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This is my diary of my adventures in Vana'diel. This diary will change as my adventures changes. Sit back, read and enjoy.

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Sunday, December 19, 2010

I'm tired....

So I am at the point where I need to take a break from the game. I will contimue to pay for the service. With my life being so crazy it's hard to get on. I don't want my dyna shell think I'm just ditching them. I'm not. I will miss them. To all my friends on game, I will see you soon. Some time in the new year.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Damn It! Almost Had Him!!!!

So after a long time away from the game, the first thing I do when I get on, fight Maat. I was relaxed and ready. So I run off to see the old man. Everything was working like clockwork. He was staying slept. I even slept his chainspell. I got him down below 50%. Slept him, silenced him and then I put on my Chainspell. Of course he woke up and bind wore off.Then silence did, but I was still nuking him. He had put on a strong poison. So I tried sleeping him but he kept interrupting. So it was down to who was gonna die first! It was me due to poison. I couldn't take an anecdote nor cast a spell. But he was so close to death. I felt cheated. I so felt today was the day. So I was trying to get another testimony in Delkfutt Tower. Friend newly named Aukai (can't tell you his previous name because he'd like to play drama free) came to help. I grabbed a pot. We were going okay until he aggro'd 2 gigas. So in the end I was fighting pot alone and I died. I could've taken the pot if I didn't run out of MP. I had to HP and return. I put on RR and went to raise Aukai. I decided to take on the bats cause I have before. I slept the additional bat. Don't know what's going on but the bats were kicking my ass. They never kick my ass. I died of course. Aukai finished them off. i rested up and pulled another pot. I got the testimony. Thank goodness I didn't have to stay there all day. Then I joined Aukai in Cape Terrigan to do some FOV. I like doing this. I get skill ups and exp. I definitely need the exp before I head to another dynamis. I didn't get to finish page with him. My boyfriend came home and started to distract me, lol.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Brass Ribbons & Robes

I haven't played much in past few weeks. But amazing things happened when I did get on. On way back from a wedding out of state, my brother texted me that Windurst owned the Gustaberg OP. That was amazing.

We got in late Sunday night anyway so I didn't get on. I did get on Monday evening. Getting to Bastok area is not so easy. I ended up OP'ing to the Dunes, walk thru Konschtat to the Dem-Crag and then chocobo to the OP. Nothing else was going on so I just logged off. Darksday was not coming anytime soon.

The next time on, I parteid with Kirinkage (WAR) and Kakida (DRK). I was SMN. I was able to level to 44 in the party. We did 2 FOV pages before I had to go. Beaucedine is a crazy place to level. You are a sitting duck no matter where you are. At least this run we never died.

Today is Sunday and it's dynamis. We are doing Beaucedine. So I get on a bit early to station myself at zone. I checked conquest to see who owned the OP. Holy Shit!!! Windurst owned Ronfaure!!! So I had to get it. This would make doing Campaign easier. So I used my scroll of Retrace toget to San d [S]. I went to guy for evaluation in the city because I wouldn't be able to obtain another scroll. Holy Shit!! I got a new Ribbon. I am now a Brass Ribbon!! I guess the day of Campaigning my bro and I did helped a great deal. I grabbed my scroll and ran off to get my OP. After obtaining it, I went to park myself at Dyna zone. I ended up in a dd party. The run went well. Died only once. I got SMN relic robe too. RDM never dropped. That sucked. It was fun towards the end when everyone was gettong charmed and chasing people around. It was a good time though.

Well onto to my next adventure. Sorry no pics. I've been having difficulty taking screenshots from my laptop in Windowed mode.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Making Myself Better

I haven't written but I have played. Just haven't had time to write. I haven't done a lot of very interesting. I've been doing a lot of small things to better my character. First, I had to change the way I was playing. I originally started this game on a PC. I moved to my PS3 for multiple reasons, but the main one was that I gave my father my PC.

So I've been playing on the PS3 and I've always wondered why I am the one who always get aggro'd. Why is my casting time so slow? Why can't I keep up with the other characters in the game? My questions were answered when I decided to play the game on my boyfriend's PC. The answer... the PS3 loads soooo much slower. Things don't show up until after I am passing, thus my reason why I always get aggro. Main structures are there but the little structures that help you navigate the lands don't show up until I'm right on it. Thus I was always getting lost. Reaction time for me sucked because I didn't see what was happening until it showed up on my screen. This hurt my playing. I didn't realize this over the 2 years that I've been playing on the PS3. This was costing me my Maat fight. So how did I remedy this situation? I bought a laptop!!!!!!! The 1st nonbusiness software I installed was FFXI. In total, it took me 7 hours to update the software. Not bad. I also had to get my macros from the PS3. It didn't transfer well so I have to do it again.

So let's get down to the game playing.

I've been farming items in Bastok region so I can gain Bastok fame for my last city summon, Titan. So I changed to SMN thinking that it would benefit hitting 2 targets at once. That was bad thinking on my end. The mobs died way too fast. So I just killed with my staff. All the while I'm farming this guy named "Ladiesman" was harrassing me to party. He was level 12. I told him I was farming and didn't want to party. He wouldn't take no for an answer. I even told him that if we did he was not going to get exp because I'm at a higher level.

At first I thought this guy was my friend Sbrightblade's mule. He wasn't. I don't know if he was just stupid. I told Kirinkage and Lordkaosu that this guy was harrassing me. I don't know if they said anything to him because he eventually stopped. I did get a lot of items that I still need to turn in.

I haven't done much dynamis lately. However I did do 2 Xarcabard run. The 1st run was pretty good. It was just farming and I got my Relic Hat: Deulist Chapeau. This makes me 3/6 on my relic. I count the belt. Not too many deaths. Our ls leader was not here on this run.

The 2nd run we were getting gear for a buyer and special pieces for people in the ls that needed items for their relic weapon. We died a lot on this run. I got down to 16k of exp.

Started trio with Kirin and LK. I didn't level. But had good time. We tried Beaucedine. We can take mobs there just as easily as Zi'tah. This time was crazy because things kept aggroing us. We died a lot. We just had runs of bad luck. So we were calling it a day when LK aggro'd 2 tigers, then Kirin aggro'd a gob and tiger pair and 2 other gobs joined the party. Needless to say, we had our asses handed to us, lol. Made for an exciting time.

Haven't done campaign in a while. I need the exp from dynamis deaths. It was just me and Kirin. We did a E Ronf [S] fight and this dyde Ferix comes and attacks the mob we were attacking and then stole our union goods. Why did he choose our union? Where did he come from? In my book, he was an asshole. We went to Battalia Downs [S] next. There were only 3 of us there to fight. So why, when battle started, there were 5 people there attacking our mob when there were so many mobs there to attack? This was just not right. We tried to lose them. Didn't happen. We did lose them when we tried to kill the Turket. They did not want to fight that thing, lol. I only got 1 item from union.

Small Things:
I farmed a testimony with LK and Kirin in Delkfutt Tower for RDM. We also leveled our NPCs. Romidiant turned 43 there.

Afterwards we went to help LK with a Windy mission. We had to go to Lily's Tower. He needed a RDM, WHM and BLM. I went WHM since Kirin could only come RDM. We got to door that he needed. I skipped this mission by the way. So we needed to leave but I didn't have warp ready and LK didn't have escape or warp 2. So we decided to walk out. On the way, L aggro'd a ton of mobs. We tried to fight our way until I realised that I had Tele-Holla. I cast that spell and got Kirin and me to Latheine but LK warped himself.

So far things are going well. I did try FFXIV. I don't really like it, so I will be sticking to XI. I don't think many people from my server will be playing XIV.


Sunday, October 3, 2010

Hats Off To Me

I haven't blogged in what seems like 2 weekends. I was supposedly put on a self inflicted punishment in order to get my taxes done. Guess what! They are not done but really need to be and I've played the game, lol.

So last weekend I got on to level my SMN. It was me (SMN), Lordkaosu (NIN) and Kirinkage (WAR) in Zi'Tah. We decided to do a couple of pages. I was designated to pull. I'm pretty good at Carby pulling. This day thus guy named Myce was bring a jerk. He was taking every mob I sent Carby after. He was being a total jerk. So I finally get some mobs. I made a comment about the guy in pty chat and Kirin & LK responded in LS chat. Found out that the jerk is in our dyna shell. We were currently using because our normal one was empty. He made a comment saying he felt left out. I just ignored him.

We continue to exp when I get a tell from Zannon asking me why I didn't invite Myce to my party. I told him he was being a jerk. That's funny tho. He ran to Zannon to try to get into my little party. Anyway towards the end, Kirin fell asleep on us and I was so close to leveling that I invited Myce to the party. I got my 43 and finished playing for the night.

Next time I get on, LK and Kirin were doing pages in Terrigan. Zannon was busy again, so I joined the 2 in Terrigan, level Romidiant and gain some skill ups in the process. We did like to pages from FOV. Romidiant leveled to 42. I thought we continue, but LK wanted to Campaign. So we started to make our way to the past. LK got there first and found out he couldn't participate. So at that note, I decided to just log off.

