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Saturday, September 5, 2009

0/2 - Damn It!!!

So, I tried Maat again. This time I got him close to half way mark before he hit me with Asurian Fist. I hate him. I think I'm going to try the zerg method. He has got to die. Seriously. I want 75. I feel like I'm stalled. But then I chose to have the hardest job to fight Maat on. I'm a glutton for punishment.

So afterwards, we had to meet up with the static to do our Zilart Missions. So we met up with Kainbelmont in Whitegate.
We get a tele to Altepa. We grab chocobos. Kain went AFK, so Kirinkage & I stayed with him. Kadianna, Marjanette and Darksanzo went ahead. Kain came back in like 5-10 mins and Kirin & I followed him into West Altepa to where we needed to go. Kadi & MJ was there but not Dark. MJ went to get him. When we get to the burning circle, Dark wasn't able to zone in. We had to go in without a tank. We go in and handle business. Kirin tanked as well as he could. Kirin & I died and raised. The fight wasn't easy & it wasn't extremely hard. We knocked it out. We leave and go place the fragments we collected in ZM 5 into the correct spot and got a prasmatic fragment. All this satisfied ZM 6 & 7. Onto ZM 8 next weekend. We'll soon have Sky access soon. Yay!

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