Welcome To My Mog House

This is my diary of my adventures in Vana'diel. This diary will change as my adventures changes. Sit back, read and enjoy.

All comments, tips and advice will be appreciated


Sunday, August 31, 2008

WHM - Level 15 - Rank 2

Played: 4 -5 hours Logged on to level WHM in LaTheine by myself. I get to LaTheine and killed 2 Hares when I get an invite. They are at the Dunes. I said okay. I told them to give me 5 to 10 minutes. I had to go back to San.D. to change into RDM so I can Chocobo it to the Dunes. I was not walking through there at level 11. I asked my brother to bodyguard me. I had to go through the tunnel which will kill me with the bats. And not forget the gobs. I can't take a lick. So he gets me to my party. He sticks around to watch. Darksanzo a guy I made friends with a while ago. He was powerleveling. Then a guy from my ls, Zeeone, came to give me a new pearl for the ls. The original owner of the ls quit. So that means that ls is dead. Fawnaa another member reformed it. The new name is KnightClub. It used to be Forsaken Knights. Zeeone yells at Olihbear because he's in our ls and he didn't give me one. Zeeone starts powerleveling us too. So we had 2 pl's. By time I got there they out grew the lizards so they were taking gobs. I leveled to 13 there. At somepoint we lost darksanzo and kirinkage. I suggest to go to oasis to fight crabs. We all head there, of course I get aggro'd by a gob. Never fails. However, the party was close so we defeated it. We make it to oasis without any more aggro's. Zee and I were teasing Inchigo in the ls. Inchigo has a cyber crush on me. Zee is married to Fawna in real life. We, the party and I, took on snippers, flies, and gobs in the oasis. 2 members had to leave and we replaced them with 2 BLU. During our fight with 2 damsle flies, one of the BLU did an area of effect which caused all the leeches, snippers, and the remaining fly to attack the whole party. I was curing people so a leech attacked me. I cured myself. Then of course I had to cure everyone at the same time, so I cast Benediction. However, before I cast benediction, the BLU who caused it all died. After I cast it, the mob attacked me. I died of course. I had just leveled to 15. I leveled down. After I died, Olihbear died. So 3 out of the six died. Then Zeeone, the gentleman he is, cast diaga to get the mob from attacking. He runs into the desert with the mob attacking. The 3 who lived helped fight the mob. They came back alive. Thank goodness. Zee came back exhausted, lol. He had to recharge his MP. He apologized that I lost my level. I told him no worries, I'll get it back in a fight or 2, which I did. He raised me first. I sat and healed. Then he raised the BLU then Olihbear. We get back to fighting. I turned back to level 15. My tummy growled so I told them I had to leave in 2 fights. Then in 2 fights came, I asked Zee to escort me to San. D.. Then I was telling the party I was going, Olihbear said wait. Just 2 more fights please. I stayed then the party broke up. Zee tele-holla's me and Olihbear to Holla Tele-crag in LaTheine. Zee escorts me to San. D.. I tell him to come meet me in front of mog so he can see my level 20 gear. I come out and he examines me & said it was great. I tell everyone good night on the ls. Olihbear says wait again. Oli is funny. He says it's only 5 pm. I told him it's 8:34 pm for me. He said ok. Then Inchi said my baby has to eat, so let her go. I laughed and said goodnight again. I log out again.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Played: 2.25 hrs
Kirinkage convinced me to come level my RDM (20) in Qufim. I was in San.D.. I warped to Jeuno. I used sneak to get down the tunnel. I even went & picked up a party member. I was casting sneak like a pro. Of course, because I'm a big chicken. We waited for the rest of our party by the tunnel entrance/exit. We can only take worms. We did really well. Then we moved to the pond. Had to use sneak again. The pond was crowded. We had our own personal banshee killing bodyguard. We moved back towards the entrance. We kill worms. I didn't level though, but I got really close to it. I only need 762 exp to level 21. Woo hoo. Then I get to use regen and gravity. Yay!!! However, I need to go back to San. D. to check my plant and buy up food I used up most of my food at Qufim. Our party consisted of: 1RDM (me), 2 BLM, 1 THF and 1 PLD (Kirinkage). There was one fight we (mages) were drained of mp and a worm cast a spell that put us all in red, close to death. So instead of us standing there to die, we ran and attacked the worm with our weapons. I defeated the worm. We barely survived. I only have 15 HP to my name when it was over. That was crazy. Kirin said we mages are crazy. He's never seen 3 mages charge a mob like we did. anyway I'm out.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