Tonight I finally got the chance to do dynamis in a while. I've been busy. Tonight's area was Xarcabard. Well at least it was a pretty decent area. I still need Qufim win. So I get to start a DD party. I got Ashpool (WAR) Kakida (WAR), Sabont (THF), Rafbacca (WHM) and Nevaeh (DRG). I disconnected couple of times. Thank you Cablevision. And the RDM hat dropped again. So I just bid to bid not expecting anything. I went about my business as usual. I was raising Frizzlefry when Zannon said I could lot the hat. HOLYSHIT!!!! I got RDM hat. Maat definitely has to die quickly. I now have 3/5 pieces for RDM and that's not counting the RDM belt.The rest of night went like typical dyna fashion; deaths and drops. I had to get off at 10 pm. It was a good time. Hope they go tp Qufim one Sunday that I can make it. All in all, these past 2 weekends were not as action packed as previous, but I got shit done. Not what I wanted, but done.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

OMG I'm On A Roll

Friday night I got on game to help Lordkaosu with his mission. While he was getting ready I ran to Kazham to check my fame. I had just gotten Ramuh so I figure I had at least 1 level to go before I can take on Ifrit. I found the fame chic and tested my luck. Holy Shit!!! I can flag the Ifrit fight!!!! I ran to the Taru for fight/quest (it's always a Taru).    
I told my ls that I flagged the quest. So I need to get to LK so I can help him with his mission. Kirinkage had already finished helping him. LK said he'd just come out for the Ifrit fight. Kakida wanted the fight also. So he was to join us. Kakida met up with me first. Then after a while LK logged out. So it left me and Kakida to fight this guy. So we head to Ifrit's Cauldron. We both do not have a map. So after 20 mins of getting lost we called it a night. Kakida had trial stuff and I was tired.   
Saturday afternoon I came home on Saturday to find my bro, Kirinkage partying in Zi'Tah, level 40 something. There were 2 slots available so I asked him if I could join. He said he'd ask. So I ran upstairs to change and start up game. I was RDM from night before so I changed into SMN and op'd to Zi'Tah. I was able to get in the party. There were 2 BLU (Shelf and Shandella), SAM (I think it was Grayghost), WAR (Kirinkage) and myself, SMN. 1slot was left open for Kakida's return (BLU). 
We partied for at least 2 hours there. Lordkaosu had joined us until Kakida returned, but Kirin left instead. As we were partying, I was able to talk a friend from leaving the game. In turn, I ended up setting up a party to go kill Ifrit. I stayed in party for awhile too. I was able to level up to 41.
So after party I suggested we all meet in Port Jeuno so we can take airship to Kazham. Most of them had to flag quest. So I had Vourant (MNK), LK (MNK), Kirin (DRG), myself (RDM). On our way to Kazham, Zannon (WHM) decided to join us. Kirin only came to walk with us thru the Cauldron. So at end we get tele'd to Yhoator; thanks to Zan.
We choco to the Cauldron and head to the Cloister of Flames. Kirin leaves then we enter the fight. Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos The fight went by so quickly. I have such great guys in the game. Really they all are great. I digress. We beat the last record. We are record holders, for at least tonight. I don't know how often people go fight Ifrit. Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos We get tele'd back to Yhoator so we can head back to Kazham and turn in our whispers. I get the ability to summon Ifrit!!! 2 more summons and 6 whispers to go. So I suggested that since we were on the island, if we can go get whisper from Leviathan. They all agreed.
We run to Norg to flag quest again. Vourant couldn't join us. So he waited in party to see what was going to happen next. I got the okay from the rest that we can do Shiva next. So he went to Fei'yin to wait for us. So the rest of us ran to Den if Rancor to the Cloister of Water to fight Leviathan. We took him at his strongest. It was Watersday, lol. We didn't make a record but we fought him quickly.
So this is when things get funny. I had Zan tele-holla us. That way he and LK can go flag quest and I repatriated and op'd to Beaucidine to get to Fei'Yin. I wait with Vou for Zan and LK. When they arrived, we ran to the fight. It was pretty easy. 
So it was time for me to go check my Bastok fame. We were dying to fight another summon. So Zan took us on a shortcut to Bastok thru Altepa. Once there I went to the fame guy. The bastard told me I was only level 4. So now I have to visit that ugly place for 2 levels. I was so bummed, that I decided to call it a night. So I told my friends that I was logging for the night. So we disbanded the party. I warped back to Windy.
Before I logged I decided to log, I changed back to SMN. I ran out to take Ifrit out for a picture opportunity.Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Umm Maat & Life in Vanad'iel

So I walked in the house & my brother is doing Dynamis. They were talking about me and whether I'm still pursuing RDM Maat. My bro told them I gave up on it & trying it with my SMN. They suggested that I level PLD or WHM to 66 to fight Maat since it's very easy. I have 2 summons to get: Titan & Fenrir. I also have to get the Whispers for all non-COP avatars too. I have a long way to go still. I'm only 41. I need 25 more levels on order to attempt Maat. We'll see. I just wanted to put it straight, I am not giving up on RDM Maat. I am still going to try. So don't lose hope for me yet.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Thunder, Thunder, Thunder, Ramuh Hooo!!!

So today I get on to farm some chips for my Windy fame, of course. I had an hour to kill so what the hell. Farming is necessary work.

So I gear up as NIN/DNC. I realize I need Shihei. Explorer moogle is out. So I run to San D because there's always some on AH and I really didn't want to go to Jeuno. I get to San D to find out there was none. A big fat 0! I just wasted my gil sending myself there. Now I have to spend some more to get to Jeuno. Bah... This is killing my time. I get to Jeuno, buy my shihei and ran back to Windy.

I warp op to E Sarta to head onto Giddeus. I farm and get exp at same time. The farming was God awful. For the whole time there I only got 9 chips. I'd had at least 5 to 6 stacks normally. Sucks. I did level to 20. There was at one point I thought I was going to die. I decided to get rid of a Yag that was just standing around. As I was fighting him, not 1 but 3 wasps linked and joined the fight. So I was being hit by 5 mobs (yags elemental) and could not cast Utsusemi. I, at one point, was down to 120 hp. Once the yag died, the fight got easier. I wasn't going down without a fight!!!! I ended up killing them all with my HP at 128. Hot Damn I'm good. I decided to leave Giddeus with my measely 9 chips. I killed some mandys and crawlers on my way to op. I got 2 cornettes and a yag sulfur.

Upon arriving back to Windy, I proceed to turn in my spoils of the night. I decided, hey let me check my fame before I log off. So I ran to the fame taru. She proceeded to inform me that people must be living under a rock if they didn't know who I was. I ran to check what that meant on the nearest computer that was on. Holy shit!! I got level 6!!! I can get Ramuh!!!! I'm excited!!! I run to Mhaura to start the quest before I log.

As I was running I was telling my linkshell and Zannon that I can do the Ramuh fight. Zannon asked if I want to do it then. I said sure. I ran back to Windy to change into RDM. Lugado and Lordkaosu wanted to do fight too. So we all had to meet at Boyhada Tree. Lugado had connection issues and couldn't go any longer. Lordkaosu was starting come then stopped and then came again. So it was just the 3 of us: WAR 85, MNK 75 and RDM 70. We run thru tree to Cloister of Storms. We buff then go in for fight. The fight was easy. Well at least for the 2 dds. I don't dd, but I kept Zannon healed a lot. LK didn't need as much. The fight ended in 3 mins and change. I get my Whisper.

I ran off to Windy then Mhaura to finish quest. I got RAMUH!!!! I run back to Windy and changed into SMN. I had to go bring him out of course.

3 more summons to go: Titan, Ifrit and Fenrir. Hot damn!!!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Ooops... Only an Hour?

So I was sitting around doing nothing on Saturday so I decided to get on the game and do SMN. My bro, Kirinkage, said let's do this. A friend, Lordkaosu, who hasn't gotten on the game in 7 months, said they'll get on to party with me too. So I already have a trio, when I log on.

So I run to turn on my PS3 and load up FFXI. Oops.... I forgot there was an update earlier in the week & I forgot to update. So that took 2 hours, lol.  So I finally get on the game. I'm trying to make a party and go to Crawlers' Nest, but I couldn't make a full party. I did get 2 additional people, Kakida (DNC) and Crim (NIN). Just as we were getting ready, Kirin couldn't play any longer because he had to go to bed for early work next day. So we lost him. That leaves me (SMN) and LK (NIN), Crim and Kakida.

We met up in Altepa and took a page. Then I was reminded by my boyfriend that we are to go out for 10:30 that evening to help a friend. Damn it. That now only leaves us an hour and some minutes to do page. So we got our page and went hunting for the mobs. We were doing well. It's hard finding mobs in Eastern Altepa the goes with the FOV pages. We had a party wipe due to Manticore 2x aggro. We had only  2 mobs left when my friend called and said she was on her way to pick us up.  So I told her to wait for 15 mins. I leveled to 40 without a buffer before I had to log for the night.

That sucked. I was really looking forward to playing. If only I remember about the update.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

One PO'd Elvaan

This weekend's fan fare wasn't great. Even though it was a 3 day weekend I only got on game once. That once was enough to really piss me off. I even missed Dyna on Sunday.

