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This is my diary of my adventures in Vana'diel. This diary will change as my adventures changes. Sit back, read and enjoy.

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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I Got A New Pet. Her Name is Ember.

Played: 4.5 hrs I think (don't remember time I got on) I get on to do Nest quest again along with other quests I have open. Building the fame fame yo! So I am in Sandy. I wonder what other quest i can start to gain some more fame. So I decide to do the DRG quest. Inchigo said he wants to do it too. However, he said he was in a party but he wants to do it with me. I said okay. I started the quest while I was in San D. I did all except for the parts that require to leave San D. I head to Jugner to do the Nest & Grimy Post quest. While I was there, I found some nice scenery. Photobucket Photobucket I finish the quest and head back to San D just in time for Inchigo to finish the preliminary part of the DRG quest. We then go to the Maze of Shakrami to dig up Wyvern egg. Inchigo got it on first try. I had to hunt around the whole place to get my own. Then we had to go back to San D. Then we had to go to Meriphitaud Mountains to trade egg to Dragon spine. While I was there, I get the clay tablet for the Nest quest. From there, we have to go to Ghelsba Outpost to fight the Dragon. It went pretty smoothly. Kirinkage helped us with the Dragon. I forgot to take picture of the fight. I named my dragon EMBER. Inchigo named his FIREWING. We head back to San D to try out the job. There weren't any spears in AH so Inchigo made some for us. Yay! We head into E Ronf to test out. We ended up leveling DRG to 8 before the night ended.. Here are some pics: Photobucket Photobucket When I head to San D to shut down, this little Taru asked me for a pearl. His name is PhilCollins, lol. I think he's not from the US. He may be Japanese. He's a level 16 WHM. I go to Selbina real quick to turn in clay tablet for another Selbina clay. On the way there was a level 16 DRG in the Dunes. His dragon's name was MIKAN. I was going to choose that name at first. Glad I didn't. I chose Ember because I haven't seen anyone with that name. I head back to mog in San D and shut down.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Boo Yah! I got it. I got It. I Finally got it.

Played: Forever (I believe the longest time ever 5:40pm to 12:40am) I get on to do some more Crawlwer's Nest map quest. I was in San D when I logged on. I was supposed to stop and get a supply run to Derfland. Of course I forget. I warped to Jeuno immediately. I rented a chocobo to Rolanberry Fields to find the monument there. I find it without any difficulty .I had to get off of my chocobo, darn it. I'm lazy. I hate walking. I had to walk back to Jeuno. I don't remember how I got to Selbina. I think I used my Kingdom Collar. I hand in tablet to guy and get more clay. For the whole day I have gotten 4 monuments and spent 1500 on transportation alone. The easy one in W Ronf had me searching for 45 mins. The last one I got for the night was Tahrongi Canyon. I didn't have time to get that back to Selbina yet. During my monument hunt I did manage to do the Derfland supply quest. I can now OP warp to Pashow Marshland. I can't understand why I would want to go there. It's all wet and muggy there. However, when I got the Tahrongi monument I got help to finish mission 4-1 by Kirinkage and Ridant. So I warp to Jeuno from Tahrongi. Kirinkage and I chocobo to Beadeaux. Ridant OP warped to, guess where, Pashow. We meet up in front of Beadeaux. We find the 2 NM's to fight. Ridant D2'd me back to Jeuno so I can get the other 2 items needed to finish the Beadeaux part of 4-1. Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket So I chocobo back to Beadeaux. Ridant & I make our way to the magicite. I get it. Then Ridant went AFK. He came back and D2'd me back to Jeuno. He had to log. The top he wears is hot. It can only be worn by 70+ BLMs. Damn. Anyway, I jumped off topic. I meet Kirinkage in Meriphitaud Mountains by Castle Oztroja. Photobucket We go thru and take care of business. I get the last magicite and warp to Jeuno and finish the mission. RANK 5 BOOO YAH!!!!!!! Now I need to find an easy way Selbina. I was gonna OP warp to Jeuno from Qufim, but then I remembered I just got my airship pass. I can use it. So I took my first ride from Jeuno to San D. Woo hoo. Photobucket I then OP warp to Dunes the head to Selbina to do the trade with the mayor. I now have completed 8/15 monuments. Yay. Now that I got the airship pass I can get to the other areas faster. Yay!!!! I head back to San D (OP warp). When I get back to San D I decide to clean house. Sold items, rearrange stuff, etc. Then I log.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Monday, December 22, 2008

