Welcome To My Mog House

This is my diary of my adventures in Vana'diel. This diary will change as my adventures changes. Sit back, read and enjoy.

All comments, tips and advice will be appreciated


Monday, March 30, 2009

Got'Damn 50s

I get on because I have to level. I have this determination to just level. I can't stand this 5 digit exp needed to level now that I hit my 50s. Hell, I need 11,200 to get to level 55. Got'damn it. However, I'm not in the mood to create a party. I want to be invited. So I throw my seek flag up and wait. I got a bite. This guy Voldus asks me to party, level sync 52. Yes!. At least it was at an acceptable level. I will not sync below 51. I absolutely refuse to. I have to be on point to get my proper skill ups so I can face Maat with my skills capped. Anyway, I ask where to gather, he says Whitegate. I teleport there ($300). I get my sanction and ready to head out to Wajoom. Then to find out we will be going to Kuftal Tunnel. SOB!!! Now I have to use my warp scroll to get back to San D to get my Signet back. Damn. So I tell party to let me know when they are ready to go to Kuftal cause I'll OP to Cape Terrigan which is right by camp in Kuftal Tunnel. Then they said we weren't going to party that way. They said to gather in E Altpa. I OP there ($900). Then they said Oh we should party at the Terrigan zone. SOB. I OP back to San D ($900). Then I OP to Cape Terrigan ($1500). This is one expensive trip. I better level!!!!!!! I get in tunnel. There's a party already at our camp. So we have to party in middle of tunnel. Remind you, I do not have a map for this place. I should come back here, to get map. Anyway, someone had to find me and escort me, because my travels in there, I found Tigers, stairs, cactus men, elements and shit. I stay at camp. We party for 2 hrs. I used my emperor band. I didn't even come close to leveling. Got'damn 50s. I still have like 4k or more to go before I hit 55. Then I definitely have to hit up my gloves, pants & LB2. grumble... Got'damn 50s

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

How Did I Become Lead?

Okay I get on to party. I throw my seek flag up. I chill for at least 10 mins no invite. Damn. I'm bored. I decide to farm. But where. I was going to farm in Zi'Tah but it was beast owned so I decided to go to an oldie but goodie; Buburimi Pennisula, the beach. So I OP there and start a killing. Those leeches were dying really quick: 1 spell and 2 sword strikes they're dead. I had no competition. The beach was bare except for leeches, crabs and et al. So I got like 2 stacks of blood before my buddy, Ghostdawg, ask me to do the big favor. Yes, you guessed it. To raise his party. I get to Qufim and I find more than his party dead. A whole other party was dead. I raised what I could. Since I really didn't have much to do, I just followed his party around Qufim. I sold my stacks of blood there too. I went afk to eat. I came back no invite. I sit around some more. Killed a Wight to save a party. Then finally, I get a party invite in Whitegate area. I tell Ghost bye and I warp to Whitegate. When I arrive I tell person to invite me. I meet all by the chocobo's in Al Zahbi. We head to Wajoom Woodlands. I am the lowest person there. Level sync was to 56. I'm 53. I complained of course that I hope that I don't get gimped on exp because, I'm going to leave if I am. The SAM assured me I would get proper exp. After first fight without an exp ring on, I got 158 exp. So I didn't leave. I put my anniversary ring on too. However, after the 1st fight, our PLD disconnected. So now we down to 5 of us. So SAM said he knew a tank to contact. So he started contacting people. Then I look at party list and low & behold, I was tagged as lead. WTF? So I now have to look for a rep for PLD. So we continue on as 5 people. We do well. We just can't chain. Within 6 to 10 more fights I level to 54. Yay! I look at the time, I have to leave in like 30 mins so I was looking for a rep for the tank & for me now. I informed the party that I couldn't find a rep for tank yet. And I would have to leave in 15 mins. So the party decided to call it quits after 15 mins. Once the party disbanded, I chocobo'd back to Whitegate and tele'd to Jeuno. Only bad thing is I don't have my hands yet. But since I was in Jeuno, I started LB2 quest. I have to go Xarcabard to kill 3 NM and collect frigicites. I heard I need 3 level 70+ people to help. I'm glad I have Ghost & Inchigo. Now I need to find a 3rd.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

