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Thursday, September 15, 2011

I'm Back Once Again

I logged on yesterday since May. I found my linkshell was abandoned. So I started saying hello to couple people on my friend's list. Kakida my faithful friend gave me a pearl to his linkshell. So I'm now part of Charisma. I spoke to another old friend Lordgrim. He offered me a pearl for another LS too, but we couldn't meet up.

So what did I accomplish? I op'd to the Dunes and did a page from FOV book. Had to kill 5 flies and 5 sheep. Mind you I'm still leveling DRG. In middle of my run I leveled to 22. 38 more levels to go. Yay. I also finished my page.

At this point my boyfriend finished playing his game so I logged off. But at least I accomplished something fo the time I was on.

What I did notice was how dead the old places are. There were only 4 of us in the Dunes. I also only saw 5 people in Aht Urgghan. Then I heard Beseoge was popping off so that may be why.

I hope to play a lot more. I will probably play when my boyfriend's playing his game or when he's at work. This all depends if I don't have work from a client to do.

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