So I get on game to level SMN. I was 6100/6700 to leveling to 40. So I asked around who wanted to join me. The only real taker was Nimotas. We've duo'd before. So we meet in Altepa. We chose page 3 of FOV. We had to kill 5 ants and 7 dhamels. Zannon and myself took on these together by ourselves before with no issue. Nim came WAR/DNC. We started the page. I pull a dhamel. Why did I get aggro'd by a gob that was no where near me. So I died.

We continue on. And the deaths continued. Kirinkage joined us death continued. Nim left death continued. So now I am pissed. So I decided to log with 5500/6700 to level SMN to 40. It was a horrible time on.

Side note: I have tried FFXIV. I am not a fan yet. I can't understand the controls nor the fighting style. Guess I am truly not much of a gamer. They say the controls are similar to other games. Oh well. The game runs better in windowed mode than full screen on our computer. It's pretty. I can give Sqeenix that. BTW, I play a Black Mithra in game, lol with the same name as FFXI. So if you on Besaid server look me up if I'm on.


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Damn It...... Old Man is a Beast

So I finally tried Maat again. This how many tries? Don't know. I just gave up counting a while ago. So it started off well. I got him to, I think, 60% before he resisted both sleeps and bind. So I need to get a new testimony. Bah.

I going to level up SMN. And that what I did. I got Kirinkage to join me. We headed back to the desert. However, upon arriving I got aggro'd by a Manticore and Carby was no where around. He couldn't keep up with me. I ended up being killed by the Manticore while Kirin is fighting for his life from a Gob. He ended up dying too. We just started when all this happened. So we lost our buffs from book. We just ran around killing what we needed. The first page mobs gave shitty exp.

By time we were ready for a second page we were joined by Vourant. He came as MNK/DNC. The second page gave a bit more exp. After page was done we got one last one and then just killed anything around. We stayef away from spiders, gobs, worms, cacti and manticores. That just ledt beetles and anticans. All in all I have 600 points to level to 40.

I want to make a couple of corrections from my last post. The weapon skill I learned was Starburst not Stardust. And I did get the win from Valkrum Dunes. I checked my status today and it said "Valkrum Dunes Interloper". So I have access to Tavnazia. I'll probably not even try for Tav any time soon. I'll let the higher levels have fun.

FFXIV open beta starts tonight. I want to try it. Wish me luck.

Monday, August 30, 2010

If I Can Exp, Anti-can

Hello All. Haven't spoken to you in a few. I've been a very busy woman!! I didn't even have a chance to post my dynamis mistrial last weekend. A lot of good things have been happening for me lately unrelated to the game. But I apologize for the interruption.............. I seem to be apologizing a lot. On with my debriefing.

Last week, dyna ls went to Qufim. It's the last zone I needed win for before Tavnazia. I logged onto game and was ready to go. We enter zone, to find out that I don't have access to my subjob. That means no reraise until someone finds the ???. Lucky I had my rr earring on me. Guess what happened next?!? My doorbell rang. It was my sister. I couldn't just shoo her away. So I had my brother play my character. Unfortunately under his helm I died twice. Having to juggle game and my sister, I just logged off. So I didn't get the win. Next time I guess.

I haven't been on since until today. I get on to level my SMN some more. My bro Kirinkage is now back to the game. So Zannon was not available to duo yet. I was going to farm instead. I then realized Kirin wanted to join in so I changed to SMN to duo together in Sauromogue Champaign while we wait for Zannon, if he ever comes.

Just as I make it to Jeuno, Zannon was ready to join us. So we all are geared to fight. Zannon suggested we go Eastern Altepa and FOV, page 3. So we op there. We had to kill Anticans and Dhamels. On our way, I aggro'd a gob and Carby saved my butt. We find what we were looking for.

We finish the first page with a banger. We tried an IT mob with just the 3 of us. We survived luckily. By time we were ready for another page, Nutbutter came out to join us. He came DNC. I didn't have to do much healing. I fought alongside everyone. I got a lot of skill ups, learned a new weapon skill, Stardust, at it.
By nights end for me, I leveled to 39. My summoning magic went from 84 to 87. My staff skill went from 92 to 108. That was frickin' awesome. Just wish summoning magic would raise that fast. We also complwmeted 3 FOV pages. It was a great night.

I am going to try the FFXIV open beta in next couple of days. I will try to keep my name. We'll see how that works. I'll tell y'all how it goes. If I do continue to play 14, then I will create a separate blog, I think. I may not want to keep up both. So stay tuned for more.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

What I am not.

This post is great. What I like is that she has the same belief I do. Read it.


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Tigerkirara bka TK

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Play Both FINAL FANTASY XI and FINAL FANTASY XIV, Receive Perks! (08/17/2010)

With FINAL FANTASY XIV's scheduled release date of September 30th (September 22nd for the Collector's Edition) rapidly approaching, a host of special deals are in the works for players who elect to pursue adventure in both Vana'diel and Eorzea.

Players who maintain subscriptions to both FINAL FANTASY XI and FINAL FANTASY XIV will be eligible for such perks as significantly discounted FINAL FANTASY XI monthly service fees, a bonus FINAL FANTASY XIV in-game item, and the ability to transfer their FINAL FANTASY XI character name to FINAL FANTASY XIV.

Check out the details!


Sunday, August 15, 2010

Aging Well in The Dunes

This weekend I was able to get on twice this weekend. Better than I thought with all the work I have to do. Can you believe this year I've been so busy that I haven't done my taxes yet? I have a week and a half to get it done and post marked. Wish me luck!!!! Anyway, I digress. I'll break down this weekend into 2 parts.

Part One: Friday

I get on to do Zannon's and my static of getting our jobs to 80 (SMN and PLD). He was busy at first so I went to sell stuff, buy stuff, you know... Run errands. Within 10 mins he was ready. I wasn't, lol. I was still fiddling on the AH.

Anyway, we meet up. We were going to do weapons in Saraumogue Champaign (however you spell it). We had the following w/ people:
- Zannon PLD
- me SMN
- Cyricbellheart BLM
- Nutbutter RNG
- Xani BLU
- DRK (don't remember person's name)

The party was ok. I got to try out Diabolos. I tried to curse and nightmare he mobs. Some got thru without the ability being stunned by the mob. I did get a lot of summoning magic skill ups. After a while we decided to change venur to Garlaige Shitadel. The party broke after that. I did get one level in the party.

Zan and I then decided to duo in Yhutunga Jungle. We took airship there. We ended up doing a couple of FOV pages before Zan had to go do Behemoth.
7-11-10 7
Boy the life of a high level player. Duoing I was able to use my staff. I got some staff skill ups too.

I want to get all weapon skills for the staff. One of the later one gives you back MP!!!! I'm going to be a fighting SMN, lol, if anyone wants me. Overall exp'g with Zan is a lot of fun when he doesn't take off on me.

Part Two: Sunday

I get on couple ours before dynamis to farm beehive chips to get fame. Zannon said he'd help when he was done. So I changed to my NIN so i can exp and farm at the same time. I head to Giddues to farm. I found Arison in the area waiting for an NM. He helped keep the area clear of yags while I was killing Wasps.

Zannon came as Arison was leaving. He gave me some chips too. Zan was handling the lower areas while I stayed ontop. It was getting hard to get the wasps when all the yags came back. They came back with a vengence too. Finally it became too dangerous so I dropped below. I told Zan I'd meet him in Windy, but he was near me. He traded me the chips he got for the honey i got. In the end I had 7 stacks and 7/12 of chips.

I went to trade in the chips in Windy Woods and received that stupid make up title. When I was done, I went to check my fame. Only level 5. I just moved up one level. *sigh* I really don't like Windy. San D, Selbina and Norg fame wasn't so miserable to get. So I went to station myself in the Dunes for dynamis tonight. I went and had dinner.

This is my first time doing this zone. It will also be a very memorable one too. Here's a bullett synopsis.
- enter zone, get cutscene
- system froze when downloading, restart PS3
- got in zone after i come back
- lag tastic S=69 R=4308
- no movement or spell casting
- screen goes black, kicked out
- restart PS3
- return get back in party
- run to find group
- found them, get couple spells off
- screen goes black, kicked out
- restart PS3
- get back in party and find group
- couple spells, black screen
- restart PS3
- get back in, try to find party at Selbina
- die 2 times on way to group
- click ??? when raised
- got win
- i stay far from pack, doing fine
- cast when i can
- we get kicked out zone due to time ran out

I really don't know what to say besides being pissed about lag and kicks. No gear dropped that I wanted. Still sitting at 60 points. Now all zones I need to beat are Qufim and Tavnazia.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Winner of Dreams

So I get on to try Diabolos Prime fight again. I really want a new avatar for SMN.  This one allows me to have minimal amount of fame in Windy & have COP 4-1 done.  So this would be my 3rd or 4th time trying for this fight.  I have Frizzlefry BLM & Zannon WAR already lined up. So I searched for others. I end up getting Nimotas DRG, Cherub SMN & Sadirah RDM/DRK (for chainspell stun).  So this is how it went down....