F?????g Imps

Before I get into my blog about those wretched imps. I want to give thanks to a new found fan of my blog.
Phaet, thanks for reading my blog.
I am so happy to find another fan of my writings and my adventures. Now I came home a little late. I got caught up at Borders. Mmmm Books. Anyway, I jumped off topic. I got on the game a bit late. I was just getting on to sell stuff and organize my mog house. I should be doing that in my real life too. I send my friend Oliphant a tell saying hello. I don't see him very often. He asks if I was in middle of something. I told him nothing really. He asked me for help. I said sure. He's helped me many times before. I had to go to Whitegate. I told him it'll take me at least 1/2 hr to get there. He said okay. I pop on the boat in Mhaura, which I almost missed due to fixing macros and talking to friends. I get on boat and fiddle with my macros as I am talking with Oli and Kirinkage. Kirin volunteered to help us. As I am on boat, beseiged is preparing to start. The boat ride itself is like 20 minutes. I get out of ship barely in time to get a chocobo and get into Wajoom Woodlands. Yes! Just barely man. If I stalled by 2 seconds, I would have been caught in beseiged and would have to walk in Wajoom. No not I.
So Oli, Kirin and I are riding our chocobos in Wajoom until we get to a tunnel. I had to give NPC there some coins to get map and entrance to tunnel. Kirin gave me what I needed. He's a nice brother. But he forgot to get some of his own. So Oli and I have to go in tunnel by ourselves. Kirin said there aren't any mobs in the tunnel. So we run thru this golden tunnels. Then I look for the Immortal to trade my supplies to for mercenary quest. Found him and he told me to go away. He didn't take my supplies. The bastard. However, I go to the staging point. I teleport back to Whitegate. I now have Nyzul staging point, but no Mercenary. Kirin met Oli and me there. So he decide we are going to the hard area with the Imps. He said all the other staging points are just as hard, but imp area covers a shorter distance.
Begrudgenly, we go. We board a ship. We end up in Nashroom (or something like that) and then to Caedvra Myre. In Caedvra, the name just suits the place, we have to take head on passing Imps. They have true sight. Well we did well until we got close to the lake that we have to cross to get to stage point. Well Kirin walks right into Imp. He tries to tank it. It silenced him. I tried to cast silena on him. I cured & cured & cured him. He died, then Oli, and the bastard came after me with one sliver of life left. I died in 1.5 hits. Photobucket I get a raise. I heal for a while. I then raised Kirin. I heal some more for MP. I go to raise Oli. A damn element attacked & killed me while I was casting raise on Oli. So that was 2 deaths for me. Now Kirin is still the only one left. The party, the guy who raised me, Gregor, was in called for help. Kirin came to their aid and he died. I'm still dead. I get a raise from Gargenmoose who happen to be there. I heal again. I go to try to get Oli again. God Damn Imp killed me for a 3rd time. Fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I'm dead. Oli's still dead. Gregor is dead. Gargenmoose is gone. Kirin can't raise. Then some guy came and tractored me & Oli. But before he could do that, an Imp killed him, but he had reraise on. Thank goodness. So I got raised again. After weakened I heal me & Oli. Then all 3 of us booked it across the lake. We made sure we didn't touch the water. We finally get to staging point. Yes!!!!
I talk to the Immortal and he took my supplies. But Oli being too quick teleported back to Whitegate without talking to Immortal. After I teleport back and so does Kirin. I have the hardest staging point. Yay. Oli has to go out again. As I was running around Whitegate to finish Mercenary quest, when I get a tell from another character, Phaet. He tells me that he likes my blog. OMG!!!!! Someone other than Ghost & Inchi reads my blog. I am so excited. I get to the chatty mithra and complete mercenary quest. Now I can teleport to Whitegate from San D, Jeuno, and Bastok!!!!
I log off game ecstatic!!!! All in all it was a good night, even with the 3 deaths.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Staves, Boots and Experience - Oh My

