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This is my diary of my adventures in Vana'diel. This diary will change as my adventures changes. Sit back, read and enjoy.

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Monday, September 28, 2009

Carby's Mitts --- Mine!

I wasn't planning on getting on game today, but my brother was trying
to convince me to duo with him on his RDM. So I conceded and got on. I
also wanted to clear up my inventory too since I did a gobbie quest
yesterday after my dismal Maat fight. I got my inventory to 55 slots
now. However, between then and today I somehiw managed to have my
inventory full. I have no idea how that happened.

Anyway, I digress. So my bro, Kirinkage changed his mind because he
had no gear since I took back my level 20 gear. So he decided we
should farm instead. So I finish sorting and shuffling my inventory
around and changed my subjob to THF. Inchigo joined us there too. So
we farm separately. I go for the Gobbues more whereas Inchi and Kirin
go for everything. I wasn't getting any good drops. My treasure hunter
was not working at all. Kirin was getting tree cuttings to drop. As I
was playing Demicus was chatting me up thru tells. He's hilarous.
Half an hour thru of farming I'm bored. Conversations were minimal. So
I asked if they (Kirin, Inchi and Demi) if they wanted to help me get
my Carbuncle Mitts. They said sure.

So we had to go to Temple of Ugglepiah (Uglypugly to me) in Yhoator
Jungle. I must first warn you. None of us has a map of Uglypugly so we
had to run around to find our destination. We made it to the the door
we needed a prelate key for. Kirin and I already had one. However, we
knew we had to fight once we go thru the doors so Kirin decided to
start buffing and myself too. Well that caused the magic pot behind
door open he door and attack. Why didn't I remember this from doing a
ZM or some other mission w/ Kainbelmont and Frizzlefry previously?
Well since the door opened and we were fighting, Inchi, Kirin and I go
thru the door. Prelate key saved for another day. That caused Inchi &
Kirin to aggro 2 tonberries. I tried sleeping 2 of them. One did but
other didn't. Kirin got everyone's rancor and sucombed to it. Inchi
and Demi were still fighting. I raised Kirin as they were finishing
up. So we sat down to heal. We get up and then someone aggro'd more
tonberries. Then Demi got everyone's rancor. He died. He took it very
well. He doesn't like to die. But then he did warn me prior that he
has extremely high tonberry hate. So I raise Demi. This time Demi
suggested we heal outside the door until we ready. Kirin stayed inside

After Demi got out if his weakened state, Kirin let us thru and we
invisi'd up so we didn't have to fight. So we wondered around lookin
for the room for NM fight. We found it pretty easily. Well Kirin found
the stairs. So we needed to clear the room. It looked pretty dicy
because there were 2 dolls standing at each entrance. It was
successful. So I told the folks to rest to full so they'll be good in
fight. Once their HP/MP was full I proceeded to Haste and Refresh all
of them. I traded the offering to the ??? and fight began. Carby I
waa able to nuke, enfeeble and cure during fight. The fight didn't
last too long. The 3 guys kicked ass. I got my mitts!!! We all warped
out of there.!

I get to my mog house and go put my level 20 gloves on AH. After I
finish selling stuff I logged for the night.

0/3 - The Man Won't Sleep

I haven't been on game for a while, so I decided to go on. First thing
first, I was checked my delivery box for my gil. Even though I wasn't
on game I checked on my items on sale on FFXIAH. Great website to
check sales on the Jeuno/Whitegate auction house. I was on SMN when I
got on and I changed to RDM. I also had to change my COP linkshell
message for our new run on Tues. I hadn't been able to get on to
change it.

It seemed like a good day to fight Maat. I get my stuff together and
fix my macros on my way to Jeuno. I was also having a great
conversation with Demicus. Who knew he was funny and entertaining. He
had helped me prior to get my AF2. What I knew about him is that he
likes to kill shit and he don't like to die. Anyway, he's really cool.

