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This is my diary of my adventures in Vana'diel. This diary will change as my adventures changes. Sit back, read and enjoy.

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I Beat My All Time Record!!!

Day 1 (Monday) Got on to party. Needed exp from the multiple deaths in San D dynamus. I get a party of 4 easily. Got PLD (Frizzlefry), WAR (Inchigo), DRG (Kirinkage), RDM (myself). I was able to pick up 2 more people: WHM (Phaet) and RNG (Masta). We debated on where to party for a while. Then we decided to go to Bibiki Bay! Side Note: Phaet was the guy who sent me tell months ago that he liked my blog. The one I was so happy about that I gave him a big shout out in my blog. Let's get back to what I was saying. We get to Bibiki Bay and we take on the Grey looking Akabas, lol. The bird. No issues with birds here, I can enfeeble them. During the party I enfeebled, enhanced,and helped heal. The RNG had to leave, so he left. 6-23-09 I replaced him with a THF. We continue. Photobucket I level to 67. Yay!!! I realize at some point it's late & I have to go. I tried looking for a replacement RDM. None available so I got a BLM/RDM, Vourant, my friend. Frizzle had to go to, but Kirin replaced him as PLD. Kirin replaced himself with a SAM and Inchigo replaced himself with a MNK. I warp home and log. I just have to say, Taru's look so frickin' cute meleeing or dd'ing. Absolutely adorable, I get the fuzzy feeling when I see them. Day 2 (today) I get on because I need to farm. I get on, all farming areas are not owned by San D. So I decided to do FOV in Latheine with SMN. I changed and spoke with Kakida. He was farming. I told him what I was doing so he hooked me up with a party in Latheine, a married couple. They've been playing for 6 weeks. The husband died twice I think. In the fight the last time husband died(Sorry I don't remember name, I think it ends with Leigh and starts with G)the gob killed Carby. I was down to 10 hp I cured myself, brought out Shiva when I only had like 50 mp left. I was back to 10 HP and Shiva saved my life and the wife's life too (I don't remember any part of her name). I did level to 12 with SMN. So that was good too. So I had 30 mins left and we all just used headed home to San D. I decided to clean house and sell stuff. I sell what I could in San D. I then warped to Whitegate to put things on auction there. As I was going between AH and mog house in Whitegate, Inchigo told me that Beseiged was starting. I invited him to my party and then headed to Beseiged. This is where I broke my all time record. My elemental went up. My dark went up. Inchi died like 6 - 7 times. He's kinda too low for Beseiged. He was 60 DRG. Me... I DID NOT die at all. I was hit a lot but never died. And I was in middle of the action too. I wasn't cowering in some small place casting spells. The hydra kept dragging me in and weighing me down. I so happy I got erase. He did it to me like 4 times. Yay!!! No death to me. Now I logged off in whitegate a whole hour later than my estimated 30 mins. I hope my stuff sells on AH.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Took On San D Then They Kicked My Ass

Ok, I get on just to do Dynamus yesterday. We were doing San D. We meet in S San D. We encountered a little problem. Another linkshell was trying to do same area too. We got them to reschedule. So we gather into parties. Since there wasn't a WHM in my party, I had to do both RDM and WHM jobs. However, we did have a BRD/WHM in party too. So it was cool. We enter zone. The DD's & Tanks kill I heal, bio, and enhance. We do so well I didn't realize we were getting ready for big boss. This is where I get to NUKE. Yay!!! All the DD's & Tanks stay out of our way. We killed it. But guess what!?! I didn't die at all before the boss. But we weren't getting any relic drops either. So we had 20 minutes left in zone. So the leaders decide we were going to farm the area. I don't know why I had a bad omen, but I did. The puller came back with at least 6 mobs. There was one point, everyone in my alliance was dead except for me & BRD. 6-21-09 That didn't last very long. So I died. I kept reraise on all the time. I died another 2 times throughout the rest of the 20 minutes. The puller keeps pulling too many mobs; more than we can handle. I got killed in my hidey hole I found. It was too much. It look like I was going to die a 4th time but we ran out of time and we were kicked out of the area. Yes. So I've been to 2 Dynamis events & we won both times. Yay!!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Holla'd Out The Promy

COP day again. This time it's me, Kirinkage, Loquat, Frizzlefry, Sketch and Charion. Everyone was on time except for Charion. We were supposed to start at 9 PM. We didn't get to start until 10 pm. Then we finally got everyone together & went in. I died when I got aggro'd and they all left me, lol. But they were getting massacred too. I got raised and continued up the floors. Frizzlefry died too. It was just an annoying trip to the boss. We get to the boss. Our frustrations were showing, but we hunker down. We discuss strategy as we rested up from an annoying journey. We go in. We buff up. We poison ourselves. I'm casting cures & slows. To the point I couldn't cast anymore because I don't have any more mp. I take my grape juice found a corner to heal a bit. I get up to heal when I can afford to. The last time I get up I was about to heal someone, but as I started to cast, the creature, buckled under its weight and died. WE WON!!!!!!!! 6-20-09 Frizzle, Sketch & Kirin were instantly teleported to Lufaise Meadow. The rest of us mages were teleported out of Promy and ended up outside the Tele-Crag. That was 1/1 tries for Holla. Mea was 1/6 tries. DEM is next weekend. I hope we get 1/1 there too.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Inside The Volcano

