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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I Won Big!!!

I got on game because I promised Inchigo I'd do a BCNM with him. I've been promising him that forever. So I get my gear together. I go to Jeuno to get a star orb for the BCNM. We decided to do the "Royal Jelly" BCNM in Palborough Mines, Bastok region. I hate Bastok region.

Anyway, I sat and waited for the ship to Bastok. Inchi joined me. When we finally get to Bastok, I left Port Bastok into N Gustaburg. I hate that place. I didn't bother get a chocobo. Didn't want to waste my gil. I just ran to Palboro and met up with Galagor who was our 3rd member. Inchi was running behind. We he finally made it, I followed him to the burning circle (BC).

So we did /random to see who went first. Galagor got 1st run on his orb. We get in. They start left, I go right. I bind & gravity the jellies as much as I can. We won. Galagor got some the Utsusemi Ni scroll and some other stuff. Scroll sells for 300k+. We exit. Now that Galagor got the scroll I feel my odds are going down.

As we heal for the next run, Inchi and I do /random again. He gets to go next. We had a lot of other people showing up at the BC. We head in again. We win again. Inchi got a lot of stuff that wasn't worth much. So my odds are slipping. Not so good.

So now it's my turn for the run. We get in. I throw on Chainspell because the timers on bind & gravity are ridiculous. I bind & gravity all of them. Then I was thinking they were taking too long to kill, lol. I started to think they were losing steam and we were going to lose this run. My bro had to remind me that I used my chainspell so it looked like they were slow. So I healed and casted spells until they finished all. I made out like a bandit. I got Marksman's ring, Mana Ring, Scroll of Phalanx, Scroll of Utsusemi Ni and 2 Slime Oils. I couldn't believe my luck. My drops were a lot better than Galagor's & Inchi's. I warped home. Then I headed to Jeuno to put my goods on AH. I gave my bro the Scroll of Phalanx.

After this luck, I think I should go play the lotto for real!!!!

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