Anyway, I head to Maat to take him down. I'm ready. I have my strategy
all mapped out. I'm going to sleep nuke him. So I get in, buff up, and
heal for mp. I run to circle and cast sleep. His ass didn't sleep. He
ran up and kicked me. I cast bind. It didn't stick. He punched me this
time. I cast sleep 1 this time. He slept for like 2 seconds and
asurisn fisted me to death while I was in casting stoneskin. Didn't
get to my Hi-pots or anything. I hate that man. I hp'd home.

I asked Demi if he could help me farm a testimony. He said said yes.
So we met in Qufim, but had to go back to get our keys. I wasn't too
sure if I needed it because I had one in my permanent key items. Got
it just in case. We meet again in Qufim and head into Delkfutt Tower.
We took elevator upstairs and found our way to camp. I had subbed THF
so the drop would come easier. Well I pulled first pot... No drop. The
second pull was disasterous. I cast spell, I run, it binds me which
made my sneak & invisible wear. Which in turn made me aggro 2 bats and
a giga along with the pot. Needless to say, I died. Demi didn't. He
called for a raise. My friend Vourant was coming to raise me. He got
to Tower. Then some random person in the Tower raised me. So we told
him I got a raise. Then we asked him if he wanted to come help us get
my testimony. He said sure and he'll come as MNK. As he reached tower
again, we got the Testimony. I felt really bad. Last time I came here
it took us a while. Maybe /THF really paid off. So I stuck around to
help Demi kill stuff since he had 15 mobs to kill for his NPC. I did
have mine out at one point. The bad pull that had me die, got him
killed. I hope he don't yell at me the next time.

So it's time for Dynamis Beaucidine. I run off to Beaucidine and throw
my flag up. I get like 6 party invites. I haven't partied in months.
Anyway, we go in. We did so well. Did not have mass deaths. Couple
people died. But nothing major at all. It went very well. I want more
dynamis runs to happen like this one. We got the win too. No RDM
drops. I actually had a good time. No death for me. Yay!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Those GotDamn Memmets.... Zilarts Suck

It's COP day again. We have a total of 11 people who showed up. So to make it even, I asked my friend Thesage if he could come assist us. He has passed this part in his FFXI career. So it was Kirinkage PLD,
Solesiren WHM, Chayst NIN, Baknah NIN, Kadiana BLU, Thesage NIN,
Bradchi DRK, Inchigo WAR, Kryscella MNK, Darksanzo PLD, Naquel PLD or MNK and myself RDM. We really needed more mages and dd's to make 2successful parties. We will have to work with what we have. So we get everyone together and head out for Riverne#A01 (I think that's what the place is called). We did well for getting there. Then once we got thru displacement that's when strife started.
Everyone won't listen. Lots of AFKs. We still had to kill a wyvern for another scale. I tell everyone we are following Naquel but that was extremely hard to do. We do not have maps for this place. We get to the first distortion that I have to trade scale to, people afkd. I threatened that I am trading now and if they were not ready we were leaving without them. Everyone went thru.
We get to second scale trading distortion and went thru the same crap at the first one. After we get thru we rest for a second to start casting invisible and whatever for travel. So we run and get to the displacement that leads to fight. We are missing 2 people. Apparently they went AFK. So they had to make it us.
One ended up in argument because someone told her to look at map to find us. Then she called person a jerk. She died on the way and the other made it to the group. So I went to raise her and requested back up to go find her. So we get all the way back to start and I couldn't find her. I don't know who aggro'd bomb from my back up squad but it was the beginning of mass death. As I am looking for the dead one my back up squad started to die. I was going to just leave them becaus I was not aggro'd but my kind heart said to help since they came to help me. Lol. (For those who didn't realize, that last sentence was a joke.)
So I tried to heal and get aggro'd myself. We all dead. Solesiren came to raise us. I don't have rr since AH was empty rr earrings that day. She gets aggro'd and died. I believe she died multiple times trying to raise us. Bradchi went to find the dead one and tractor her back to the group by the distortion. However he got aggro'd in the end.
I'm tired and frustrated. I felt like we were in dynamis. After all this we got everyone up and into the fight zone. Now we sit and decide what to do. We got lots of arguments on how to do things. We tried 6 times where the final time was the best. We were able to kill one memmet. But dd party died while fighting the second. I was healing NIN who was kiting the last memmet. So that meant we all were gonna die. But by far that was he best run.
If the dd party sat to heal to full after first memmet died before they pulled the second, they could've knocked it out again. So by time we get the 3rd memmet we'd have extra damage from the NIN.
I was too frustrated so I didn't bother go to dynamis afterwards. I just logged off.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Laying on My Back