I get on determined to party. I don't let myself get veered off my path. No amount of gil and no coercion to do missions were going to sway me. I did do one thing, though. I went to see if I won anything in the Mog Bonanza. I had bought 2 marbles. So I checked and found I didn't win anything. Oh well there's always next year, if I'm still playing.

Kirinkage was on game too. I convince to party with me as PLD. He told me that Solesiren was trying to start a party too. I convinced her to join mine. With Sole comes Naquel. They are pretty much attached to the hip. So that makes 4 so far: RDM, PLD, WHM, DNC. I just need 2 hard hitting DD's. I see that Titen was looking for party. I get him as DRG. So I need 1 more DD. I was debating between a SAM and DRK. So I sent tells to 3 people. The DRK responded first. This was my first high level party I put together with ease. I chose to go to Mount Zhaylom. I have never partied there.

So we set out there. We started to kick ass. But I was a bit nervous that Titen and Naquel would bump heads. They are both ornery and know-it-alls. For a while it looked like it was brewing, but it suddenly died down. I was happy that everyone got along. Kirin died twice. I used my 2 rings. My enfeebling rose from 200 to 210 without gear. My elemental rose 1 level and my enhancing & healing rose couple levels too. It was a great party. I didn't level though. 6-16-09 I hate the 60s.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Oh She's Such a Cute Kitty!!!

I get on to get an exp party so I can make up for the exp I lost by dying twice in Dynamus on Sunday night. I throw my flag up. As I was seeking Frizzlefry said I should come to San D [S] (the means the past). I asked him why. He said so we can do Wings of the Goddess Missions. I said I really need to get some exp because if I die, I would level down. He promised he was going to party & get my level the next day. So I said sure. I head to the past through the maw in E Ronfaure. I meet up with Frizzle in San D [S]. He takes me all over the place having to talk to people. This quest has you working for Elvaan children. They are precocious, ornery and bratty at times. But most kids are like that around that age {7-11}. Anyway, we need to travel but I have 0 allied notes (equivalent to Sanction Points in Whitegate & Conquest in your nations). So Frizzle takes me to get the crackin on getting Allied Notes. I sign up to defend a San D camp, also know as Campaign. So we are in E Ronfaure. While we wait for campaign, Frizzle takes the matter to hunt Orcs. He linked 3 Orcs by time I reached him. He said he going to zone. As I was chasing him. I saw dead body. Not paying attention I thought he zoned & came back in. I saw his health at like 45 so I Cure IV'd him. Low & behold the 3 Orcs were still following him. I figure they forgot my Cure. I went and raised the dead body. As I left the now raised guy, I stepped across the path & 1 of the 3 Orcs came at me. I fought a valiant battle and died and then leveldowned. Frizzle cried. He ran back to Castle & changed jobs to come Raise 2me. He raised me. He stayed around me until my weakened level came off. 6-15-09 2 I got my level back after the raise. So now Frizz had a vendetta agaainst orcs. We fought orcs until Campaign started. By time Campaign started Kirinkage joined us. We drove the invading forces back. It was quick, but I got 159 allied notes, but when I went back to get evaluated I got 403 more. Yay!! So now can finish the NM fight in Jugner. Basically 2 of the kids thought they were strong & 2 Orcs found them and was going to have them for dinner. I had to go rescue the Elvaan children. I got to ride a nice Black Chocobo to Jugner. 6-15-09 1 The fight was pretty quick. We head back to San D to try to talk to gate guard that leads to North San D [S]. Kirin & I didn't get cutscene, so Frizzle said to head to a Maw in Battalia Downs. I click on the Maw and get a cut scene. Why is it that all cat creatures in the game talks a lot when it comes to cut scenes? The Mithra in Whitegate, the Mithra in Norg, now Cait Sith. Why? Anyway I got thru the cutscene without tearing my hair off. I can say Cait Sith is sooooo cute tho. Absolutely adorable. Now I'm on the next Mission for WOTG. I got a groovy title too......not. It's time to log, so Frizzle takes me to the teleport guy. I get back to San D [S]. I run to the Maw & head home to San D. And shut down.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

My 1st Dynamis Win!!!!

