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This is my diary of my adventures in Vana'diel. This diary will change as my adventures changes. Sit back, read and enjoy.

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I Did It Again....

I was notified earlier today that I had to get on this evening to do rank mission 9-1. So when I get home we get the team assembled to do mission: Kirinkage, Kainbelmont, Frizzlefry, Inchigo and myself. I needed crystals to be able to accept the mission. Kainy gave me some. I traded them in, didn't even fill my rank bar but I was able to start mission. So Frizzy tele-altepa'd us. We booked it thru Altepa and thru Kutal Tunnel since Kirin didn't have Volbow OP. I hope he got it this time.

For mission we had to click ??? in Cape Terrigan, Eldieme Necropolis, and Xarcabard (not in that order). The last spot, we had to fight a huge vulture/eagle looking mob. It was kicking Kirin & Inchi's ass. Not so much Frizzy's. But we couldn't kill it fast. We killed it & got our last key item. We get back to San D to finish mission.

Kainy & Frizzy went to do V Muffler run (whatever that is). Inchi logged off. Kirin & I both went to flag mission 9-2 so next time we just have to get to the fight. After both of my cutscenes, I logged off.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

I Snuck On...

I snuck on the game to get my mission for San D rank done. I met up with Frizzlefry, Kirinkage, Inchigo and Kainbelmont. However, they weren't ready, so I was about to farm or get party until they were ready. Frizz asked me not to get a party. So I just sat around chatting.

When everyone finally gets together we head off to Uggliapuglia (whatever you want to call it). We get to the door we need key for, so we started to buff up cause we were gonna camp there to get key for door. So I'm throwing up my buffs & all when I get aggro'd. Who the f??? was aggroing me? Find out, magic pot behind door was aggroing me. Magic pot also opened the door, lol. Yay, we are in. So my dd's, my fav dd's, took care of the pot for me. So we get to the doors needed. We clear out hallway of tonberry and then open each door to get broken key, key item. We needed 3 of them. Then, I had to sneak & spawn the NMs to fight. We only had to grab one. Frizzy pulled the one. We fought valiently. No one died. We got our cut scenes & Kainy warped us back to hp. We run off to see the king for ending cutscene. I get my rank, 9 that is, and my gil of 80k.

So we also decided to finish off the Wings mission we were on, Purple, The New Black. I got Phaet to come along because he needed the mission as well. So it's just Frizzy, Kirin, Phaet and myself for a while. Frizzy recalled us to Jugner. He went to change jobs. The rest of us went to La Vaule. We met up with Frizzy's friend Damnatio. He helped in battle. We get cut scene and had to battle a dragon. It went pretty well. The storyline for Wings are awesome.

After we finished mission, I logged off. However, before we did mission, we met up with Lordgrim, from Valor Kingdom. Haven't seen him in 9 months as he says. It was nice seeing him. He gave me another pearl for VK and sacked me. I'm a bit conflicted. I'll pop on VK but not a lot. I like CB a whole lot better right now. But we'll see. I missed him and I find out some of my friends who were not in VK know Lordy. It was a pleasant surprise. Till next time I can sneak on.

Monday, July 20, 2009

I'm Sorry....

I got on Monday after the update. We were to do San D rank mission 8-2. Unfortunately, Kirinkage couldn't get on. So I just ended up farming with Inchigo. So we went to Onzonzo to farm. We get into the NM room & it was there, so we killed it. It dropped moldy ring again. I passed on it because I already have one. Crazy Inchi ended up passing on it too. Lol. However, we made a good time. Drops were a lot slower with me subbing THF & wearing Scorpion Harness than when I went with Phaet. Gotta love a 75 THF/NIN. After a while, we get a Treasure Key and chest for Inchi. Then I logged.

I have bad news for my friends. I will be taking a 3 week hiatus. My mother is in town and we would have to share the same TV. So we don't argue, I will be taking a short break. When I do get back on game, be sure that I will be posting on the regular.

Take care, I will miss you all.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

I'm Not Ready For All That Yet

I've been super busy at work, so here's my list of accomplishments and endeavors. Some fun, some not so fun. Here we go.

