Welcome To My Mog House

This is my diary of my adventures in Vana'diel. This diary will change as my adventures changes. Sit back, read and enjoy.

All comments, tips and advice will be appreciated


Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Death by Fungi

Played: 1.25 hours I get on to do mission 2-1 - Rescue Drill in LaTheine. So I accept the mission. Then I set my Macros for my RDM/WHM. I head to LaTheine all the while chatting on my Linkshell. I decided to kill on the way. I get nothing. No exp. Just gil & items. That sucks. I wanted to at least get some exp so if I die I don't level down. I enter LaTheine. I attack stuff. Nothing. I don't get any exp. I don't feel like going to the Dunes. So I decide to go ahead w/ the mission. My brother shows me how to get there. There are 2 Fungar that register as easy prey & they aggro. I avoid them both. But when I went to talk to NPC, they attacked me. I died of course. And I leveled down. So I just returned to my homebase. Damn!!! So now I have to head to Dunes to level again before I can complete this damn mission. ARRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Powerleveling Kirinkage's SAM

Played: 1.5 hours I get onto FFXI tonight to powerlevel my brother, Kirinkage, in leveling up his SAM. When I sign on, I can't decide on which linkshell to use. I switch to my brother's Valor Kingdom. No one's on so I switch back to Forsaken Knights. All the while I was doing that, I meet my brother outside castle in W. Ronf.. So I target him and follow him around. He kills some decent challenges then he levels. So he decides to get even matches and toughs. He took some Orcs and I remembered the liability of powerleveling. Everytime I heal my brother, the monster will stop attacking him and come straight to me. The orcs were okay at first. Then my brother decided to take a very tough Wild Sheep. It nearly killed me. I can't attack it or else my brother can't get the exp. I told my brother to step on it. It finally died with my HP down from 320 to 26 and my MP down from 124 to 8. That was a tough sheep. I told Kirin I can't do that again. He got 200 exp from it though. So we head to NW. Ronf. towards Ghelsba to fight Orcs. He takes some down. The last one he attacked was a spell caster (Mage). He put both of us to sleep. Then attacked me. I woke Kirin up. Then he poisoned Kirin then attacked me . It took me a minute to find my Poisona to cast on Kirin to remove his poison. Then when I went to heal Kirin the Orc interrupted my spell. By time I casted cure again Kirin was dead. Then the blasted Orc decided to attack me. So I banished it and hit it with my sword once. Died so easily, the bastard. I shout for a raise for Kirin but he decided he's going to level up his WAR. He said he'll meet me back in Sandy. So he headed to his home place. Then he sends me a tell as I'm heading to the castle that he forgot his homeplace was Jeuno. Lol. So I told him him I'm going to shut down anyhow.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Sick Time Turns Into Play Time

Played: 6 - 8 hours I called in sick today because I wasn't feeling to well. So since I had to stay near my computer to do audit work, I decided to play. I get on to level my WHM. I decided I wanted my WHM to be the exact half of my RDM. It was taking me too long, to get points so I got frustrated. I used my anniversary ring. That doubles my exp. I start then my boss called. So I stopped playing. I shutdown. I finished what my boss needed,then I went 2 find myself something to eat. Since I'm sitting in my living room, I decide to play a little. I used my PS3. You know the one I've been complaining about because the TV is dark & I can't see during Vana'diel night time. So I decide to finish up quests that I have open. So I tackle the Prince Peirje Receipt quest. I head to the Chateau in N. San D.. I wander thru the whole place talking to every single NPC to finish this quest. Couldn't find the person. I got annoyed so I left the Chateau. As I left the Chateau, I decide to talk to the guard. Can you believe it? He's the one I was supposed to talk to all along. I spent all this time in the Chateau. Argh! The guard runs in & back out to the castle. He then insulted my outfit. So I thought I was done. I then decided to tackle the lost dad quest. I'm looking for this kid's father in N. San D.. I am going all over San D. looking for this man. I can't find him. So I look at my open mission list to get an idea to where I could possibly find the father. The receipt mission is still open why? I head back to the guard at the Chateau. He tells me I have to go back to the Armor Shop. Duhh! I head back to shop and get 200 gil for the mission. I decide to go back out to level. It's daytime.

