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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Bah!! Humbug and All That Grim Stuff

This was Thanksgiving weekend. Hoped to accomplish a lot this weekend. I planned on doing so much. However, I spent most of my weekend farming tests. I am so tired of Maat, you don't understand. Anyway, let me recap the weekend.

I get on because I promised Frizzlefry help to get his Carbuncle's Mitt in Temple of Uggelipiah (however you spell it). When I logged on he was in a Manaburn party. So that was sunk. So I went to try Maat. He kicked my ass but I got him to 20%. I'm getting better & better at it. Then Lordkaosu, Badcmpy and Maryjanette helped me get a new testimony in Ugglypugly.
Died twice doing it. Damn Tonberries. I brought my prelate key and used it wrong door. We ended up killing the NM that was roaming around which then aggro'd the Tank behind the correct door. So we were able to get thru. The second tank gave me my testimony and we left.

Before getting the test, I did trio with Lordkaosu and Naquel. I came as SMN. I really should've came WHM or NIN. I did get a level on SMN tho. I am now 23.Yay....

Tried Maat again. Got him to 10% this time. I swore I was going to beat him. You don't understand, I thought he was going down. My new strategy was going swimmingly. He casted something on me that wouldn't allow me to use any items and then nuked me. So I'm 0/8. Anyway, I decided to farm another test while I farm magic pot shards, beastmen & kindred seals. So Kirinkage & I went to Delkfutt Tower to accomplish this. We brought out our NPCs. Mine is set as Shield so of course he died. But he did level to 33. So now I'm able to change his job. Kirin's NPC leveled to 35. He plays with his NPC a lot more than me.

I couldn't do dynamis today either. They were doing Qufim. I don't have access to Dreamlands. So I logged off for the night.


lordkaosu said...

I know that guy in the picture! You should watch out for him, he's a shaaaady character~ *winkwink*

That was a fun night though.

Tiger's Lair said...

Lol LK