ronf. to test out SMN. I pull him out. Carbuncle and me I then level to level 2. Then Kirin said he needs to start leveling his SAM to use with his DRG. So I said I'll party with him. I continue to level SMN until he gets to San.D.. I was able to get to level 4 by time he arrives. Side notde: Carbuncle (Carby) takes way too much MP. I have to dismiss him and heal after every fight. However, I get more MP than I normally got as WHM/RDM or RDM at the same level. Kirin says he's here. So I wait for him outside in W.Ronf. He comes out and we see an airship in the sky. airship in distance We then party. Kirin levels first. Then I level. We start taking on toughs because we have a 3rd member, Carby. Carby hits so much harder than me. He's good. Then Inchigo said he wanted to come and powerlevel us. I said okay. So we party. party with Carby After I hit level 6 we head back to San.D.. I was tired so I decided to switch back into RDM/WHM. That's for the next time I log on, I will party as RDM and get my levels up. I will also do supply runs and get tele-crystals. Plus to continue farming. Hopefully San.D. will still be in control of the Meriphaud mountains next week. I start my new schedule playing next week. I will be playing Thurs, Fri and either Sat/Sun.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

My thoughts on the game after 4 months

Okay. I've been playing FFXI now for 5 months. As you probably can tell from my posts that I enjoy the game immensely. I've been playing since the beginning of June 2008. Personally, I'm not a gamer. Never really been one. I've had a PS1 and a PS2. And now I have PS3. Sounds like a dedicated fan to Sony? Yeah I am. I like the fact they are the only system out in the market that allows you to continue playing old games on their newer systems. However, I digress from my main topic, FFXI. FFXI keeps my interest in multiple ways: interacting with people all over the world, not redundant, and the scenery is gorgeous. Sometime I feel that this place, Vanad'iel, is alive. The game is also a great escape from a stressed reality. However, It's not like you can't get stressed out in the game. (You should seen me on Tuesday.) I was cussing up a storm because some Taru character kept stealing my leeches every time I attacked one. The S.O.B. I think her name is Natalieanne, I hope she reads this. You B@$&H!!!!! Anyway, I digress again. So far in the game I'm captivated and now I am playing this game more than watching TV. Even more than cleaning and taking care of house. In the coming weeks though, I will be getting back to my normal schedule. Play FFXI 2 - 3 times a week, do my consulting work, and hang out with friends. That's all after my regular 9-5 job. I have so much to do in life. I can't be in Vanad'iel all the time. Reality is where I need to be. Don't get me wrong. I still love the game. I look forward to playing it until I get bored with it, which I doubt it. I am looking forward to the new expansion pack they are creating. I haven't even made a dent in the ones that I already have. The latest update to the game came in Sept (2008) which included the level sync feature. I really okay with it if I only want to gain experience. However, if I want my skill ups and standard improvements, then I rather party the old fashion way. Anyway, you may see my blog be a little bit scarce as I get back onto a new schedule playing.