It's Zilart mission day. Let's get Sky access!!! So only Maryjanette WHM, Frizzlefry PLD, Kirinkage DRG and myself RDM showed up. So we end up going to Delkfutt Tower. MJ and I met Frizz in Delkfutt Tower. We are on the 10tt/11th Floor. We decided to try to get me a RDM testimony while we wait for Kirin. Kirin didn't have elevator key so he had to walk up all the stairs and avoid mobs. No testimony dropped. So we ended up doing the fight. It went pretty good with just us 4. We passed the fight alive. That completed ZM 8.

After the fight, MJ and Frizz had to go. So I convinced Kirin to do the cutscenes for the next couple of missions. We had to go to Norg. So we both bickered on direction. We finally get to the open area in Yhuntunga where you can see the waterfall but can't go down unless you find correct hole. So I was not paying attention and went to get a better look at a flower, I fell down the correct hole. So now I had to try to direct Kirin to correct hole. That took a while but he finally found it. We got thru the grotto into Norg. Can you believe it, I was able to walk thru Norg without having to cast sneak?!? Well we find NPC we were to talk to. Then we warped back to home. We had to fo to Ro'Maeve next. We had to click on a door in the Hall of the Gods. After this we are supposed to go back to Norg. However, we called it a night.

So it COP 2-5 day. Only 6 of showed up: Inchigi DRG, Darksanzo PLD, Solesiren WHM, Naquel MNK, Chayst NIN and myself RDM. This was to be a hard fight. We had to farm scales and find our way to the fight. None of us have maps for the area. It took us a while to farm because we didn't have a THF. We finally get to the fight area. We lost the fights big time. We tried 5 times before we called it a day. It's was frustrating. They made COP a bit too hard. I swear each of those Memmets are like level 60 for our measly level down of 40. Whatever they are, they are ????ing hard.
9-13-09 1
9-13-09 2

After COP, Inchi asked me to duo. I said I only have 3 jobs level 15. So he came as RNG 16, and I came SMN. Then we got Ciddester to join as a dd job. But he brought Panzer with him to powerlevel us. We didn't have much time because Inchi & I had Dynamis in like 30 mins. Both Inchi & Cidd gained a level and I didn't. Oh well. I wasn't wearing an experience ring.

I leave to go to do dynamis in Beaucidine Glacier. Immediately tell them that I had to leave at 9 pm. Minibasta gave me 2 poison pots that I totally forgot about. He's a sweety. Anyway, I get in Naquel's party. I also join the Skype call. It was interesting listening to the voices behind the characters. Before I left we had mass murder. We didn't even get to the area where we needed to use the poison pots. Oh well. I left at 9 as I said I was.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I Won Big!!!

I got on game because I promised Inchigo I'd do a BCNM with him. I've been promising him that forever. So I get my gear together. I go to Jeuno to get a star orb for the BCNM. We decided to do the "Royal Jelly" BCNM in Palborough Mines, Bastok region. I hate Bastok region.

Anyway, I sat and waited for the ship to Bastok. Inchi joined me. When we finally get to Bastok, I left Port Bastok into N Gustaburg. I hate that place. I didn't bother get a chocobo. Didn't want to waste my gil. I just ran to Palboro and met up with Galagor who was our 3rd member. Inchi was running behind. We he finally made it, I followed him to the burning circle (BC).

