Welcome To My Mog House

This is my diary of my adventures in Vana'diel. This diary will change as my adventures changes. Sit back, read and enjoy.

All comments, tips and advice will be appreciated


Saturday, February 28, 2009

A Beseiged Warlock

I get on early to retrieve my boots from Crawlers Nest. It was like around 11:30 am. Not many people were on. Only person was Oliphant. So I begged him to help me. He said sure. We met at C Nest. I lead him to where I left my boots. On the way. Someone called for help. So we helped her. She was running from a bomb mob. I never seen one there before. I actually thought that mob only came out during Halloween when I started playing, lol. So we finish off mob and head into the deadly tunnel. Until we get close to mobs, I put sneak & invisible on both me and Oli. He didn't tell me when it wore until it was too late. He got caught by 5 bees. I healed him as much as possible without drawing hate. When he got down to 5th bee, I helped him melee. The bees read as even match to me. Then we sat and and rested for a while. We get to area for me to pick up my boots. No mobs there. So I got it. Then I cast sneak and invisible on both of us again. Oli again didn't tell me when wearing and got caught by 2 exorays. Those checked tough to me. He started to run to zone. I said okay he's running to zone let me run too. Just as I passed the last 2 scorpions, my sneak and invis wore off. They killed me as I was zoning. WTF!!!!! I had the downloading screen and all. I thought my ass was safe. I thought wrong. Oli died to. We both hp'd. At least I got my Warlock boots. Only thing I don't like about the boots, I lose 9 MP. Oh well. I had to log cause I had to pick up my sister. Once I returned home I logged back in. I had no idea what I wanted to do. Kirinkage said there was going to be a massive besieged going on. 3 factions were going to attack. I contacted Frizzlefry to see if I could join his party. He said he's taken someone somewhere and would when he gets to Whitegate. So I immediately leave for Whitegate. I had to take long route since I'm not a mercenary yet. On the boat, I was talking to Zeeone. I told him about besieged. He said he's going to be there. He was excited. When I finally arrived, he invited me to his party. I also bought all my maps. Whitegate is mad confusing. I started the mercenary quest. Since I'm not mercenary yet, my participation is just for skill ups and having experienced the event. I met Zee in Alzahbi then walked back into Whitegate so I won't be teleported elsewhere. I find where the mages stay and started casting spells. I put on reraise just in case of death. I survived the 1st wave. In the second wave, I died 3 times. I rose due to my reraise then I slapped on my reraise again. As I was healing I get killed again. I raise again. However, this time I didn't have time to put on reraise before I died. I have no idea what killed me all 3 times. Only thing I hated was all the lag. My elemental and enfeebling went up a bit in there. So I think I will do besieged again. No one came to raise me so I hp'd. I didn't want to do the 3rd wave. I get back to San D to find out I didn't lose any exp from dying. Yes. Once back in San D I participate in the Doll festival again. This time I turn into a Hume girl. Photobucket I was talking to Ghostdawg and he said he'll come skill up with me in Altepa. So I stop the festivities of the Doll Festival and go to my mog house to get my inventory into order. I OP warp to Altepa and met Ghost there. We duo for at least 2 hours. We killed a lot of gobs. There was a near death experience. We then took on 2 Lesser Manticore.  Photobucket They resemble the Notoriously hard NM called Kirin. Then we fought a scorpion. Photobucket It was pretty cool. After a while I got tired and decided to call it a night. We both op'd back to our home nations. I go sell all the crap I accumulated. I head to mog house, checked delivery box and logged for the night.

