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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Chasm of Hell

So today is our weekly COP mission. It's time to tackle 3-3. We knew this one was going to be a long pain in the ass mission. We had to hit all 3 nations plus do some ex tenuous work out in the field. So I gathered everyone in San D where mission starts. I use my collar to quickly get to San D. I run off to N San D when I got party together. Lordkaosu and Kirinkage was there already. We had to wait for Gunrock.
So we did all the cut scenes needed in San D. I miss that place. The story line for this leg of the mission was a fact finding mission mixed with a bible class. Not so much interesting. We had to go to Carpenter's Landing to spawn and kill an NM and talk to a man. It was pretty boring. When cut scene done, we had to go back to San D one last time. I figured I could use my collar again. I find out that I couldn't while everyone warped. I was the only Windy resident. So I had to warp back to Windy. I actually got to use my Nexus cape for the first time. I also needed to get a warp cudgel because for the life of me, I couldn't find the one I already have. So while everyone was trying to find their way to Windy, I bought 2 cudgels. When I was ready to use one, I noticed that there was 3 in my inventory. Oh wow, I bought and extra for nothing.
I warped back to Windy and started the cut scenes. This story line by far is the funniest I've encountered in the game. It was all "who's my daddy" drama with Tarus. They say cats breed a lot with whomever, but these tarus man. They be siring offspring and running away.
So after the cut scene we had to go to Attowha Chasm. Never been there before. None of us has a map so we have to depend on directions from wiki.
1-27-10 1-27-10 2
So we start running looking for loose sand. I get lost from pack because of Internet issues and looking at laptop for directions. So I am lost and pissed off. Easy way to piss me off is to get me lost. Lk had to come get me. I got item needed. They had already spawned and killed NM. Now here comes the fun. You have half an hour to get the item up the mountain. Not as easy as it sounds.
We run around looking for the ramp up he mountain. All the while internet is threatening to DC me and Kirin. After 10-15 mins we find the itty bitty ledge we had to use. When I say itty bitty, if you make one sudden incorrect move you fall. So that was happening a lot to us. We ran out of time so we had to go get key item again. The problem now is we couldn't find our way back to loose sand again. We finally found it and got item and we added Ferrok to the party. Then we try to find ledge again.
We find it. I tell Kirin not to leave me like they all did before. So I'm following Kirin up the ledge when guess what?!?!? I dc'd. Then Kirin dc'd. That means we have to get the damn item again when we get back on. So when Kirin and I finally make it back online we had to get a new item again. However, when we got back, Ferrok needed a new crystal too. So we all (except Gunrock who found his way to the top) went to try again up the mountain. I make good, but Oboro needs to go. He was in the way. By this time Titen joined our party. He was coming to help us. Then Ferrok got in my way for a minute. Then guess what!?!?!? I frickin' fall. I screamed. My bro heard me 2 flights down. Had to start all over again. Told them to wait so I can find my way to them. When I caught up with them, we managed to make it all the way to the top in time. I get my new 3 items. We all just warped to Windy for cut scenes.
Then last leg of this mission was in Bastok. Luckily, the explorer moogle is out so we get to use it. Yay! Got last cut scene in Bastok and high tailed my ass back to Windy. I am done for the night. Let's put this way, we started this mission at 7 pm. It is now 12:30 am. Good 2.5 hours were spent in Attowha. I have grown a large distaste for this area just from doing this mission.
My feelings: WTH was SE thinking on this mission. There was no way in hell we would've found the slope up the damn mountain. There was not any type of signifier showing that you could climb. They really made this mission nearly unreasonable. I hate this one now more than the memmets fight. The map of this place is worst than the Elshimo maps. I heard that SE tamed down COP missions, but judging from 2-5 & 3-3, the whole COP series is going to have me cursing and pissed off. Makes me wonder if I want to continue doing COP until the end. I didn't get to take too many pics this run. I forgot to take pic in Carpenter's Landing. I only took pics of the entrance to Attowha because after the second pic above, getting pissed off and lost was more prevalent.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Soaring Thru Sky

