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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My Slight Involvement in The Great

I get on without any plans. I didn't want to party. I thought about
doing my Maat fight. I changed my mind because I didn't want to
concentrate so hard. I also was trying to make a static party for
Chains of Promethia (COP) missions. So I made a LS message in
ClanBelmont. I also announced it ValorKingdom and StormysKnights. I
already have 3 and that includes me. I have a tank and 1 damage
dealer. I need 2 more dds and 1 healer (someone who can assist in

So I made up my mind and decided if Frizzlefry was free to do Wings
missions. He was game. We met in South San D. He asked if Kirinkage
was coming since we all were doing it together. I feel a bit bad
because Phaet was also working with us on them. Unfortunately his time
is taken up by his LS RocDynasty.

Kirinkage was heping our friend Kakida get a nation in the past.
Frizzy ended up going to help them get to San D from Vunkle something.
So I was left by myself. So I decided to do a campaign op in E
Ronfaure S. I get to area for battle. I buff up and put reraise on.
The campaign music starts but there aren't any Orcs coming. At least I
thought. Then out of nowhere an Orc was in front of me. I was down in
3 hits. I didn't even see Orc coming. I'm glad I had reraise on. I
looked around my dead body to see if I can raise. The coast looked
clear. Just as I hit yes, an Orc walked right over me as I rose turned
and cold clocked me. I was dead again. Luckily my bro was near and
came to raise me. Kakida got to see a campaign battle for a minute
before he and Kirin ran off to San D to get him allegiance. I
continued to heal and join Frizzy who participated in the battle. I
teleported back to San D. We showed Kakida how to get missions and
such. Kirin and Frizzy went to do some mission in Battalia Downs and I
stayed with Kakida. I was going to get him to do a Campain Op so he
get some Allied Notes.

So I walked Kakida to the tower for battle. One wasn't starting. So I
decided to go kill Orcs while we wait. So we head south on the map to
find some Orcs.We definitely found them. Unfortunately they were
lumped together. So as I was trying to magic pull ons, a campaign
battle started. So we ditched he plan and ran back to tower. We got
Kakida his allied tags and we waited for Orcs to come to us. This
time I was prepared. My buffs were up and waiting. The Orcs arrived
and we did damage. At some point Frizzy and Kirin joined us again.
After battle Frizzy had to go pal around with his friend. We took
Kakida back to get the rest of his allied notes. After that we got him
to umlock maw in E Ronf. I went back to Mog house to log off.

I got on to do more seeking for COP static members. I couldn't find
any so I really was bored. I didn't want to Maat fight because my
brother was in the mood to harrass me. You know, what little bros do
time to time. So I decided to try out BLM. I changed into level 1 gear
and I got a staff from Ciddester/Panzer. He said I could keep staff.
So I ran to E Ronf to level. I got to level 4 before I called it a
night. I even did a FOV. I had to get me some tabs. I love to use
Repatriation. I'm lazy in transportation. BLM is cool but it's almost
like my RDM though well at this level. Oh well. Another night.

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