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Monday, August 30, 2010

If I Can Exp, Anti-can

Hello All. Haven't spoken to you in a few. I've been a very busy woman!! I didn't even have a chance to post my dynamis mistrial last weekend. A lot of good things have been happening for me lately unrelated to the game. But I apologize for the interruption.............. I seem to be apologizing a lot. On with my debriefing.

Last week, dyna ls went to Qufim. It's the last zone I needed win for before Tavnazia. I logged onto game and was ready to go. We enter zone, to find out that I don't have access to my subjob. That means no reraise until someone finds the ???. Lucky I had my rr earring on me. Guess what happened next?!? My doorbell rang. It was my sister. I couldn't just shoo her away. So I had my brother play my character. Unfortunately under his helm I died twice. Having to juggle game and my sister, I just logged off. So I didn't get the win. Next time I guess.

I haven't been on since until today. I get on to level my SMN some more. My bro Kirinkage is now back to the game. So Zannon was not available to duo yet. I was going to farm instead. I then realized Kirin wanted to join in so I changed to SMN to duo together in Sauromogue Champaign while we wait for Zannon, if he ever comes.

Just as I make it to Jeuno, Zannon was ready to join us. So we all are geared to fight. Zannon suggested we go Eastern Altepa and FOV, page 3. So we op there. We had to kill Anticans and Dhamels. On our way, I aggro'd a gob and Carby saved my butt. We find what we were looking for.

We finish the first page with a banger. We tried an IT mob with just the 3 of us. We survived luckily. By time we were ready for another page, Nutbutter came out to join us. He came DNC. I didn't have to do much healing. I fought alongside everyone. I got a lot of skill ups, learned a new weapon skill, Stardust, at it.
By nights end for me, I leveled to 39. My summoning magic went from 84 to 87. My staff skill went from 92 to 108. That was frickin' awesome. Just wish summoning magic would raise that fast. We also complwmeted 3 FOV pages. It was a great night.

I am going to try the FFXIV open beta in next couple of days. I will try to keep my name. We'll see how that works. I'll tell y'all how it goes. If I do continue to play 14, then I will create a separate blog, I think. I may not want to keep up both. So stay tuned for more.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

What I am not.

This post is great. What I like is that she has the same belief I do. Read it.


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Tigerkirara bka TK

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

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With FINAL FANTASY XIV's scheduled release date of September 30th (September 22nd for the Collector's Edition) rapidly approaching, a host of special deals are in the works for players who elect to pursue adventure in both Vana'diel and Eorzea.

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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Aging Well in The Dunes

This weekend I was able to get on twice this weekend. Better than I thought with all the work I have to do. Can you believe this year I've been so busy that I haven't done my taxes yet? I have a week and a half to get it done and post marked. Wish me luck!!!! Anyway, I digress. I'll break down this weekend into 2 parts.

Part One: Friday

I get on to do Zannon's and my static of getting our jobs to 80 (SMN and PLD). He was busy at first so I went to sell stuff, buy stuff, you know... Run errands. Within 10 mins he was ready. I wasn't, lol. I was still fiddling on the AH.

Anyway, we meet up. We were going to do weapons in Saraumogue Champaign (however you spell it). We had the following w/ people:
- Zannon PLD
- me SMN
- Cyricbellheart BLM
- Nutbutter RNG
- Xani BLU
- DRK (don't remember person's name)

The party was ok. I got to try out Diabolos. I tried to curse and nightmare he mobs. Some got thru without the ability being stunned by the mob. I did get a lot of summoning magic skill ups. After a while we decided to change venur to Garlaige Shitadel. The party broke after that. I did get one level in the party.

Zan and I then decided to duo in Yhutunga Jungle. We took airship there. We ended up doing a couple of FOV pages before Zan had to go do Behemoth.
7-11-10 7
Boy the life of a high level player. Duoing I was able to use my staff. I got some staff skill ups too.

I want to get all weapon skills for the staff. One of the later one gives you back MP!!!! I'm going to be a fighting SMN, lol, if anyone wants me. Overall exp'g with Zan is a lot of fun when he doesn't take off on me.

Part Two: Sunday

I get on couple ours before dynamis to farm beehive chips to get fame. Zannon said he'd help when he was done. So I changed to my NIN so i can exp and farm at the same time. I head to Giddues to farm. I found Arison in the area waiting for an NM. He helped keep the area clear of yags while I was killing Wasps.