Smashing Boxes and Spreading Holiday Cheer

Played: 3 days various hours Day 1: I get on to do some more Nest quest. I also have to finish my supply run to Pashow Marshlands. However, I get a level sync party immediately in Crawlers Nest (hidden room). I head there with some party members. The party sucked. The puller kept bringing mobs back towards me while I am healing which of coure aggros. I am in the back and they level sync to 40 below so I don't have refresh. I had to raise people twice. All in all, I didn't level and party disbanded when SAM had to leave. I warp back to Jeuno. So I leave Jeuo for the swampy place. I figure I kill 2 birds with 1 stone. I chocobo to the OP to find out my supplies were expired. Didn't realize it was Sunday. So I continue on to find monument. I fought 2 Marlboros to get clay tablet. I use my Kingdom collar to Warp to San.D.. I rent another chocobo to get to Selbina to turn in clay tablet to get more clay. I decided to do 2 more monuments close to Selbina. I do the Valkrum Dunes then Konschtat Highlands. In Konschtat I kill an Battering Ram equivalent. I do the swap in Selbina as usual. I am too lazy to walk back to San.D., so I OP warp. I head to mog to log. Day 2: I get on bored. I'm in San.D., so I decide to level SMN and participate in the festivities. I see the boxes in W Ronf when I go out to kill but I have no idea what to do. I bump into my friend Anukanasomune. Haven't seen her in a long time. She showed me how to do the events. We kill boxes for tokens. Photobucket While I was out there I give her a sack for my LS to both her alter and main character. I get dream food, platters and clothes. We exchange cards for tokens and gifts. We carolled and got tokens and goodies. She gave me 100k gil. That was shocking and nice of her. I bought 3 christmas trees (1 for each Nation). She then invited me into her mog to show me how her place was. She said she's maxed out in space and even have her mog locker rented until 2013. She gave me seeds and a scroll of Protect IV. I leave her mog and enter my own and I log for the night. Day 3: I get on to do more holiday event and more leveling SMN. When I go out, I don't see anymore boxes. So I kill mobs with Carby (Carbuncle). My bro, Kirinkage, said he'll come powerlevel me since he was in the area. I said sure. Ding! I level to 7. Boo ya! I also get some chests. I get a temporary remedy and a pair of leather highboots. I can use them for my THF or DNC. I couldn't open the last chest (sad face). My brother then disappeared with another DRG to do a BCNM40. I asked him how was he going to powerlevel me with DRG. He doesn't have a mage job, lol. He laughed. As he left, the boxes started to appear. I kill the boxes and get my gifts. Then I got bored of it. I go to my mog to reorganize. I ended up buying 2 more armor boxes. I place my trees out to show. Took pics too. SB&SHC-1 SB&SHC-5 SB&SHC-2 I found out the Dream platter and stockings have storage of 2. I was going to drop them like I did with other event items that I didn't need. So I got some more organizng to do though. I have to some quests to get rid of some items I have in my possession. I also have to do some opening of chests in garlaige and delkfutt towers. I change into my RDM before I log off.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Skill Ups Are So Hard To Do..

Played: 3 Hrs Got on to skill up sword and to start the Crawler's Nest Map Quest. And maybe farm. I need that map before I do my AF2 quest. It requires me to run around that place of death. So I head to Selbina to start quest. I also buy some spells. I start running around E. Ronf looking for the monument. I found out that I have to go back to Selbina to trade in after each monument. I grow sick of it. I only get one monument. Lol. My brother, Kirinkage, gets on and invites me to a skill up party with him in the Shitadel. So I join him. We take on beetles & bats. Then Titen decided to join us as his BRD. We took skeletons and bogey's too. Then Titen got bored and left. Then Kirinkage & I found ourselves in trouble with some Citadel Bats. I put sneak on. Kirin thought he was high enough. Then we were fighting for our lives. Then Inchigo was there so I invited him to our party so he can help. He did. We were in the clear then Kirin aggro'd again & Inchi was not around. So Kirin told me to zone. I was going back to raise him but he HP'd. Inchi & I walked back to Jeuno together. I log off. All in all, I raised my sword skill from 98 to 111. But I also leveled to 46. So now my cap moved from 132 to 142. Swell. I got a lot of work to do. I also have to raise my enhancing, elemental and healing levels too. I have to work like crazy. Ta ta for now.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

AF1 - Got It!!!!!!!

Played: 3 hours Got on to start my quest for AF1 armor for my RDM. It's called Fencing Degen. It gives the following stats: MP +10, Def: 22, Delay: 224, INT +1 and MND +1. I love the MP part but hate the delay. I don't like delays at all. Now I don't have to buy another sword, unless it gives more MP. So I get on and started chatting with LS and folks thru tell. I get in touch with an old LS mate named Delvega. He agrees to help with the AF quest when he's finished with his party. So I decided to finish the last 2 quests I had open. I made 5.350 from them. I hope it increased my fame in San.D.. In an hour, Delvega said he's ready. So he met us (Kirinkage -DRG63 and me - RDM45) in San.D.. We OP warp to Jugner and enter Davoi. I maintained Invisible while running through Davoi. We were going to areas that would aggro me. Del & Kirin fought the NM Purple-- whatsawho'sit and I got my Storage Key. This only took 15 minutes. Then we started searching throughout Davoi looking for the damn Storage Depot. It moves every 1 Vanad'iel hour. This is ridiculous. SE has to do something about that. I had to sit around for 1.5 real life hours trying to find the SOB. Just as I was about to call it a night, Del found it. We (Kirin & myself) booked it there as fast as possible before it moved again. I got what I needed and I used my Kingdom Collar and warped back to San.D.. I finish the Quest and got my sword. I was so tired and irritated that I couldn't enjoy it. SE really need to give RDM quests a redo and make them reasonable. Wasted a good chunk of time looking for a stupid hole in the ground. But alas I have it. Maybe I'll get excited the next time I'm on. BTW, my linkshell Valour Kingdom is now defunct. I can toss the pearl.