I'm out leveling now in W. Ronf. I get closer & closer towards LaTheine. That means I'm getting stronger. I decide to try a Wild Sheep. It checked at decent challenge. I've been fighting & winning decent challenge orcs. I am dying!!! As I am fighting the one Wild Sheep, another decided to attack me too. This DRK/WHM guy saved my butt. I didn't die. So the only lesson I took from that fight was to make sure there isn't another sheep around. So I'm all healed & I take on another sheep. Why did I almost die again?!!!!!? It was only one sheep & decent challenge. DRK saved my butt for a second time. I luv him. Of course, I'm determined, I lose the DRK and then fight another sheep. I killed it without nearly dying. Just barely though. I sit down and heal. I go and fight an orc. Tigerkirara Defeats Orc

I go back to castle to buy new armor. I totally look like a mage now. I decided to finish the lost father mission. I'm still running around San. D.. Then my brother arrives home. He tells me that the blasted father is in the Weapon Shop!!!!! I would never even thought to go there. Thank goodness for my brother. He said he wanted to powerlevel me, so I said ok. I log off from my PS3 and head to my desktop computer. There, I can see at night. I log on and then I head to the AH. There I see a linkshell member Hungsolo. We chat it up. He's in a new linkshell and he wanted me in it. He sends a sack holder to trade a pearl to me. I accept the trade. Believe it or not, my brother is in this linkshell. That makes it a lot sweeter. They are both great linkshells. I'm still listening to my old linkshell. They are meeting at the AH. I see a few of them. So I go over and talk with them. Some Folks in My LS

My brother finally catches up to me. I tell my linkshell folks bye. We head into W. Ronf. I head close to LaTheine. I target Even-Matches & Toughs. I level to 9. Yippee. I tell my brother I want to change into my RDM to level up in Dunes & LaTheine. We head back to the castle. I change back in to my Mog to change to RDM. On my way to meet my bro in W. Ronf. I bump into my brother's friend Unworshipdangel.I spoke with him for a bit. I befriended him. Then I bumped into Rainewaters again. We say hello. I finally get back to my brother. I tell him about Unworshipdangel. He says cool and to equip my new linkshell. I say hello and my brother introduces me. We run to Dunes. As we enter Dunes I was able to make a party with a DRG and WAR. We head to the Oasis. We fight just the 3 of us, while my brother farms Leeches. Then another WAR wants to party with us. I invite him. Then I realize it was that Joshctc that I had issues with in a previous post when I was leveling WHM. As we were fighting, Unworshipdangel came and powerleveled us. Then the original WAR left, which left us back to 3. Then I level to 19. I decided to get off then. I disbanded and warped home. I shut down.

I talk to my brother and asked him is he asked Unworshipdangel to PL us. He said no. He thought I asked him. I told him I didn't. Then my brother comments that his friends treat me better than him. Lol.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

WHM - Level 7 - Rank 2

Played: 3 hours So I am still leveling WHM. I spent 3 hours killing decent challenges and easy prey monsters to level. It took me 3 hours because I don't have on my anniversary ring. I have like 6 out 10 uses left. I kill way more easy prey than decent challenges. Decent challenges are hard to come by. Easy prey are dime a dozen. Easy prey only gives like 15 to 25 exp, whereas, decent challenges give like 40 to 60 exp. Even-matches are 50/50 chances. 50/50 chance you will die and 50/50 chance you will win. Since my WHM can't take a lick, I try to stay to decent challenges. I am going to have to start partying with people around my level now. My linkshell was pretty quiet today. So it was a very un-eventful day leveling.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

My 15 Minutes of Fame

Played: 1 hour Well I decided to get on & continue to level up my WHM. I get on and head to W. Ronf.. I check my items to see if there is anything to sell. I do go and sell the Spatha sword that refuses to sell at the auction house. I get like 386 gil at the weapon shop. That was great because it was selling for 300 at the AH with a 21 gil fee. So I made out ahead. I head out to W. Ronf. On my way out, I get a tell saying "OMG It's You!!". I was flabbergasted. I responded with a polite "Hello" and "Do I know You". She said yes. We are in the FFXI guild on Gaiaonlin.com. I was thinking I was some kind of celebrity. So we get to talking. I ended up befriending her. Her name is Rainewaters. So I keep killing as I move along. I took on even-matches and decent challenges. As I get back closer to the castle, I kill easy preys. I head into E.Ronf. from W. Ronf. thru the doorway close to the castle. I was also chatting on my linkshell. I can't help but keep saying this. I love my linkshell. They make me laugh. We decide to hook up on Sunday to party. Looking forward to it. I head on home to my Mog.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Just Another Day as a Nurse