WHM - Level 11 - Rank 2

Played: 3 hrs I get on to level WHM to level 10. I was in Jeuno when I logged on. I checked my delivery box. I was a bit shocked to see a dozen red roses from Titen. I also sold something at AH. The rest of my items were returned to me. That sucked. I then went to Chocobo stables and rented a chocobo. I chocobo back to San.D.. Yay!!!! No dying for me. I get back to S.San.D. to find that the NPC I normally sell goods to won't take anything. I try the NPC close to going home. She accepted my stuff. I sell stuff. I then resell the items I had put up to sell at the AH before. I then go to my mog in San.D. to change my job to WHM. I ask my brother to powerlevel me because the last time I went on, I got mobbed again and died. That's how I ended up back in Jeuno. I had to HP, forgetting HP was Jeuno. So on my way out, I bump into a Taru called Lollipop, THF. I invite her to party. She accepts. We head towards LaTheine, with my brother. We end up in LaTheine. My brother powerleveled us for a while. I guy from our LS, Lordangel wanted to party with me & Lollipop. He invites her to the LS. We kill. He pulls a Akaba that was kicking his butt more than I can cure it. He ended up dying. I felt bad. He said it was okay. He told me next time to use Benediction. We kill some more. We had another powerlevel from out LS, Gihl. My bro left at some point. I can't even tell you when. Then Lordangel said he had to go & left the party. Left me and Lolli. I leveled to 10 with Lordangel. Lolli & I leave the area because just the 2 of us can't handle the Orcs. We head closer to W.Ronf.. Then I get a tell from my bro saying to answer this guy Kakida, MNK, in our LS. He wanted to join. So I said okay. I then find another guy a PLD, named Nichol. The 2 meet up in S.San.D.. and head towards us. I invite them in. We kill and kill. Then Nichol pulls a VT Orc. They nearly killed us. I finally used Benediction. Woo Hoo!! We survived. I have no idea how much exp I got. I just was glad to be alive. 2 fights later, I leveled to 11. I looked at the time and said I had to log at 11:30. I changed the leader position to Kakida. I was about to leave when Nichol pulled a creature (aka mob). I healed for the last time. I waved goodbye to everyone & disbanded. I ran all the way back to San.D. without an aggro. I log off across from AH.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Death By Titen

Played: 3 - 4 hrs I get on solely to finish choco quest 2 so I can chocobo it back to San.D.. I get on my ps3 since I wasn't going to do anything but feed chocobo. I'm standing around trying to do my macros. I sense someone is all up in my grill behind my menus. I clear my menus to find Titen standing in front of me. Photobucket He tries to convince me to go to San.D. To start missin 2-3. I tell him I'm not going to do 2-3 until I'm level 25. I go down to try feed choco again. It accepts for a second time. I go back up to wear Titen was. He asked what I plan on doing. I told him to finish my choco quest. It's night time and I can't see well. There were a lot of lights. I accidentally accepted party invite from Titen. Which made him instantly teleport me. I was kidnapped. I ended up in LaTheine and we went to San.D.. I have no idea why we are here. So I decide to go to my mog house to check my delivery box. Titen said where are you going? I am supposed to talk to the signet guard. I asked why. He said for supply quest to Qufim. I told him I'd be right there. I get the supplies and he warps me. I'm back in Jeuno. I go back to feed the chocobo. Then he arrives and tells me to come to Port Jeuno. I head there, and he's in Lower Jeuno. We head to outpost in Qufim. I do not have a map of Qufim yet. He puts sneak and invisible on me. We get to outpost guy. He gives me conquest points. So he's supposed to take me back to Jeuno. Then he throws sneak & invisible on me and heads somewhere else. I asked where he was going and he said he has to take care of something really quick. Well he takes me down to fight a Sea Horror type NM. Sneak & invisible wore off and a Goblin killed me in one hit. I was sooooooooooooooo pissed. I told him I couldn't afford to get hit. So I'm naked when he raises me. I didn't leveldown. I have 133 exp pts, the next death will definitely level me down. So he puts invisible & sneak on me again. He's taking me back. The he tells me BRB. I'm in middle of Qufim naked. Then a Wright came close. He stood up and killed it. Then he moves again. Then tells me BRB again. This time he's gone. I call for my brother because a Wright is right next to me. My sneak & invisi wore off again & the Wright killed me when I was putting Sneak on myself. I leveled down, I'm soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo pissed. Then Titen comes back on and raises me. My brother couldn't get to me on time. So now, Titen has to power level me so I can get my level back. I get back 533 exp points. I tell him enough and he takes me back to Jeuno. I am still pissed off at Titen. I go feed the chocobo for the last time. I get my chocobo riding license. I am happy about that but I'm still mad at Titen. I didn't even try it out. I just went to my temporary mog and shutdown.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