Tues 7/14:
I met up with Kakida so we can finish our BLU quest. As I read up on where we had to go, I realized it was the same place me and Kain go to Manaburn. So as I wait for Kakida I check for the sunsand that I thought was in my inventory, to find out I must've either sold or dropped. So I had to go buy another. We finally meet up and I lead the way via chocobo to Aydeewa Subterraine. I tell him he's going to have to use invisible to get by spiders and rats. We get to the area needed. I stepped in and got my cutscene, but Kakida forgot his. I told him I'll trade him mine but not to leave the area. Cutscene teleports you back into Whitegate. I go back to meet him & trade him the sand, then warped out.

Thurs 7/16:
I leveled DNC to 11 with Inchi's RDM. We did FOV in both W Ronf and Latheine. We almost died once together. I had died when I got jumped by a Orc Grappler when I was fighting a Sheep while waiting for Inchi.But I know I leveled to 10. I do not know when I leveled to 11. I got 2 levels in 1.5 hours. Not bad when I didn't use any rings.
Photobucket 7-19-09 2

Sat 7/18:
I get to do missions, but no one was ready yet. So I looked for a party. I found one in Ceadvra Mire. The party was pretty cool. It was a static party. I was just a fill in for someone who wasn't one. I tried to make it to party. I had to zone back into staging point to survive. I come back out to find a party member fighting an imp. I cured him as much as I can. When he died, I tried to zone again back into the staging point, but I died. I had reraise on, so it was all good. I raised and then raised party member. We then made dash to camp. Party was ok. I've been in better. We had a THF, SAM, PLD, SMN and DRK. They pulled slow and killed slow. Then they had to leave, I didn't get much experience. Oh well, at least it was some.

I head back to San D for what I thought was rank missions for San D, but since Inchigo was not available, we (Frizzle and Kirin) ended up doing Wings of The Goddess missions. A lot of the missions for WOTG are cut scenes. When we started we had to save, as my brother said, some Elvaan chick. Frizzle let me borrow his Scorpion Harness. So I went back to wearing short shorts, lol.
7-19-09 3
We had to go to Jugner_S to find her and fight NM. However, we died miserably. We needed another dd. We got Phaet to come as DRK. We were able to tackle the fights. We got NM too. We had to go back to San D_S for further cut scenes. We had another NM fight to do in La Vaule (Davoi in present time) but we had to go. Phaet had a HNM and the rest of us were falling out. We were sleepy. So we are on mission called "Purple, The New Black". Sounds like we gonna get our butts kicked.

Sunday 7/19:
I get on to do San D rank mission 8-1: Coming of Age with Inchigo, Kirinkage, Frizzlefry and Kainbelmont. We were supposed to do it on Saturday, but we were waiting for Kain. It was a fight somewhere in Quicksand Caves in Altepa. We have to fight a Sea Horror looking NM. It went pretty quick. Kain had to go help someone else.

After I a while my friend Envoy asked me if he can help me with Skilling up. I said sure. I did warn him that I am not really ready for it, but it would be cool to duo with him since I have never partied or duo'd with him before. He takes me to some strange place in Mount Zhylaom. So I was trying to buff up and he started barking to gravity & bind some mob he already started to attack. I didn't even get to put reraise on nor was I able to refresh both of us. Then he started fussing at me. I told him I was not ready. I don't have a skill up macro made yet. I am totally not prepared to skill up. Spells he wants me to use I don't use, so I have to scroll thru all my tons of spells to find. We died once. Then he barked at me about not having reraise up. I was so frazzled and frustrated. I don't ever want to do that again. If I wanted to be barked at, I would join the military. I just told him that I had to go. I wasn't prepared at all. I did try to create new macros on the fly. They sucked though. I am not saying Envoy was giving me bad advice. It was solid. It's just that he was barking like a drill sergeant. My priorities are a bit different than his. I'm trying to farm for gil, then get 70 with exp maxed, then skill up & then practice fights for maat.