1st Attempt - Died when Diabolos @ 3%
      Get in, kick ass, Sadirah chainspell went off, but the stun didn't go off.  So chainspell was wasted and he nightmared and wiped us.

2nd Attempt - Died when Diabolos @ 90%
     Get in, 2 hits, he casts nightmare, he kills us all.

3rd Attempt ...
      Get in, stunning, no nightmare, was casting cure couple times, then tried to cast Cursna on Zannon but the spell wouldn't cast, WTF!!! OMF'inG DIABOLOS IS DEAD!!!!! We beat Diabolos. I can't believe it.

After the fight, I asked Frizzle to D2 me & he can nexus cape to me. I ran to Windy Waters to find Kerutoto so I can get my crystal to summon Diabolos. Nexus Cape works fast!!! As I was running a little teeny Taru ran by me. It was Frizzle. So I see Kerutoto and get the ability to summon Diabolos.

I ran back to my mog house to change into SMN to try him out.  I was nearly out of my seat with excitement. I can cast Nightmare & Comadisode (however you spell it). Hot stuff. I took a pic of course.

So after I tried out Diabolos, I had to change back to RDM for dynamis. We were doing Bastok tonight.  I was in tank party again. This time we didn't have a BRD. Just another RDM. But Zannon was in my party as WHM tho. He gave me devotion which was great, but MP didn't get back as fast as with BRD, lol.  I was hoping that THF, NIN or SMN gear would drop but none dropped while I was there. THF did after I left. Just my luck.  I died once due to, I have no idea.

I had a pretty good game day. Only wish I was able to tackle the old man.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Summonig Powers... Activate

Hello I'm back from vacation. & what a vacation it was!!!!!

So I got back to on game today to do an hour or so of  leveling SMN with Zannon. We end up getting Frizzlefry, Rethem, Rafbacca and a girl from our Dyna shell named Primeria. So it was the following jobs: SMN, PLD, RNG, SAM, BRD, and RDM. So we partied in Yhoator Jungle. I have only partied there once before at this level.

So we partied well. I send out Carby to help fight. Every now & then I'd bring out Shiva to give everyone Ice Spikes. But I gave Shining Ruby more. My summoning skills were raising during party which was great. It's a hard skill to raise. I need more MP tho. And the rest of my avatars too. Another party decided to camp ontop of us too. That was a sour part of the party. Overall the party experience was great. I leveled twice. Within 2 hours. 3/4ths of the time I did not have my experience ring on. I used it towards the end of of the run. I forgot about it until then. 

The rest of the guys had Nyzul so the party broke.

Monday, July 19, 2010

SMN BRD RDM Oh My. I'm Excitez

So today's dynamis. We are doing Jeuno again. I don't remember if I got my gear from here. I have the tights but don't know if boots drop here. Oh well. I arrive to Jeuno and was placed in the tank party with Zannon. :) I then ran off to take a quick shower because I had just gotten back from the beach.

Upon my return I got a tell from Inchigo. Haven't seen him on game in a long time. He told he partied with Titen and Naquel earlier. Then he said he didn't have a linkshell. Told him to run here to Jeuno so I can give him a pearl. He made it just in time I was about to head into the dynamis zone.

So once in we start killing as usual. And a lot of gear drops were going free lot. I was thinking of either leveling THF or NIN as my high level dd/support job. So I bid on the THF boots and won it with a lot of 982! Wow! Never get lots that big. NIN stuff dropped but it wasn't free lot so I didn't bother bid. A Relic Staff dropped too and I won the lot wih a whopping 930 points again!!! That is just crazy!! Just wished RDM/SMN gear dropped but they never did. :(

What was really exciting for me was having BRD refresh ontop of my own refresh my mp recovery was 6mp/tick. That's pretty fast. I also didn't have to put on many buffs because SMN was putting on Stoneskin, Phalanx, Blink and other stat boosts. I was in mage heaven.

I died once when someone attacked a SMN mob when no one was ready and it astral flowed and we all hit the ground. Other than that the run was good. We got he win for those who needed it. Only thing that could've made the run better would've been RDM gear drop and I got the piece.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Prime Failure


I missed Darksday while I was still traveling home so that means that I can't do my Maat fight. So I decided to kill 2 birds with one stone. I will level NIN while hunting Beehive Chips. Sounds like a good plan!
I log on and change to NIN and run off to Giddeus. I start killing bees and wasn't getting any drops. So I decide to go to the middle top area. There are a lot of bees there. I had to fight some yagudos on the way. It's experience. What I found in the middle wasn't so nice. There's this level 77 WAR who is also after bees. Just my luck. So I found me a little spot. My NIN is a lot tougher than I expected. I got linked bees the first time and I took them both down. However, things were slow going because of that WAR.

So My friend Ryuhlu was coming to meet me to get a pearl for the linkshell. So I convinced him to stay and sync to me. We just started killing both bees and yags. Then I grabbed a priest yag who I forgot to check. It was a tough. Needless to say we both died but we gave a good fight. We got him to less than 10% but he healed himself. The idiot. I 2 hr'd. That consists of me blowing myself up like a gob. We had to hp because Ibdidn't have reraise up at all.

I understood why Ryu didn't want to come back to Giddeus. I after all got him killed. But he did want to get into stuff. So he was going to help me with getting Windy missions up but I wanted to to do Diabolos prime. At first we didn't have any takers. So I was going to start the cutscenes for mission 6-1. As I was running off, Crim said he wanted to do Diabolos fight. So we changed plans. I ran off to Tavnazia to finish cutscenes for COP4-1 so I could have access to prime fight.

So I met up with Crim, Ryuhlu and Houshisama at Beaucedine. We run thru Pso'xia (however you spell it) to the Shrouded Maw for fight. We fought him 3 times on Lightningsday and once on Lightsday. Nightmare kept goin off and Sleepgas to. I was asleep most of the fights. There was one time we could've had him but he spammed Nightmare. We decided to try again Saturday night.


After a long day at the beauty parlor I came home and got on the game since I promised to do the Diabolos fight again and maybe Maat fight. When I got on Darksday was just ending so Maat has to wait. I tell Crim that I'm on and ready whenever he is. He was heading to a party with Solesiren. I said no problem I could wait. Sole said they could the party after he Diabolos fight. So we have Frizzlefry BLM, Crim DRK, Solesiren WHM, Zannon WAR and me RDM.

We all meet up in Beaucedine and head for the fight. We tried twice. The 1st time I accidentally ran off the ledge thinking I was canceling autorun. That was totally my fault. No one was ready. That was a really crazy accidental move I've made in a while. The 2nd try we were killing him but he did a back to back Nightmare when he was so low on energy. In turn he kicked the dd's asses because us mages were put to sleep. Then we died.

Diabolos is a lot harder than expected. I will get him sooner or later.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Dynamis Lord Down... Bah

It is has come to once a week that I am playing. So I get on yesterday afte a disagreement with my mother. So I wasn't in the best of moods. I certainly didn't want to fight Maat. Just wasn't in me. So I decided to level NIN.

I throw in linkshell to see if anyone wanted to duo with me. Then I was rudely disconnected from game. I got back on and Naquel and Zannon both decided to join me. Naq was coming SAM and Zan was coming WAR. I had to buy gear first. I can't be level 17 using level 7 and 11 gear and weapons. I bought the Bone Set off of AH in Jeuno. As I was making last purchase I disconnected again.

I go back to Windurst to change when I got back on. I meet Zan and Naq at OP in the Dunes. I'm glad Naq is back in our linkshell. He makes it livelier. He's over all his drama. So we get our buffs and pages. I set forth to fight. The first mob we chose was a fly. We are near killing the fly when, guess what? I frickin' disconnect again!
7-11-10 1
I get back on and meet the guys at the oasis. We start killing again. So far we are doing well. We nearly slaughter every fly and crab in the vicinity. We get another page. Just as I was about to get some buffs, I disconnect again. If this happens again I am not doing dynamis later.

I get back and get to crackin'. I leveled to 19 by time we were done. I gained 2 levels. I luv both Zannon and Naquel. They are always down for whatever. Zannon is so supportive. He always asks me how my Maat fights going and gives me words of encouragement. He's sweet. He asked me when I go to test farming to let him know because he wants to help me.

So we run to Selbina to change to our jobs for dynamis. We are doing Xarcabard tonight. They want to try the Dynamis Lord again. So Zan teleported us to Xarc. I didn't have to worry about party since I was still in Zan's party. However I was still pulled out and put into Crazyone's party.
7-11-10 2
7-11-10 3
After like an hour, we head inside the zone. We go thru the zone taking out the 15 NM's, the dragons, then Ying and Yang. At this point, Crazy sends folks to job change for the big fight. The peeps come back and Crazy kicks me out of party to get bard songs. He never put me back in party when the big fight happens.
7-11-10 4
So I left my flag up. I was a bit pissed off at this point. I just didn't bother heal anyone nor did I buff anyone. I just pretended I was fighting the dynamis lord alone. We ended up taking him down and getting the win.
7-11-10 5
7-11-10 6
7-11-10 7
I am still partyless. They want to take pics and shit. As you can tell, I'm still a bit pissy. Then Crazy was like oh yeah, I'm gonna get you in party now. So they want my help to farm but not to fight the big guy. F'k that. I was just too pissy by then that I had to leave. Not because it was time for me to get ready for bed but because I was too thru with the whole situation. Oh well. I got the win. Everyone was excited but me. I'm just that Redheaded stepchild that noone wants tonight.
7-11-10 8

Sunday, July 4, 2010

That God Damned Old Man

So I get on to get supplies & wait for Darksday to fight that old man. It was Watersday when I logged on.  I have 3 Vana'diel days to go before Darksday.  So I logged on as Tigerleigh, first. I wanted to get a level and some more gil for her to start crafting.  I got her to level 6 before I switched to TK.