My First Trip To Jeuno

Played: 4 hrs Get on to level WHM to 10 again and to finish mission 2-1. I go on the mission again. I freakin die again. It's not fair!!! Kirinkage decides to help me. He kills Fungar I continue on with the mission. Titen ended up coming to help also. I finish the mission. All I have to do is go back to San D and talk to guard. Instead Titen and Krinkage convince me to go to Jeuno. I said okay. Kirin and I join Titen's party. Then we run thru Jugner Forest (again) and thru Battalia Downs. I get to Jeuno. I set as homepoint and I start Chocobo Quest 1 so I can ride the chocobos. I accept quest and then Titen teleports us to Holla. Titen finds chocobo tracks in LaTheine. I get cut scene. I get chocbo. Then we decide to go to San.D.. I finish off mission 2-1 at the guard. Then I go buy an armor box for my level 1 armor. It was starting to get in my way. I meet up with the guys by auction house. Titen warps me back to Jeuno. He and my Kirin do not accompany me back. They are going on their AF quest for Dragoon. Surprisingly we still are linked to party. I go back to Chocobo stables to finish quest and they tell me I have to go back to San.D.. Son of a B. Now I have no way of getting there. I shout for a teleport to Holla. No response. I talk to people in my linkshell. They were no help. I see a guy running wearing RDM AF gear. I asked him for help. He asked me what I need help with. I told him I need a teleport to Holla. He said stay right here, I'm going to change. He came back and had me join his party and he teleported me to Holla. I told him thank you. He warped back to Jeuno. I head to San.D.. I go to Choco stables for ending scene of choco quest 1. I head to guard at gate to W.Ronf to buy warp scroll so I can get back to Jeuno. Somehow Titen finds me and warps me again. He has a knack of finding people. I think he hacks the game I swear. Like he has a homing beckon on me or something. I go back to Brutus at Choco stables. To finish and start new quest. I buy the grass needed. I try to feed the chocobo. He accepted food on 4th try. I go to my temporary mog house in Jeuno and log off.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Valor Kingdom - Linkshell Event

Played: 2 hrs (8/15) I log on to level up my WHM to 10. Instead of doing that, I get called to action to kill a NM in Davoi. So I head with Kirin to Latheine to meet at the entrance to Jugner Forest (JF). I am so under level for this area (Jugner) and Davoi. However, the whole linkshell was there. valor kingdom family portrait We ran thru Jugner with a mass of 13 members. We get to our destination without any issues. The high levels killed everything in sight. I really didn't have to do much. So we camp where the nm pops. I keep my distance since I can't do anything. Next you know, I'm dead. Died by AOE (area of effect). Death at Davoi The NM cast a spell and since I'm so low level on spell killed me. I wasn't mad at all. Just happy that I got to travel somewhere new. I watched the rest of the fight. NM at Davoi Didn't take long. Everyone died. The mages who had reraise on, were killed instantly when they rose. So we all laying dead in Davoi talking. Team leaders keep apologizing for the death. It was no problem since I never leveled down. We all went bank to our homepoint. I log for the day.

