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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I Did It Again....

I was notified earlier today that I had to get on this evening to do rank mission 9-1. So when I get home we get the team assembled to do mission: Kirinkage, Kainbelmont, Frizzlefry, Inchigo and myself. I needed crystals to be able to accept the mission. Kainy gave me some. I traded them in, didn't even fill my rank bar but I was able to start mission. So Frizzy tele-altepa'd us. We booked it thru Altepa and thru Kutal Tunnel since Kirin didn't have Volbow OP. I hope he got it this time.

For mission we had to click ??? in Cape Terrigan, Eldieme Necropolis, and Xarcabard (not in that order). The last spot, we had to fight a huge vulture/eagle looking mob. It was kicking Kirin & Inchi's ass. Not so much Frizzy's. But we couldn't kill it fast. We killed it & got our last key item. We get back to San D to finish mission.

Kainy & Frizzy went to do V Muffler run (whatever that is). Inchi logged off. Kirin & I both went to flag mission 9-2 so next time we just have to get to the fight. After both of my cutscenes, I logged off.

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