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Friday, December 11, 2009

Yeah I'm Slacking

Work has really kept me busy lately. It's budget and end of year season. However, as I think back, work wasn't this crazy this time of year last year. I believe that's a good way to say that business is good for my company but not good for me. So I haven't had the moxy to get online.

So I got on on Friday to help Stormghost with his AF pants in Garlaige. It was me, Kakida, Stormghost, Kirinkage & Abway. Haven't partied with them in a while. It was fun. Took us like 2-3 hrs to get it. Abway was being herself and told a little Taru off. I love Abs. She's so much fun.

When I got on, it was the very end of Darksday so I didn't get to fight the old man. After I finished helping Storm, I logged off. Didn't want to wait around for Darksday again. Just felt tired. Been working a lot.

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