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This is my diary of my adventures in Vana'diel. This diary will change as my adventures changes. Sit back, read and enjoy.

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Friday, October 30, 2009

What I Need To Do

I decided to write out my goals and stuff that I need to accomplish. This way I have a list to come back to. I'll probably come back and update etc.

Here it is (in no particular order):
Beat Maat
Level RDM to 75
Level SMN to 75
ZM Missions 10-completion
Windy Missions Rank 3 - 10
COP 2-5 to 4-1 (for now)
Wings Mission 11 - completion
Level NIN to 40
Level DRG to 75
Level DRK to 40
Level WHM to 40
Start crafting

I will add more in time.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Ha Ha.. You See I Wasn't Lying.... 0/5

So I wasn't too sure what I was going to do today. I had a fresh testimony in hand. Maybe I'll get my fight on. My brother said he wantd to try my Maat fight. I said sure. It couldn't hurt me. He sat at my laptop watching and reading strategies as I was getting myself geared and prepared. I head to Jeuno to allow that old man to teleport me to burning circle. Once I get there, I show my bro my macros. He goes in for the fight. The following was his commentary.

Bro: What the hell?!?
Bro: He just moved! I bound him.
Bro: What the.... Why isn't he sleeping?
Bro: WTF! Why isn't the spells sticking?

**** Tigerkirara was defeated by Maat! ***

Bro: That is some bullshit!!!!
Bro: He slept in all the videos!
Bro: That was some bullshit!!

For the rest of the night, he's walking around muttering "That was some bullshit!!" LOL. So that makes me 0/5 tries on Maat. Not happy.

So what to do now that Maat is out of the way? I really need exp back. In the past 2 months that I have not been partying I went from 34k exp (capped) to 16k. So I decided to throw my party flag up to see who's going to bite. I ended up going to a party with Demicus. He was leveling up his NIN. The party was synced to 43. As long as I have refresh, I'm good.

The party was in Quicksand Caves. I died once when the WHM got aggro'd by a spider and I healed him. All in all, within 1.5hrs in the party, I got my exp up to at least 23k or so. Before I quit for the night, I got Gihl to replace me. He was looking and he was in the right level range. I bid everyone bye and warped.


Friday, October 23, 2009

Lending A Hand Leads to Rewards

Since I didn't have a date today, I decided to get on game. Nah, that's not really what happened. I promised Ciddester that I would help him get his Carby Mitts. So I get on, no Cidd, so I was going to farm necklaces & cornettes. As I was walking out I decided to help Kainbelmont get his AF head for RDM. So I head to Fei'Yin. I have finally mastered that map. I wish I could do that with the Elshimo Jungles, lol. It was me, Frizzlefry, Kainy, & Maryjanette. We have no issue finding Miser Murphy. Miser took care of Frizzy really quick, the rest of us zoned. Kainy enters again to go run raise Frizzy. MJ & I enter afterwards. Both of us are running to where Kainy went. Of course, Miser aggro'd me. He didn't go back home to the fountain area. So I run back and zoned. I enter again & this time Miser is in main room when you enter. So I'm stuck by entrance. Kainy raised Frizzy and they head back to me. Frizzy decides to kite Miser while I gravity him and Kainy nuking him. So he didn't like that, he killed Kainy, the bastard!!!! He didn't aggro me but Frizzy provoked & kited while I raised Kainy. But in the end, I ended up dying trying to save Frizzy. For a while Miser was camping my body. Then he went down the hallway, I picked that time to raise & run to zone. I never made it. The minute I rose, Miser came back & killed me. At this point we knew that 4 of us (3 mages, 1 tank) was not good enough. So we ended up getting 4 more people that included Avdikii. The 2nd WHM raised me and we took out Miser when I was fully healed.

During the events, Cidd came on. He went to help Vourant with ACP. Then he went to start the Carby quest. He had to get the offering. I wasn't ready so I told him I'll get there when I'm done with Kainy. So after Miser died, Kainy tele'd us to Mea. We caught choco and headed to Garlaige Citadel. We go and take care of the rest of the AF battle. Just as we done, I asked Cidd if he found offering because MJ was gonna tele me to Yhoator. He said not yet. I told MJ no thank you and then Kainy warped me back to my temporary home. As I get to Windy, Cidd got the offering. Kainy offered to tele me to Yhoator, but we ended up waiting for Charion.

We get to Yhoator & met up w/ Cidd, his alter ego Panzer & Kadianna. We were also waiting on Lordbrax and Nimotas. They finally came and we worked our way to the prelate door. Now the prelate door is pretty easy to open. You just cast a spell and the magic behind door opens the door and attacks. Now if you have at least 3 people with you it's not a problem. Even when you have an alliance of 8. So what was the problem? We casted every spell in the book & the magic pot refused to aggro us. We stood outside that door for nearly 30 minutes casting spells, no aggro. Just as Cidd was going to warp home to get his key, the door opened. Finally. We kill all the hate that was going on when we went thru door. I actually got a RDM testimony! Hot damn. We got to fight area. We cleared out the tornberries and sprung the NM. That fight went so fast I didn't have time to scratch an itch, lol. Charion warped us home.