Played: 1.5 hours I finally got back on to FFXI tonight. As my previous post said. I was at the Holla Temple in LaTheine. I decide to run back to San. D. to change into my WHM to level it up. On my way thru LaTheine, I see a Battering Ram. I avoid it & checked it to see if I could take it. It said it was tough. So I keep going. Next you know I hear the loudest growl. I was aggro'd by another Battering Ram. I was trying to run for my life. Of course the sucker killed me. Which was fine by me. I needed to be in San. D.. I head to my homepoint. I enter my Mog house to change my job to WHM/RDM. I change my job and head out to sell goods to the store. I head into W. Ronf. to level. I did pretty well. Once the nightfall took place in Vana'Diel, I took shelter in the castle. I can't see on my TV screen when it's nightfall. Once daylight came I went back out to do some more killing. I leveled up to 6. I killed some more. Then it started to get night again, so I ran back into the castle. This time I sold some more stuff. Then I decided to check the AH for armor, weapons & spells. I then realized I had 2 spells in my mog house. I head back there. On my way there, one of my linkshell pals waved to me. I get into my Mog and got the spell Poisona. I couldn't use the second one because it's for level 7. I head outside to use the spell. Once outside, I see more of my linkshell pals. I wave to them. I use the spell & create a macro for it. I get lazy and head back inside my mog to shutdown. Moogle

Saturday, July 19, 2008

I Miss Vana'diel

I am away for the weekend in North Carolina. I'll be back home on the 20th, tomorrow. I miss the game. I can't tell you why. I don't play that often when I'm home. Maybe because I'm bored. I can't relax. I always have to have something to do. I can't lay down with out watching TV. I always have to multi-task. Anyway, I've been strategizing. Thinking about leveling to 20. I wonder how hard is it to do the Chocobo Quest. It'll make traveling a lot easier. Plus you can't get aggro'd while riding the Chocobo. It's cheaper to ride a Chocobo than to buy an Instant Warp scroll. I need to campaign more. I hate to look for fights, but that's the only way to get conquest points which will allow me buy stuff like... Instant Warp, Instant Reraise, Emperor/Empress Bands or Bracelets. I also need to start crafting. I have enough Gil to last me a while but you never know how much getting level 20 armor is going to cost me. And how expensive is the armor as you gain higher & higher level. I say if I start getting my craft level up now when I don't really need the Gil, when I need it, I will be skilled enough to bring in a lot of Gil. I will love to start traveling in the game, but I'm too chicken. I get to into the game when I'm playing. I think it's me who has to fight the beasts and may die, lol. I am finally okay about about dying in the game. I hated to die in the game. I refused to go places that I would likely die in, i.e. the Dunes. That's where I've died the most. But that's the only place that I can go that I can get good experience now. The Gobs still aggro me. I died the last time I was there. My friends think I'm addicted, but I'm not. I getting my money's worth, since I have to pay a subscription fee. Also, my friends need to try FFXI before they start bad mouthing the game. It's not like I'm on World of Warcraft. People get addicted to that game. People get divorced behind that game. I still accomplish what I need to do in my life. So playing FFXI is not detrimental. Anyway, I am looking forward to getting home to play, tomorrow.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Tele-Holla! Do You Have It?

