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This is my diary of my adventures in Vana'diel. This diary will change as my adventures changes. Sit back, read and enjoy.

All comments, tips and advice will be appreciated


Saturday, September 18, 2010

OMG I'm On A Roll

Friday night I got on game to help Lordkaosu with his mission. While he was getting ready I ran to Kazham to check my fame. I had just gotten Ramuh so I figure I had at least 1 level to go before I can take on Ifrit. I found the fame chic and tested my luck. Holy Shit!!! I can flag the Ifrit fight!!!! I ran to the Taru for fight/quest (it's always a Taru).    
I told my ls that I flagged the quest. So I need to get to LK so I can help him with his mission. Kirinkage had already finished helping him. LK said he'd just come out for the Ifrit fight. Kakida wanted the fight also. So he was to join us. Kakida met up with me first. Then after a while LK logged out. So it left me and Kakida to fight this guy. So we head to Ifrit's Cauldron. We both do not have a map. So after 20 mins of getting lost we called it a night. Kakida had trial stuff and I was tired.   
Saturday afternoon I came home on Saturday to find my bro, Kirinkage partying in Zi'Tah, level 40 something. There were 2 slots available so I asked him if I could join. He said he'd ask. So I ran upstairs to change and start up game. I was RDM from night before so I changed into SMN and op'd to Zi'Tah. I was able to get in the party. There were 2 BLU (Shelf and Shandella), SAM (I think it was Grayghost), WAR (Kirinkage) and myself, SMN. 1slot was left open for Kakida's return (BLU). 
We partied for at least 2 hours there. Lordkaosu had joined us until Kakida returned, but Kirin left instead. As we were partying, I was able to talk a friend from leaving the game. In turn, I ended up setting up a party to go kill Ifrit. I stayed in party for awhile too. I was able to level up to 41.
So after party I suggested we all meet in Port Jeuno so we can take airship to Kazham. Most of them had to flag quest. So I had Vourant (MNK), LK (MNK), Kirin (DRG), myself (RDM). On our way to Kazham, Zannon (WHM) decided to join us. Kirin only came to walk with us thru the Cauldron. So at end we get tele'd to Yhoator; thanks to Zan.
We choco to the Cauldron and head to the Cloister of Flames. Kirin leaves then we enter the fight. Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos The fight went by so quickly. I have such great guys in the game. Really they all are great. I digress. We beat the last record. We are record holders, for at least tonight. I don't know how often people go fight Ifrit. Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos We get tele'd back to Yhoator so we can head back to Kazham and turn in our whispers. I get the ability to summon Ifrit!!! 2 more summons and 6 whispers to go. So I suggested that since we were on the island, if we can go get whisper from Leviathan. They all agreed.
We run to Norg to flag quest again. Vourant couldn't join us. So he waited in party to see what was going to happen next. I got the okay from the rest that we can do Shiva next. So he went to Fei'yin to wait for us. So the rest of us ran to Den if Rancor to the Cloister of Water to fight Leviathan. We took him at his strongest. It was Watersday, lol. We didn't make a record but we fought him quickly.
So this is when things get funny. I had Zan tele-holla us. That way he and LK can go flag quest and I repatriated and op'd to Beaucidine to get to Fei'Yin. I wait with Vou for Zan and LK. When they arrived, we ran to the fight. It was pretty easy. 
So it was time for me to go check my Bastok fame. We were dying to fight another summon. So Zan took us on a shortcut to Bastok thru Altepa. Once there I went to the fame guy. The bastard told me I was only level 4. So now I have to visit that ugly place for 2 levels. I was so bummed, that I decided to call it a night. So I told my friends that I was logging for the night. So we disbanded the party. I warped back to Windy.
Before I logged I decided to log, I changed back to SMN. I ran out to take Ifrit out for a picture opportunity.Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Umm Maat & Life in Vanad'iel

So I walked in the house & my brother is doing Dynamis. They were talking about me and whether I'm still pursuing RDM Maat. My bro told them I gave up on it & trying it with my SMN. They suggested that I level PLD or WHM to 66 to fight Maat since it's very easy. I have 2 summons to get: Titan & Fenrir. I also have to get the Whispers for all non-COP avatars too. I have a long way to go still. I'm only 41. I need 25 more levels on order to attempt Maat. We'll see. I just wanted to put it straight, I am not giving up on RDM Maat. I am still going to try. So don't lose hope for me yet.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Thunder, Thunder, Thunder, Ramuh Hooo!!!

So today I get on to farm some chips for my Windy fame, of course. I had an hour to kill so what the hell. Farming is necessary work.

So I gear up as NIN/DNC. I realize I need Shihei. Explorer moogle is out. So I run to San D because there's always some on AH and I really didn't want to go to Jeuno. I get to San D to find out there was none. A big fat 0! I just wasted my gil sending myself there. Now I have to spend some more to get to Jeuno. Bah... This is killing my time. I get to Jeuno, buy my shihei and ran back to Windy.

I warp op to E Sarta to head onto Giddeus. I farm and get exp at same time. The farming was God awful. For the whole time there I only got 9 chips. I'd had at least 5 to 6 stacks normally. Sucks. I did level to 20. There was at one point I thought I was going to die. I decided to get rid of a Yag that was just standing around. As I was fighting him, not 1 but 3 wasps linked and joined the fight. So I was being hit by 5 mobs (yags elemental) and could not cast Utsusemi. I, at one point, was down to 120 hp. Once the yag died, the fight got easier. I wasn't going down without a fight!!!! I ended up killing them all with my HP at 128. Hot Damn I'm good. I decided to leave Giddeus with my measely 9 chips. I killed some mandys and crawlers on my way to op. I got 2 cornettes and a yag sulfur.

