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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Decent Challenges All The Way

I finally got on game. It's a good long time that I've gotten on the game. I missed everyone.

So what to do? It was Watersday when I got on the game. So I decided I'd wait out for Darksday to try Maat again. So I decided to head into Rolanberry Fields to sell these 3 Tuku Whiteshells. Just as I got comfortable in the flee market there, my shells sold. So I ran to the auction house to get potions for fight. I then went back to my mog house and waited it out. My moogle was going crazy after a while. He was just spinning in circles for an hour. Lol. Needless to say I went to fight Maat. I'm 0/10 now & I'm pissed off. I am tired of hunting for tests and failing fights. Just annoyed as hell.

So I'm back in Windy. So what to do? I don't want to play RDM and I don't have enough fame for my SMN. I might as well level some of my subs per requests of players. So I messed with BLM again. I change into my level 1 gear and headed out to E Sarutabaruta to fight. I did 3 FOV's and I leveled 3 times to level 7. I didn't touch any easy prey. I annihilated all Decent Challenges. I almost died twice, but I still knocked it out. I say I did very well on my own. GO TK!!!!!

On to some sad business. I am leaving to spend the holidays with my father. So I will not be on game until the new year. I have the game on my dad's computer, but I doubt I'll have time to play the game. So I am bidding everyone a Happy Holidays and a Great New Year. I hope to see everyone in the New Year.


Anonymous said...

It was back in like 2004 when I did my RDM Maat, but here is the strategy I used (as best I can remember):

As an Elvaan, load up on INT...a lot, if possible. Also, don't be embarrased to wear your RSE. You want the most MP boosts you can get. Go in, use MP boost food, not INT. Simple buffs: Pro, Stoneskin, Blink, Phalanx. Don't melee him. Get in range, C/S, Aero III, Aero III, Aero III, Aero III, Stoneskin, Aero III, Sleep (over and over till he does). Total MP usage w/ one sleep = 578. When he's asleep, back up a bit then cure yourself to your MP cap then convert, Cure IV, stoneskin, blink, Cure III. You C/S should wear off around when you convert. Then Aero III at max distance and immediately another spell such as Stone III or Thunder II, before he breaks your stoneskin. I think it took me about 6-8 Aero III's to take him down. Make sure you have a Moldavite Earring ^^ Use full MP gear on your first Aero III cast, then switch out into full INT gear. This fight can really depend on luck. I went 1/3 on him, the first time meleeing and the second two using the above strategy. Also, as a side note, HQ staves help, but aren't required. You don't need elite gear to kill him at all. I never even bought one vile elixer. Don't waste time juggling around with recover MP potions or Hi-pots. Just take him out as fast as possible. Make macros for everything. You shouldn't have to open up your spell list at all. Imagine how the fight will progress and lay out your macros in the order in which you'll use spells. Don't use your normal, everyday macros. Make a special set just for him. Good luck :D

Tiger's Lair said...

Thanks, I'll try that strategy next time. I keep getting him to 10%.