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This is my diary of my adventures in Vana'diel. This diary will change as my adventures changes. Sit back, read and enjoy.

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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Just One of Them Couple of Days.....

I have been on couple of days, but they were not so much consequential that I have to write separate blogs. So I'm going to bullet point them in outline form. I. I forgot to tell you about the crazy situation/conversation the other night; the night I got my robe (last time I played). Immediately after I log from game, I get a phone call from Titen. asked and told me that I should call him before I get on game. WTF!!!??!!! And then he goes on to to say that I don't want to level with him. I had to put him straight. I told him that I would never call him when I go onto game. And if I'm on game with him at the same time and I'm free to level with him I will. That was just way beyond weird. II. Day One A. I got on and started limit break 3 quest with Maat. I have to get 3 crests from the 3 strongholds. Damn them. I heard the places I have to go are ridiculously hard. Going to need some serious help. B. I get a party immediately when I threw my flag up. The party was pretty good. I didn't level though. Too much exp to gain and I didn't get that much the last time I played. I was having a good time too. It was late so I had to log. C. Upon logging, I tell Thesage goodnight and he says goodnight dude. So I had to correct him and tell him that I was a girl. He said he assumes all female characters on game were men. So I assured him I was a girl. III. Day Two A. Before I get on game, I get a text from Titen asking me to marry him on game. Can you guess my response? I told him no. I am not marrying anyone on the game unless it's my real life husband. B. I went to powerlevel Inchigo for a while in Valkrum Dunes. I said I'd powerlevel before I seek a party. I meet him in the Dunes. He told me to put my flag up if I'm looking for party. I told if I do, I'll get snatched really quickly. I'm in demand, lol. Just to make him happy I put my flag up. I think I healed him twice before I got a party. As I was responding to party leader, Inchigo got killed. I had to raise him. I'm such a bad powerleveler at times. Can't multitask my tells & my actions, lol. I raise and leave him. I headed to the party. I get there and within 20 mins the party disbanded. What a waste of gil. And I wasted an emperor band use. C. So since my party was finished, I went duoing with Thesage for half an hour. We went to Xarcabard. We fought gigas and a few tigers. Then we went to find the dragon that spawns there. We ran in circles and he found it. So we fought it and survived. It was a wussy dragon. After dragon, Thesage had to leave for Dynamis. 4-30-09 2 D. Right after Thesage, I Envoy was waiting to duo with me. So instead of duoing, he decided to help me with my AF6 - my head piece aka Pimp Hat. So we head back to Xarcabard and head to Fei'Yin to fight Miser Murphy for my antique coin. After all the walking we did to get to Fei'Yin I didn't get the stupid cut scene that will trigger Murphy to spawn. So it ended up a wasted trip. Damn. So I warp back to San D and Envoy leaves for Dynamis. E. Since I'm stubborn, I didn't want to log off. So I decided to try the Feast of Swords event in town. I already gotten my ibushi sunai from the moogle earlier. I thought I was going to get an anniversary ring. So I chose to go as my DRG/WHM since I'd have an extra help in hurting the rogue samurai. Okay I tried 3 times. Ember and I died 3 times. That was enough for me. I did make sure that I had Regen & Refresh on from the Field Book. That saved me from instant deaths numerous times. Ah got to love another FFXI event that levels you down to 1. IV. Day Four A. I get on without an objective. So I decided to buy some spells. I know I'm missing 1 or 2 spells. Plus I wanted to buy Paralyna because I've been asked about that so many times. So I bought 3 spells: Blizzard 2, Thunder 2 and Paralyna. I need to get Shell 3. That's was my main goal. I may have to go to Jeuno for it. B. As I was hunting for spells I had my seek party flag up. I got a party. It was a pretty good set up: 2 rdm/whm, war/nin, pld/war, blu/nin, mnk/war. However, finding where to camp was a bit tricky. We ended up in Bhaftau Thickets. My first time there. So we finally made camp and started to party really well. I leveled to 59. 4-30-09 1 However, I had to leave soon, so I got a SAM replacement for me since we already had a RDM in party. I now have to concentrate on getting LB3 and get my AF6. I'm heading into the terrible 60s as they say. I'm looking forward to it. I here LB4 is a piece of cake. So I really have to concentrate on leveling dark and my elementals so I can face Maat for LB5.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

