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Saturday, August 29, 2009

ON ZM Road

I log on briefly to join my LS to do the weekly Zilart Missions. We were finishing up mission #5. The last 2 fights at least. It was the following people (based on memory):
- Kainbelmont
- Frizzlefry
- Kirinkage
- Kadianna
- Maryjanette
- Panzer
- Darksanzo
- Crazyone
- Moriene (Crazy's in-game wife)

We all met in Whitegate and teleported to Altepa to do the Terrigan area. We choco to Kuftal tunnel. We got thru Kufta ok. We lost Darksanzo. So we had to wait for him. Going thru Cape Terrigan began the deaths. Dark died. We get thru to headstone, heal up & pop the NM. The NM was a fomur (dead armor as I call it). We take care of it pretty quickly since we had so many people.

We then get tele to Yhoator and catch a choco to Ifrit's Cauldron. This was the hardest part of the whole mission. For Ifrit's Cauldron we had to bring Powders and Oils. We can't use too much magic because of the damn bombs/jack'o'lanterns there. Before we even get a move on, we had to wait at least 20 mins for Dark to get to us. He got lost in Yhoator & didn't even ask for help getting to us. So we had to wait.
It was a bit annoying. We head into the Cauldron. This is when deaths started to occur all due to aggro when oils & powders wore at inappropriate times. A tally of who died: Kirin (1), Dark (2-3), Panzer (1), Moriene (1), Maryjanette (1). I started to run low on powders but we made it out in time. We get to headstone and we all waited until everyone was back to 100%. Then we popped NM and killed it. Most of us found out we were done. Poor Kadi realized she didn't get the one from Behemoth's Domain, lol. The same one that I missed twice. So some of the guys went to go help her get that one. Kain warped me home. I had to log because I had company.

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