Got on to party. I got 2 party invites. I accepted and backed out of the first on because it was a level sync 48 party. I really need to party at my level. Second party was level sync 50; which was my current level. Yay! I asked how many was there and where we were partying. Find out he had 4 out of 6. I asked Ghostdawg if he wanted to party. He said sure. So I told the leader I had a SAM. He said okay cause he just found a COR. We all meet at Garlaige. Leader transferred lead to me. So we in the basement ready to party. What are we waiting for? For the damn COR to pull. She/he (Mithra) wasn't pulling. Then it said "I'm not pulling . Bullets are expensive." WTF!!!!? Then why be a COR? Makes no sense. You are supposed to pull. Well we are at a standstill because no one else has a long ranged weapon. Anywho (I picked up this expression from Ghost, lol) the dumb COR disconnected. Don't know if on purpose and not. I really didn't care. I found a RNG to pull. We started to fight. Within 4 fights, I leveled to 51. Yay! I get to use staves. So I get to putting them in my macros. It's sweet. I have to make a heal macro though. So I can equip my dark staff. You get like quick mp refresh as you heal. After probably 6 more fights, our DRG leaves. Then the PLD leaves, and then the RNG leaves. I understand why RNG leaves, he died twice. I was able to replace all 3. I got Kirinkage as a PLD, a THF and a BLM. The party commences. I notice that BLM (Diccon) is also using the staves. We started a conversation and I got him on my LS. I level to 52 in party. I can wear my AF boots but I didn't have it with me. I leave party soon after turning. I have, I think, 9k to get to 53 and I have like 2k. Diccon gave me a D2. Back in San D, I bump into Vourant and gave him another pearl. I sold stuff. I put on my boots and log off.

Monday, March 16, 2009

In The Company Of Ghost

So since I retired WHM, I am gong ho about leveling RDM. However, I don't get any invites. But I still need to skill up despaerately. My elemental is low and my dark is ridiculously low. I think it's like 30 now. When I started to skill up couple of week it was 9. So I decide to skill up. My road dog. My buddy. My Ghostdawg decides he's going to help me skill up. So we meet in E Altepa by OP. However as I get there, my signet wore off. So I ended up heading back to San D to get signet. I op back. We ran off to Quicksand caves. I don't remember if it was the E Altepa or W Altepa side. Anyway, we started killing beetles. Unfortunately, he aggro'd an antican. Eventually we both died. We hp'd. But I didn't want to go back. Photobucket We ended up duo with lowlevel jobs. Ghost, DNC and me, DRG. I meet up with him in Bastok. We run around Gustaberg and Konschtat killing. I took on a tough who I thought was an even-match. He'll I like having Ember around. She kicks ass. Ghost died because he got a link. His friend, from the other night, came and raised him. We played for a little while longer before I logged out. By end the night I leveled from 9 to 11. And I put my harpoon on auction cause I outgrew it. The next time I go on. Ghost said come duoing with me again with your DRG. I said sure. I changed into DRG and got my signet. Then I remembered I didn't have a spear to use. He said he'll get me one. I said okay and I'll meet him in La#heine. So I call out Ember and kicked ass all the way to LaTheine. I just used my fist. I look so cute punching a gob in the face. I get to LaTheine and meet Ghost. He trades me a spear. Then he sits down and crafts. He made me another spear for a higher level. He's so good to me. We fight around LaTheine for rest of the evening. By end of evening I leveled to 13. Ghost did not die. It was a great time. But then again, I always have a great time. Now I am putting Ember back into hibernation for a while. I want to get my RDM moving.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