So we did /random to see who went first. Galagor got 1st run on his orb. We get in. They start left, I go right. I bind & gravity the jellies as much as I can. We won. Galagor got some the Utsusemi Ni scroll and some other stuff. Scroll sells for 300k+. We exit. Now that Galagor got the scroll I feel my odds are going down.

As we heal for the next run, Inchi and I do /random again. He gets to go next. We had a lot of other people showing up at the BC. We head in again. We win again. Inchi got a lot of stuff that wasn't worth much. So my odds are slipping. Not so good.

So now it's my turn for the run. We get in. I throw on Chainspell because the timers on bind & gravity are ridiculous. I bind & gravity all of them. Then I was thinking they were taking too long to kill, lol. I started to think they were losing steam and we were going to lose this run. My bro had to remind me that I used my chainspell so it looked like they were slow. So I healed and casted spells until they finished all. I made out like a bandit. I got Marksman's ring, Mana Ring, Scroll of Phalanx, Scroll of Utsusemi Ni and 2 Slime Oils. I couldn't believe my luck. My drops were a lot better than Galagor's & Inchi's. I warped home. Then I headed to Jeuno to put my goods on AH. I gave my bro the Scroll of Phalanx.

After this luck, I think I should go play the lotto for real!!!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Trials of Leadership

I got my Chains of Promethia COP static party going. I have Chayst RDM, Solesiren WHM, Kadiana BLU, Kirinkage PLD, Inchigo DRG, Naquel MNK, Kryscella MNK and Darksanzo PLD. So we have to go kill a Minataur & then go retrieve a mysterious package in the Aqueducts beneath Tavnazian Safehold. Getting everyone organized was tough. We have a lot of strong personalities.

Once everyone was in attendance, we started our journey through the Aqueduct. Sneak was a must. We all were leveled down to 40 and there are some True Sight mobs there too. As we make our way towards to farm a "Bronze Key" for the door, we had had couple of deaths from the true sight mobs. There was a point someone aggro'd 2 of those mobs. We finally stopped dying.

Somehow, Naq ran off past us after we got key. He ended up in a room somewhere full of Fomors. He had a huge amount of Fomor hate. So of course he died. Sole offered to come raise him, but he said he's gonna HP because he's in middle and she would end up dying too. So we wait for Naq to come back. While we wait, we fight off the slimes that aggro'd us.

Okay Naq finally makes it back but he's lost. Sole offered to find him. The rest of us were sitting healing our MP & HP. Next we knew we were in a battle for our lives against the Minataur we were going to look for. The funny part is the LS chat saying multiple "WTF!!!!" and Sole saying "Sorry ^^". Lol. She ran past Minataur while looking for Naq. In the end we fought minataur with only 3 deaths. I had to rush them out of the room after the raises. Minataur has a fast respawn.

We made it to our puzzle that we needed to do. Getting them to help find the room with the puzzle was annoying. Half of the team sped past me and entered wrong room. I found the correct room. I had to let them out of their room so they can get to correct room. Getting them to press the correct switches was a struggle. We had to press the Dark & Light switches simultaneously. However, Dark kept pressing his switches. Ugh.... was so annoyed. We got it together. Then we finally made it into the room and got our cutscene.

Aftr cutscene we had to warp out because none of us were going to attempt to find our way back to get killed by the Minataur or true sight mob. So we meet back in Tav Safehold. We get our next cutscenes in Safehold & in Misearux Coast.

Next mission is 2-5. We have to fight 3 Memmets. I hear this mission is a big pain in the ass too. And it's also leveled down to 40. Damn!! I miss my refresh & convert.

After all day doing COP, I decided to spend an hour with Kainbelmont duoing in the Dunes. So I brought out my SMN. We were the same level at that point. Within the hour, he was able to level to 16. I didn't get a level. It was nice duoing with Kainy. Haven't duo'd with him since my capping of my magic skills.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

0/2 - Damn It!!!

So, I tried Maat again. This time I got him close to half way mark before he hit me with Asurian Fist. I hate him. I think I'm going to try the zerg method. He has got to die. Seriously. I want 75. I feel like I'm stalled. But then I chose to have the hardest job to fight Maat on. I'm a glutton for punishment.

