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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Ha Ha.. You See I Wasn't Lying.... 0/5

So I wasn't too sure what I was going to do today. I had a fresh testimony in hand. Maybe I'll get my fight on. My brother said he wantd to try my Maat fight. I said sure. It couldn't hurt me. He sat at my laptop watching and reading strategies as I was getting myself geared and prepared. I head to Jeuno to allow that old man to teleport me to burning circle. Once I get there, I show my bro my macros. He goes in for the fight. The following was his commentary.

Bro: What the hell?!?
Bro: He just moved! I bound him.
Bro: What the.... Why isn't he sleeping?
Bro: WTF! Why isn't the spells sticking?

**** Tigerkirara was defeated by Maat! ***

Bro: That is some bullshit!!!!
Bro: He slept in all the videos!
Bro: That was some bullshit!!

For the rest of the night, he's walking around muttering "That was some bullshit!!" LOL. So that makes me 0/5 tries on Maat. Not happy.

So what to do now that Maat is out of the way? I really need exp back. In the past 2 months that I have not been partying I went from 34k exp (capped) to 16k. So I decided to throw my party flag up to see who's going to bite. I ended up going to a party with Demicus. He was leveling up his NIN. The party was synced to 43. As long as I have refresh, I'm good.

The party was in Quicksand Caves. I died once when the WHM got aggro'd by a spider and I healed him. All in all, within 1.5hrs in the party, I got my exp up to at least 23k or so. Before I quit for the night, I got Gihl to replace me. He was looking and he was in the right level range. I bid everyone bye and warped.


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