I get on today to help someone for LB1, but he never logged on. So I was going to farm. As I was preparing, I get a tell from Kakida saying he's in a party to unlock BLU. I said sure, since I already had the Dangruf Stone for the quest. So I meet Kakida in Whitegate. Told him to invite me. As I was talking to quest guy, he said he'll tell the party leader but right now he's caught in Beseiged. Damn! I hurry and finish the questions from quest guy so I can run to Beseiged. Just as I entered Beseiged it finished. That blew. So I run and find Kakida, show him where to go. I eventually got into the party. We had to zone & then wait one game day before we could do anything. Then we had to speak to guy again. I was told I needed Valkrum Sunsand & not the Dangruf Stone. Damn it. So I run to AH to buy sand from AH. There were only 2. So a guy named Eightbit and myself got the sand. Some people got the Stone. However the stone is not sellable or tradable. So I took the sand needed guys to Dunes while Eightbit took the stone guys to Dangruff Wadi. We (4 of us) stood around Dunes waiting for Sand storm took place. We were there for at least 1.5 hrs waiting. I had to leave them by 5:30 for Dynamis. I also had to give a pearl to LS for a ls member's friend in Qufim. I go thru Qufim looking for LS member & traded pearl to friend. And I went on my merry way. New guy seems to be an utter noob, though. He says he got Carbuncle's Ruby & want to unlock SMN. He asked how to go about it. At least 4 of us told him how. He was still confused. So I had to get out of LS to my Dynamis LS. I boarded Airship to Bastok in Jeuno with Minibasta who is the record keeper of the Dynamus LS. So I am heading Dynamis, my first ever. I'm with the Dynamis LS - NewGenerationX. Yay!!! So in Bastok, we get into our parties & alliances. We head into the zone. Guess what happened? My game froze during teleportation. I had to restart my system. Luckily when I logged back in, I was in the zone. We start a fighting. It's lots of fighting. I died twice. Not bad for a newbie (there's a great difference between noobie & newbie all the gamers will tell you so). Towards the end, we had only 3 minutes left to kill the boss. It was only nuking damage to kill boss. Melee resistent. I used my 2 hour ChainSpell & sent off nukes. We did it. We killed the boss in time. I then clicked on the ??? and got my key item. During run, one of my relic gear dropped. I couldn't get it because there were other RDM's ahead of me in point system. Photobucket Overall it was a fun experience, especially that I had a lot of friends in the linkshell. I will try dynamis with Reborn this week.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

On The Road to becoming a High Level Player!

Day 1 I get on and get an offer to powerlevel a party when I threw my seek flag up for a party. Cool. I meet up the party at lizard camp in Dunes, then we went to the cliff, then we went to the oasis. I kind of got bored after a while. Kirinkage came to help me for a split second. By time he came, he got a party and left. I think I was powerleveling for 2 hours. Starfirex from my CB came to check me out. He/She (I really don't know) told me that he/she always thought I was a Mithra because of my name. Lol, that would be too cliche. Thesage was doing nothing and I convinced him to come to the Dunes to give me what he told me he had for me. Of course he didn't remember what it was so I had to give him hints. He did come though. I wanted him to rescue me from powerleveling. I was getting distractedly bored. I was slipping on the healing. I got 40k in gil from the guy who contacted. I got Rhelic from CB to replace me as powerleveler. I know he is looking to earn so gil too. When Thesage came, we walked to Selbina. He traded me a pearl to his linkshell. We pal around Selbina for a minute. He warped me home, but we still kept party to chat in. I also got a tell from Envoy. He want to show me his completed Relic weapon, along with the exclusive weapon skill. So when he arrived in San D, I invited him to party. Then we, Envoy & I went into E Ronf to show me the weapon skill against a poor defenseless rabbit. Day 2 Today was all about getting skill ups & running errands or so I thought. I get on to find out Beseiged is going to start. Yay!!!! So I hightailed it to Whitegate to find a party for Beseiged. I get a party with Mnace, his sister Devilishangel, Kneeru and some other CB members. However, it was a good 20 mins before Beseiged started. During this time, there was this huge argument via shouts in Al Zahbi. It was hilarious. This little Taru named Sippykupp was complaining about Beseiged taking too long, then someone had to make a remark that set Sippy off. That was a 20 min argument, lol. It was the best. Had all of us cracking up. Sippy ended up in an alliance with my party. I had a good beseiged, I only died 3 times. At the end I got 1558 experience. Beseiged ends. What to do? Envoy sent me a tell asking me if I was busy. I said I just finished Beseiged. He said he was free for a short while and if I needed anything done. I said sure. I need the staging point for Mount Zhalyom. If I'm going to try to party there, I need to get the staging point. So he invited me into his party. We take chocobo to Bhaflau Thickets. Go thru a tunnel. He casts escape, then he tells me to sneak & invis. Couple of seconds later we are at the staging point. That was mad fast. After a few mins he had to go. I threw up my seek sign hoping to get a party for an hour at least before linkshell event. I do get one with Thesage in Aydeewa Subterrane. We killed crawlers & spiders. We weren't making a whole lot of exp on each but we were chaining like crazy. The people seemed really nice. I would party with them again, but alas I forgot their names. Once it was really close to my linkshell event, I had to leave. I wished them well. I go to the Mea telecrag cause we gonna take another stab at finishing COP-Mea. All who came were Frizzlefry, Kirinkage, Cyre, Loquat, Sketch, and Charion. That made 7 of us. So we decided to have the BLMs (Cyre & Charion) take turns. So we head on our way once everyone was together. We formed an alliance. Somehow in climbing the floors we lost Cyre & Charion. Then we saw them somewhere we had no access to. We spent like 2 hours trying to get everyone together. Cyre escaped and reentered, but Charion couldn't escape with him since he was not in the same party as Cyre. So Charion was left on the otherside & we got Cyre. Then Charion died. So we just told him to hp and we'll get him on the next run. So now we got everyone together. Tempers were short. We get to boss. We go in. We won on the first try. Hot damn. I even got 1500 experience. We were ecstatic. We left all happy. Cyre escaped us. Frizzle said a Beseiged is starting in 20 mins. I said I'm going, so was Frizzle and Cyre. So we head on choco to the closest OP so we can teleport home & tele to Whitegate for Beseiged. We got there in time. I got 3 other people to join party. I skilled up and got 781 experience. Overall today was an excellent night. I got a lot accomplished.

