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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Honey... I'm Home..... Lol

Internet is back on!!!! Yes!!!! No more sneaking on someone's wifi when available hoping they won't kick me off. Well let me tell you what has happened.

I snuck on game on Saturday. I attempted my 4th try with Maat. He kicked my ass again. It was Darksday and he refuses to stay put. I hate him so much. I wish he would just keel over when I enter the arena. I also got the last OPs for Windy. I am a lazy girl. I like to OP everywhere.

So today, Cablevision came to fix my cable modem. Apparently Cablevision changed their frequency. Instead of being logical and update all customers with new cords, they just let us suffer. So the cable guy came and fixed it. I even got a date out of it.

So I was not planning to go on until my brother teased me about San D having Gustaberg OP. I was livid. It's already 11 pm at night. San D getting Gustaberg OP is an extremely rare accomplishment. I had to get the OP. So I just got on. I actually switched to my WHM and tele-holla'd myself. I hadn't started any missions in Windy so I went and changed my nation back to San D to get the OP. I'm such an OP junkie. So I tele'd again to holla and grabbed a chocobo and headed to North Gustaberg. I got the OP and was warped back to San D. I then warped myself back to Windy and changed my allegiance back.

This was a great way to be welcomed back to game. I felt lost. But my San D OPs are intact. Only OPs I am missing are the areas that are involved in Chains of Promethia or Zilart.

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