Friday, February 27, 2009

The Break In The Horizon

I decided to round up people to help me with my first limit break. I got Ghostdawg who said he'll help after he finish fishing. Then I got Kirinkage and Inchigo. As I was getting under way, Naquel contacted me. So he said he'll help until he had to go to his Promy run. I said the more the merrier. So we decide to start with the Necro (Eldemiene Necropolous) first since it was the hardest one. I am too low to go thru the whole place so I stayed at zone. I did venture in to a point. It started with just Kirin and Inchigo. Naquel made it just as we were heading in. The 3 valiant heroes go in and start killing Lichs. After a while Naq had to leave. We still didn't get item yet. However, Ghost came in time. He goes in just as Inchi dies and Kirin got the item. I lot it. Now we head to Garlaige Citadel. Inchi had to meet us there since he had to hp from dying. We get there in record time. This time I had to go further in to help open the banishing gate. However, I stay just inside the banishing gate. The fellas (Kirin, Inchi and Ghost) go in and after 3 fights the item dropped. Now crazy Inchi warps out of there. Now Ghost, Kirin and I are stuck behind the banishing gate. Abway had to come and cast escape on us for us to get out. You need 4 people to open the gates in citadel. Now we go on to the last place, Crawlers Nest. I had 2 things to do in Nest so we tackle the LB1 item first. That was easy. Dropped on first fight. So we then ran around the nest looking for a treasure chest. Found one easily. I get my item that I had to go back to San D for. I put the guys in an area where I can easily find them on my return. I return to them as quickly as possible. I learned there are things in there that will try to kill me. I find the area to bury the boots. Then we made it out the Nest. I thank all my boys for the help. Ghost had me on follow so I carefully took him back to Jeuno with me. Follow cancelled when I zoned into Jeuno. I immediately ran upstairs to Maat. I trade him the 3 items. I pass my first limit break. Yay! Tomorrow I have to head back to Crawlers Nest to pick up my AF2 boots. I log off.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I'm So Frickin' Cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I get on to see if anyone wants to do anything much. I ended up going out to do skill ups . I was with Kirinkage so we headed to Sanctuary of Zi'Tah. We get there and found out that I'm pretty much near the right level. The only things in the zone that were decent challenges were the Rock golems. I got my sword up a smidgen and my elemental up a smidgen. I got some beast blood too. Then Kirin & I zoned into Boyhada Tree and he fought a spider that was incredibly tough to me. It dropped a Boyhada Chest Key. I thought I needed it for an AF for me, so I asked Kirin if I could lot it. He said yes. Then he realized when it was too late that he needed it. I can't trade it to him. I also found out that I didn't need it either. So I'm stuck with a chest key I don't need until I'm in my 70s. So we got bored and left for San D. I decided to try out the Doll Festival Event. I speak to the moogle. I get this thing called taru rice cake. So I try it out. I turn into the cutest little TaruTaru girl. I'm smaller than the regular Taru's. My friend Frizzlefry (a Taru) came by to check me out. I was so tiny compared to him. Photobucket Then he turned into a Mithran girl. Photobucket It was so funny. I wanted to check out how small I was compared to the rabbits in W Ronf, but I went to normal once I zoned. Oh well. Then I tried the mithran rice cake that turned me into a Mithran girl and Frizz turned into an Elvaan girl. Photobucket We were running around S San D causing trouble. Lol. Had a blast. We were running trying to get in other players way when they were running. Lol. I had fun. I ran into my mog house and called it a night.

Kirinkage Beats Maat!!!!

Won fight with using Opo-Opo Necklace & slept till TP was close to 175%.
He went in with a pentathrust - high jump - jump-spirit surge - pentathrust.

Finished fight 1 mins for fight with 5 mins waiting for sleep & TP raise.

His hp remaining at end fight was 829/1168.

Congrats Kirinkage!!!!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Spending Time in Qufim... It's Been a Long Time

I get on to do LB1 and do my AF2 quests. However, my high level friends are not on except my newly level 70 bro Kirinkage. He was busy doing his Maat fight. When he was done, he said he wanted to level his SAM. Unfortunately he didn't win. So I decided to party with him with my WHM. I had taken the ship to Jeuno already. So while my bro was cooling his heals I went and did the supply run to Elshimo Lowlands. I had to navigate once more in Yhutunga but I some how got to Yhoator. So I continued in Yhoator to head back in Yhutunga further down on map. I get the OP and I warped back to San D. I warp to Qufim to start party. On my way to Jeuno to change, I passed 3 dead people. I raised them. Aren't I nice? Anyway, I got 2 people from the ls ND to party. I got a tell from a SMN wishing to join my party I accepted him. Now the 6th person should have been Oliphant but he was stuck doing subjob quest with someone. So I got a NIN. Party in full swing. We do Field of Valor also. We ran around a lot and then we concentrated on staying by tower. I leveled to 29. 8 more levels before I finish this job as my sub. Not so fond of WHM. The party lost one member then I got someone to replace. Then 2 dropped and then Kirin and I had to leave. All in all my time was not spent in vain. I also got enough exp to level very soon to 30. Next time I'm on I do quests.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Start For Bloody Boots

So I was getting on to do God knows what. I was thinking about just chatting but then I decided to start my AF2 quest for my AF boots. I get on and no one's on my LS so I change to ND and no one I know is on there. Then I change to CB and say hello. But then I felt to just stay on my own. I said hello to some peeps on my friends' list. I head to Chateau to start quest from Curilla. Instead of AF quest, I get some other bogus quest. I talked to her again and got my AF quest. I follow up on the items requested that were in San D. I saw a ghost and the priest told me to get the hell out his Cathedral & to never come back. Lol. The next part is to go to Crawler's Nest. I'll do that some other time. I was going to start my Limit Break 1 [LB1] quest, but I didn't feel up to traveling to Jeuno. So logged out. At least I'm on my way.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

I've Hit Middle Age.. What To Do?