So this weekend was pretty good. It's been a bit a good ride since I've been back. So I was able to get on twice this weekend.
Friday: I get on with the attention of taking on the old man. However, Darksday just ended when I logged on. Damn it. I wanted to fight him while I had momentum from the COP mission win. What am I to do? My COP guys were not available. So no continuation on those missions.
I decided to FOV in Buburimu with my SMN. I am seriously lacking tabs. As I've stated before, I'm a lazy Elvaan. I like to move around quickly. So I was talking to friends thru tells. Kakida decided to join me again. This time, he came as BST. So we chose page 4 from the field book. We knocked that out pretty well. We then decided to try page 5. We had to kill Pugils and Goblins We headed to the first beach. We got 2 gobs and 1 pugil here.
1-24-10 2
We then headed to he hidden beach. We messed with one pugil. It killed carby and Kakida's pet and smacked me so hard that I died. Thank goodness for reraise. Kakida had to zone into Bibiki Bay. After we rested up, we went back to killing pugils. We took out 2 more. I had to use Garuda and Shiva on them. They hit harder, but suck more mp. Then we decide to tackle the last pugil needed. I took out Carby again. Why did the scenario from before happen again?
Well I died again. And I leveled down. When did I level up? Kakida had to zone again. This time he decided to zone to Mhaura. I just stayed down and waited for Kirinkage to come raise me. As I was waiting some random Taru came thru and raised me. I got my level back. So I am now 24.
Kakida asked to do another page. The trick now was that I had to get to Mhaura to get the new page. So I called out Carby, my bodyguard. So I head into tunnel right smack into a gob. I left Carby to take care of him. I continued to run. As I exit tunnel, I ran right into another gob. So now I just run and hope I can make it to Mhaura. Luckily I do. Ah, the pleasures of lowlevels; running for your life.
Kakida and I decided to tackle page 4 again to be safe. Towards the end, I was getting really really sleepy. So we finished the page and killed random stuff so Kakida could get his level. The funny thing happened when I was trying to OP back home. Kakida made it home before me, but everytime I try to talk to NPC, the event keeps getting cancelled. Why? Kakida's pet started to attack me since Kakida left. And then. Spook joined in. I had to call for help. I was not about to die. 2 people came to my rescue. The second person had to call for help too, lol. I thanked both people and OP'd.
Sunday: I get on with a Maat attention. This time I have 3 days until Darksday. So what can I do to kill 3 days? I can get the ZM 14 mission done. Who can help me? I got my buddy Ghostdawg to help. He was not doing anything. So I make my way to Rabao for cutscene and started heading to Quicksand Caves. Then I get lost and pissed. Didn't know how to get to this special area of Quicksand and the darn Wiki didn't tell you that you'd had to go thru some tunnel to get there. I was very agitated by time I found my way.
Ghost was already there waiting for me. Then we ran to fight. I triggered and we got our asses handed to us. So we died. Kirinkage said he'll come help. However, Ghost said to try again. This it time we kicked the mob's ass. I got my item but I forgot my warp. So I had to find my way out of Quicksand Caves myself. Ghost left me by myself. It was a pretty fast out, to my surprise. Thought I'd died before I'd get out of there alive. Once I got back into West Altepa I ran back to Rabao to talk to NPC again. Then I choco'd to OP to get back home. During the fight, though, Darksday came and left, lol.
So I just OP'd to Zi'Tah to get to Ro'Meave to finish off Sky access. I run off to the Hall of gods and got my access. Yippee. I can do more end game if I want to.
1-24-10 1
So we had Dyna Xarcabard tonight. It went ok. Died twice. It was kind of boring. No RDM drops. If SMN become free lot, I will lot on them, since I'm working on SMN to be my next high level.
1-24-10 3
1-24-10 4

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I Finally Did It!!

