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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Call Me A THF

So, I was poking around available wifi networks in my area to jump onto for my laptop. I found one to use. The person was dumb enough not to lock his wifi. His stupidness is my gain. So I got really bold. I decided to try having my PS3 jump onto the free network. I did it!!!

So I got on game. Yay!!! So I decided to do OP runs since Windy is in 1st place. I was able to get the ones in Yuhtunga Jungle [Elshimo Lowlands], Meriphitaud Mountains [Araganeu], and Xarcabard [Valdeunia]. I have Norvallen, Volbow & Kolshushu left. I may try them on Friday night or tomorrow night.

When I got to OP in Yuhtunga Jungle, I made a side stop to finish up a cutscene mission for Zilart. Next is the fight in Quicksand Caves and then I get access to Sky [Tu'Lia].
I hope I can jump on this network again.

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