I run off to dynamis in my frazzled state. We were doing Beaucedine today. My first time here. I was put in the BLM party for the first time. At the beginning, my RDM relic body dropped. I made a bid. Kneeru told both me & Aseta to lot. Aseta won the lot. Damn it. He didn't even come as RDM. I died 4 times during this whole experience. I moved to the late comer party because they needed a healer. We were lacking people. Not a lot of people have access to the Outland areas. We did win this dyna. So now I am able to get to Xarcabard now. I will not be able to move past there tho. I need to finish COP 3-5. That's going to be a hard to do.

Tues 7/11:
I met up with Kakida so we can finish our BLU quest. As I read up on where we had to go, I realized it was the same place me and Kain go to Manaburn. So as I wait for Kakida I check for the sunsand that I thought was in my inventory, to find out I must've either sold or dropped. So I had to go buy another. We finally meet up and I lead the way via chocobo to Aydeewa Subterraine. I tell him he's going to have to use invisible to get by spiders and rats. We get to the area needed. I stepped in and got my cutscene, but Kakida forgot his. I told him I'll trade him mine but not to leave the area. Cutscene teleports you back into Whitegate. I go back to meet him & trade him the sand, then warped out.

We met up in Bastok to level low jobs because Gustaberg was open for grabs. So I used SMN. Starfirex joined us. I level to 12. We almost died fighting a goblin in Dangruf Wadi. What do you know, I got a Dangruff Key. Another key for me to add to my collection, lol. We stopped within 30-45 mins. I hate Gustaberg area. It's ugly and confusing. I don't think we helped win Gustaberg, but I got my level.

I have some dedicated fans. To all who read, thank you.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Problix and his Cat Ose

Got on yesterday to try again for my Mold..vite earring with Phaet. So we head on to do it in Onzonzo. We started to run around killing Cockatrice (the camel/bird looking mob) and goblins while we wait for NM goblin to spawn. Phaet came as a 75 THF, which is the bomb. He is King, lol. Shit dropped like water. We got chest keys 10xs over, plus meat, skin, scrolls, etc. As we were running around, Phaet found a Treasure Chest for me. I got map of Onzonzo. Good thing. I had no idea where to find my way around by myself. We get to the room & stay there, when we noticed people coming in. Again, I walked right by the spot where he spawned. Lucky, Phaet got him. So I was able to get my earring. Yay!

Then we decided to try for Ose to get Assault jerkin.It was good because no one was there. Kirinkage came to join us. We camped the place. No Ose. Then people started to come. We got competition. Towards the end, we had to go. Still no Ose. Oh well. Maybe next time. Probably would have to go in middle of the day. Too many people on in the evening, lol.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

There's Always a Silver Lining!

I get on game and pop over to Whitegate to get party. I throw my flag up along with my search comment say "Level Sync 67+". I get couple of offers that were too low. Then I get an offer from Jeth that's still too low. He was looking for 64. I was tempted just to just take it for the experience points. I asked him where they were planning on partying. He said Bhaflau Thickets. I said no thanks. I don't want to play with the Colibri as RDM again. Then he said they'll do Mount Zhylom. I said fine. I get into the party. The whole party is complaining and bitching about me. They want to do Colibri. I spoke up and said I'm here listening to you bitch about me, so if you want to do Colibri go right ahead, I'm disbanding party. My brother saw what they are saying and said I shouldn't have responded & just disbanded.

Anyhow, I disbanded and now Jeth is sending massive tells trying to get me back in party. I just stated that I do not want to do Colibri's. He said I should be lucky because Colibri is fast exp and I'll be waiting for a party for 4 hours. I stopped responding to him, but he kept on sending me tells. I was trying to have a conversation with Phaet but Jeth's tells were just spamming. I vented to Phaet about it. Phaet went and sent guy a tell telling him to stop it. Which of course, didn't stop it right away. He ended up calling me retarded because I didn't want fast experience. Then Titen was trying to chat w/ me & I told him what happened. So Titen went and sent him a tell too. Apparently Titem must've said something stronger cause the guy logged off. Lol.

