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Sunday, October 4, 2009

I've Moved....

I made the move today to Windurst. I am now an official Windy resident. I bid a San d'Oria a temporary farewell. I love Sandy. I just moved to get a new story line. I won't stay there for long. I will knock out the missions quickly. I haven't decided if I wanted to do Bastok. I really don't like Bastok. Anyway, I really got on game to do COP again. And once again, no one showed up. Only 4 of us. So it was cancelled again. I think I may just drop the static all together and just join someone shouting in Whitegate.

Anyway, since I was already in Windy, I just changed my allegiance and went back outside to gather Yagudo Necklaces so I can do Leviathan avatar fight. Then I'll work on many others. So as I was getting ready I decided to do a supply run to get Sarutabaruta OP. I run out to West Sarta to do run and then I decided to do some farming for Necklaces. I forgot to mention that since yesterday I've decided to finally do the Yagudo Necklace quest in order to raise Tenshodo/Norg fame. This way I can get another avatar. Hopefully in couple of weeks I can get Leviathan & Ramuh. I will have to see. anyway I digress.

So as I was out farming, my friend Thesage said he missed his dynamis run and he some time on his hand before Limbus. So I asked if he can help me by Teleporting me to Vahzl & Altepa for supply runs. He said sure. So I OP back to Windy really quickly and change into RDM. We did Beaucidine zone first. Then we did Kuzotz zone next.

I went back to farming necklaces. Thesage joined in my effort after he finished doing the event in town. I managed 27 necklaces before I had to Dynamis. I did have a little trouble when I got back to Windy. I couldn't find the guy to teleport me. Thesage had to show me, lol. Moving is hard work. I need to make time to learn my new temporary home.

I op to Beaucidine and walk to Xarcabard where dyna is being held. I make it there easily. I'm getting better with Beaucidine's map. I'm put in the BLM party this time. This is my first time in Xarcabard dyna. Dyna went okay. Died 3 times. But at least I experienced it.
10-4-09 2
10-4-09 1
I wanted win but this was a farming run. We didn't really get anything. Only 1 DNC gear dropped and the currency was free drop. I had a good time tho. I logged out immediately after run.

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