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Monday, September 7, 2009

Trials of Leadership

I got my Chains of Promethia COP static party going. I have Chayst RDM, Solesiren WHM, Kadiana BLU, Kirinkage PLD, Inchigo DRG, Naquel MNK, Kryscella MNK and Darksanzo PLD. So we have to go kill a Minataur & then go retrieve a mysterious package in the Aqueducts beneath Tavnazian Safehold. Getting everyone organized was tough. We have a lot of strong personalities.

Once everyone was in attendance, we started our journey through the Aqueduct. Sneak was a must. We all were leveled down to 40 and there are some True Sight mobs there too. As we make our way towards to farm a "Bronze Key" for the door, we had had couple of deaths from the true sight mobs. There was a point someone aggro'd 2 of those mobs. We finally stopped dying.

Somehow, Naq ran off past us after we got key. He ended up in a room somewhere full of Fomors. He had a huge amount of Fomor hate. So of course he died. Sole offered to come raise him, but he said he's gonna HP because he's in middle and she would end up dying too. So we wait for Naq to come back. While we wait, we fight off the slimes that aggro'd us.

Okay Naq finally makes it back but he's lost. Sole offered to find him. The rest of us were sitting healing our MP & HP. Next we knew we were in a battle for our lives against the Minataur we were going to look for. The funny part is the LS chat saying multiple "WTF!!!!" and Sole saying "Sorry ^^". Lol. She ran past Minataur while looking for Naq. In the end we fought minataur with only 3 deaths. I had to rush them out of the room after the raises. Minataur has a fast respawn.

We made it to our puzzle that we needed to do. Getting them to help find the room with the puzzle was annoying. Half of the team sped past me and entered wrong room. I found the correct room. I had to let them out of their room so they can get to correct room. Getting them to press the correct switches was a struggle. We had to press the Dark & Light switches simultaneously. However, Dark kept pressing his switches. Ugh.... was so annoyed. We got it together. Then we finally made it into the room and got our cutscene.

Aftr cutscene we had to warp out because none of us were going to attempt to find our way back to get killed by the Minataur or true sight mob. So we meet back in Tav Safehold. We get our next cutscenes in Safehold & in Misearux Coast.

Next mission is 2-5. We have to fight 3 Memmets. I hear this mission is a big pain in the ass too. And it's also leveled down to 40. Damn!! I miss my refresh & convert.

After all day doing COP, I decided to spend an hour with Kainbelmont duoing in the Dunes. So I brought out my SMN. We were the same level at that point. Within the hour, he was able to level to 16. I didn't get a level. It was nice duoing with Kainy. Haven't duo'd with him since my capping of my magic skills.

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