Before you assume, no I did not beat Maat. I figured trying Maat my
first day back from a hiatus would not be beneficial. May put me in a
bad mood and I would log off game. Let me smooth my way back into the
groove first.
So I get on and decided to try COP 2-5 again. I got Lordkaosu,
Kirinkage, another LS mate named Gunrock. The 4 of us needed the win.
LS mate Arisonsbaby joined us as a WHM. We needed a 6th person now. I
hate this mission and a lot of people hate it too. Thus very few
people will be willing to help.
The 5 of us make it to Tavnazian Safehold. I send out help tells. My
friend Envoy was a jerk to me again. Asked him to make a shout for me
and he had to be rude. Anyway, I was getting discouraged becausebI
couldn't find anyone. I went to Valor Kingdom and Stormys Knights LS
looking for help. They both were near empty. I was getting more
disheartened by the moment.
Arisonsbaby became the winner though. She got her friend Darkscyther
to help us. So here's our party set up: me-RDM, AB-WHM, Dark-RDM,
Kirin-PLD, LK-NIN, Gun-NIN. Not bad. So we run to Riverne-StA-01
(however you spell it).
We had to farm 2 giant scales before we were able to get to fight
arena. The 4 of us who needed fight had to get into fight arena and
get our cutscene and then run away. This wa way we could get full time
for fight. We tried 2 strategies.
1st strategy: Each of healers took one Tank. Each Tank took one
Memmet. Let's say thia didn't work very well. I was catching a lot of
hate casting cure II. So my little team died. Then it was Gun's team
then Kirin's. Kirin is super tank!
2nd strategy: This strategy was much like the one we tried in the
past. However our party make up were different. So Gun kitedb2 memmets
while the other tanks worked on one. I stayedbin middle healing Gun an
when my MP ran I switched places with Dark. By this time, they were
done with first memmet and they retrieved another one from Gun. When
my MP came back I enfeebled the 2nd memmet and and healed at timrs.
Gun ended up fighting he 3rd memmet. Dark started to run out of MP.
Gun died in battle, so Dark had to kite the 3rd memmet. The 2nd memmet
was dead and they grabbed 3rd from Dark. I continued to try and
enfeeble the last memmet. Then when the timer came back, I converted,
raised Gun and went back to enfeeble. Man we finally killed the last
My goodness!!! This mission was a pain in the ass. We finally beat it.
Yay!!! I totally forgot to take pics.
The mission dropped us in S Gustaberg, so he 4 of us who needed COP
went ahead and completed missions 3-1 and 3-2. At the end we made
plans to do mission 3-3 and 3-4 next Tuesday. I'm getting closer to
dreamlands dyna and diabolos avatar. Yay!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Another Hiatus Due to Death

I am taking another hiatus. I will be gone for a week or so. My cousin has passed from cancer. Funeral is this week. I also have a house full of family.

It's nice to have see my family but not under these conditions. Take care and I'll see you next week some time.

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Friday, January 8, 2010

Rank & Things

Got on with my brother Kirinkage to get thru another Windy mission. It required us to go running thru multiple cities and to Delkfutt's Tower. It was a bit time consuming. Saw some old friends but yet agsin they acted as if they never seen me before. At the end I got some gil and Rank 4. Six more ranks to go.

After mission we were a bit nored so we decided to levrl our NPCs. I haven't really leveled Romi in a minute. He's currently level 33. We ended up going to Garliage Citadel's basement. We took on bats, beetles and pots. We did well but Romi didn't level. Oh well.
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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Rewards of Fame...Part 4

Today was the big day. The fight I've been slaving hard for. Yay!!!

So I get on game and the people who said they were gonna help weren't on and /or AFK. My brother did tell me that our friend Kakida wanted to help. So I sent him a tell. He was down to help. He's never done an avatar fight before and anxious to get avatars for his own SMN. So I get him to go to Norg to get his tuning fork.

My thing was how was I going to get to Yhoator since it was beastmen owned and I don't have the OP out there. I just decided to Op to Yhutunga instead and grab a chocobo from Norg. Thankfully Norg is close to the OP.

I meet Kakida out there. We begin the trek out to Yhoator. As we were riding Ferrin came on. I was talking to him and lost sight of Kakida. I was massively lost by time Terry logged on. I probably never mentioned this before, I hate traveling thru Yhutunga! She was going to ride out to help me find my way but I made it to Kakida without her help.

