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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Kainbelmont Rocks!!!

I get on to try to cap my magic skills capped. This would be my fourth attempt. I've been going to the tree. I really haven't made any headway at all. I was told that Boyhada Tree is the place to be. Only thing that would rise is my dark since it was so low.

So I enlisted Lordgrim to help. He needed to farm in the Tree too. So we meet in Zi'Tah. He goes after the spiders. I think maybe my skills would grow. We run around killing spiders. I cast my dark, enfeebling & elemental spells at them. Nothing but dark rising. As I was running around I get a tell from Kainbelmont. He asked if i still needed magic skill ups. I said yes and I'd meet up with him in an hour. I continue to run around with Lordgrim. I wasn't getting anything. Not even sword skill. I was really getting depressed. After an hour, I told Lord that i had to go.

So I meet up with Kainy in Whitegate. We head to Nyzul from Runic Portal. The actual area is call Alta... Undersea Ruins. We went after the Rat looking things again. So I alternate type of magic skill ups per mob.
8-15-09 3
I would spam dia on one mob, then dark on another and then elemental on another.
8-15-09 2
I was getting so many levels in skilling up. I wanted to kiss Kainy out of shear excitement.
8-15-09 1
I was so excited. I couldn't even get .1 skill up in the Tree. I was just wasting MP in the tree. Kain always brings me to the best places. He's the best!!!!

Before I had to log, I capped my enfeebling magic. And got close to capping elemental & dark. I went to bed happy.

Kainy Rocks!!!!!!

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