Monday, December 8, 2008

I'm The Party Starter

Played: various times 3 days Day 1: Got on when I finished catching up with RL stuff. I promised to party with Titen but I told him I wanted to finish another leg of the 4-1 mission. Of course he didn't hear me. So he started a party and then got mad at me. Anyway, I went ahead with my plans. I ended up going to Davoi first. It was supposed to be the easiest between Davoi, Castle Oztroja, and Beaudeaux. Well I found an old LS mate from KnightClub that hasn't been on for a long time; Fawnaa. She agreed to help me with this part. We meet at entrance to Davoi. We get to the special wall we needed to enter we get aggro'd by the 2 Orcs that protect it. Fawnaa was a level 53 while I was 41. They registered as Too Weak To Be Worthwhile to her. So of course, we died. My bro Kirinkage said he'll come to raise us. He's same level as Fawnaa. He starts fighting the 2 Orcs. He wasn't not making any dent to killing them when my friend SBrightblade says hello to me. I asked him if he can come raise me, Fawnaa, and Kirinkage (whom I thought was going to die also). Kirin actually just barely killed both. He had to sit & heal before he could raise. He raised Fawnaa first. Then S..blade made it and raised me. Fawnaa and I went through the wall. I got what I came for. As we were to head out, the Orc was right in our path. We had to wait until it moved. I got thru, cast invisible and made a mad dash out of Davoi. Didn't want to die again. I ended back in Davoi to get Fawnaa. She didn't have a map. I headed back to Jeuno. I created a party for the rest of the night. Kirinkage was in it. We ended up going to Western Altepa Desert. This was my first time there. Photobucket We partied, but I didn't level at all. Actually, we died towards the end. The SCH was AFK for way too long and beetles linked and we died. In the following order: BLM, PLD,DRG,MNK,RDM (me). The SCH didn't die, of course. So we just disbanded. I logged off disgruntled. Day 2: I was badgered into getting on to level my character to 46. Ok, I wasn't badgered. I was asked, lol. Just a little exageration. I only had 2 hours to play. So I get on and I wait for party. We end up going to hidden room in Crawler's Nest. I have a good time. I leveled from 41 to 43 there. I didn't take any pictures. I had to use convert maybe 3 times. I found out that there is a 10 min waiting time between uses. I also fell in love with the spell Refresh. I don't know what I was doing without it. I will never level sync below 41 with my RDM now. I am now spoiled. But I gained 2 levels in 2 hours. That was pretty cool. Day 3: I get on cause I called in sick from work today. I actually just wanted to update the game. I get on ran around a bit. I talked with Inchigo for a while. He gave me seeds :-D for me to garden with. He's such a sweety. Then I got bored, so I formed a party. I got a PLD first, then BLM, then DRG, then THF, then MNK. We head to Western Altepa Desert again. Photobucket Photobucket I leveled twice here (to level 45) and the area started getting too easy so we moved to Quicksand Caves in Eastern Altepa Desert. This was also my first time here too. Photobucket Photobucket We did very well. I didn't level any more. I learned that the Emperor Band has a 14 hour re-use timer. Damn them. After a while I decided to log. I got 5.8k/7.2k to level 46. At end we ended up disbanding.I headed back to San.D. so I can start the AF1 quest when I log back on. I plant 3 seeds and log.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Tele-Crystals A-Go!!!

Played: 2 hours I get on thinking I was going to get a party. Of course I didn't. I was falsely advised that once I hit 41 I will be in high demand. Not... Anyhow, I say hello to my LS and Ridant was on. He got a party immediately, lucky him. I then started to chat with Kakida. We discussed VK and what he was doing. Then Ridant came back and told me he left his party and he's willing to take me to get some of my teleport crystals. I asked why he left the party. He said a person was afk way too long, so he left. I said cool. So I said I'll meet him in Bastok. I was going to chocobo there, but he suggested I get a tele-dem. I said ok. I shouted once and got an immediate response. Wow. He met me at the teleport. He escorted me to Altepa first. Then we went to Rabao to get maps. I bought all of them. He was nice to offer me 10k to buy the maps. I told I didn't need it, but thanks for offering. That was sweet of him. Then he Warp II me to Jeuno, so we can go to Kazham. I stopped at AH to decide whether I want to sell the Opaline dress I got. It sells for 350k for the 3 pieces. So I'm still thinking about it. We go to Kazham and get my crystal and then warp II me back to Jeuno. We said our goodnights. He logged then I did.