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Monday, September 28, 2009

0/3 - The Man Won't Sleep

I haven't been on game for a while, so I decided to go on. First thing
first, I was checked my delivery box for my gil. Even though I wasn't
on game I checked on my items on sale on FFXIAH. Great website to
check sales on the Jeuno/Whitegate auction house. I was on SMN when I
got on and I changed to RDM. I also had to change my COP linkshell
message for our new run on Tues. I hadn't been able to get on to
change it.

It seemed like a good day to fight Maat. I get my stuff together and
fix my macros on my way to Jeuno. I was also having a great
conversation with Demicus. Who knew he was funny and entertaining. He
had helped me prior to get my AF2. What I knew about him is that he
likes to kill shit and he don't like to die. Anyway, he's really cool.

Anyway, I head to Maat to take him down. I'm ready. I have my strategy
all mapped out. I'm going to sleep nuke him. So I get in, buff up, and
heal for mp. I run to circle and cast sleep. His ass didn't sleep. He
ran up and kicked me. I cast bind. It didn't stick. He punched me this
time. I cast sleep 1 this time. He slept for like 2 seconds and
asurisn fisted me to death while I was in casting stoneskin. Didn't
get to my Hi-pots or anything. I hate that man. I hp'd home.

I asked Demi if he could help me farm a testimony. He said said yes.
So we met in Qufim, but had to go back to get our keys. I wasn't too
sure if I needed it because I had one in my permanent key items. Got
it just in case. We meet again in Qufim and head into Delkfutt Tower.
We took elevator upstairs and found our way to camp. I had subbed THF
so the drop would come easier. Well I pulled first pot... No drop. The
second pull was disasterous. I cast spell, I run, it binds me which
made my sneak & invisible wear. Which in turn made me aggro 2 bats and
a giga along with the pot. Needless to say, I died. Demi didn't. He
called for a raise. My friend Vourant was coming to raise me. He got
to Tower. Then some random person in the Tower raised me. So we told
him I got a raise. Then we asked him if he wanted to come help us get
my testimony. He said sure and he'll come as MNK. As he reached tower
again, we got the Testimony. I felt really bad. Last time I came here
it took us a while. Maybe /THF really paid off. So I stuck around to
help Demi kill stuff since he had 15 mobs to kill for his NPC. I did
have mine out at one point. The bad pull that had me die, got him
killed. I hope he don't yell at me the next time.

So it's time for Dynamis Beaucidine. I run off to Beaucidine and throw
my flag up. I get like 6 party invites. I haven't partied in months.
Anyway, we go in. We did so well. Did not have mass deaths. Couple
people died. But nothing major at all. It went very well. I want more
dynamis runs to happen like this one. We got the win too. No RDM
drops. I actually had a good time. No death for me. Yay!

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