I was going to hang out with Demicus to farm my testimony. But since I already got it, I was going to see if he wanted to help me farm necklaces & cornettes. However, things changed when my eyes started to burn and droop. So I called it a night.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Moving Along... Start of More End Game

2 Days Worth:
Day 1
I get on to check on game and get last of OPs for Windy. I was a bit bored so I decided to start Windy Missions so I can get back home. As I was going to start, girl in my linkshell, Kerikris, asked if I wanted to join them for Assault. I have never done an assault mission before. It's very new to me. So I joined them in Whitegate. As I was heading to Halvung Staging my system locked on me. So I had to restart. I had no idea what I was supposed to be doing. No one is being very forthcoming with instructions. All I was told to do was nuke. So I did best as I could. I did cause an aggro when I thru a invisible spell up which caused 4 deaths. But we kept on going in our weakened state. Time was running out so I converted & chainspelled but we still lost. My first time & I got 100 Assault points out of it. I'll try it again.
Day 2
I get on to do Missions for Windy. I start the very first mission. I'm in E Sarutabaruta looking for Inner Horruto Ruins. I'm trapesing all over the place, couldn't find entrance. My friend Thesage came to help me find the entrance. I follow him in. He went about his business of fighting in E Sarta. He was looking for a special belt. So I do my mission. On the way back to Windy, my brother Kirinkage decides he's going to switch nations to Windy too.
So I help him around & get him started. I even helped him with the first mission. We then succeeded in attaining Rank 2 together. Yeah boy!!! Lol. After that we both decided to logoff the game.
As far as getting OPs for Windy, I'm pretty much up there. I have gotten a lot of OPs. There were only 2 this week. Derfland & Li'Telor. They both were pretty easy to get.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Honey... I'm Home..... Lol

Internet is back on!!!! Yes!!!! No more sneaking on someone's wifi when available hoping they won't kick me off. Well let me tell you what has happened.

I snuck on game on Saturday. I attempted my 4th try with Maat. He kicked my ass again. It was Darksday and he refuses to stay put. I hate him so much. I wish he would just keel over when I enter the arena. I also got the last OPs for Windy. I am a lazy girl. I like to OP everywhere.

So today, Cablevision came to fix my cable modem. Apparently Cablevision changed their frequency. Instead of being logical and update all customers with new cords, they just let us suffer. So the cable guy came and fixed it. I even got a date out of it.

So I was not planning to go on until my brother teased me about San D having Gustaberg OP. I was livid. It's already 11 pm at night. San D getting Gustaberg OP is an extremely rare accomplishment. I had to get the OP. So I just got on. I actually switched to my WHM and tele-holla'd myself. I hadn't started any missions in Windy so I went and changed my nation back to San D to get the OP. I'm such an OP junkie. So I tele'd again to holla and grabbed a chocobo and headed to North Gustaberg. I got the OP and was warped back to San D. I then warped myself back to Windy and changed my allegiance back.

This was a great way to be welcomed back to game. I felt lost. But my San D OPs are intact. Only OPs I am missing are the areas that are involved in Chains of Promethia or Zilart.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Call Me A THF

So, I was poking around available wifi networks in my area to jump onto for my laptop. I found one to use. The person was dumb enough not to lock his wifi. His stupidness is my gain. So I got really bold. I decided to try having my PS3 jump onto the free network. I did it!!!

So I got on game. Yay!!! So I decided to do OP runs since Windy is in 1st place. I was able to get the ones in Yuhtunga Jungle [Elshimo Lowlands], Meriphitaud Mountains [Araganeu], and Xarcabard [Valdeunia]. I have Norvallen, Volbow & Kolshushu left. I may try them on Friday night or tomorrow night.

When I got to OP in Yuhtunga Jungle, I made a side stop to finish up a cutscene mission for Zilart. Next is the fight in Quicksand Caves and then I get access to Sky [Tu'Lia].
I hope I can jump on this network again.


Cablevision LIED TO ME!!!!! The appointment is not today October 13th. It's next week October 19th. So I am out of commission another week. I wonder if I can get my PS3 to jump on this unprotected connection that I found. I want my OPs. Please wish me luck.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

I'm Out of Commissions... Sniff

So, I've have been having internet problems for a month. I went to buy a new Router because Cablevision said it was an issue with my equipment. Got the new router but still having internet issues. They said the cable modem they provided was out of date, I have to exchange it for a new one. We exchange it. Come home, it still not working. So they give some crap about there are packets being lost which is causing the modem to reset itself. So now they take their lazy asses to come out to fix. But they can only come on Tuesday.