About To Graduate from Pimp College

I get on to play. I mean to level. I want 58 so bad. So I put up my party flag when I got on. I got a party invite immediately. I warp immediately to Whitegate. I get into party. I am like the 3rd person in party. I get sanction. It's still only 3 people. So I sit down by sanction guy. I'm just chilling waiting for party to get on with it. I then get this tell from some dude named Envoy, "You got to change your bazaar comment". I respond ok. Then he goes on to say "It says your level 53 and your 56. As I change it, I say thank you. Then he starts chatting me up. He's very funny. The party says they found a tank. So I make my way to chocobo guy. So does one of the SAM. We sit there waiting again because the tank had to leave. This was getting very frustrating. However, new guy is trying to get me to leave party to come powerlevel him in Saramoungue Champaign. I was thinking about it too. But we found a replacement for the tank. By time we were ready to head out, the main camps were taken. So we started off at a camp in location F-9. We do well. I was still talking with Envoy at the same time. We were missing one of our 6. He was still in Whitegate. So I convinced Envoy to come to the party. He came as WAR. By time he arrived, we changed camp, don't remember location, but it's close to the leypoint. So we get to chaining birds. I level to 57 really quickly. 4-26-09 2 Envoy was still chatting me up. He's funny. we chain so more. Then the tank, sam, and Envoy had to leave. Somehow, I got caught with leader role again. I get a BRD, & 2 DRG. One of the DRG was named Thesage. So we ready to rock, but Thesage is being all quiet. We thought he was afk (away from keyboard), but then he responds, "Oh, I was just reading someone's blog :P". W get down to busines. We killing left and right. we even moved camp again. This time to ley point. As we are fighting Thesage is chatting me up as well as Envoy. Then it hits like 1:00 am. My eyes were burning me. I had to go, but I only had 1.1k left to level to 58 and I so wanted to wear my robe so I can cover my ass. So I braved it and stuck it out. I level and I put on my robe immediately. Yay!!!!! 4-26-09 I warped home. I barely shut down game before I fell asleep.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

It's a Bit Chilly. I Think I Need a Robe.

Got on today to see if I can get help getting my AF5.  I got on ls, Clan Belmont,  to find Kainbelmont free.  I also found Oliphant on. I asked both & they said it was cool. They'll help. Yay!!  So I invite Oli to party and Kain said he'll meet us at Castle Oztroja.  We (Oli & myself) teleport to Meriphitaud Mountains.  Somehow Oli beat me to Oztroja.   I enter, then Oli tells me that Zeeone is coming. I said cool. The more the merrier. I meet up with Kain inside. I was ok on the 1st 2 floors of Oztroja, I think. I didn't even know there were floors here. As we got closer to mob area, I had to cast invisible.  
By time we got to camp, Zee was already invited. He just hadn't gotten to us yet. Kain and I waited for them at camp. They finally made it. We start fighting all these Yagudos for my key. Kill after kill, no key. Then Ghostdawg finally joined us. We fought and fought. Zee got his MNK's testimony. But we got like 4 of them. We also got like 4 BRD testimonies, 1 BLM testimony and tons of BRD scrolls. We even got 4 judgement keys that allows you to access the upper floors of Oztroja. We fought I think for 2 hours before a key finally dropped. Good thing map said there were 2 coffer spots close to camp. I put on invisible and tried 1st spot, no coffer. I tried 2nd spot, yes coffer. But it was surrounded by 2 Yags. Oli & Zee came to distract them so I could open coffer. Yay!!!!!! I got my robe. I can't wear it until level 58 though.  Kain had to leave so he warped and logged. Ghost went to finish some latent something or another. So I helped Zee & Oli in their fights. They took down 1 of the 2. As we fought the 2nd, I died. I was going to resurrect but Oli died, then so did Zee. The Yag didn't despawn so if I got up he was going to smack me and I would be dead again.  I told Ghost that I was going to hp since I was dead and he wasn't.  
But all it's worth, I got my AF5. All that's left is AF6, my pimp hat.  I had a good time. I raised my magic skills, see status updates. I got exp points but I used them up when I died and hp'd.  So next up, party!!!! 
Yeah baby!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Who Wears Short Shorts?

This is my 100th post. Congratulations to me!! I never thought I'd still be doing this blog. I do get bored of things after awhile. I barely post to my more personal blog.  Those who read this blog, thank you very much. 
I get on to see if there's any help for me today on doing AF4, Warlock Tights. Kainbelmont was in a party. Ghostdawg was going to do an avatar battle. I found Oliphant. He was free. But we needed 2 more for the coffer. So we decide to just try for the coffer key.  So we meet up at Garlaige Citadel.  We run off to basement. We found the mobs that were necessary. We fight one. No key. We fight second, no key. That went on for a while, no key. Kainbelmont eventually joined us. So three of us are killing without any luck. Then Kadianna joined us also.  We continue to fight too. No key.  Unfortunately, Kadi died I believe 2 times. 
Then 2 random guys invited us to their party to help us with key. We fought forever. But alas we prevailed. I got key! Finally. The 2 random people left party and the 4 of us decided to do coffer. So we head upstairs to gates. We go thru gate #1. Then we tried to go thru gate #2, but Kadi & I missed the door. Damn droma was blocking my exit.  Now Oli & Kain are on other side of door. Oli & Kain somehow got back onto our side & we tried it again. We all make it thru. We go to first area for coffer, no coffer. Second area, no coffer. Third area...... Yes!! Coffer Found It.  I tried to open then got aggro'd by beetle. The others took care of beetle while I opened coffer. Yay! I got my Tights. I immediately put them on.  Kain was the greatest by warping us home. 
I go into my mog house to check myself out.  I am wearing some really short shorts, with lace on the sides. I feel utterly naked.
I think I should just go get my AF5 next so I can just concentrate on partying. I may also start LB3 (limit break 3) so I can get to 65.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I'm Getting There... Surely...