Zannon came as Arison was leaving. He gave me some chips too. Zan was handling the lower areas while I stayed ontop. It was getting hard to get the wasps when all the yags came back. They came back with a vengence too. Finally it became too dangerous so I dropped below. I told Zan I'd meet him in Windy, but he was near me. He traded me the chips he got for the honey i got. In the end I had 7 stacks and 7/12 of chips.

I went to trade in the chips in Windy Woods and received that stupid make up title. When I was done, I went to check my fame. Only level 5. I just moved up one level. *sigh* I really don't like Windy. San D, Selbina and Norg fame wasn't so miserable to get. So I went to station myself in the Dunes for dynamis tonight. I went and had dinner.

This is my first time doing this zone. It will also be a very memorable one too. Here's a bullett synopsis.
- enter zone, get cutscene
- system froze when downloading, restart PS3
- got in zone after i come back
- lag tastic S=69 R=4308
- no movement or spell casting
- screen goes black, kicked out
- restart PS3
- return get back in party
- run to find group
- found them, get couple spells off
- screen goes black, kicked out
- restart PS3
- get back in party and find group
- couple spells, black screen
- restart PS3
- get back in, try to find party at Selbina
- die 2 times on way to group
- click ??? when raised
- got win
- i stay far from pack, doing fine
- cast when i can
- we get kicked out zone due to time ran out

I really don't know what to say besides being pissed about lag and kicks. No gear dropped that I wanted. Still sitting at 60 points. Now all zones I need to beat are Qufim and Tavnazia.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Winner of Dreams

So I get on to try Diabolos Prime fight again. I really want a new avatar for SMN.  This one allows me to have minimal amount of fame in Windy & have COP 4-1 done.  So this would be my 3rd or 4th time trying for this fight.  I have Frizzlefry BLM & Zannon WAR already lined up. So I searched for others. I end up getting Nimotas DRG, Cherub SMN & Sadirah RDM/DRK (for chainspell stun).  So this is how it went down....

1st Attempt - Died when Diabolos @ 3%
      Get in, kick ass, Sadirah chainspell went off, but the stun didn't go off.  So chainspell was wasted and he nightmared and wiped us.

2nd Attempt - Died when Diabolos @ 90%
     Get in, 2 hits, he casts nightmare, he kills us all.

3rd Attempt ...
      Get in, stunning, no nightmare, was casting cure couple times, then tried to cast Cursna on Zannon but the spell wouldn't cast, WTF!!! OMF'inG DIABOLOS IS DEAD!!!!! We beat Diabolos. I can't believe it.

After the fight, I asked Frizzle to D2 me & he can nexus cape to me. I ran to Windy Waters to find Kerutoto so I can get my crystal to summon Diabolos. Nexus Cape works fast!!! As I was running a little teeny Taru ran by me. It was Frizzle. So I see Kerutoto and get the ability to summon Diabolos.

I ran back to my mog house to change into SMN to try him out.  I was nearly out of my seat with excitement. I can cast Nightmare & Comadisode (however you spell it). Hot stuff. I took a pic of course.

So after I tried out Diabolos, I had to change back to RDM for dynamis. We were doing Bastok tonight.  I was in tank party again. This time we didn't have a BRD. Just another RDM. But Zannon was in my party as WHM tho. He gave me devotion which was great, but MP didn't get back as fast as with BRD, lol.  I was hoping that THF, NIN or SMN gear would drop but none dropped while I was there. THF did after I left. Just my luck.  I died once due to, I have no idea.

I had a pretty good game day. Only wish I was able to tackle the old man.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Summonig Powers... Activate

Hello I'm back from vacation. & what a vacation it was!!!!!

So I got back to on game today to do an hour or so of  leveling SMN with Zannon. We end up getting Frizzlefry, Rethem, Rafbacca and a girl from our Dyna shell named Primeria. So it was the following jobs: SMN, PLD, RNG, SAM, BRD, and RDM. So we partied in Yhoator Jungle. I have only partied there once before at this level.

So we partied well. I send out Carby to help fight. Every now & then I'd bring out Shiva to give everyone Ice Spikes. But I gave Shining Ruby more. My summoning skills were raising during party which was great. It's a hard skill to raise. I need more MP tho. And the rest of my avatars too. Another party decided to camp ontop of us too. That was a sour part of the party. Overall the party experience was great. I leveled twice. Within 2 hours. 3/4ths of the time I did not have my experience ring on. I used it towards the end of of the run. I forgot about it until then. 

The rest of the guys had Nyzul so the party broke.