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Sunday, July 26, 2009

I Snuck On...

I snuck on the game to get my mission for San D rank done. I met up with Frizzlefry, Kirinkage, Inchigo and Kainbelmont. However, they weren't ready, so I was about to farm or get party until they were ready. Frizz asked me not to get a party. So I just sat around chatting.

When everyone finally gets together we head off to Uggliapuglia (whatever you want to call it). We get to the door we need key for, so we started to buff up cause we were gonna camp there to get key for door. So I'm throwing up my buffs & all when I get aggro'd. Who the f??? was aggroing me? Find out, magic pot behind door was aggroing me. Magic pot also opened the door, lol. Yay, we are in. So my dd's, my fav dd's, took care of the pot for me. So we get to the doors needed. We clear out hallway of tonberry and then open each door to get broken key, key item. We needed 3 of them. Then, I had to sneak & spawn the NMs to fight. We only had to grab one. Frizzy pulled the one. We fought valiently. No one died. We got our cut scenes & Kainy warped us back to hp. We run off to see the king for ending cutscene. I get my rank, 9 that is, and my gil of 80k.

So we also decided to finish off the Wings mission we were on, Purple, The New Black. I got Phaet to come along because he needed the mission as well. So it's just Frizzy, Kirin, Phaet and myself for a while. Frizzy recalled us to Jugner. He went to change jobs. The rest of us went to La Vaule. We met up with Frizzy's friend Damnatio. He helped in battle. We get cut scene and had to battle a dragon. It went pretty well. The storyline for Wings are awesome.

After we finished mission, I logged off. However, before we did mission, we met up with Lordgrim, from Valor Kingdom. Haven't seen him in 9 months as he says. It was nice seeing him. He gave me another pearl for VK and sacked me. I'm a bit conflicted. I'll pop on VK but not a lot. I like CB a whole lot better right now. But we'll see. I missed him and I find out some of my friends who were not in VK know Lordy. It was a pleasant surprise. Till next time I can sneak on.

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