I get on to maybe party. To maybe find some people to help me with my coffer for AF4 in Garlaige. I throw my flag up for party. While I was waiting for a party. I spoke with Kakida, Kainbelmont, Cyricbelhart and the gang on ClanBelmont. Titen even contacted me. So as I was talking I decided to try the Eggstravaganza again. This time the moogles were not giving out letter eggs. Oh well. Kainbelmont sent me a tell in game, outside linkshell talk telling me that he read my blog. Oh my goodness. I don't even remember telling him I had a blog. Thank you very much Kain. Titen said he was farming a party. Instead of asking me, he said I must gather together in Whitegate. I get there and got invited to the party. We found out that the chocobo guy in Al Zahbi was kidnapped. That meant we had to run to camp by the ley point. Me, took me forever, since I never had to run there by myself. I'm usually on a chocobo following someone. I got there without aggro. Photobucket We chained really well. Within a half an hour I leveled to 56. My emperor band wears out quickly. However, I had to go an hour later from leveling. I now only have 6k from leveling to 57. Yes! My goal for next time is to get my AF4 from Garlaige Citadel and my AF5 from Castle Oztroja. I'm supposed to be wearing my pants right now at 556. I need 3 people to help me with Garlaige.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Frozen Hell to Arabian Knights

Got on like I promised Titen. I started talking to folks on my linkshell, Clan Belmont. Someone asked me what I was going to do. I said I wanted to finish my AF3. Demicus volunteered to help me. So I meet him in N San D by teleport guy. We teleported to Xarcabard (Vhazl) and high tailed it to Vhazl Baileys to fight Dark Spark NM. We did it pretty smoothly and fast. After fight, I get my item and we both warped out. I had set my homepoint to Jeuno just for this reason. I ran to Port Jeuno and got my gloves!!!! Yay!! It all took 20 mins. That's the fastest I've ever accomplished something. So now I check my friends list to see if Titen is on. He is. I contact him. And of course, we get into an argument. He called me a liar because "supposedly I said I was going to do something & I didn't" I promised to party with him today. That's why I contacted him. Then he goes how he saw me get my AF3. I said yeah. It only took me 20 mins. Then he complained that how come he can't party with my friends. I said there's isn't any reason he can't unless I'm with Ghostdawg. He asked me why and I told him that he has him blacklisted. Then he retorts that he can't please everyone. I don't need him to please anyone. So I asked do you still want to party, he said no he's busy. So I left him alone. So I just contacted Inchigo, who was on by the way. We decided to duo together in Kuftal Tunnel. We did really well until Inchi got disconnected which left me to die. I can't even scratch those crabs. During the time I tried out composure, my new job ability thanks to the April update. Photobucket I hp'd once I died. I had set my hp back to San D. Good thing. Once back in San D, I throw my seek party flag up. It's time to get some experience going. So while I wait, I decided to parrticipate in the eggstravaganza event. There was a mass of people around the event moogle. It was crazy. The lag was ridiculous. People was just appearing spontaneously. I didn't get anything but an "I" egg. There were egg sellers too. People just capitalizing on the event, lol. Photobucket After a while, I got a party invite for Wajoom Woodlands. It was a pretty cool party. I was able to level to 55 in this party. Ghostdawg joined my party for a while. I somehow became lead again. After a while I got sleepy. I told everyone I had to go because at that point I could barely keep my eyes open. The party disbanded. I warped out of Wajoom and logged for the night. Photobucket Today was a very productive day. I got my AF3 and I leveled. Not bad.


Okay, my 100th post is coming really soon.  In 3 more posts, actually. I have no idea how I should celebrate this event.  
I've been tweaking my page slowly but surely through the months that I've been keeping up with this blog. 
Last week I added a Tweet so everyone can see my progress of skills as I play. This tweet in no way will reflect what's in the actual posts. It's just for basic info such as Profile Titles and Skill Levels. These change so frequently that I usually can't keep up telling you guys. Maybe this way is a lot easier. We'll see. I may not continue with it. Never know.
For those who read this, please leave me a comment with ideas with what I should do for my 100th post. It must me something FFXI related. 
I appreciate all my readers and this way I can allow you all to participate in my adventure. 
I look forward to hearing from all  of you. 