It's Retirement Time

I finally finished WHM. Thank goodness. I want to thank all those who spent their time in helping me retire.  WHM has been a bitch to level, but I made it to the end.  Thank you Ghostdawg, Kakida, Kirinkage, Naquel, Kainbelmont, and others I may have forgotten the names. 
I finally made the age in a level sync party in the Dunes. I don't really care how gimped my WHM is. I just need it as a sub.  There was only one death for me. But the party was great. We were pulling 2 mobs at a time. We had a kick ass powerleveler, thanks to Ghostdawg.  It took I believe nearly 1 hour and a half. Yay!.
I bought Tele-Holla scroll.  Couldn't get Mea or Dem.
I go and sell off my clubs. Yay! I sell off what I can that I can't use for SMN.
WHM is done. 

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Alas I Have Not Made Too Much Progress

Okay Okay ... I really haven't blogged in 3 days. But I have been on the game. I have tried to level my WHM some more. I have tried to complete open quests. I have tried to get fame raised with the help of my friend Ghostdawg. Before I go into any of that I have to make an announcement. CONGRATULATIONS INCHIGO BEATING MAAT ON 3/10/09 WITH HIS WAR!!!! BANZAI!! But back to my story. I have partied with Ghostdawg in Qufim level sync'd down to 22. It was an annoying a party. The WAR in the game, level 27, didn't know how to provoke mob away when I accidentally steal hate. I went into the red like 3 times. I did level to 34 in the party. I had to raise WAR twice. I raised someone else too. There was another party in our camp. They got blood aggro'd which in turn had our party wiped out. That means I died. I didn't level down, thank goodness. I got a raise and I raised 2 people. The other party apologized and helped raise my party. At that point I warped and logged. I get back on next day to chat only. I found out that I got another weapon skill for the club: Seraph Strike. I didn't know I had. Must've got it the other night in E Altepa. I immediately get a party in Kazham. We head to Yhoator. After a couple of fights, I get disconnected. WTF!! I get back on. I continue to fight, but I need to log off. I get a replacement on the way. Guess what? I get disconnected again!!!!!!!! I didn't even bother to get back on. I get on another time to kill some stupid quests that I had open. I decided to finish Warding off Vampires Quest. So I head to Davoi to kill Orc Cursemakers for Shaman garlic. I was there probably 30 -45 mins and got the 2 I needed. I give it to guy in North San D. Unbeknownst to me I had a new title. I found out when some character sent me a tell saying please don't slay me. WTF?!?! What was that about? I look at my bazaar comment, then I decided to look at my profile. Low and behold, my new title was "Vampire Hunter D-Minus". I have to walk around with this stupid title, now. I was pissed. I get on again and my friend Ghostdawg sends me a tell asking me to raise him. Lol. I warp all the way to Qufim to raise him. It's the least I can do since he's been helping a lot. I raise him and then a Banshee blood aggro'd him and killed him again. I had to shout for a high level player to kill the Banshee cause it was a decent challenge for me, a 34 WHM. It would've kicked my ass. My mom called me away for a minute and a RDM came and raised him & killed the Banshee. Then he uses flee & leaves me after a high level RDM raised him. He had to run to an avatar battle. So I go and OP back to San D, then Inchigo sends me a tell and asks if I can help his friend with mission 2-3 dragon fight. I said sure. So I take boat to Bastok to meet. We go to Parlborough Mines. When we got in to fight, I totally spaced on the level restriction. I was trying to cast sleep II. It wouldn't work and then I had to search my whole list for sleep I. I got whooped on by the dragon before I found it. I slept him & cured myself. I cast some elementals and dragon woke up & whooped me again. But the guys killed it. It was pretty quick. One of the guys gave me a warp cudgel to get home because I left mine home. That was kind of him. I get home and checked my profile. Yay!! I'm "Dark Dragon Slayer" Now I can level without annoyance.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Boredom Brought On By Desert Heat.

