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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Errands = Death

So for the past 2 days I've been getting fragments for Zilart Mission 5. Yesterday, I went to Latheine & Western Altepa for the 2 fragments that were there. Kadianna helped me with both of those. She's an absolute doll. I like her. So before I logged off last night, I decided to check my Temporary Key Items to make sure I had a good deal of what I needed. I was comparing my key items with the list on Wiki. I had to wait for Sat to get the fragments from Yhuntunga & Cape Terrigan on Sat. I was missing the Lightning Fragment. You get that one in Behemoth's Domain. I was so dejected because I've done that twice already. I swore I got it the 1st time so I didn't bother try for it the second time. I should've tried. Now I have to find someone to come help me with tomorrow. Damn.

So next day I was able to get my friend Lordgrim and Kirinkage to help me. We make it to Behemoth's Domain. Kirin went to pull one of the NM's after I popped them (using Sneak of course). Kirin made a bad pull. He got both of the NMs. We made it thru by the hair of the wolf's chinny chin chin. I got the fragment. I made sure of it. I checked my key item before we left area. So since we in the Qufim area I asked if we can stop in Delkfutt tower to farm my RDM testimony.

So we head into the Tower. Lord asked if we'd mind killing some nm & farm as we go. We (Kirin & myself) said no problem. So we make our way to Upper Delkfutt Tower. Then we found the Magic Pots that we needed to for my testimony. Lord claims the first pot. Next you know the other 2 pots joined in. We all died. Then I was able to reraise and move to a safe spot to heal up full. I put on chainspell to raise both Kirin & Lord really quick. before the pot spawned again. The other 2 didn't depop (whatever you call it). So we rest up. Then Lord was able to pull one pot. I got the testimony. Then we went up stairs then downstairs multiple times. We've died now 2 times. We get the NM. Inchigo was on the way to join us. We died really quick. That was like 4 deaths for me. Then when Inchi finally made it. We were fed up with the death. I had to get last fragment for Mission in Fei'Yin. So I warped and told everyone "Thank you".

I OP to Beaucedine Glacier after I couldn't get Taru North San D to tele me directly into Cloister of Frost. I found my to Fei'Yin by myself. I'm so proud of myself. I have the directions on how to get to Cloister on my computer. I follow directions as much as I can. I get to the big room looking for the stairs down at position G-9. For nearly 40 minutes I was so lost. So I lost my temper. I hate getting lost. Whether it's in game or real life. My patience wears very thin. I mouthed off in LS saying if I don't find my way to Cloister in 15 mins that I needed to log, I'm not doing mission on Sat. Kainbelmont tried to direct me via LS chat. It wasn't working. So I was trying to simmer down. Just as I finished mouthing off, I found the stupid stairs. I made it to Cloister got my fragment. I warped back home. Apologized to LS and logged for the night.

I died 4 ties tonight but I got all that I set out to get. So I have to be pretty happy about that.

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