When we got into Yhoator, the trek was easier. Yhoator is not so bad to travel thru. I made it to the Temple of Ufflepeish. Ferrin and Terry were there wsiting for us. Kakida was kicked off his chocobo do he had to walk the rest of the way to the temple.

So everyone is in party snd Terry and Ferrin told us that Kakida and I should stay back by crystal during fight. That we shouldn't help with the fight. Thry wanted to duo Leviathan. We said okay, but I said I was going to come up to take pics of the fight and Leviathan. They said as long as I don't cast any magic on them while thry were fighting.

We get to cloister of water in the Den of Rancor. We sit heal and refresh up befote we enter. Then were entered tge fight. We mske our way p the trail towsrds Leviathan. Kakida and I stood some paces back so not to be involved but we get to see. I take pics. At one point Terry ran past us and Leviathan was following her. She ran bavk to fighting area. The Leviathan casted Tidal Wave. I had stoneskin up and I was not effected. But Kakida who had his shadows up was hit for over 300 exp. Damn stoneskin is the shit! Ferrin and Terry defeated Levi. She tele'd us to Mea. I rrpatriated to Windy so I could OP to Yhutunga sgsin do I can head to Norg. I wanted to finish quest and get Leviathan. I got him, yay!!!
1-6-10 1
1-6-10 2
1-6-10 3
1-6-10 4
1-6-10 5

I have some time on game so I decided to go try out Leviathan. I figured I'd go to Bubirimo Pennisula and FOV while trying him out. I OP and took a page out of the book. The 1st page. So I took out Levi (my new nickname for him) on first mob.
1-6-10 6
Did 2 more mobs before Kakida joined me. We ended up doing 2 1/2 pages for FOV. He died on the 3rd and we called it a night.

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Monday, January 4, 2010

Infamous Fame

So I get on with the intention of fighting the old man. That was not to be since when I log on Darksday just ended. Bah. Just his luck. I would've kicked his ass today. I have pent up rage at the old man. Also I am judt tired of farming testimonies. Do what to do since I am now on the the game?

So I put up my dyamis money up on my bazaar. I figure I'd chill in the Flea Market in Rolanberry Fields. I was chatting with Lordkaosu when I decided to go farm for yag necklaces. We were talking about avatar fights and boy do I want my avatars. I am close to getting Leviathan. So I figure I'd finish off off my Tenshodo fame. LK said he'd help with fight in 2 days. So that was all the inspiration I needed to finish off the necklaces tonight.

Before I left Jeuno I checked how much the chic in Tenshodo was selling rice balls to me for. She was selling them for 161 gil. Per the fame guide, that put me close to level 4 fsme for Tenshodo. I ran back to Windy and changed to my SMN becsuse fighting 2 yags at once us sweetness. I then run iff ro Giddeus to annihilate the yags and steal all their necklaces. I had dome cokpetition though. There were 3 other folks in here trying to steal my necklaces. I had carby tho. What I couldn't reach, I sent carby after. We are an effective team. I got at least 16 necklaces when Carby made a bad pull. We were in a section where yags were easy prey to my 23. Carby linked 4 yags. Instead of making a direct path he ran anbodd path. So I died. So did Carby & Shiva.

So i had to HP back to Windy sinceno one was around to raise me. I traded in my necklaces and went to Jeuno ro check my fame. Chic sold me rice balls for 160. Hot damn! The guide said that was level 4 fame. So I run back to Windy and changed to me RDM. I then OP to Yhutungha Jungle so I can run to Norg to at least start quest and get tuning fork. I make it to Norg quickly found he Tatu of interest. It told me that his body hurts all over and to leave it alome. WTF!!! I tried it again. I get the same nonsense. So I went to look for the fame guy in Norg. Then I spoke to him. He told me I'm still level 3. WTF!! The fame guide lied to me! So now I have to go hunt more necklaces before Wed. I hope I can grt it by then. I'll try and go RDM tomorrow.