Upon arriving back to Windy, I proceed to turn in my spoils of the night. I decided, hey let me check my fame before I log off. So I ran to the fame taru. She proceeded to inform me that people must be living under a rock if they didn't know who I was. I ran to check what that meant on the nearest computer that was on. Holy shit!! I got level 6!!! I can get Ramuh!!!! I'm excited!!! I run to Mhaura to start the quest before I log.

As I was running I was telling my linkshell and Zannon that I can do the Ramuh fight. Zannon asked if I want to do it then. I said sure. I ran back to Windy to change into RDM. Lugado and Lordkaosu wanted to do fight too. So we all had to meet at Boyhada Tree. Lugado had connection issues and couldn't go any longer. Lordkaosu was starting come then stopped and then came again. So it was just the 3 of us: WAR 85, MNK 75 and RDM 70. We run thru tree to Cloister of Storms. We buff then go in for fight. The fight was easy. Well at least for the 2 dds. I don't dd, but I kept Zannon healed a lot. LK didn't need as much. The fight ended in 3 mins and change. I get my Whisper.

I ran off to Windy then Mhaura to finish quest. I got RAMUH!!!! I run back to Windy and changed into SMN. I had to go bring him out of course.

3 more summons to go: Titan, Ifrit and Fenrir. Hot damn!!!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Ooops... Only an Hour?

So I was sitting around doing nothing on Saturday so I decided to get on the game and do SMN. My bro, Kirinkage, said let's do this. A friend, Lordkaosu, who hasn't gotten on the game in 7 months, said they'll get on to party with me too. So I already have a trio, when I log on.

So I run to turn on my PS3 and load up FFXI. Oops.... I forgot there was an update earlier in the week & I forgot to update. So that took 2 hours, lol.  So I finally get on the game. I'm trying to make a party and go to Crawlers' Nest, but I couldn't make a full party. I did get 2 additional people, Kakida (DNC) and Crim (NIN). Just as we were getting ready, Kirin couldn't play any longer because he had to go to bed for early work next day. So we lost him. That leaves me (SMN) and LK (NIN), Crim and Kakida.

We met up in Altepa and took a page. Then I was reminded by my boyfriend that we are to go out for 10:30 that evening to help a friend. Damn it. That now only leaves us an hour and some minutes to do page. So we got our page and went hunting for the mobs. We were doing well. It's hard finding mobs in Eastern Altepa the goes with the FOV pages. We had a party wipe due to Manticore 2x aggro. We had only  2 mobs left when my friend called and said she was on her way to pick us up.  So I told her to wait for 15 mins. I leveled to 40 without a buffer before I had to log for the night.

That sucked. I was really looking forward to playing. If only I remember about the update.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

One PO'd Elvaan

This weekend's fan fare wasn't great. Even though it was a 3 day weekend I only got on game once. That once was enough to really piss me off. I even missed Dyna on Sunday.

So I get on game to level SMN. I was 6100/6700 to leveling to 40. So I asked around who wanted to join me. The only real taker was Nimotas. We've duo'd before. So we meet in Altepa. We chose page 3 of FOV. We had to kill 5 ants and 7 dhamels. Zannon and myself took on these together by ourselves before with no issue. Nim came WAR/DNC. We started the page. I pull a dhamel. Why did I get aggro'd by a gob that was no where near me. So I died.

We continue on. And the deaths continued. Kirinkage joined us death continued. Nim left death continued. So now I am pissed. So I decided to log with 5500/6700 to level SMN to 40. It was a horrible time on.

Side note: I have tried FFXIV. I am not a fan yet. I can't understand the controls nor the fighting style. Guess I am truly not much of a gamer. They say the controls are similar to other games. Oh well. The game runs better in windowed mode than full screen on our computer. It's pretty. I can give Sqeenix that. BTW, I play a Black Mithra in game, lol with the same name as FFXI. So if you on Besaid server look me up if I'm on.


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Damn It...... Old Man is a Beast

So I finally tried Maat again. This how many tries? Don't know. I just gave up counting a while ago. So it started off well. I got him to, I think, 60% before he resisted both sleeps and bind. So I need to get a new testimony. Bah.

I going to level up SMN. And that what I did. I got Kirinkage to join me. We headed back to the desert. However, upon arriving I got aggro'd by a Manticore and Carby was no where around. He couldn't keep up with me. I ended up being killed by the Manticore while Kirin is fighting for his life from a Gob. He ended up dying too. We just started when all this happened. So we lost our buffs from book. We just ran around killing what we needed. The first page mobs gave shitty exp.

By time we were ready for a second page we were joined by Vourant. He came as MNK/DNC. The second page gave a bit more exp. After page was done we got one last one and then just killed anything around. We stayef away from spiders, gobs, worms, cacti and manticores. That just ledt beetles and anticans. All in all I have 600 points to level to 40.

I want to make a couple of corrections from my last post. The weapon skill I learned was Starburst not Stardust. And I did get the win from Valkrum Dunes. I checked my status today and it said "Valkrum Dunes Interloper". So I have access to Tavnazia. I'll probably not even try for Tav any time soon. I'll let the higher levels have fun.

FFXIV open beta starts tonight. I want to try it. Wish me luck.