So I run to Jeuno to buy supplies, sell stuff, and get finish off the latest Gobbiebag quest I had open. I ended up with 70 slots in my inventory now.  2 more Gobbiebag quests to go to get 80 slots.  So I still have a lot of time to kill.

I decide to FOV in Battalia Downs with my SMN.  So I chose the 1st page. I start off w/ 3100/6k of exp. I had to kill saplings and flies. I find the saplings easily. The flies were giving a warm time.  I couldn't find one to save my life. I brought out Romidiant to help me fight decent challenges and even matches as I searched for the damn flies.  I finally found them in a dangerous area where there were tons of gobs and tigers around. I finally finished my page and didn't even notice it. So I ran back to Jeuno with only 400 exp to level. I could've just finished off the level, but I was hungry. So I went to mog house and changed back to RDM and sat myself next to the old man to wait for Darksday.

I come back to see Arison. I haven't seen him since ClanBelmont broke up. I gave him a pearl & one for Arisonsbaby for NPF. So just the beginning of Darksday and I entered the fight. He resisted all sleep and Asurian fisted me to the face. So I gathered my friend Rum to help me get a new testimony in Delkfutt Tower. On the first pot, the testimony dropped. So I ran to try that old man again since it was still Darksday. I enter again. I am doing very well even though I almost died, but managed to save my ass.  Then when I got him to below 50% he chainspelled  & he resisted both sleep 1 & 2. So I ended up face up again. I need a new testimony.

I am growing tired of this old man. I was so annoyed, that I logged off the game. I was supposed to duo with Syl but I was in a rotten mood, so I logged off.  So that was my adventure.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Rank 5 B***hes

So this is not your ordinary post. This post is to show my awesomeness. You can't top me!!! Lol.

I kid I kid. I joke I joke.

Well I haven't been on game since dyna Buburimu. So I mentioned to my bro that I wonder when they going to announce the winners for the Mog Bonanza. He said they've been out for a while. I asked him why he didn't tell me. He said he assumed I knew. He has to remember, I haven't been on game in like forever!!!

So I ran to get on game before I lose my chance to trade in my marbles. I take the long walk in Port Windy to the Bonanza Moogle. I found him.  I trade all 5 marbles to him.

Boo Yah!!!! Rank 5 WINNER on 1 marble.  So what to choose? It definitely had to be a statue. The rest were items that I don't use or don't want.  So there were the following statues:
  • Fafnir
  • Alexander
  • Shadow Lord
  • Adamantoise
  • Behemoth
Which did I pick? Who would play to my personality and decor? Can you guess?

I chose Fafnir!! It gave 4 Storage spaces too.


I like dragons too. This was my very first time winning a bonanza on this game.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Diabolical Buburimu

So it's been a while again that I've been on the game. However, I've been on since my last post, basically like 4 hrs in total. I mostly farmed & helped a friend. Nothing major.

So I decide to get on today to see if I can do Maat and if I can get COP 3-5 done. I couldn't do dynamis if I didn't beat 3-5 anyway. Tonight was Buburimu. 

I get on and Darksday was just ending. Damn it. So I started farming. I went to Giddeus to farm. As I was farming I was discussing with my linkshell, NPF, that I need to get 3-5 done and if anyone wants to help me. Zannon, DRG and  Solesiren, WHM said they'll help immediately. These 2 are down for everything. Then Frizzlefry said he'll come as DRK. Woot now there's 4 of us, now I need to coax 2 other people. So I was able to get Rethem, DRK and Vourant WAR.  So we were to meet in 30 mins.

I decided to finish things up in Giddeus and go post myself at place in Beaucidine. I had to do some work. I only sat there for probably 20 mins before people started to show up. Zannon and Vourant showed up first. Both of them are dying for me to beat the old man that they gave me stuff to help with the fight. They are so sweet. So we waited for the rest of the folks. When everyone arrived we ran in.

There were some logistical issues. We all got lost besides Frizz and Zannon. I was the 3rd person to find the spot without aggro. Sole, Vourant, Reth were still lost. Sole got aggro. Frizz went back to find them. Vourant made it to us. Rethem then went to help Sole out. Frizz & Reth died. They hp'd and came back. Then Reth made it to us & Frizz got lost. LMAO!!!!! So we are together again and before I clicked the burning circle Frizz & Rethem clicked and entered the Waking Dreams  fight which was the prime avatar battle. So they both were a wrap. So they hp'd & came back. So I told them to wait until I click it.  So I click and entered and got my cutscene. When the cs was done we went to the fight. We killed it in the 1st attempt. No one fell nor did they die. Woot!!!!! I can now go to Outland dynamis!!!! Yay!!

I thanked everyone for their help. Frizz says he's not going to this fight ever again. I don't blame him, even though he kicked ass.  I went to finish this mission in Jeuno. I then went to station myself in Buburimu for dynamis later that evening.

I come back to the game in time for dynamis. I was sitting next to Rethem.
6-20-10 2
I ended being in the pulling team with a little bit of damage dealers. So I followed peeps to our first camp where we got the win.
6-20-10 1
After getting the win, we took on nightmare crabs. There I died my first time. Then we tried nightmare efts next. Then we tried the nightmare rerab. One of those wiped the whole team, lol. We were not on our game at that point. So that was my 2nd death.  We left the to try the nightmare  crow. That was a wipe too when 24 crows came a calling. That was death 3. When we rose we took on the nightmare crawlers. Those were pretty easy. We knocked them out and got drops as we were running out of time. We got 4 gear in less than 10 mins. Good times.

Tomorrow is the long awaited update. Level cap increases to 80.

Friday, June 11, 2010

One More Lesson Learned

 I forgot to mention one more thing that I forgot to mention in my last post. I'm quite besides myself as to why I forgot to mention this. It was by far the most interesting thing that happened that weekend.

This takes place when I was leveling NPC with Nimotas and Vourant in Cape Terrigan. Both Nim and Vou had to go AFK, but Frizzlefry came to give Vourant a pearl for our dynamis LS. So I went to get Frizz to show him where we were. Well of course things didn't run smoothly. I got aggro'd by a crab. I normally can't take crabs by myself, but I tried. I hoped that one of my party members came back in time. If not I could call for help. So I took on the crab.

When he attacked I didn't have any buffs on. My reraise had worn off. I was able to put rr on and stoneskin while fighting. It was a slow fight, but I was taking him down. If it was the new sword I don't know. I was on a roll and I had a lot of mp to cure myself and refresh my buffs. I got this crab down to less than 10% when the worst thing happened!!!! Can you guess what it was? Well herr it is. Nimotas came back from being AFK and came and killed it with one swing. He did it so fast I couldn't scream "Do not help me." Darn it!

That was exciting for me. That crab read Tough for me!!!! I was not even /NIN!!!!!!!! I was kicking ass /WHM!!!! For those that said RDM/WHM, can't melee too much, after that fight, I'd give them the finger!!!  They say RDM/NIN is impossible to gage well RDM/WHM is kick ass!!! I'm so proud of myself!!!!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

To Learning New Things

Nothing spectacular happened this weekend. It was just average.

On saturday I logged on to continue to farm beehive chips for Windy fame. So I immediately ran off to Giddeus. I start killing bees but with very little reward. I realized that I forgot to sub THF. So I warped back to Windy to change. Now that I changed, drops were coming. As I was farming Nimotas asked if I could help with Charby. I told him yes since he had helped me with mine. I told him to let me know the closer the window was. So I continue to farm until I was bored. I made 2 stacks of beehive chips and a good amount of honey for Kakida. He makes me echo drops so it's a win win solution.

So i ran off to Sea Serpent Grotto to meet up with Nimotas and Rum. We were the first people to arrive. After half an hour another party came. So it was down to who claimed Charby first. The other team did. But they successfully wiped leaving Charby to us. Unfortunately they didn't damage him too much. Then we wiped. The other party reclaimed and got him. We never get  Charby on first try. We always wipe. So I warped and logged off game.

Sunday, I got on with Tigerleigh first. I did one page of FOV. I am trying to get her to use her own gil to farm with and not the gil TK sends to her to hold. So I got her to level 5. So she has some gil now to start the crafting. I then switch to TK. I get on and sell stuff from my inventory from Sat. I finally reached fame level 4. So whenever we do COP 3-5 we can immediately take care of the diabolos avatar battle too. Yay!! So then I decide to FOV by myself in the Jeuno area on SMN. I op to Qufim. I decided to FOV there. I was originally going for Battalia Downs. So I grab a page and sat and healed. Then Nimotas showed up. So I got him to duo with me. Unfortunately he died twice. So he suggested we FOV in Cape Terrigan and level our NPC. So I had a tactics pearl to burn and I just received a new quest for another one earlier when I summoned Romi. 

