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Monday, August 3, 2009

Besieged!!! Yay!!!

I get on to do campaign stuff w/ Frizzlfry so I can get loads of Allied Notes. However, when I get on, I sent Frizzy a tell, but I got no response. So I decided to wait a little if I get a response. So I get a tell from a faithful customer, requesting my service for a powerlevel. So I make my way to the Shitadel (Garlaige Citadel) to do my services. There was another WHM powerleveler there too. I warned my customer that I only have time until Besieged (which was at level 5) starts. I joined the WHM in a party. So I refreshed him, while he used Devotion on me. I lasted a good hr or so.

Why don't more WHM use that in parties when there's other mages or PLD's in it? It's a very useful. Giving back MP, hell yeah!!! I say, if WHM wants Refresh, RDM needs Devotion, LMAO. I digress....

So, I leave,place myself in Whitegate for Besieged, which was at level 7, and went AFK for an hour. So I go back to game after chilling with my mom, watching America Got Talent. It's now at level 8 Preparing and It stayed that way for 45 minutes. It was taking forever. I created a party and then joined an alliance. I chatted with Kakida for a while. I even went AFK again. As I was about to go AFK for a 3rd time, it finally started. I must say, I did not die at all this besieged. I got near max exp too. 1727 out of 1820. Not bad for a mage!!! My key is Wizard's Drink, Giant's Drink & Megalixir. My Dark magic rose 3 levels, and my elemental rose 1 level. A bit disappointed in that. I've had more skill ups in other besiegeds. Oh well. After it done, I went to mog house and logged off. It was late.

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