Excellent Day

Played: 4.5 hrs Today I get on as a WHM level 9. I decided to change into RDM level 18. I just felt like it. I wasn't planning on doing anything but participate in the Summer Festival. On my out of my mog house I decide I was going to N. San.D. to cheer Mumor on when Kirinkage asked if I wanted to party. I ask him where he was. He said LaTheine. I told him to wait for me there. He said why? I said because I was too traumatized to go thru there by myself again. He waited for me. I got thru W.Ronf. and into LaTheine. I met up with him and we ran to the Dunes. No Battering Ram!!! We get into the Dunes and made it to the Oasis without being aggro'd by any Gobs. Woo Hoo! I found a DNC level 19 to party with us. We took on snippers but we got scimpy exp. So we moved to the beach. My first time there!!!!! So we took on snippers there and some low level Gobs. Then he pulled a Pugil. It was very tough. We barely survived, but it gave us a shit load of exp. We pulled more snippers. Then Kirin pulled another Pugil. We were fighting the pugil then a Bogey attacked. It killed Kirin and this level 75 SMN/WHM raised him & killed the Bogey. The other party member & I finished fighting Pugil with SMN/WHM powerleveled us. Kirin finished healing and we were back into the killing. Then Kirin pulled a IT Pugil. It started whipping our tails. Kirin died again. Me & the other member zoned to Selbina. SMN/WHM killed Pugil while we were zoning. She also went & raised Kirin again. Meanwhile I'm in Selbina with the other party person healing. Then we head back to Kirin in the Dunes. So we get more people eventually. In the end we have the following line up: 2 RDM, 2 PLD, 1 SMN, 1 DNC. And all of us can cure. So we cured each other. It was a hot party. I leveled to 20 in 2 hrs and some more exp so I will not level down. I was so happy. I warp back to S. SanD. I go into my mog house to change my gear to my level 20 gear. I change but I can't use my trump crown while wearing my Tunic. I head out to the AH to sell my level 18 gear. I bump into Lordgrim from my new linkshell Valor Kingdom. He asked me if I would like an escort to Jeuno now. I told him no thanks. I was going to level up my WHM to 10 so it would be effective as a sub. On my home, my friend Titen (on the game of course) called me on my home phone & told me he sent me level 20 armor for my RDM. I go into my mog & checked my delivery box. I put on the armor he gave me. Red Mage Level 20 I look quite cute. Thanks to Titen. I run out of my mog with my new outfit on. So I went to AH to sell the level 20 gear I already had. On my way back to my mog, I bump into LordAngel another Valor Kingdom member. He also offered to escort me to Jeuno & I again turned down the offer. I then shutdown. I played longer than expected.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Still... WHM - Level 9 - Rank 2

Played: 2hrs So I decided this is how I'm going to play FFXI. On the weekdays, I'm going to level WHM and then level RDM on weekends. Weekends I can dedicate time to parties to level up my RDM. So on to my story yesterday. So I get on check on to check my plant. It was the same as the previous day. So I decided to play as WHM. I change jobs & gear. I head out to N. San. D. to cheer & dance Mumor on for the Summer Festival. I get bored really quick. So I head back to S. San. D. to head out to E. Ronf. to kill, lol. I kill some easy prey as I talk to my LS {Forsaken Knights}. This guy Inchigo has been making me laugh. He wants me to come party with him in LaTheine. I tell him, I can't cause I was going to log at 8 pm but will be back on @ 10 pm. However, I did decided to go to W. Ronf. when I saw him there. So, in W. Ronf. I started to head SW to meet where Inchigo was. The area was quiet. All I saw one Orc and one Gob. I checked the Gob which was a decent challenge. I was going to get him but the Orc was in the way. So I decide to kill the Orc to get out of my way. Here how the fighting flow went. 1. I attack Orc 1 2. Gob1 attack me while I'm fighting Orc1 3. I kill Orc1 and I attack Gob1 4. Gob2 attack me while I'm fighting Gob1 5. I kill Gob1 and I attack Gob2 6. Orc2 attack me while I'm fighting Gob2 7. I kill Gob2 and attack Orc2 8. I am still fighting Orc2, when Gob3, Gob4, and Orc3 attack me 9. I die - Son of a B@*$^ I called for help from Inchigo, but he was fighting off his own mob of 4 creatures. I must have been caught in a mob that spawned when I was fighting Gob1. So I go back to my homepoint. When I get there, I find this... Return Home Hurray!!! At least something good was happening while I was playing. It still has more to grow. I am so excited. Maybe I'll get something good.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Start of The Crying Game

Played: various times I haven't blogged because I've been disheartened with the game. Not the actual game, but my game playing. As I said in previous post, that I died doing mission 2-1. So couple days later, I decide to go to Dunes to kill Sand Hares and/or Gobs, whichever are decent challenges. I'm knocking out Sand Hares. I level to 19 after 3 of them. Then I decide I'm going to get enough exp so I won't level-down if I die. I pull a Gob that was decent challenge. I pull another Gob. Then some more Sand Hares. I now have like approximately 200 exp, still need another 240. I pull another decent challenge Hare & the micki ficki killed me. I level back down to 18, again. I suck!!!!! I go back home and log out. Frustrated!!!!!!! I log on couple of times to do some shopping and selling. I buy Silence at AH. I create a Bazaar. I then run around San.D. looking for stuff. I show my brother where to find the Furniture store in N.San.D. My bro & me As we run around the Summer Festival is going on. We find Mumor fighting demon in Labor Man's Way in N.San.D. . You are supposed to clap & dance on cue. I also started to garden. I checked today on my plant and fed it a fire crystal. I can't wait to find out what my plant grows into. Looking at my plant I am going to start doing crafts to earn gil. I'm down to approximately 100k or so gil. I want to farm snippers for Land Crab Meat. They sell for a good chunk of gil also. Till next time....