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Monday, September 28, 2009

Carby's Mitts --- Mine!

I wasn't planning on getting on game today, but my brother was trying
to convince me to duo with him on his RDM. So I conceded and got on. I
also wanted to clear up my inventory too since I did a gobbie quest
yesterday after my dismal Maat fight. I got my inventory to 55 slots
now. However, between then and today I somehiw managed to have my
inventory full. I have no idea how that happened.

Anyway, I digress. So my bro, Kirinkage changed his mind because he
had no gear since I took back my level 20 gear. So he decided we
should farm instead. So I finish sorting and shuffling my inventory
around and changed my subjob to THF. Inchigo joined us there too. So
we farm separately. I go for the Gobbues more whereas Inchi and Kirin
go for everything. I wasn't getting any good drops. My treasure hunter
was not working at all. Kirin was getting tree cuttings to drop. As I
was playing Demicus was chatting me up thru tells. He's hilarous.
Half an hour thru of farming I'm bored. Conversations were minimal. So
I asked if they (Kirin, Inchi and Demi) if they wanted to help me get
my Carbuncle Mitts. They said sure.

So we had to go to Temple of Ugglepiah (Uglypugly to me) in Yhoator
Jungle. I must first warn you. None of us has a map of Uglypugly so we
had to run around to find our destination. We made it to the the door
we needed a prelate key for. Kirin and I already had one. However, we
knew we had to fight once we go thru the doors so Kirin decided to
start buffing and myself too. Well that caused the magic pot behind
door open he door and attack. Why didn't I remember this from doing a
ZM or some other mission w/ Kainbelmont and Frizzlefry previously?
Well since the door opened and we were fighting, Inchi, Kirin and I go
thru the door. Prelate key saved for another day. That caused Inchi &
Kirin to aggro 2 tonberries. I tried sleeping 2 of them. One did but
other didn't. Kirin got everyone's rancor and sucombed to it. Inchi
and Demi were still fighting. I raised Kirin as they were finishing
up. So we sat down to heal. We get up and then someone aggro'd more
tonberries. Then Demi got everyone's rancor. He died. He took it very
well. He doesn't like to die. But then he did warn me prior that he
has extremely high tonberry hate. So I raise Demi. This time Demi
suggested we heal outside the door until we ready. Kirin stayed inside

After Demi got out if his weakened state, Kirin let us thru and we
invisi'd up so we didn't have to fight. So we wondered around lookin
for the room for NM fight. We found it pretty easily. Well Kirin found
the stairs. So we needed to clear the room. It looked pretty dicy
because there were 2 dolls standing at each entrance. It was
successful. So I told the folks to rest to full so they'll be good in
fight. Once their HP/MP was full I proceeded to Haste and Refresh all
of them. I traded the offering to the ??? and fight began. Carby I
waa able to nuke, enfeeble and cure during fight. The fight didn't
last too long. The 3 guys kicked ass. I got my mitts!!! We all warped
out of there.!

I get to my mog house and go put my level 20 gloves on AH. After I
finish selling stuff I logged for the night.

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