Played: .5 hrs Went on to get the Holla teleport crystal & to test out whether or not I can use the spell Banish from my WHM. If I can, it would be great. Okay when I log on, I say hello to my linkshell. They are a hilarious bunch. I luv my linkshell. So, one character named Inchigo started flirting with me. Had me rolling. I could hardly get to my destination: LaTheine. I went the wrong way several times because they were making me laugh. I finally get into LaTheine & head towards the Teleport. I was planning to test out my new status but the linkshell had my full attention. I luv it. I get to the teleport. The first one, didn't have the crystal. The second one didn't have the crystal. The third one finally did. I get the crystal. I decide to shut down there. I tell my linkshell bye. They wish me well. Note: I will not be playing for the rest of week & weekend. Going out of town.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Un Dia en la Vida de RDM

Played: 7 hrs (2hrs 7/12 & 5 hrs 7/13) 7/12: Got on to fix my macros on my PS3 for both RDM & WHM. After fixing them I decided to try to level WHM some more. However, never made out to level. I ended up selling stuff at the AH and to vendors. 7/13: Got on PS3, and all my macros were gone. So I had to redo them. Then I go out to level WHM. I find that my TV screen is not good for playing FFXI when it's night time in the game. I can't see shit!!! So I log off. I log back on on my computer instead. When I did, I decided to RDM it. I sell some more crap to the street vendors. Then I decide to party with my brother again. I head to the Dunes again. I find 4 other members to party with. We start off at the Oasis, then head over to Gob camp. I finally level to 18. Woo hoo. Then I fight some more to make sure I have enough points to cover me on my way to & from Selbina for subjob quest. I got it from an NPC named Isaico or something like that. However, I wasn't able to use the subjob at that point. So I head back to camp. What did you know, I Gob got me when I was close to camp. Luckily my friend Zephyrr was powerleveling us. I asked her to come raise me. She did. After my weakness wore off I participated in some more fights. My tummy told me to get off. So, I bid everyone a farewell & used my warp scroll back to my homeplace, San D. At home I was able to add my subjob. I used WHM as my subjob. Then I shutdown to go eat.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Lazy Tuesday

Played: 3.5 hrs

Today's Tues I don't have anything in particular I want to watch on TV. So I decide to play as my RDM. I had time to party. I mainly party with my bro. BTW, his screen name is Kirinkage. He's more experience than me. He already has a level 30 job and he's unlocked 3 advance jobs. I party with him on 2 of his advance jobs, samurai & paladin. His PLD is same lvl as my RDM. His SAM is the same level as my WHM.

Anyway, I moved from topic. I get on & met my bro in W.Ronf. We head to LaTheine to party together, but we got shitty exp points. So he got another person to party. We head to the Dunes to kill rabbits. We were able to take monsters that were tough with just 3 people. We killed Gobs. The same ones that were killing us in previous parties in the Dunes.


We moved all thru Dunes & found 2 more people to party. We went to the cliffs and stayed out in the open. We fought Sheep, Bats, Steppe Hares, & Snippers. We were getting a lot of exp points & I didn't have on my anniversary ring. 2 guys leveled when we fought. It's gonna take me forever. Must have 4k points to get to 18 & when I started today I only had 190.

I was ready to leave at 10:45 pm. I had to travel all the way back from the Dunes to San D. Then all of a sudden at 10:30 pm 3 of the guys in the party just left. So my bro & I headed back to San D. I still need over 1-2k to get to level 18. I will work on that this weekend. So I'm back in San D. I shutdown for the nite.

Monday, July 7, 2008

The Healing Has Begun

Played: 2 hours I decided to play for 2 hours tonight. When I got on, there wasn't anyone to party with. So I decided, I might as well level up WHM because I am going to have that either as my subjob to my RDM or have my RDM as my subjob to WHM. However, my RDM needs over 3k points before I get to level 18 for the subjob quest, so I will have to party to get the exp points. I change jobs at my mog house then head out to AH to buy a club for my WHM to use. I did buy 1 spell, Banish. I didn't buy anymore because I have a good chunk of them already. They'll be available to me as my level increases. I decide to play in E.Ronf. because it's close to home. I go out. In 3 fights, I'm level 2. I can use Cure. 3 more fights, I'm level 3, I can use Dia. It goes on like that until I hit level 5. As I hit lvl 5, I saw a guy, same level, so I asked him to party with me. He says sure. Then he says, "Don't Join My Battles". That's the whole purpose of partying. We took an Orc & a Fungar. So I got fed up & disbanded the party. He sucked. I could do better by myself. I decided to try an Even Match Beetle. He kicked my ass. My brother was hollering behind me. So of course I died. I am no longer scared of dying. It's a part of the game. I did not level-down either. I just went back to my mog house. Then I remembered I had the spell Banish. If I remembered it during the fight, I would not have died. I could kick myself. I shut down for the night.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Sounds of Seventeen

