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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Aaah Just To Talk To Folks

So in missing Vana'diel I decided to update FFXI on my father's computer. I know I wouldn't be doing too much playing since I am not good with the keyboard mouse combination. I just wanted to get on & say hello to everyone.

The update took 2 hours....

So when I got on finally, I realized that I was still on the BLM job. I changed back to RDM. Not like I was going to be able to do any test farming. So I got to chat with everyone in my LS and in my friends list. I missed everyone. It's funny that I've never met these people in real life, but they are cool enough to make me want to get on game. I really don't have anyone on the game that I can't stand.

Being away from the game makes me feel like I am so way behind everyone. Everyone's doing Sky and other end game events & I can't join in. Irritates me, but what can I do? That man won't die for me and I can't get people together to do COP 2-5 thru 4-1. I also need to do fight in Quicksand Caves for Sky access. So I can't say it makes me feel behind, but that I am behind.

So I change my job and decided to clean up my mog safe, inventory, etc. I had a quest item on me so I went to get this quest done. I put some items on AH.
I sold some stuff to some NPCs. I also bought 3 Bonanza Marbles. I am going to get 7 more. I just didn't have any room for them on me. I get back to my mog house and found out my Locker lease has expired. I usually give like 5 to 6 months (Real Time) worth of Bronze coins to my moogle.

Once again, Windy has not gotten Qufim or Valkrum Dunes OP. This is really irritating. I hate having to go to Whitegate to get to Jeuno & Tele-holla to get to Dunes to get to Selbina & change jobs and gear. I need to start partying out in Qufim & Dunes with my DRG, SMN, or what have you. It's not like I'm going to make any difference anyhow.

Until next time.

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