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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Old Friends

I hooked my PS3 to an ethernet connection to use. I found out everything is running and moving faster with the cable than wirelessly. Yes!!!! The update went smoother this way. I had to attempt the update 4 times. 3 times wireless and I lost connection. Anyway, I digress. I just wanted to let you know I'm back up and running.

I get on to farm my RDM testimony but instead I started to farm necklaces instead. My ls mate Crim suggested I solo the Ruby Quadav in Beadeaux for the drop. I was full set on doing so before I looked at the time. I had an hour to play because I need to AFK for 2 hours. So I went to farm necklaces. I head to Giddeus to farm.
I wasn't getting much drops as I hoped. I did run up on 3 NM's in there. I beat all 3, lol. They are low level so it wasn't much. I got another Aspir Knife & a Padana (something like that) Shield. One NM didn't drop a thing. In the end I only got 8 necklaces before I had to long out.

2 hours later....

I come back and my buddy Ghostdawg sought me out. I haven't played with him in eons. So I was able to get him to come help me get a test. So we meet up in Qufim. We get where we are going. He is still badass though. He came as SAM. So we kill 3 pots before test dropped. We killed 3 gigas and 2 bats. But he got some crafting supplies and I got some crystals. But it was really nice hanging with him. Unfortunately I can't do so until I get some jobs to 75, lol. He doesn't have any low level jobs. I left myself in Jeuno. I may try Maat the next time I go on.

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