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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Almost Ready For Maat

So I get on to finish capping my magic for my Maat fight & to farm my RDM testimony.

I tackle farming my testimony first. Months back Ghostdawg promised to help me farm my testimony. So I decided to take him up on the offer. I haven't hung with him in a loooooong time. So he decides we go to Quolon Dome. It's in the farther part of Beaudeaux. I hate that place. It ends up being Kirinkage, Ghostdawg, Kron, a girl named Celias and myself. Celias & Kron was already there. Ghost, Kirin & I had to travel there. Anyway we get to the place and there was another party there to get an HNM that was there nicknamed the AdamantKing. It's a huge Quadav. I don't know what it drops. Anyway, they also claimed the Ruby Quadav that we needed. So we had to kill all the place holders to get the Ruby Quadav to pop again. Well we got it but there was no drop. We kill placeholders again. We got him again & this time my testimony dropped. Being in party with Ghost & Kron was like being in a fraternity. All the machismo and testosterone flowing thru words. Oy. It was interesting to listen to. I then wanted to finish up capping my magic.

I head to Whitegate because Phaet said he had some time to help me. Kirin also joined me. So we head back to Alt... Undersea Ruins. It was nice partying w/ Phaet again. So I was able to fully cap my dark and elemental with them.
I dozed off now and then but I pulled it thru to the end. I ended up logging off in Whitegate.

I am now so close to my big fight. I'm a bit anxious. I may wake up early and do it while my brother is asleep, that way, I won't feel any pressure. We'll see.

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Sakaruba said...

Yay ive reading your blog for a while now its good to see that your posting again. Im wchamacole. Well come hope tor ead your next blog post soon. And good luck on maat fight! For Vanadiel!