So afterwards, we had to meet up with the static to do our Zilart Missions. So we met up with Kainbelmont in Whitegate.
We get a tele to Altepa. We grab chocobos. Kain went AFK, so Kirinkage & I stayed with him. Kadianna, Marjanette and Darksanzo went ahead. Kain came back in like 5-10 mins and Kirin & I followed him into West Altepa to where we needed to go. Kadi & MJ was there but not Dark. MJ went to get him. When we get to the burning circle, Dark wasn't able to zone in. We had to go in without a tank. We go in and handle business. Kirin tanked as well as he could. Kirin & I died and raised. The fight wasn't easy & it wasn't extremely hard. We knocked it out. We leave and go place the fragments we collected in ZM 5 into the correct spot and got a prasmatic fragment. All this satisfied ZM 6 & 7. Onto ZM 8 next weekend. We'll soon have Sky access soon. Yay!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My Slight Involvement in The Great

I get on without any plans. I didn't want to party. I thought about
doing my Maat fight. I changed my mind because I didn't want to
concentrate so hard. I also was trying to make a static party for
Chains of Promethia (COP) missions. So I made a LS message in
ClanBelmont. I also announced it ValorKingdom and StormysKnights. I
already have 3 and that includes me. I have a tank and 1 damage
dealer. I need 2 more dds and 1 healer (someone who can assist in

So I made up my mind and decided if Frizzlefry was free to do Wings
missions. He was game. We met in South San D. He asked if Kirinkage
was coming since we all were doing it together. I feel a bit bad
because Phaet was also working with us on them. Unfortunately his time
is taken up by his LS RocDynasty.

Kirinkage was heping our friend Kakida get a nation in the past.
Frizzy ended up going to help them get to San D from Vunkle something.
So I was left by myself. So I decided to do a campaign op in E
Ronfaure S. I get to area for battle. I buff up and put reraise on.
The campaign music starts but there aren't any Orcs coming. At least I
thought. Then out of nowhere an Orc was in front of me. I was down in
3 hits. I didn't even see Orc coming. I'm glad I had reraise on. I
looked around my dead body to see if I can raise. The coast looked
clear. Just as I hit yes, an Orc walked right over me as I rose turned
and cold clocked me. I was dead again. Luckily my bro was near and
came to raise me. Kakida got to see a campaign battle for a minute
before he and Kirin ran off to San D to get him allegiance. I
continued to heal and join Frizzy who participated in the battle. I
teleported back to San D. We showed Kakida how to get missions and
such. Kirin and Frizzy went to do some mission in Battalia Downs and I
stayed with Kakida. I was going to get him to do a Campain Op so he
get some Allied Notes.

So I walked Kakida to the tower for battle. One wasn't starting. So I
decided to go kill Orcs while we wait. So we head south on the map to
find some Orcs.We definitely found them. Unfortunately they were
lumped together. So as I was trying to magic pull ons, a campaign
battle started. So we ditched he plan and ran back to tower. We got
Kakida his allied tags and we waited for Orcs to come to us. This
time I was prepared. My buffs were up and waiting. The Orcs arrived
and we did damage. At some point Frizzy and Kirin joined us again.
After battle Frizzy had to go pal around with his friend. We took
Kakida back to get the rest of his allied notes. After that we got him
to umlock maw in E Ronf. I went back to Mog house to log off.

I got on to do more seeking for COP static members. I couldn't find
any so I really was bored. I didn't want to Maat fight because my
brother was in the mood to harrass me. You know, what little bros do
time to time. So I decided to try out BLM. I changed into level 1 gear
and I got a staff from Ciddester/Panzer. He said I could keep staff.
So I ran to E Ronf to level. I got to level 4 before I called it a
night. I even did a FOV. I had to get me some tabs. I love to use
Repatriation. I'm lazy in transportation. BLM is cool but it's almost
like my RDM though well at this level. Oh well. Another night.