I got on finally to level WHM. As I turn on my seek flag, I get a party. I leave San D to meet members in Jeuno. We head to Weapon's Camp. Camp was full. We go to Garlaige, camps were full. So we head back to Jeuno to be teleported to East Altepa. We get to camp in E Altepa, close to zone. Great idea. So the party line up is as follows 2 NIN, SCH, BRD, WHM, BST. We had a kick ass time because I really didn't have to heal much. I leveled to 32 in an hour. Since I didn't have to heal much, I was seeing if I could raise my divine skills. I cast Banish every chance I get. I also get to do a little enfeebling. Then people started dropping. We lost SCH, NIN, BRD, and BST. I was able to replace the people with SAM (Ghostdawg), THF, DNC (Naquel), BLM. Then some how someone aggro's a Dhalmel. It killed the BLM, SAM & DNC. The rest of us had to zone. The BLM had to leave. So they left. SAM hp'd to Bastok and fell asleep. I went and rose Naquel. He healed. 3-7-09 I was able to replace BLM with a PUP. I leveled to 33 sometime during all the commotion. I was still skilling up my divine. After a while I just got bored. I hate WHM. It's a boring job. So I started to hit the mobs too, instead of sitting back and casting spells. I got bored to a point I told everyone that I had to leave. All in all the following was accomplished: WHM ->33 Divine -> 33 Club ->30 I have 4 more levels until I complete WHM for subjob. I can't hardly wait.

Monday, March 2, 2009

A Temporary Awakening

I get on thinking to do a lot of things but all my boys were off doing things of their own. So I decided to go fish. I had a stack and 8 of bait. I run off to W Ronf to the lake to fish. I used up all my bait. I got one stack of moat carp, 5 rusty buckets, 1 rusty leggings, and 2 monsters. I run back to San D to sell items to NPC and on AH.

What to do?

So I decided to wake Ember from her slumber. I was heading to my mog house to change to DRG when I bumped into Kakida. I asked him to wait for me cause I was going to Latheine myself. My DRG is level 8 but with Ember hitting so hard I figured I was ready. So I changed and met up with Kakida. We ran to W Ronf. On the way, I stopped and got a supply run for Volbow region. So I started killing sheep on the way that checked as decent challenges. I was doing well until I got to another sheep and I almost died. I didn't have enough MP to cast a spell for Ember to heal me. I survived with 10 HP left. Close call. Kakida was killing mobs that were close enough to aggro me. As I was still in W Ronf with Kakida when I got a tell from Ghostdawg telling me that he's ready currently to take me on the supply run to Volbow. So I tell Kakida I had to run. He said no problem. I didn't even have time level. I did get some skill ups. I ran back to San D to change back into my RDM.

I OP to E Altepa and met Ghost there. We go from E Altepa to W Altepa. Some how Ghost lost his chocobo zoning into W Altepa. So he's on foot and I'm staying on my choco. Less chance for me to aggro anything. We get to Kuftal tunnel. We go in. Then Ghost who was ahead of me started back towards me running saying "zone". 2 crabs aggro'd him; a 75 DRG! Then he said, keep me alive. Then he changed mind again and said zone. So we both run to zone. We go back in after resting. I sneak & invis myself. He did the same. I only had to cast 2 or 3 times in tunnels before we were in Cape Terrigan. The OP was very close to the tunnel exit. However, I checked the gob closest to me & it ready incredibly tough, I decided to sneak & invis myself again. I get to OP and give the guy the supplies. Yay!! I got the Volbow region OP. Ghost had to go back to his thing and I warped back to San D.

I pretty much have all OP points now except for 4. 3 of them the game will not allow me to get until my level is high enough. The last is Gustaberg. Damn those Bastokians. Won't let Gustaberg fall to San D's influence. Damn them. One of these days though. I'll be waiting. Anyway, I went to sell more shit that I had. I got 2 house lamps from Doll Event Moogle. Yay! 2 extra storage slots. I go to mog and try to re-organize myself. Got tired of that & I logged off.