Apparently this guy doesn't have a high level RDM as a job. I get parties quickly. Even when I'm in a party I get party invites. I just don't like Colibris. I'm not like other RDMs out there that say they will not join a party unless there's a BRD & COR in party or BRD or COR in party. But the thing I wanted to say. Phaet & Titen were defending me was great, but I was ignoring the guy, so they didn't have to confront the guy. I think he'd give up eventually. But otherwise the spamming stopped.

So with the argument closed, I didn't feel like partying anymore. Beseiged was going to start, so I got a party together for it. Got a lot of my ls mates. Got Koigoro, Panzer (aka Ciddester), Kryscella, someone else I can't remember. Kirinkage came late so he was not in a party. I died once but my Dark got to 107. 93 more levels then it's capped.

After beseiged Kirin & I decided to do our NPC quest that we've been talking about doing for 6 months now. I chose Elvaan Male & he chose Hume Female. It was a total of 5 quests. I had to fight a dragon by myself. I am glad I chose to put on Ice Spikes. But it went smoothly. My NPC name is Romidiant. He's cute and tall. I chose his personality to be calm and collected, but he turned out to be a wiseass, lol. But he still cool. I don't want to hear what he says if he gets KO'd. So Kirin and I went to test our NPCs out in Garlaige Citadel. We fought bats, beetles, bombs, and skeletons. They stay out only for 15 mins I think and once an earth day.

I get on to farm with Phaet. Instead of farming, we ended up in Onzonzo to camp/farm up a Mold...vite earring for me. We spent the time annihilating gobs and these other camel/bird looking mobs there. The NM finally spawned and this other RDM chick stole it. Oh well that was 2 hours gone. But the drops from the camel/bird mob are great. So I got some good gil.

Phaet had to go help someone move and I was being called to do duty to do San d'Oria Rank missions. So I left Phaet, or more likely Phaet d2d me. I met up with Kainbelmont, Frizzlefry, and Kirin to do mission 7-1 then 7-2. We did both within an hour and an half. We were half an hour late for dynamis though. I got Rank 8 and 60k in gil. Not bad.

We got a new pearl for Dynamis. Today was Windhurst again. We lost there last Sunday. This is my first time being a party leader. So I got to dole out the hourglasses. I died once or twice this time. We finally won. I now got 4/4 base cities. I can now do other areas like Qufim and Beaucidine Glacier. Yay! I may get a relic piece yet.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

An uneventful Evening

Tonight I get on to farm. I promised Inchigo that I would farm with him. I change my job to /NIN and headed to Zi'Tah. I started without him. I do pretty well without him.

I met up with him eventually. A lot sooner than I thought. We started killing what we can but we had huge competition. So I told Inchi to take me to his Gobbue haven. A place off the map that supposedly has tons of gobbue. We go there. Not one gobbue in sight. Competition is sky rocketing tonight.

However, I found a cement tomb for Zilart Art Mission 5. So I tell Inchi to wait. I wanted to get item for mission. What I didn't realize is that a NM would spawn. Well the mob hit me twice and I was down to 300 HP from 1035 HP. Inchi took his attention for s second and then he died. So in theory I was going to die next. Mob was level 70. Even though Inchi was 75 he couldn't take mob by himself nor with my level 69 job. So we are both dead. I was able to get Solesiren to come raise us.

Competition after death was still high so we stopped farming. I decided I needed exp to make up for dynamis and this just recent death. So I formed a party to fight imp land, Caedvra Mire. I was able to get Loquat as WHM, Inchi as WAR, me RDM, a SAM, a THF and a MNK. There weren't any real tanks available. Sole stole Puniwai before I could get him and Frizzlefry was busy. We did ok. I went from 2k exp to 13k. I need 32k to level to 70.

I can't believe that I am almost to maat fight. Once I level to 70 I will concentrate on skilling up and farming my testimony. Oh boy, I'm already nervous.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

It's Been Awhile... I'm Sorry

I'm sorry I haven't been posting my adventures lately. I usually blog my adventures during lunch time at work, but work has been ridiculously busy. With all the stuff going at work,I have accomplished a lot in game. I will try to remember everything I've accomplished. My time was fulfilling and exciting. My linkshell is getting ever popular. I've met a lot of people. Apparently a lot of people have found me. I am getting a lot of tells in games saying they like my blog.