List of Accomplishments: 1. Obtained DRK job 2. Eco-Warrior - Windurst 4. Eco-Warrior - Windurst 3. Leveled RDM to 50!!!! 4.Obtained Ranguemont Pass map 1. I finished killing the 100 mobs on Friday. I head to Beaudeaux for completion. I walk in and got my cut scene. By the way I killed an extra 7 mobs just in case. Yay! I can do DRK. Not like I'm going to level it any time soon. Plus they let me keep my sucky sword with the delay of 666. SE must of thought they were slick. I dropped it. Lol. Couldn't sell it. Since I was in Beaudeaux I thought I'd finish up my map quest. I couldn't find my way, so I left when I got an invitation from Kakida to do an Eco-Warrior quest. 2. I meet Kakida in Windurst to do this eco-warrior quest. Found out you need an alliance of 3 to do this quest. Rewards: 5k gil & an exp scroll. The cap is level 20. So we all run to Tahrongi Canyon to enter the Maze of Shakrami. I've been here before. I don't remember why. Maybe DRG quest. Anyway, It was a sworm of us in there. Photobucket There were familiar faces. The whole thing was easy. I really didn't have to do much. It was easy money. I also got a pearl from this ls. It's called A New Day. There are some old faces I know, like Stormghost. I reminded him that the last time both of us were in a ls alliance event, both of us were face down on the ground, lol. 3. After eco-warrior, I decided to level. I get a party going for 48+ in where? The Shitadel. I got Kakida (WAR), Inchigo (WAR), Kirinkage (DRG), myself (RDM), Ghostdawg (SAM) and Sirslang (THF). The party was doing well until death started to happen. I leveled to 50. The first death, Kakida. Second death, me - damn beetle. The last death, the whole entire party!!!!! At that point, we all hp'd and called the party done. Photobucket 4. Since we all died and party broke up, Ghost asked if I needed help with anything. I said yeah. I have a map quest in Beaudeaux to finish but I don't know how to get there. He said he was down. We met in Pashow & made our way. We find the prisoners of war and rescued them, lol. We head out I go to Selbina and finish quest & got $$ & map. Then I told him goodnight & I logged.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Duo'ing Is Good For Your Health

I get on for conversational purposes only. Wasn't planning on any leveling or anything. I was going to do my taxes and talk. Like I was supposed to do yesterday. Right. So I get and find once again my ls is bumping. It's full of people. Yay! Inchigo, Annastacia, Mayonaka, and even Naquel. Naquel was having a bad day. Inchi was trying to skill up in the wrong area with DRG. Kirinage and Oliphant were on too. I was talking with Kakida thru tells. He was so hurt from RBK disbanding and disheartened about who his friends are. I felt bad for him. Then we got to more pleasant convo about skills and jobs. He gave me a fishing rod he got off of a gob. So I decide to fish and do my taxes. Ok. That couldn't happen. Fishing requires me to keep hold of the controller. Damn. So much for my taxes. I fish a stack of moat carp when I get a tell from Ghostdawg. He wanted to know what I was up to. I told him I was looking to duo so I raise my sword and elemental skills. He said he has to do same with his SAM. So we make a date. We head to Yhoator. During my skilling up party Naquel and Mayonaka get into a little argument. I had to settle them down. After that was squashed. I died. As we were fighting a crawler 2 tonberries and 1 element attacked us. I died and Ghost got down to 29 HP. I hp and OP back. We continue on when I got a tell from Naquel asking if I was mad at him. Lol. This is a constant thing lately. Ghost now Naq. Lol. I told him no but he should try to be nice. By end of the night my elemental went from 93 to 97 and my sword went from 120 to 124. I even learned a new weapon skill, seraph blade, that I can't even use with my RDM. Lol. Ghost gave me a warp cudgel to use to get back home to my hp. Then when I get home he tells me to keep it. Lol. And I found money in my delivery box from my stack of fish. Damn tonight was a good night.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Good Convo With a Serving of Party