Played: 2 consecutive days at odd times I played for at least 2 - 3 hours for the past 2 days. I will go by day. I have been a bit busy to blog about it. Day 1: On July 2nd, I decided to explore LaTheine. I have only gone there on my way to the Dunes. Just the basic areas. So I'm in LaTheine chilling. Killing as I make my way towards the Holla teleport temple. On my way, I level to 17. Finally!!!!!!!! I avoided 2 Battering Rams. I almost walked right into one. It came out of nowhere. With my quick reflexes I was able to dodge it without it seeing me, lol. I get to the teleport crag. Then my stomach started to growl. I was about to shut down when people now started to ask me to party. I told everyone to wait 2 hours, I was going to eat. So I shut down at the teleport crag. No enemies come up there. I was planning on getting back on that night, but I got lazy. I fell asleep. Day 2: My best friend named SL (I will not reveal his real name) came by to visit me. He also came to fix my sound on my computer. I've been playing the game all this time without sound. I didn't have any warnings that I was being aggro'd before. My only warning was when they were already hitting me. So he fixed the sound. Then I went onto FFXI to see if I can hear anything. Well I got on & I was at the temple. I didn't hear any music. So I was running towards home so I can hear the music. On my way, I avoided another Battering Ram, all awhile I was showing SL the ropes. On my way, I finally got aggro'd by an orc. I didn't hear it. So the sounds were not working. I defeated the orc in 2 swings. Yes, I'm that good, lol. I get into W.Ronf, I decide to shut down again to see why the sounds were not working when it was working on my computer generally. I figured it out by going to the config program for FFXI. Then I decided to get back on. Now I wanted to go get an enemy to aggro me. I ran to Ghelbsa Outpost. SL is still watching me. I stepped in front of every Orc. I healed in front of every Orc. No aggro. They just walked around me. I couldn't get not 1 Orc to aggro me. Orc So I left Ghelsba & went into W.Ronf. to get a Goblin to aggro me. Success. I heard it before it hit me. Then I went back to the castle. I checked the auction house. I finally got Water & I bought Slow & Barsleep. Then I shutdown again. I just went on to show SL the game & fix the sound. I'm trying to get SL to play FFXI instead of WOW.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Dune Trials

Played: 4 hours Well today I decided to play to gain experience points. I wanted to level. So I leave my mog house & head to the Valkrum Dunes. I did it all by myself. I was so proud of myself. I went to the Oasis (crab camp) 1st. Then I decided to try to get to Selbina by myself. I did it. I am so amazed at my bravery. The Gobs that are in the V.Dunes are ridiculous. They aggro at sight. So I'm in Selbina. I look around for a while then I decided to form a party. Woo Hoo party over here!!! I manage to make a full party. I head back to the Oasis in V.Dunes to meet my party. We get to fighting. Then somehow our puller pulled the wrong gob. So we had to zone to Selbina. But by time we reached back to Oasis, we lost our Warrior. He called us a bunch of Newbs & ditched. Oh btw, I forgot to tell you that I died on the run to Selbina. Good thing 1 of our men had a high level job that could raise me. So we found a replacement, a dancer. Well back to Oasis like I said before. We fought a valiant battle. We were fighting a Damslefly, but all of a sudden 3 Leeches attacked us. You guessed it, we all died!! So we laid around chatting. 1 member had to leave, then 2 other left. So it was down to 3 of us. 1 of our old members came by & raised us. Then he got me the Damslefly Worm that I was looking for the other day. We avoided all Gobs & then we found 3 more members. We go back to Oasis. Some of our new members were having difficulty getting to camp. Those darn Gobs. So while one of our guys went 2 help out, 3 of us decided to try to fight a Ghoul so I could get me a magicked skull. I was so close to dying again, but I survived. I also got the skull. So now I have all 3 items needed for my level 18 subjob quest in Selbina. Woo Hoo. Then we start fighting again. But somehow the stupid Leeches at Camp keeps aggroing. So we kept zoning. It was getting annoying. So we ended staying close to Selbina for quick zoning. By then it was getting late I had to log off. I am now 680 pts away from leveling. Argh! I would've leveled if I didn't die twice.