So we meet up in Terrigan and chose a page to go and do. Att he beginning of this run, Romidiant was level 37. I used my signal pearl and all 4 charges on my tactics pearl. At the end of the night Romi was level 40. During our run, I added Vourant to he party. All 3 of us were leveling our NPCs.
I gave Vou a pearl for the new ls NPF too. Rethem made me a sack.  The very last thing I did before I logged off was get a new tactics pearl in Tele-Mea with Nimotas. while getting the tactics pearl we killed mobs in Promy-Mea. Did you know if you kill 30 mobs you het max experience for your NPC? I didn't. After I clicked the ??? We were supposed to click, Romi gained 1500 exp points. Hot damn. I'll  do that everytime I have to get a tactics pearl. Romi also has this hot gear that I can't lock. 


Thursday, June 3, 2010

Re-Post: Got Hacked?

I am reposting this blogpost from Jacinda's FFXI blog. It may save someone's account.

Jacinda's post:

I just saw this on Starcade's blog and thought I'd pass it on. What initially looked like a fake attempt at phishing may very well be real.

Several people have been receiving the following email about a security breach on Square-Enix's side:

Dear valued FINAL FANTASY XI player:

Square Enix is committed to protecting your user information. We have just been alerted to a potential breach of Square Enix’s secure systems from an external source. This may have resulted in the disclosure of a limited number of PlayOnline IDs, passwords and user account data. Please be assured that your credit card data has not been compromised. We are taking this matter very seriously and are conducting a full investigation.

As a precaution we are notifying you of this potential breach and we are resetting your PlayOnline password.

Please contact our Support Center by web chat and obtain a new password that differs from your prior password. Please keep this new password safe and always be on the alert for any “phishing” emails that ask you to disclose personal or financial information.

Support Center

Hours of Operation: Mon-Fri 9:00AM to 6:00PM
*This week only, the Support Center will handle calls for this issue on Saturday June 5, and Sunday June 6.
*Please note that due to a large number of calls, it may take a long time until your call is handled. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause.

This e-mail has been sent out for your information only. Please do not reply to this e-mail address.

Again, we apologize for this inconvenience and we thank you for your continued support. 

The people over at Bluegartr have been going back and forth with Customer Service, and it seems that several accounts have in fact been reset. I definitely suggest that you check your emails, and if you have this...call customer support before you log on.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

What a Memorial Weekend!!!

This weekend was a great weekend of accomplishment. However, I didn't get all what I wanted to accomplish done but what a hell of a weekend!!!!

Saturday was the day of missions. I started off solo. I went to Castle Oztroja for another piece of magicite for Windy mission 4-1. I got so lost in therre that my bro Kirinkage had to come direct me and I have a map! So I made him escort me to my last leg of this mission in Beadeaux. By then we had Kakida and Naquel coming. Naq needed mission 5-1 also so we decided just to go ahead and take care of that mission. So I went to Jeuno to finish off 4-1, got my 20k in gil and went to Windy to start mission 5-1.

We all meet in Fei'Yin. However, we needed another healer and damage dealer for the mission. I got Ashpool and Kirin got a taru named Neoscrilla. This is the mission we have to take on skeletons. We did this mission so easy since we had some badasses in my party. Since we had everyone, we decided to just get the Shadow Lord fight down. So I had to run back to Windy to finish off mission 5-1 and start 5-2.

We all met back to Castle Zhavl Baileys in Xarcabard. We follow Neo thru the crazy place and make it to the throne room for the fight.
6-1-10 2
We were getting ready to enter when Naq went gung ho. He entered and attacked the Shadow Lord  before the rest of us could enter. So we had to wait for him to come out dead. So we entered the fight again, all of us this time. So while I was in my cut scene they started the fight. I find out that all my buffs were gone, so I only put on reraise. By time I finished casting, we were on the second phase. Ashpool, the badass that he is, had to be cured primarily. So the fight went by so fast that I couldn't take any screenshots. This by far was the fastest SL fight I've ever been in. I thanked everyone for their help. So I went from Rank 4 to 6. Not a whole lot of movement in the ranks, but I still feel accomplished.

On Sunday, Windy had finally captured the Dunes! I had to run and catch the op there. Once I captured the op, I decided to solo on my NIN. I did a page of FOV. I was doing well until I got a link and died. Lucky I had reraise up. I didn't level tho. I just finished the page because I beckoned to do something else. I had to miss dyna Xarcabard because I had party plans Sun night and had to go shopping.

Monday night after the 2 BBQs that I went to, I got on game to concentrate on Windy fame. My bro was concentrating on getting me a joytoy (Joyeuse). I went to Giddeus killing bees for beehive chips. I was on a roll deep in Giddeus when my bro told me to run to Sea Serpent Grotto to help camp and get some skill ups on placeholders. So I get there, with guidance of my bro, and we took on 2 mantas when Rethem came to join us. He wanted to take down some NM, so this guy Rum came along. Then they both came in. Rethem was telling my bro about which manta was a placeholder for Charbydis. He said we should kill stuff outside the door while we wait between pops.

So we leave and then he said we should go back in and wait so he can show us which pop is a placeholder. Within 5 minutes of waiting for the placeholder pop, Charby popped instead. OH SHIT!!!!! So we try to take it as dd that Reth was, NIN/DNC that RUM was and me & Kirin (PLD) cured. We wiped, but the great thing was that no one was there to grab claim!!!!! So we healed, Kirin hp'd and Nimotas was on his way as DNC/NIN. But Nim told us that people went thru gold door with him.

Shit!!!! So Rum took claim before the other guys came. So Rum, Rethem began to fight and Nim walked right in fighting. I was the best God-damn RDM on this fight. Charby couldn't keep any boosts going because he was dispelled often. He was slowed, paralyzed and gravitied. It was
great to have all the DNC and /DNC with curing waltz and healing waltz. It helped out a great deal. Kirin made it back and helped heal. I had to convert at one point. I didn't totally heal myself because I needed the MP. So when he got to 10% HP, he killed Nim and Reth leaving only Rum. I was screaming for Kirin to go attack, not that he could hear me, because the other people was dying to get such a great gift of a very weakened Charby. So Kirin buffed up and went to fight! He and Rum were doing great and I stopped enfeebling and concentrated
on curing. But guess what happened!!!! My timer on my TV turned my TV off. By time I got it back on, Charby was dead!!! I GOT MY JOYEUSE!!!!!! Hell yeah!!! No pics though, thanks to my timer.

So since I was on a winning high, I decided to tackle Maat. This time I let my bro who was sittin next to me, assist me in my fight. He could take the edge off and help me remember doing somethings when my nerves get the best of me. So he helped me define a new strategy, but
it's a slower strategy. It was working grandly, but Darksday ended and firesday began. How did we know? My sleeps were resisted!!!! So I ended up getting a face full of Asurian Fist. Oh well but I got a new strategy that works.

I went to chat with Romidiant at the rendevouz point in Windy Waters when I got back. In speaking to him, he gave me my very first tactics pearl quest. I'm shocked. So once again, I had my bro guide me where I needed to go. I had to head into Promyvian - Mea and search for
the ???. Did I mention, that when you enter the promy you are restricted to level 30? That sucks. But apparently your NPC is supposedly stronger than you. I didn't get to test this theory. I didn't get aggro. I got my ???, was warped out of there. I went back to Waters  and summoned Romi and got my tactics.

Tuesday, because I had the day off, I got on game to do more quests for Windy Fame. However, that didn't happen. First thing that happened was Lordgrim sought my help to fight an NM in Vunkel (S) - however you spell it. So I use my last charge on my Kingdom stable collar to get to San d'Oria quickly so I can enter the Maw there. So I met him in San d'Oria (S) and we tele'd to Vunkel. We were waiting for Celias and her funky internet connection. But after a while I just told LG to call me back when he's ready to roll.

I then ended up duoing with Ryuhlu, him on BLU. I level synced my RDM to 50 to duo in East Altepa. We took on 2 FOV pages before I had to leave. I did die once. I was hoping to gain experience, no to lose any. Ryu died twice.
6-1-10 1
Didn't get too many goodies though. I left Ryu and parked my char at Delkfutt Tower in Qufim. Zannon offered to help me get a new testimony. I went to eat dinner.

Upon coming back I proceed to head to the floor with the Magic Pots. I bump into Zannon farming gil waiting for me. Kirin happened to join us too. So we take out pots and the entire floor. I had brought out Romidiant. He also leveled to 37 after I got my testimony. So our bond
is getting stronger. I logged from gamr after Romi left. I had to get ready for work.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Job Debates

Last night my bro asked me if there was a job that I secretly wanted to play but haven't touched. That's a good question. All the jobs that I am leveling to 75 are the ones I like, RDM and SMN. I should try to at least have a dd job. So far I have leveled DRG and THF to 15. DNC to 11 and NIN 17. However, THF and DNC are considered support jobs and not DD jobs. I find NIN and THF to be very similar.