Thank you everyone. I really appreciate it.

Okay, let's get onto the game stuff. It's been a great few weeks.

We did Dynamis Jeuno on the June 27th. This is like my 3rd Dynamis run. We've been really successful on my runs. I haven't gotten any gear yet. I've don't have enough points yet. However, we won this run. As we congregated to enter, Titen sent me a tell. He had me buy some expensive shit on the AH. He gave me the gil for it. But now people gonna think I have gil, which I don't. So we head in. My console didn't freeze. We make our way to the boss. We get to AH in the zone and we killed the boss. Yay us BLMs & RDMs. I survived the win. However, we still have time, so we decided to farm. Well we got slaughtered. They pull way too many mobs that we can't handle. When both alliances are annihilated you know it's bad. This happened twice before we called it a day. 7-5-09 2

Kainbelmont wanted me, Kirinkage & Frizzlefry to do Sand'Oria rank missions. So we got together and conquered missions 6-1 and 6-2 that gave us Rank 7 and some really good gil. We fight some sort of fish I think in middle of a pond in West Altepa and running around. Now we need to get our rank points filled to start 7-1 & 7-2.

Sat June 27th we attempted to do COP Promyvian-DEM. We got Loquat, Charion, Sketch, myself, Kakida and someone else that I can't remember. We get thru all the floors with 2 deaths, me & Loquat, but when we finally got to the spire, Kakida fell asleep. So we had to call it a night. We couldn't do the boss fight without a damage dealer. So we left. We made the second attempt July 5th. We had me, Loquat, Charion, Phaet, Frizzlefry and Kakida again. We made it up to spire with 3 deaths, me, Kakida and Loquat. Thank goodness we don't lose experience. We go in the first time, we all died. We made a second attempt. I pretty much kited the add-ons for the mobs. And then we won while I was kiting the add-ons. Yay!!!! Loquat & I got transported to Lufaise Meadows. Our first time there. Yay!! Frizzy met us there and walked us to Tavanzian Stronghold. 7-5-09 3 7-5-09 1

Once in Tav, we did quest to get map for the area. It was pretty easy with Frizz leading the way. Had to find a hairpin on one of the top floors. So now, whenever I go there, I will know where I'm going. Yay!! Can't wait to do the supply run there when San D owns it again. I don't even know how to get there, much less what I should do in that area.

Theid wanted to get his AF head for his DRG, so he had to go to Temple of Uppleiah or as I call it Ugglapugala. He was asking for help so Kain decided to have Frizz, me, Loquat, Sketch & Kirin start Zilart Mission 4. So we go into the temple, kill stuff for AF and to get lantern for ZM4. Then on July 2nd, we went back to light the lantern & kill NM for mission. In the end I get back my lantern.

Did some partying to level RDM as much as possible. I was able to get level 69 with at least a 2 death buffer. Meaning I only had 6k into the level. I need 32k to get to 70. Can you believe it? I'm almost 70. Everyone complained that the 60s were a bitch to go thru. It wasn't so much of a bitch to me if you exclude the amount of exp you need to get to each level. I got a lot of parties throughout the 60s.

I also started ZM5 with Frizzle & Kain. They've done most of it the day we finished ZM4. So I got my cement tomb item in Behemoth Cavern. I have never been there before. I didn't know the entrance was in Qufim. I am learning things everytime I play.

I also did skilling ups in Beseiged. My favorite place. My dark is now 104. Pretty good. Just gotta raise it another 100 levels. That's the hard thing to do in such a short amount of time. 7-5-09 4

We did Dynamis-Windurst July 5th. We died massively. We didn't even beat the boss. My 6k buffer went to 2k by the end. Thanks to keeping up Reraise. It was horrible. It also broke our winning streak. So far, I have gotten San D, Bastok & Jeuno. Needed Windy to be able to get to other dynamis zones. Hopefully we get to go again this Sunday. My sense of not being defeated is pounding in my head.