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Monday, July 20, 2009

I'm Sorry....

I got on Monday after the update. We were to do San D rank mission 8-2. Unfortunately, Kirinkage couldn't get on. So I just ended up farming with Inchigo. So we went to Onzonzo to farm. We get into the NM room & it was there, so we killed it. It dropped moldy ring again. I passed on it because I already have one. Crazy Inchi ended up passing on it too. Lol. However, we made a good time. Drops were a lot slower with me subbing THF & wearing Scorpion Harness than when I went with Phaet. Gotta love a 75 THF/NIN. After a while, we get a Treasure Key and chest for Inchi. Then I logged.

I have bad news for my friends. I will be taking a 3 week hiatus. My mother is in town and we would have to share the same TV. So we don't argue, I will be taking a short break. When I do get back on game, be sure that I will be posting on the regular.

Take care, I will miss you all.

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