Friday, June 5, 2009

MY SERVER ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Siren World's Undefeated Besieged Record Eclipses 2000 Mark! (06/04/2009) Ever since the introduction of Besieged to Vana'diel approximately three years ago, Siren has emerged as the only world to maintain an immaculate, undefeated record. And as of May 27th 2009, this record has reached an amazing 2000 consecutive victories! We would like to offer our heartiest congratulations to all the denizens of Siren World, and wish good fortune to those in all worlds who do their part in the frenetic defense of the Imperial Capital, Al Zahbi. ---POSTED ON PLAYONLINE WEBSITE 6/4/09

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My FFXI Venting - I Really Need To...

There's a lot I want to vent about. Let me list them. 1. I don't want to fight those Damn Birds in Wajaom or Bhaflau Thickets. I mean my job of RDM is to enfeeble the mobs. I have not enfeebled since I turned 61. I'm freekin' 65 now. My skill is low & I have to fight Maat in 2 levels. I need to be partying in Mt Zhaylom against crawlers. As of today, I am only partying in Mt Zhaylom. I'm having my fit. Getting exp is all good and dandy. But I needs my skill ups. I don't want to duo all the time to get my skill ups. Then what are parties for? All the parties what me to do is be a Refresh Queen. I want to Enfeeble. When my enhancing start to out run my enfeebling skill then you know there's a problem. I am not dealing with birds any more. I'm done with them. 2. WTF, Square Enix just announced FFXIV new MMORPG exclusively for the PS3. They need to use that money & just add onto FFXI. Come on man. I just got into this one & you want to add a new one? Shit! Here's the link #1 Here's the link #2 I'm not happy about this at all. 3. F????n' crooks. Someone miraculously came up with my credit card # and charged a lot of shit to my account. I get a call from my cc company to tell me that they denied all charges to account from June 1st-June 2nd. So, after work I decide to go on game to change my card #. I don't have a content ID. Square Enix apparently ran my card on the 1st so they closed my content ID. I had to try to call live chat to change my card #. I get pop up saying I must try again between hours of 8 am and 6 pm. F??? man, I just want to put my new card # in the damn thing and reactivate my content ID. If I lost my levels & gear I would be so mad. I would stop playing. After a half an hour going through every single menu option in PlayOnline viewer, I found area to change card #. I was able to reactivate my ID. But the hastle and the not easy navigation of Viewer left me frustrated during game. I got irritated at every cut scene I had to go through. That's all my frustrations for now. I don't have too many about the game. I love playing. And I love the friends I've made on the game. They actually make the game for me much more appealing.

Monday, June 1, 2009

I See The Light - Thanks Kain!

I go to Zi'Tah to do some easy farming, while I waited for this party I was invited to got started. I didn't get so much. All the Gobbues weren't dropping a thing. So I ended up leaving Zi'Tah to go duo with Kainbelmont. As Kain & I were leaving, the party guy said he was ready, but I chose to skip and just duo with Kain. We went same place we always do, Ayeedwa Cavern (or something like that). We nuke the crap out those rat/dog looking mobs. 6-1-09 By end of the night I got my Elemental magic skill increased by 20 levels. Not bad. I also leveled to 65 too. We were getting great exp with skilling up. I got the best of both worlds. 6-1-09 1