I am liking NIN but not as far as wanting to use it as a tank. I do not have /WAR nor do I intend to level it. I currently /DNC with my NIN. I like the combination. So if I take NIN past 37, I will stick with the combo. The only part of NIN that I don't like is buying all the tools to cast your spells. I'm just so used to having my mp based spells.

I don't think I'll level DRG because of thr /WAR requirement. Also, I can't control my wyvern in the extent I can can control my avatar. Meaning, I can't send it to attack and bring back a mob. THF, well Sneak Attack Trick Attack just confounds me. Pulling is ok with me tho. I do pretty well at pulling. DNC I will take to 37 if NIN goes to 75. But that's all speculation at this point.

I have not unlocked SCH, PUP, BST, or COR. I have no interest what so ever. SCH may be very interesting to others but I'm way too magey. I have SMN and RDM. 2 is enough. BST is just so...beastly, lol. To be honest, the automations for PUP scare me. So PUP is OUT. COR, besides resetting timers, I don't find them useful.

All other jobs I have unlocked because I was seeking fame. I am not interested in BRD, BLU, RNG or PLD. I am not a tank girl, so PLD is out. BRD too magey. As I said before 2 is enough. RNG hits hard but
not so much interesting. BLU, bah, just a tweeked RDM with no benefits for the party. They get to battle more.

I was interested in DRK for a minute as well as BLM for subs for dynamis but eh, not a necessity. I amcso not emo or goth so DRK really don't strike me as a viable job for me. (Just in case you missed the undertones, that was a joke.) Seriously, DRK no longer interests me. BLM was just so boring since I've done the nuking on RDM. As for now I'm pretty content with jobs I am choosing to level. My interest in the game has weened. My time has been limited tho.

Do I think I can take more than the 2 jobs to 75? Very possibly, but like any high level player, I am running out of storage. As you get higher, your gear starts to become rare/ex so you can't sell it. Nor can you send it to a mule for storage. I am not buying a storage token either. You know how many tokens I have to use in life to access stuff? Bah, an annoying piece of plastic. And when the battery dies you have to purchase a whole new one. GTFOH!!! Not me. The added security I believe is more for computer users.

Anyway, nice having this one sided conversation with you. We should do it again. Until my next post, besos.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Lord of Dynamis

This weekend was a very eventful weekend. I spent a lot of time duoing with Naquel. I also taken care of a lot of business.My plans were canceled on Friday so I came home and played the game to cool off.

On my way home, my bro told me there was some drama in his Nyzul LS. Ah the the endgame life. Always drama!!!!! Anyway once I logged in, I get to talking with Naquel. So we decide to duo. Him on his SAM and then changed to DRG and me on my SMN. I was tired of Qufim and suggested we do Battalia Downs.

So we meet up there. We meet up and sync to me. I don't know if I mentioned this before, but Naquel hits extremely hard. It's actually meritted 3/4. So during duoing it's hard to cure him. He takes soooo much hate and sooooo many cures. Hard to keep him healed. So at one point, I decided to use my emperor band and I accidentally called out Romidant. Doh! But I learned something tho. I can have both Romi and Carby out at the same time. So Romi has gotten some experience, not a lot tho. So Naquel brought his out too. His is a Mithra named Fhig.
5-23-10 3

Naquel died twice. He's a good sport about it. He really a sweet guy. I got my friend SBrightBlade to come and raise Naq. After he comes and raised Naq, I believe by time he zoned into Jeuno, Naq was down again.
He got aggro while he was healing. SBB was coming back to raise, but Inchigo's friend Tokashi happened to run by and raised him. SBB then said to Naq, "Try to stay alive this time, my party's waiting for me."
Now Naq replies, "So go then, this Naq and TK's time, alone." LMAO. Anyway, I was getting sleepy and had to run off. Kirinkage ended up taking my place after his Nyzul run. I did level to 32 by time I left.

Sunday I had a big day of odds and ends. I needed to run errands (do quests), missons and selling stuff. I'm in clean up mode. I figured I do these while wait for Darksday to arrive. So Kirin tells me I should take the next quest for my NPC. Ok, the last one didn't suck but this one did. Had me run to Windy and then find food which had me all over the map. In true FFXI form, it took me pretty much 1.5 hrs of running around and I didn't have one food item, San d'Oria tea. Apparently you either have to be a Sandy Resident or have someone cook it for you. So this quest took so much of my errand running time.

Naq then also contacted me too. We decided to duo again, but this time I needed to do NIN. I needed to get the frustration off of my back. I gear up and meet Naq in Dunes. We level sync and get moving. He came as SAM again. This time out he was more careful at taking time to rest now that I can't cure him. We take on lizards. We mainly stayed near the Konshtant side of the Dunes. When Kirin got home, he decided to get me
the tea for the stupid quest. He also came to power level us. As I he was on the way, I decided to pull a bat. But this bat was a bit unusual. He hardly took a hit, then Naq went down then I went down. We both had rr on, thank goodness. Kirin found us when we were healing.
5-23-10 2
Fully healed, Naq went and attacked a lizard too close to gob camp. Needless to say we were attacked by 4 gobs. Thank goodness for Kirin. I couldn't even put on my shadows. I did level during the battle and
capped my katana skills by time we finished all the gobs. The gobs were IT to me. So we just started to take on tougher mobs. After a while, around 5, I told Naq i have to go so I can finish the quest up and get ready for dynamis.

I ran off back to Windy and gave in the goods requested. I had to go back to Jeuno and talk to Luto again. Then she sent me to find the little girl from the beginning of the NPC quests. At the end, our bond was strenghtened. We'll see how strong it is when I next call him out next time.

I ran off to Xarcabard where dynamis is being held tonight. There was a message in the ls saying we will try the Dynamis Lord tonight. I place my self at the trail markings and went to go eat dinner. When I get back we still haven't formed parties or anything. I just waiting for a while. So I decided to catch up with some bills.

So dynamis was any typical run except we concentrated on the NMs more than the regular mobs. I guess we have to defeat all the NMs for Ying and Yang to spawn. By time we made it to Ying and Yang, I died twice.
We get to Ying Yang, I died at the first attempt. After the 2 dragons went down, we decided to pull the Dynamis Lord. We had to buff all the dd's. We mages sat down to heal for a while. Then they get the dynamis lord. Everyone was trying to zerg, but DL slept everyone. So the chainspell stuns didn't go off when they wanted to. So in the end DL won. He summoned back Ying and Yang from the grave too. I only got a
picture of DL's back as he was walking away from stepping on me. I didn't have the time while nuking and curing. I was a busy woman.
5-23-10 1

Here are some better pictures that my LS mate, Clinpachi had taken. It makes me wish I was still playing on my PC. *sigh*
5-23-10 5
5-23-10 6
5-23-10 7
5-23-10 8
5-23-10 4
5-23-10 9

This is by far was a very interesting weekend. I'm looking forward to
meeting the old man, continuing to work on quests to get my fame up,
and leveling my sub and next 75.


Saturday, May 22, 2010

Avatar Levels & Job Abilities

As I am leveling my SMN, I refer back to the Wiki. However, the avatar job ability & level section was a bit confusing and hard to look at. I just wanted a list by each summon without having to go to each summons page. So I drafted this up the other night. I hope this can help someone else.


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Goals To Date

Goals Status
Beat Maat 0/14
COP Missions 2-5 to completion on 3-5
Dynamis Buburimu Win
Dynamis Dunes Win
Dynamis Qufim Win
Dynamis Tavnazia Win
Dynamis Xarcabard Win
Join a Sky LS
Level BLM to 40 No longer interested
Level Cooking to 100 Level 4
Level DRG to 75 No longer interested
Level DRK to 40 No longer interested
Level NIN to 40 Level 15
Level RDM to 75 Level 70
Level SMN to 75 Level 29
Level WHM to 40 Level 37
Windy Missions Rank 3 to Rank 10 Rank 4
Wings of the Goddess Missions 11 to 26 Actually on Mission 8: in the Name of the Father
ZM Missions 10 to 18 On 16 - The Sealed Shrine

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Windsday's No Good For Me

I really haven't done any exciting things in the past week or so. It's been pretty standard. I have been working on some goals tho.

So i decided to try Maat again. This time I tried him on Windsday instead of my usual Darksday. I heard that casting Aero III would be more powerful on Windsday. So I tried him then. The #1 thing that happenend was that he wouldn't sleep. So I bound and silenced him. So I could get away from him. I cast Aero 3 but it didn't do any significant damage as if I'd done it on Darksday. So I repeat the bind and silence on him again since he won't sleep. I'm even wearing me enfeebling torque that was requested that I should use. I used one
vile elixir but he came unbound just as quickly and asurian fisted me to death. Oh well, I tried something new. Back to Darksday.

I've been selling gear and items that I don't need any time soon. I figure that the only things that I am going to be working on are SMN, /NIN, /DNC. I was goin to /BLM but I totally changed my mind at level 12. So I am totally selling my mage gear after I no longer need it. All other battle gear I am selling too. When and if I need them in future, I will purchase them again or go farm them in Giddeus.

