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Saturday, August 8, 2009


I get on wanting to skill up my magic. But since I got the nice 100k from Rank 10 I decided to get gear. So I head to the AH in Whitegate. So I'm camped out at AH searching for gear and talking on LS. I was able to buy a back piece & my ammo piece.

I asked anyone if they were interested in skilling up with me. Crim (DRK) & Kerikris (WHM) decided to come with me. We meet up in Zi'Tah and head to the tree. When we get there, the NM Aquarius was there. Crim decided we should try it. Well, that didn't turn out too well. We all died. Good thing I put on Reraise during fight. After we rose we made our way to the area with the Steelshell crabs. There were a lot of parties there. We ended up forming an alliance with one party.
8-8-09 1
8-8-09 2
I still wasn't getting any skill ups and neither was Crim. So when someone in LS said Besieged was at level 8 advancing, we both left to go. I got couple of levels there.

After Besieged, I was able to get party. I figure I can get some experience points in. I didn't get as much of a buff as I wanted to because party had to disband. That made me a bit moody, so I needed to be alone for a minute but I still wanted to play game. What to do?

The solution - Campaign. So I did 3 campaign battles in E Ronfaure [S]. I managed to avoid everyone for the first 2 battles. Last battle, Charion & Minibasta were there. Oh well, so much for being alone. So after the battle I decided to do another cutscene for the Wings of the Goddess missions. The little brats disbanded their organizations. They are cute tho.

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