I hate hunting for fame. Good thing I learned is that as I increase my Windy fame my Kazham fame will grow. So getting Ifrit is not as bad as I thought.

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Sunday, January 3, 2010


Today I get on to do Dynamis. Haven't done it a while. There were multiple reaaons but I can give you 2. First is I was out of town for the holidays. And second, the last time I was available to do dynamis, the were doimg Dreamlands and I don't have access as of yet.

So tonight's dynamis was Jeuno. This where I can grt my Relic pants or feet. Can't remember which one.When I get there I am put in the BLM party to refresh them. It can be boring but it can be very difficult. Where's the difficulty, you ask? I'll let you figure it out later.

So we enter the zone and we are staryimg up the fighting i habe set my scedule of refreshing as how my party list is. I exclude Clinpachi because he's a SCH. Frizzlefry was a BLM tonight too. So as we go thru the zone, my scedule is working very wellbuntil the following. Frizzlefry keeps disappearing. Then another of the BLM disappears. This throws my scedule out of whack. At some point I was running around looking for them. Then I eventually gave up that idea. I put them back in schedule when they appeared again.

During the run RDM dropped. I bid 10 points for them. I lost to another member who bid 15. Oh well, next time. I died 3 times too. All in all, tonight's rub was pretty good coming back from a long hiatus. Now ask me to party on my RDM. It has literally neen months that I've really partied with my RDM.

1-3-10 1
1-3-10 2
TTFN! :)

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Friday, January 1, 2010

A Small Accomplishment

After my whole day sleeping, I got on game around 6 pm to do Windy missions. Today was the day that Kirinkage and myself took out the dragon again. So I am in Jeuno when I logged in. I had to make my way back to Windy to talk to a Taru in Heaven's Tower. I head to the Port to catch the airship. I am lucky. Th ship is supposed to arrive in 1 minute.
When I arrive in Windy, I changed to my WHM so I can Tele-Hola for the next leg. I run to Tower to speak w/ the little Taru. I then met up with Kirin. I tele'd us to Latheine. We caught a chocobo and rode off to the kingdom of my birth. I went to Windy's consulate and met up with an old friend, Lion. She didn't remember me though. Nearly brought tears to my eyes. We went thru a lot together when I was living in San d'Oria. I also went to see another old friend, halver. He didn't reconize me either. Unlike Lion who wished me luck, he insulted me. He must've been blind and called me a fur-ridden creature. I'm Elvaan!!! How rude. Didn't realize he was such an ass. Anyway, We were told to go to Ghelsba and take out an Orc.
Kirin and I get to Ghelsba fine. We are making our way to find the Orc when I fell ito the river. I was stuck in this river for 10 mins before I beckoned for help. A fellow LS mate Lordbrax decided to come to my rescue. By time he got to Ghelsba, I found my way out. He stayed to help us find the Orc. We had to run back to San D to report back to the consule. On t he way out Lordb attracted more than a dozen Orcs. Kirin & I went to help him out. It was fun. 3 against 12 or more was unfair, but we were mightier.
In San D, Kirin and I discussed how we were going to get to Bastok. Lordb offered to tele-dem us. He came out as a BLM and escorted us thru a quick route to Bastok. When were got into Gustaberg, he said he had to go. We thanked him for his help. So we run to the Windy consulate in Bastok. Then we were sent to go fight a dragon in Palborough Mines.
1-1-10 2
We run to the Mines and find our way to the fight arena. We wished each other luck. We've never taken on this dragon with just the 2 of us. I only had Protect to use to buff. We go and fight. I slept the dragon and we took care of the Evil Eye. Then we went after the dragon. It was a very close fight, but we made it. We finished the fight without any death. We took the quick route back to Bastok, on boat thru Zehrun Mines, so we can report back to the consule.
1-1-10 1
We spoke to the homesick Taru and warped to Windy.
We report back to Taru in the Tower. She granted us Rank 3 and gave us 3k gil. Yay!
I then ran to gate guard and gave him some crystals. Then I went to Mithra chick and started mission 3-1.