Today was not a playing day when I got onto the game. I got on just to talk with my friends. I was going to do my taxes. I'm on a schedule. I had all my paperwork in front of me and everything. So I log on to find my LS popping. Yay! I had at least 5 people on it. I had Oliphant, Annastacia (formerly Chig), Inchigo, Mayonaka, myself and then Kirinkage. So we get to talking while I am calculating my expenses. Inchi's trying to get me to be his and I'm staying single, lol. Oli doing quests and missions and complaining he can't get a party with his BLU. Mayonaka leveled her WHM in campaign. Then we were discussing TV shows. That's when I get a party invite. I am torn on whether to take party (get exp) or just keep on with the taxes with good conversation. My FFXI gene overwrote my sense of responsibility. So I decided to join the party. The party is in Western Altepa Desert. The only way there is either a Tele to Altepa or OP to Altepa and both takes you to Eastern Altepa Desert. So I decided to OP and walk with sneak and invisible on. As I was looking for entrance to W Altepa, I bump into Naquel. I give him a pearl to my LS. I find my way to my party without incident. PhotobucketI party maybe 2 hours before I left party to log. I didn't get a level, but I have like 2k to go. Then I will be level 50. I will then be able to do my LB1 and AF2 quest. I'm getting up there. Soon I have to start partying in Whitegate areas. Ugh. I will have to become a mercenary and get Sigel instead of Signet. No more conquest points for a long time after that. There's so much I need to do: - raise my elemental magic skills - raise my enhancing magic skills - raise my sword skills - AF2 quest - LB1 quest - open jobs in Windy - do Lure of Wildcats in Windy

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Taking a Break From Job hunting

I get on Friday, to party because I seriously need conquest points. So I am in Norg when I get on and I chocobo'd to Kazham to get airship to Jeuno. I got to Kazham without getting lost. Yay! While I was waiting for airship Kirinkage said he wanted to level his SAM instead. I said I'd level my THF. As I was waiting I was talking to Ghostdawg, he said he wanted in. So I make it to San D and change. On way to meet Kirin I was talking on CB linkshell. Then somehow they decided to party with Kirin and I. Kainbelmont sent me an invite. I told him it was 3 of that was coming. He gets Kirin in. I tell him that my 3rd person is coming. He ignored me and inited someone else. So now I had to tell Ghost that there wasn't any room. He was pissed. He had just used his last warp cudgel. I was lost as to what to do. I couldn't decide to stay or leave. Ghost said to stay and he wanted names to blacklist. I told himno because I don't think he was doing it maliciously. He was rantingly mad. I told him to calm down. I am now in Dunes partying and pulling. We doing very well. Then Ghost gets back to me and apologized. He said he had a short temper and he's sorry. That he wasn't mad at me and he didn't want to make me uncomfortable. I accepted his apology and he said that the party he ditched or me let him back in. So it was all good. PhotobucketSo back in party we are all talking in ls. Naquel as being all mushy to me. He's always saying TK (that's his nickname for me) you are going to be mine. I told him he's going to have a fight on his hands if he thinks so. The Kirin said to cut out the mushy stuff because it's gross. Naquel just said bring it on he can take on all the other guys. Lol. Naquel is hilarious. Then Frizzlefry had to go. He was the PLD. Since I was talking to Inchigo I knew he was playing PLD and he was level 15. I told him to come along. I told Kain I had a replacement. The Kain again ignored me and invited Naquel and Delvega into party. I had to tell Inchigo not to come. This is twice. I don't think I'll party with Kain anymore. So now Naquel is in party along with Delvega. I don't remember who else left. Kirin said Kain must've been set to have a LS party. I thought it was rude. Anyway, I leveled twice and died once. Saturday I get on to do some more DRK quest. I start killing stuff. I got it down to 85 out of 100 killed. Yay! Then I got bored. So I decided to party with RDM. I got 5 people easily; Kirin (DRG), Oliphant (PLD), Titen (BRD), me (RDM) and Kakida (WAR). I got a SAM. Then he disconneccted on the way to Garlaige. So now I have to find a 6th member again. I find a DNC. We were doing well. Then we got 2 bats linked and it took all my MP trying to cure, so I had to remedy the situation. I converted, did a divine seal and cure 4 myself.
PhotobucketDo you want to know what happened? Both bats said fuck it to the rest of the party and advanced towards me. Guess what happened next? I died, you guessed correct. The rest of the party tried their best to pull them off me. My cure 4 generated way too much hate when combined with divine seal. Anyway, I still leveled to 49 before I quit for the night.
Sunday I came on to check the new conquest. Li'Trelor was available. So I know I had to go to Mhaura to buy maps for there. On the way I was asked to raise some people. Kirin actually OP'd there when I was there. I was expecting it but hey, I convinced him to escort me to Zi'Tah. He obliged. We get to Mhaura and we have no idea who to buy map from. We were all over the place. Just as I was about to call it quits, I found the guy. The funny thing is that Kirin was standing by him and didn't even know. We head to Zi'Tah. We get to OP and I finish my supply run. I warp back to San D. Kirin stayed to farm. I log out.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Still Unemployed