Friday, April 10, 2009

I Broke The Summit & Conquered a Maze

I get on to at least try for my AF2 and LB2 . I got Titen to help me with LB2. So we OP to Vhazl. I follow him with Sneak & Invisi on. We get to first creature. I helped out and it took me a little long to cast Dispel cause I had a more important spell to cast, Refresh. So an argument ensued about me and my chat filter. He telling me to have damages show on screen. I don't want them to. If I did, I would've had it there already. On the way to next cave, Kadianna from Clan Belmont asked to join us. I said sure but I had to make sure with Titen. He said it was okay. So we stayed put so she can find us. We hit the second cave. Titen & myself are still arguing. But Kadianna almost got herself killed. So I had to heal her quickly. Titen told her to stay back. Then we make it back to the 3rd cave and I have barely enough mp cause Titen doesn't want to let me heal or give me time to convert. He said we can rest back at the 1st cave. So we trek back to 1st cave so Kadi can get the 1st frigicite. Afterwards, we all warp to home points. I had Jeuno as my homepoint since I was doing the AF3 quest. I ran upstairs to Maat. I break the summit! I am able to level up to 60. Yay! So Titen disappeared to do some of his stuff, so I started Bard Quest. I finished 2 out of the 3 quests. But I really wanted to do AF2 quest with Titen. But he ran off to Qufim. Then Ghostdawg volunteered. I would have both help me but Ghost has Titen blacklisted. So I dropped party with Titen and told him what I was doing and that I would party with him the next day. He called me a "flatleaver". I don't see Ghost as much anymore so I wanted to play with him and the extra benefit is that he doesn't argue with me. So Ghost & I head to Necro. Ghost opened a door and I went thru it. My sneak wore off, but I thought I was far enough away that the stupid skeletons wouldn't detect me. Of course not. I got aggro'd I tried to cast reraise on myself but stupid skeleton kept interrupting me. So I died by Skeleton. I hp'd and came back. Met up with Ghost and we got lost. We had to exit necro & re-enter. We finally found a way into the bottom middle of Necro for coffer. It was quite difficult cause there were folks also switching the doors too. Ghost found the coffer, called me to hurry and he also protected it. He fought skeleton while I opened coffer. I get my old rusty gloves. We head back to Jeuno. He was tired so he logged off in Battalia. I made the rest of rounds for the AF2 quest in Jeuno. All I have to do is go to Vhazl to fight dark spark.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I Hate Necro - Maze of Hell

I get on to do my AF3 (my AF hands). I get help from Inchigo. So I met him in Upper Jeuno. We head off to Eldieme Necropolus a.k.a. Necro. We head into the entrance located closest to Jeuno in Battalia Downs. So I cast sneak & invisible until we get to a spot we can pull the mob that drops my coffer key. So this is how this quest supposed to go: Necro for Coffer & get some raggedy gloves -> Jeuno to search for ??? near AH & talk to some NPCs -> Vhazl to fight NM Dark spark -> Jeuno to complete. Back to what I was saying, we (Inchi & myself) are at the spot to fight mob. After 3 fights the key drops. Yay! Not bad. It was pretty easy, no drops. Since previously I've never had any issues finding coffers before, so I believe this part would be a breeze. I could've had my AF pants already if I had the key. I found the coffer in Garlaige. Anyway I moved off topic again. So Inchi & myself went hunting together for this coffer. We got lost so we had to exit and re-enter the Necro. So we get in, I tell him there's a couple of coffers on the top floor. So I go to the first location. A door is in the way. I go to the next location, another door in my way. I go to the third location, another got'damn door. Then the 4th location, which was miraculously not behind the door, however, someone must've seen it and took it. That means I have to go find out where it could reappear. So Inchi and I dropped to the basement of this place. That's when we got separated. I went my way he went another. I did well by myself with sneak & invisi up. I went to 2 known locations, but the coffers were not there. Then I headed towards a 3rd location, no coffer. Then I couldn't go back from where I came. I had to exit the Necro again and re-enter. Inchi had no luck and then told me there's a lot of RDMs in Necro currently. S.O.B.! Damn RDMs. Did they have to be here when I came? That's why I can't get a coffer. Too much competition. Inchi was hungry & I was tired so we decide to head back to Jeuno. While Inchi ate, I decided to try again. No luck. Oh well, I knew the game was going to get a whole lot harder. I just refused to see it. Oh well. I get disgruntled & logged off for the night.

Monday, April 6, 2009


I've been on a bit of hiatus. I've been feeling blah about playing right now. Nothing about the game. But more of real life issues.

I'm also at a standstill in game. I need help with AF3 & LB2. All my friends seem to be disappearing or on at different times. Sucks for me.

Other than that, I'll probably be on soon.