So I've been out of commission since my last post. And I will be out of commission until Friday. I miss the game. I was planning on killing Maat (yeah right). Also, finishing up Yagudo Necklace to get Leviathan. I need my avatars so I can party with SMN. Plus I wanna get out of Windy too and get back to San D. I love San D. I have so many plans to do.

I will be back.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I Got a New Friend... She's Blows a Lot of Wind

I originally got on to do Maat fight, but since it was not Darksday, I decided to continue my hunt of those Yagudo Necklaces. I stayed on my RDM though so I can go deeper inside Giddeus.

Okay so I'm in Giddeus. My ego is being stroked because I hit the mobs once & they are dead. Yay!!!! Look who can give damage. I got my sword skill to 182 or something like that. I even have Spirits Within weapon skill. Look who's growing up, lmao. These birds are not dropping these necklaces. They are not putting out. I should've subbed THF. After nearly 2 hours I only gotten 16 necklaces. I need 260. So now I have 198 left. So I give up for the night of hunting necklaces because it turned boring.

I run back to Windy to log out for the night. That didn't happen because someone in LS chat was talking about fame. So I got curious of my own. So I decided to find out what mine is for Selbina. Since Kuzotz is one of the few OPs I have since I moved to Windy. I tele to East Altepa. Of course I have no idea how to get to Rabao. I make my way thru E Altepa to W Altepa. I finally made it to Rabao with some help from Frizzlefry on tell. I didn't have a melt down.

In Rabao I find the fame guy who actually is right there when you enter. I go talk to him. He started talking. He's not saying what I expect him to say. I have my fame wiki up and he's telling me that I have level 8 fame in Selbina. Get the F@@@ out of here!!!! That's my highest fame level ever. How in the hell did my fame get so high there. You know what that means right? I can get Garuda. So I started to ask around.

I got Frizzy to help. So we run off to the fight area after I flag quest. Fight is in Cape Terrigan, so we had to run thru Kuftal Tunnel. Yay!!! Do you understand my sarcasm? Lol. Anyway, we buff up and attempt to fight Garuda. She's is a lot tougher than Shiva. We died just the 2 of us.
All the spells wiki said would weaken her didn't. Ciddester/Panzer came to join us. So we go in again. This time we won. I run back to Rabao to claim my prize. I warp home and change to SMN so I can summon out Garuda. I run back in and log off.

My fame guide is as follows:
San D - level 6-7
Windy - level 2
Bastok - level 4
Jeuno - 6
Tenshodo - level 2-3
Kazham - level 1
Selbina - level 8

Sunday, October 4, 2009

I've Moved....

I made the move today to Windurst. I am now an official Windy resident. I bid a San d'Oria a temporary farewell. I love Sandy. I just moved to get a new story line. I won't stay there for long. I will knock out the missions quickly. I haven't decided if I wanted to do Bastok. I really don't like Bastok. Anyway, I really got on game to do COP again. And once again, no one showed up. Only 4 of us. So it was cancelled again. I think I may just drop the static all together and just join someone shouting in Whitegate.

Anyway, since I was already in Windy, I just changed my allegiance and went back outside to gather Yagudo Necklaces so I can do Leviathan avatar fight. Then I'll work on many others. So as I was getting ready I decided to do a supply run to get Sarutabaruta OP. I run out to West Sarta to do run and then I decided to do some farming for Necklaces. I forgot to mention that since yesterday I've decided to finally do the Yagudo Necklace quest in order to raise Tenshodo/Norg fame. This way I can get another avatar. Hopefully in couple of weeks I can get Leviathan & Ramuh. I will have to see. anyway I digress.

So as I was out farming, my friend Thesage said he missed his dynamis run and he some time on his hand before Limbus. So I asked if he can help me by Teleporting me to Vahzl & Altepa for supply runs. He said sure. So I OP back to Windy really quickly and change into RDM. We did Beaucidine zone first. Then we did Kuzotz zone next.

I went back to farming necklaces. Thesage joined in my effort after he finished doing the event in town. I managed 27 necklaces before I had to Dynamis. I did have a little trouble when I got back to Windy. I couldn't find the guy to teleport me. Thesage had to show me, lol. Moving is hard work. I need to make time to learn my new temporary home.

I op to Beaucidine and walk to Xarcabard where dyna is being held. I make it there easily. I'm getting better with Beaucidine's map. I'm put in the BLM party this time. This is my first time in Xarcabard dyna. Dyna went okay. Died 3 times. But at least I experienced it.
10-4-09 2
10-4-09 1
I wanted win but this was a farming run. We didn't really get anything. Only 1 DNC gear dropped and the currency was free drop. I had a good time tho. I logged out immediately after run.