I get on game thinking I'm going to add some more #'s to my tally for DRK job. I an still in Bastok so I head out to North Gustaberg again to kill. So I ended up killing 4 more mobs, that makes my tally 14 or 15, when Ghostdawg asks me if I wanted to fight the bomb thingy that killed me the night before. I said that I can't because I need darksteel ore and theren't any on the AH. He checked today and there was 3. I asked to buy me one and I'll give him back the gil. So I go change and take airship back to Jeuno and met him there. I go get signet and a warp scroll when I got to Jeuno. Just as we met by Kazham airship entrance the ship was arriving. We ran on board in time. Yay! On ship we exchanged items and gil.

We get to Kazham and picked up chocobo. Ok here's the issue. Ghost only knows how to get to Norg from Lowlands OP in Yuhtunga and I don't know at all. So we both had to feel our way thru. I lead first. I got us close but so far. Then Ghost got us the rest of the way. I get into Norg trade the ore to the chick NPC. He said he'll meet at NM site in Konschtat Highlands. Before I could say wait, he disappeared. I told him Iwanted tofinish supply run since I was here. He said ok.

So I get on chocobo from Norg that takes me back into Yuhtunga. I try to navigate to Yhoator; where I need to be. I get lost numerous times. Then I finally zoned into Yhoator. Yes! I am the woman. Who says persistence never pays off? I navigate Yhoator easily. Didn't get lost one bit. Why is Yhoator so much better to navigate? It was a straight shot. I hand in suppliesand then OP to San D. Then I OP to Zulkheim.

I met Ghost by NM spot. I trigger the NM he killed it with very little help from me. No death. Yay! So we walk back to Valkrum Dunes OP. We then OP to Uplands (Yhoator). This time we walk back to Yuhtunga with me casting invisible. I did get aggro'd once by a hidden gob. We finally did get to Yuhtunga. Then he lead way to Norg. This time when we get in Sea serpent Grotto thru hidden door to Norg, my sneak wore off just as a skeleton spawned behind me. So of course I catch aggro and die. Ghost was ahead of me (I told y'all my character runs slow) so he didn't make it in time. But he did get me a raise.

He apologized profusely. Said no need. Now that was the 2nd time I died doingthis SAM quest. So when I got in Norg and traded items to NPC it said I must wait 3 hours to get job and Great Katana. I was not about to log until I get the job. I put too much time and death into getting this job. I stayed there and got it.

Next time I go on, I have to party. I have no more conquest points to use until I get some.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Job Market Is Tough