I have started to craft on TigerLeigh. I have joined the cooking guild. I also decided she will not touch the gil I sent over from TK. She's gonna earn the gil from FOV or if I get supplies from TK. I need to save my gil for the overly expensive gear and accessories after 70. So TL is now level 3.

I couldn't do dynamis on Sunday. They went to Dunes. i need to find folks to help with COP 3-5. I got Kirinkage and Frizzlefry to help me and Houshisama. I need 2 stunners. Wish Demicus came on regularly.
Kadianna is gone completely. Oh well. When I find them, then I will get it done.

I trio'd with Kakida and Grayghost on my SMN. I am now 29. However, me and GG died twice but Kakida once. We attempted an NM by mistake. I was dead with one shot. Oh well. We had a pretty ok time. I really need to work on Windy, Bastok and Kazham fame. I still need Ifrit, Titan, Ramuh, Diabolos and Fenrir. I can't getthe new ones, Odin or Alexander, until I'm 75.

I have been trying to level my NPC and farm items I need. The first place we did (Kirin, Houshi and myself) did was Onzonzo. Romidant leveled to 35 there. He didn't last as long as Nanako or Houshi's NPC.
His NPC is level 61. Where as Nanako was 42. The second place I went to level was Delkfutt's Tower for my RDM testimony. He lasted a whole lot longer than ever before. He leveled to 36 in the Tower. After I
left the tower, I went to Jeuno to place stuff on AH and sell some stuff. I also did a NPC quest while I was there. I am now able to view and spend my fellowship points with Romidant. I have a bit more than
24.4k in points.

See nothing very exciting. I also got my inventory to 65 too. But I am making a commitment to kill that old man. I'm quite tired of being level 70 and being left out of things. Give me couple of months and I
will be 80, lol. I will post a progress post in couple of days.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Palling Around with Friends

When I logged onto game, my friend Naquel had sent me a tell. I was in Jeuno when I logged on. I met up with him in Lower Jeuno. I was finishing up my quest for my Gobbie Quest and puttin things on AH. He
said he was bored and looking to party but cab't get an invite. I said I could duo with him on my NIN in Buburimu Pennisula if he was game. He said sure.

Before I go any further, today I had taken off from work because the water man was coming. I was also waiting for my beautician to call me so I could get my hair braided. It's a 4 to 5 hour process. Now back
to your scheduled program.

So I run to Windy to change to my NIN. I meet up with him in Bubu. He came as WHM to my NIN. We take a page out the FOV book. We are supposed to kill 6 Sylvestres and 1 Rabbit. We take out the rabbit
first. We started on the Sylvestres.
5-14-10 - not
I think we got to 3 down before Naq went down. I tried to call for a raise. I got no answer. He asked if he should HP back. I told him no, I'll change in Mhaura and come
back to raise him. He fussed aboute losing my page for FOV. Told him not to worry about it, I can always get another page. So I throw on invisible and head off to Mhaura.

As I get 2 steps from Mhaura, I get 2 phone calls back to back. I paid the calls not as much attention as I should of. One was my mother and the other my beautician. She tells me to come and my mom said
something to effect of picking her up. So once inside Mhaura I told Naq to HP because I had to go pick up my mother. He said no problem. I then shut off the gamr with me in Mhaura.

Next day I took a little time to get my anniversary ring on both characters. I did it first on TK. I apparently talk a lot. I haven't as much as I thought. Unless this number is just between last event and this event. Then it would be way out of tune. Here are my stats and a picture of me wearing he dinner suit given for the event.
5-14-10 - not
5-14-10 - not
Now here's TL's stats. It is pretty bare but what gets me is that I died because of poison. But the stats does not reflect it in the # of K'Os. I guess it only reflects mobs killing you. Oh well. Here's her stats and pic in the dinner gear.
5-15-10 - not
5-15-10 - not

Here's a pic from last weeks Dynamis in Jeuno. It's of 2 cute tarus I know. One is the king of dynamis, lol.
5-9-10 - not

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Little of This And That

 made a plan to get on fot an hour to tweak my Maat macros with my new enfeebling torque. I need to put earth staff in macro too. Need to equip it when I kite.

So I log on and my plan failed. I decided to finish up the ZM mission Ark Angels. I went to choose my earring. I took the Abyssal one. It at least gives me Int +2 and dark magic +2. So I ran to Sky. Had a little
difficulty entering Romeave (however you spell it). Damn weapon want to aggro me as I zone in. I finally get in and anle to throw on a silent oil. That oil didn't last for squat. I rounded the wrong corner and it wore. Lucky I was able to cast sneak instead. That lasted the whole trip with me getting lost in the process.
I made it to the Hall if Gods and teleported to Sky. I took some pics and video with my phone, since we can't screen shot the experience. If this works well, I may take more videos from a real camera if I can do
the coordination.
5-4-10 1
5-4-10 2

After getting my ring, I mailed more stuff to TL, went to Jeuno and logged.

Playing FFXI on an iPad??

An interesting article. Maybe one day to carry around your iPad playing FFXI or FFXIV. But that would be too much right? That would just prove how much of an addict that you are. 

Check out the article.


I think it's nearly 3 years that I have been playing this game. I'm not really sure; time passes really fast. So I have to ask myself, do I still enjoy the game? Even though I haven't been on consistently for I believe 6 months, I do. It's just that my life turned upside down with work. I miss the game, the chatter, the friends I've made. Since I been gone for so long I no longer get my fuzzy greetings I used to get. People I hung around surpassed me and are onto bigger and more end game stuff. Some people left and I didn't have a chance to say good bye.

As I was testing out mule, TL, 2 days ago, I was reminded of all the fun I had running around E Ronf, Latheine and the Dunes as a newbie to the game. I remembered all the missions I did. It was fun. Like a kid
who just got a brand new toy. Remember avoiding Battering Rams in Latheine. The Bogeys in Qufim. That was some heart pounding fun.

Now....my heart pounding comes from dealing with that old man. And it is not fun. It's rather frustrating. He irritates me soo much. My natural instincts is to avoid people or things that irritate me, but that old man will go down eventually. I'm not pressuring myself. The more pressure, the least likely I'm gonna win the fight. I need to be calm and relaxed. However, when I zone to he burning circle, my heart starts to race and my tummy gets all irritated. So much for pressure, right?

Now what frustrates me in the game is the drama of strong personalities. I try to be nice to everyone. No use of me being bitchy and difficult. It's unfortunately a small world on the server. Everyone knows who you are by seven degrees. Yeah, I forgot the saying, sue me. Anyway, but being bitchy and over dramatic. I really
don't want to hear about a person before I meet them. I like to form my own opinion. However, you have a tendency to like whomever your friends like a then you form a clique.

I've been in a lot of cliques during my time in the game. At one point it was Titen, Kirinkage and myself. Then it was Inchigo, Zeeone, Fawnaa and myself. Then Olibear and Oliphant joined us. Then it was just Inchigo and me. Then it was Ghostdawg and me. Then it was Kainbelmont, Frizzlefry and me. Then just Kain and me. But my most consistent clique member is my bro Kirinkage.

I try to do my job in the game well. I haven't really heard any bad feedback except for the person I blacklisted and that was not because I was not doing my job. He wasn't doing his. So I think I'm doing a
pretty good job at my role except for Maat and that's just a whole different ball game.

I do get bored with my job. That's when I'm forced to into a role where I'm just doing one thing over and over again. Boring. I chose RDM because of the versatility. It can fight, enfeeble, cure, and enhance. But I get around the hard times by thinking I'm helping out friends.

I absolutely hate soloing. I can only do about an hour of it.  I'd rather duo or party. If I wanted to solo, I'd go play another game, right? Anyway, so much has happened and I'm not bored at all in this game. I just wish I had the same amount of time in the game as I used to. I will work out a way.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Meet TigerLeigh

So I've been playing for nearly 3 years and I am running out of room. I get a lot of Crystals. I really don't want to throw them out. I will eventually need them. I used to just sell them off but would have to purchase them when I needed them. I dob't want to waste my hard earned gil on Crystals that are free. I'd spend $1 for 60 slots on another character. That said....

Meet TigerLeigh.
5-3-10 4

I had thought about getting another Elvaan. Then I thought about Mithra. Hume and Galka just wasn't in the cards. I don't connect with them. I'm "Hume" in real life so why be one in game. No imagination. Galkas are male only. I'm not into cosplay are have any desire to pretend to be a man. So my options were Taru or Mithra. I chose Taru because they are just so darn cute. And it gives me a different perspective on the game.

TL is a THF. Not the typical mage job. I figured eventually I'd use her to farm items. That will be a long time from now though. I haven't accomplished enough with TK. So I decided to try her out. I ran out to the exit in Port Windurst to do a FOV page. I had to kill 6 Mandragora mobs. I find one and it seriously gave me a run for my money, but I beat it.
5-3-10 3
5-3-10 1
5-3-10 2
Second one was easy. The 3rd one had me use my 2hr to zone. I completely forgot that I have no subjob to help me cure my ass.

What was I thinking? So I stayed in the city. I'll finish another day. I went to collect the crystals I sent from TK. Then logged. I don't know when TL will have any adventures, but for now she's my permanent housekeeper.