Hey I get on to try to make some headway in the SAM and DRK job quest. I start with the DRK since I'm in Bastok when I log on. I have to go to Parlborough Mines. Another stinking cave like Ordelle's Cave. I really hate caves. So of course I am trying to get through caves to find a boat. The same boat Kirinkage and I accidentally took when he was helping me with Kazham map quest. So I've been here before. So as I am navigating these mines I am holding conversation with Ghostdawg and Unworshipdangel. Unworship told me he is now level 50 RDM and ready to do LB1. He said he did Dunes parties for levels 48-50. It's been hard getting a party since I've been on for a while. I got side tracked now. I also contact Delvega since I got a message from him when I logged on. He said he'd get back to me later. So I made it to the boat without getting lost. Yay! I zone into Zehrun Mines and got my cut scene. I get my Choasbringer Sword. Now I have to kill 100mobs with this Sword. Are you ready for the bad news? I can only use sword with either DRK or WAR jobs. Since I can't use DRK I have to use WAR; a job I don't want to level. So now I decided to try the SAM fights. I asked Ghost if he thought it was possible for me to solo the first NM. He said no. He said I was going to help me with NM. So I had to meet him in the Sanctuary of Zi'Tah. It's a place I've never been and I do not possess a map. I asked Ghost where to get map. He said Mhaura. So that's another trip to take later on. So I meet him in Zi'Tah.  Photobucket We kill NM together. I get one item. Now I have to go to Konschtat Highlands to defeat a bomb; another NM. Ghost said he couldn't help me with the second NM. This time I believe I can take it all by myself I warp to San D from Zi'Tah then OP warp to Dunes. I went to Selbina and traded more cabbages to the guy. And see if I can start quest that I couldn't before. Yes! I got it. Damn my fame is rising in Selbina. I have to go back to Beaudeaux. I'll do that when I finish DRK. So I walk to Konschat and find location. I buffer up and trade item to fight bomb. It was a very close fight. We were both close to death, but alas I died. I HP to San D to find I need to get darsteel ore to trade to girl in Norg for more Oreintal steel to kill bomb again. So I check AH. No darksteel ore (sad face). Now Delvega contacts me. I asked him to check Whitegate AH for item, but he was in Jeuno already but he checked Jeuno AH for me. None. Damn! So I can't finish SAM any time soon. So Delvega wants me to join this other LS called ClanBelmont. I told him to meet me in Bastok cause that's where I was heading to start on my 100 mob killing.Why kill in W Ronf? I want Gustaberg OP so I am doing my part for San D to win Gustaberg conquest. I change jobs to WAR with chagrin. I then found out that the sword is just not a regular sword; it's a great sword. That means no weapon skill for me. I head into North Gustaberg. All there is are decent challenges. I take on a wasp. Doing well until the S.O.B. Healed itself. Then the shit nearly killed me. I disengaged and zoned. Damn sword has a huge frickin' delay. So I go out to try again. I try the worm. Yes. I can take the worm. I do well. I tell Del to meet me in N Gusta. I probably killed 4 or 5 mobs when Del found me. He gave me a pearl. It's green. Clashes with my outfits, lol. I get on and a lot of folks I know are on. Even Naquel. He was so excited to see me. Lol. I lost track a bit counting my mobs because of Naquel. So before I logged off, I think I killed 10 or 11 mobs. So I have 90 or 89 to go. Fun! .....Not!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Job Hunt Part 1

I finally made it back home from vacation yesterday. To find out several things askew: 1. My other LS: RazorBladeKiss has broken up 2. The other broken LS Valor Kingdom is back open So I get a new pearl for Valor Kingdom. I go on to find just a few people on, so I switch to my own LS. I get a person from LiveJournal onto my LS. So Ghostdawg and Inchigo are on my LS. I decide to open jobs today to gain fame. Since I'm in San D, I decided to start the PLD Job Quest. To find out I have to do 3 quests in order to become PLD. 1. I had to get a Revival Tree Root - Titen sent me the item since San D didn't have it in AH. 2. I had to get a stalactite from Ordelle's Cave - Ghost came to help me here because I was hopelessly lost in Ordelle's. 3. Then I had to go Davoi to find some unused well - Both Inchi & Ghost came to help me. I succeeded to get to the well alive but Inchi got caught by 3 Orcs that killed him. I raised him. We get out fine. Ghost went to farm & Inchi went to gain his level back since he leveldown when he died. I return to San D and complete quest. Ding PLD. I don't foresee me playing PLD anytime ever. Don't like tank jobs.
I then decide to open NIN. I head to Bastok. There I open DRK and NIN. Ghost & Inchi said they'll help kill leeches and escort me to Norg. I do all the necessary parts in town. So Ghost met me in Bastok and took me to Korrolka tunnel to get to leeches. We meet Inchi at spot. We kill leeches then I warp back to Bastok. During my ride to Jeuno, Ghost's static party started so he had to leave. That left Inchi to escort me to Norg. I meet him in Kazham. We choco to Norg. I find out I don't have a map of Sea Grotto and Norg. I get what I need in Norg for NIN quest and I also opened the SAM quest while I was there. I warp back to Bastok and finish the NIN quest. I then log off.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

It's Been 4 Days

It's been 4 days since I've not played FFXI. I am out on vacation and my laptop still doesn't do the game well. I made it through 3 days fine. The 4th day, I had a FFXI dream. You know what this means? I'm heading into withdrawal. Will I make it until the 8th when I get back? Will I be able to play on the 8th? When will I get to play again? Stay tuned for the answers. Ha Ha.